Deep Cover - Epilogue






Scott looked over at the mousy brunette seated across from him and sipped his coffee.  It was hard to believe it had been two weeks since he’d seen her last.  She was dressed in a light sundress and sandals and had applied makeup for the first time since Scott knew her.  She adjusted her sunglasses and took a sip of the mocha leaving bright pink lipstick on the rim. 

“This is nice.” 

“Yeah, I found this coffee shop a week ago; good coffee, a nice view, and decent privacy.” 

He gestured at the way the room had been set up with high dividers and plants screening off each area.  The cozy nook they were in held a pair of small tables and two booths.  They were the only customers in this area.  Business had slowed down after the lunch crowd had returned to work. 

“You said in your note that you’re a friend of Cindy’s and you’ve got information about her?” 

Scott looked around making sure the table, screened off by plants, offered sufficient privacy before he responded.  He glanced down at the mercenary who he’d come to trust and took a deep breath. 

“I did, Cyber, but I lied.  I am Cindy.” 

With that he triggered the transformation.  Sofie’s long blonde hair shifted into Cindy’s auburn locks while Scott’s whole body shrank going from Sofie’s six foot frame to Cindy’s five foot six height.  As his body shrank his chest inflated.  Sofie’s high firm breasts supported by her athletic body gave her a classic beach volleyball body, while Cindy’s tits were larger, fuller, and heavier.  With the exception of her boobs Cindy’s whole body was smaller and slightly softer than Sofie’s body but every bit as thin. 

In seconds the transformation was over and Scott gasped at how tightly his clothes constricted his chest.  He resisted the urge to reach into his dress and adjust his luscious orbs.  Instead, he looked up enjoying the shock on Cyber’s face. 

“I have a limited shapeshifting gift.” 

“Oh my god . . . Cindy.  I’m so glad to see you.” 

Cyber moved around the table and gave Scott a hug.  Their tits smushed together and Scott started to feel his body respond.  When Kelly Donahue let go and returned to her seat she was glowing with happiness. 

“I’m glad you made it out of Seattle.  You just vanished when you were tailing Soulsnatcher.  We were worried that he got you before that mutant, Agent Irons, captured him.  Then I saw that they’d arrested you.  I was so mad about that.  I tried to talk Dreadnaught and Ironmonger into helping me break you out.  I mean what’s one more jail break, right.  They insisted we go after the Fists to let them know they can’t double cross mercs, they said it was bad for business.  After that you just vanished.” 

Scott wanted to grind his perfect teeth at the machinegun like way Kelly talked and as soon as she paused for a breath he jumped in.  “I’m going to shift back.  These clothes don’t really fit this body and I think I’m on a wanted list or two.” 

Cyber giggled and nodded at that. “Yeah, you are on the SMAC most wanted but down near the bottom, number 48, I think.” 

Scott thought of Sofie and how she tasted and suddenly everything started to tingle and he felt himself getting taller and the constriction around his chest eased.  After a few seconds he sighed. He then took a moment to adjust his clothes before looking over at Cyber. 

“That’s pretty cool.  I love my talent but it would be nice to snap my fingers and, bang, be someone else.  I think your normal look is prettier.” 

“Thanks.”  Scott took a sip of the bitter black coffee and tried not to wince.  He loved black coffee but he was finding out each of his forms had different tastes.  Sofie loved sweets.  “What happed after you guys hit the Fists?  Did Iron and Dread stay in the States?” 

Cyber shook her head.  “No.  Well, Dreadnaught is American but he wanted a vacation . . . someplace warm he said.  Ironmonger was headed back to Scotland.  I mean there isn’t much reason for any of us to work now, is there?” 

Scott cocked his head to one side, “I don’t understand.  I thought the Fists stiffed you three.” 

“Oh, you don’t know?  Hehehe.  I got past their AIs, eventually.  The Fists of Anarchy are now penniless.  I took twenty million split it four ways and then sent it through a dozen blind corporations.  Laundered it through an unnumbered Swiss account and dropped it into a shell corporation in the Cayman Islands.  After that . . . Well, it doesn’t matter.”  Cyber pulled a smart phone from her pocket and sat it on the table.  “Do you have a phone?” 

Scott nodded and pulled out a burner he’d picked up rather than the special phone the Agency had given him.  Cyber held her hand over Scott’s phone and electricity arched between her hand and the phone.  Then she looked up at Scott and grinned. 

“Done.  You have the account and pin.  You are now five million dollars richer.” 

Scott felt stunned.  Just like that, with his alternate shapes, and the ability to acquire more, he could simply vanish.  ‘No, you’ve got work to do.’  As tempting as it was he let it go.  It was a good safety net though if things went sideways. 

“So why are you here?  You could be on holiday too?” 

Cyber shrugged.  “I got your note.  Getting to D.C. was easy enough.  Besides, what are besties for?  Now what was it you wanted to discuss?” 

Scott thought about how to approach it but then gave up and decided to be direct.  “I’ve been contacted and recruited by SMAC.  They liked how I helped with taking down Soulsnatcher.  I’ve been told I can build a team of private contractors.  A team to handle things that SMAC can’t.  Interested?” 

“Does it pay well?”

“Probably not.” 

“Will it be dangerous?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Will we travel to exotic places and get to use our powers to do terrible things in the name of the greater good?” 

“For sure.” 

At this both women burst into a fit of giggles.  After they calmed down Kelly finished her drink and then considered Scott’s offer. 

“Because of my power I’ve always operated outside the law.  If this is an opportunity to get a pardon for past crimes and a fresh start, then I’m in.” 

Scott nodded and reached out to shake Kelly’s hand.  Her soft warm hand sent another thrill through Scott.  “Welcome to the team.”  Then he leaned forward, “For your first assignment there is a man by the name of Mr. Scott Irons.  I’m going to need your skills to learn everything we can about him. 




Rhonda watched the incredibly sexy Latina stir.  She was naked lying on top of the bed and in for a surprise or two.  Rhonda felt her cock twitch and grinned in anticipation of the fun she was about to have at the Senator’s expense.  She’d only been in D.C. for a month but was enjoying the power that came with her new position along with the luxury secure apartment.  One of her perks had allowed her to take possession of the Senator “rescuing” him from the stable where he’d been working since becoming a female high class whore. 

Rhonda didn’t know which Agent had been given Senator Johnson’s body, but she realized that Director Cox thought the swap never happened.  That meant the Shadows had moved changing the name CC had been given.  It also meant they had someone in Director Cox’s office.  Rhonda knew it could only be one of three people and she was pretty sure she’d figure it out, sooner or later. 

Rhonda had watched the tapes they’d made of the Senator waking up in his sexy new body.  His reaction had been priceless.  Then Eric Johnson’s new handler had entered the room and Rhonda had almost creamed herself as she watched him put the former Senator through her paces.  The controls CC had instilled worked perfectly.  ‘Too bad he had to die.  CC would have made a great addition to the Shadow.’  The Senator still stunned by his sudden change of circumstance had been unable to control the carnal needs of his new twenty-four year old female body.  Needs that CC had so cleverly boosted.    

The handler had him screaming in pleasure within minutes.  Watching the videos of him being trained made Rhonda determined to own the former man.  The idea of such a powerful virile man, now trapped in such a sexy body, addicted to his new feminine needs, and willing to service Rhonda’s every masculine whim . . . it had been too much of a temptation.  Rhonda had contacted the Shadow Lord she reported to and made the request.  The stipulation had been that if they gave her to Rhonda the former Eric Johnson would be Rhonda’s responsibility.  Rhonda had quickly agreed. 

The tiny woman stirred on the bed, she was naked, and Rhonda couldn’t take her eyes off the Senator’s shaved pussy.  She’d never seen such a sweet looking cunt.  Slowly, Rhonda moved onto the bed her cock and balls heavy between her legs, a happy reminder of her new power, her new authority, and her new pleasure.  She spread Eric’s legs.  Rhonda had read the report on the blocks and compulsions CC had placed within the Senator’s mind but she didn’t think she’d need any of them. 

Rhonda thought about the rumors of the manly Senator, how he used to sleep with his interns.  He was known all over D.C. for his voracious sexual appetite.  Well, he still had a voracious sexual appetite, only he was now on the receiving end.  The Senator’s tiny, busty, body . . . an undocumented beauty . . . Rhonda didn’t think it was possible for her cock to get any harder.  Rhonda moved forward until she was stretched out on top of the soft female body and started kissing her neck while fondling Eric’s breasts.  The total power and authority she had over this woman was intoxicating. 

Rhonda felt the Senator move a soft moan escaping his puffy lips.  Rhonda moved lower teasing the Senator’s boobs with his mouth while using one hand to spread Eric’s lower lips searching for the little hood of flesh.  At the same time Rhonda empathically projected lust, arousal, and pleasure into the tiny body.  Instantly, she felt the woman beneath her respond.  Eric moaned louder and spread her legs lifting her pelvis toward Rhonda’s questing masculine fingers.  The petals of Eric’s inner flower opened and she tried to wrap her legs around Rhonda’s waist. 

“Ohhhhhh, w-what are you doing?”  The soft alto had a slight Spanish accent.  Rhonda couldn’t believe how thorough CC had been with the Senator.  The woman’s eyes fluttered open.  They were confused and filled with lust. 

“Showing you what it means to be a woman, Senator.”

Rhonda had two fingers in the woman’s pussy and Rhonda wasn’t sure if Eric even knew that he was lifting his hips, pressing his sex into each stroke. 

“W-Why . . . I-I . . . Ohhhhh . . .” 

The brown eyes were clouded with lust but for a moment Rhonda saw what she assumed was a flash of comprehension.  Eric knew that Rhonda knew who he’d been and even with that knowledge Eric continued to press his hot pussy into Rhonda’s hand. 

Rhonda teased Eric’s large brown nipple with her tongue and teeth enjoying the slightly rubbery texture and Eric’s little gasps.  Then Rhonda pulled her digits out and the Senator moaned. 

“N-No, p-please, don’t stop.” 

Rhonda guided the helmet of her cock to his pussy spreading his inner lips and feeling the delightful electric sensation of sensitive skin on skin. 


Eric’s brown eyes focused on Rhonda’s blue orbs.  There was a moment of defiance and then lust replaced rebelliousness as his male ego failed under the combined assault of feminine need and Rhonda’s projective empathy. 

“Please, I’m begging you.  Please fuck me.” 

“What should you call me?” 


Rhonda nodded feeling thrilled at her success and slowly pushed into the Senator.  Eric’s cunt was so tight that Rhonda had to work in and out feeding the former Senator her cock a centimeter at a time.  The sensation of stretching Eric’s tight pussy along with the wide eyed look and the way Eric’s tiny fists grabbed handfuls of sheet . . . the way he tossed his head from side to side trying to deny the intense pleasure . . . it was almost enough to make Rhonda cum.  Almost. 

Then she bottomed out.  The head of her dick pressed into Eric’s cervix and her ball sack slapped pleasantly against the Senator’s full round ass cheeks.  Rhonda felt like the world was complete . . . Perfect.  ‘This is who I was born to be.’ She thought.  ‘I didn’t realize that I should have been a man, not until I became one.’  Then she slowly started pumping in and out of Eric. 

“Life doesn’t get better than this, does it Eric?” 

“N-No, master.” 

“Do you love being a woman, being my woman?”

“Yes, god a thousand times . . . yes.” 

“Good, because I plan to keep you as my mistress, my little sex toy, for a very long time.  You’d like that, right.” 

“If it means you’ll do this to me every day, then a thousand times . . . YESSSSSssssssss!”  

As Eric screamed his submission his inner muscles started to clamp down spasmodically on Rhonda’s cock.  Then Rhonda felt her balls pull up and her cock start to twitch.  Instead of holding back Rhonda filled the Senator with long jets of sperm.  For a moment Rhonda felt a sense of vertigo her whole body clenched in the most intense masculine orgasm she’d ever felt.  It was like every bit of vitality along with her seed was being pulled out in an enormous rush of power and lust.  She closed her eyes while arching her back, savoring this perfect moment, and missed the glowing light pouring out of the tiny woman’s eyes.  Then it was over and Rhonda gasped.  Panting she felt her body’s amazing regeneration ability kick in and chuckled.  She opened her eyes and looked down at the dazed women beneath her. 

“Oh, you are precious.  I may have to keep you for a very long time if you can make me feel like that.” 

Rhonda pulled out of Eric with a soft wet popping sound.  The Senator had passed out from exhaustion and carnal bliss.  The look of happy satisfaction on his cute feminine face caused Rhonda to grin.  She climbed off the bed her large flaccid cock wetly slapped against her thick masculine thighs. 

“This is the life, fucking powerful men, trapped and helpless inside sexy women, dominating and controlling them.  Too bad CC isn’t around.  I can think of several arrogant pricks who would make lovely fuck toys.”  Rhonda grinned at the thought.  “Still, even without CC the opportunity to make deals with the real power players here, and not getting shot at . . . yeah.  Life doesn’t get any better.”  

Rhonda grabbed a bathrobe before leaving the bedroom.  She headed to her study and settled down behind her desk with a glass of Bourbon on the rocks.  As perfect as life was there were still a few things that needed to be dealt with.  Scott was still out there, wanted, but on the loose.  She was puzzled by the fact he’d been able to avoid even being spotted.  Then there was Taser. He hadn’t tried to contact Rhonda, believing Rhonda was actually Scott and that he’d betrayed SMAC by going public, and that he’d done it for personal gain.  Which in a way was true.  Taser still thought Rhonda was in Carnifex’s body and that Carnifex was now a SMAC agent.  The whole situation made Rhonda want to laugh.  In Taser’s mind Scott was a traitor and Rhonda was a hero. 

“Eventually, I’m going to have to do something about Taser.  And Director Cox.  Once they’re gone no one will know the truth.” 

Then Rhonda saw that she had a message from the new Senator Johnson.  She clicked on the email and read the note. 


Did you see the piece in the Times by Lois?  She just dropped another bomb.  Evidently the Chair of the House Armed Services Committee has been taking campaign payments from the Venezuelan government. He also has a Cuban mistress, a woman in the employ of the Cuban government.  He’s done.  Do you have any suggestions for his replacement on the committee?” 



“Amazing.  My Shadow Lord just told me last week that this was going to happen and now it’s done.” 

Rhonda quickly replied with the name that she’d been given; young firebrand of a woman from New York.  The Shadow wanted her on the committee so she would be on the committee.  Then Rhonda searched for the NYT story and when she read it she couldn’t help laughing. 

“It’s hard to believe that Lois could write such a scathing piece.  She seemed so nice, almost like a fan, when she interviewed me.”  Of course the interview had lead to dinner and drinks.  That had lead to a night cap at Lois’s apartment.  That had turned into a marathon of sex and a reporter willing to do anything Rhonda asked. 

Rhonda sipped her drink enjoying the fiery effect of the whisky before moving on to the next task.  She had learned that there was a different Shadow Lord for every state and that eleven Shadow Lords lived in D.C..  They’d each carved out different areas of responsibility and mostly worked together, although not always. 

“I need to get invited to the next conclave.  That’s the first step to becoming a Disciple and then a Lord.”  Rhonda sat her glass down.  Her regeneration prevented her from being able to get drunk. Still, she enjoyed the taste of expensive whiskey. 

She saw a movement from the corner of her eye and looked toward the door.  “Eric, what are you doing out of bed, pet?  Be a good little slut and take that pretty little body back to bed.  I’ll be with you as soon as I finish working.” 

“My name’s not Eric.” 

At the Latina’s odd tone Rhonda focused her full attention on the sexy woman.  Her posture was different and Rhonda’s danger sense kicked in.  She slowly stood up.  Ready for anything but not seeing a threat. 

“Little slut,” Rhonda used the code word CC had imprinted that should force the Senator to do what he was told.  “Tell me your name.” 

“My name,” the Latina extended a hand and suddenly a powerful force grabbed Rhonda lifting her into the air and pulling her toward the woman. 

“Is Cindy Snow.  I go by Carnifex as well.  I used to have another name.  A name and a life someone stole.” 

She took several steps into the room her eyes blazing with power.  Rhonda tried to move but she was encased in the most powerful energy field she’d ever felt.  Then the Latina started to transform and in a few seconds a very naked, extremely sexy, auburn haired goddess moved forward.  Every movement was feminine poetry yet her eyes still blazed with white light. 

“My given name was Scott Fitzgerald Irons.  My code name with SMAC was Eros due to my mutant empathic skill and the enjoyment I got from seducing beautiful women.  I used to think sex, as a man, was the greatest of all pleasures.  I learned that I was wrong.  Nothing can compare to what this body feels during sex.  Ironic isn’t it?  I can still seduce a beautiful woman, particularly those who give up there bodies for money, but I prefer men.” 

Scott started floating up toward Rhonda, who was still unable to move until Scott was a foot away, eye to eye, floating three feet above the floor. 

“Did you enjoy getting fucked by me?  What’s that on your thigh?  Jizz?” Rhonda taunted.  “You know, what goes up must come down?  Hehehe . . . You realize that taking my dick in your hot little pussy is the closest you’ll ever get to getting it back.  But I think you don’t really want to own a dick, not when you can ride one.” 

Rhonda tried to reach out with her empathic power.  She normally had a connection to anyone she’d recently fucked.  For a moment she thought she felt something.  She sent as much energy as she dared down that channel projecting lust.  Rhonda tried to press forward, as much as she could while trapped inside an energy bubble, seeing what she thought was carnal desire on Scott’s cute feminine face. 

“Did you kill CC?”

The question caught Rhonda by surprise.  “What if I did?  Are you upset that you can’t have this body back?”  Then Rhonda focused on her power and controlling Scott with lust.  “Scott, you have such a nice little pussy and a beautiful body.  If you let me out of this energy field, I promise I’ll fuck your brains out.  What we did earlier was just a taste.  I can bring you to heights of pleasure you’ve never dreamed possible.  Think about what the two of us could do, working together?  Think about the pleasure, the power, we could own this town.” 

 “I don’t want that body, or life back.  As far as I’m concerned you can keep it until the day you die.  This one is much better.  I’ve discovered I love being a woman, well, maybe not the bleeding from my pussy once a month, but other than that, yeah, way better.  I was going to leave you alone.  Just observe you and use you to get to the Shadow leaders.” 

Suddenly, Scott’s voice dropped to a whisper.  “That is until I found out you killed CC.  That’s when I decided to set up this little visit.  Oh, and Senator Johnson is in SMAC custody.  There are a couple of gifted telepaths who should be able to get whatever we can from him and erase a few of the blocks and compulsions.  Of course, he’ll go into witness protection.  The current Senator Johnson is too big a lead for us to tip our hand.” 

“Do you really think you can take on the Shadow Lords?  You’re a fool.”

“Perhaps.  But I’m still alive.”  Scott made a twisting motion and Rhonda’s head snapped.  “I know you can still hear me.  You have an amazing regeneration talent.”

Scott started making twisting, jerking, and pulling motions.  In minutes the floating blob of flesh didn’t look human.  Turned inside out, separated into ten floating balls of what looked like red jelly.  Unconcerned with his nudity Scott caused the window to open and veiled. 




“How did it go?” 

Cyber looked up as Scott floated into the room.  He was now dressed in black jeans, a dark t-shirt, and a black leather jacket along with biker boots.  His auburn hair had been tied back and he flashed Cyber a grin. 

“Well enough.  Director Irons has vanished.” 

“Oh, he has strong regeneration.  Are you sure he won’t pop back up?”

Scott settled on the sofa to one side of where Cyber stood, hands extended to either side.  At each end of the room there was a rack of electronic equipment.  The racks had power, cooling, and a connection to the net.  Electricity arched from Cyber to the equipment every once in a while.

“Yeah.  I killed him.  Broke all of his bones.  Turned his body inside out.  Ripped it into ten separate pieces.  Then I flew five miles out to sea and turned north paralleling the coast.  Once every mile I scattered the contents of an orb over a half mile arc.  Even a level ten regenerator wouldn’t survive that.  I’d say the sharks are eating well tonight.” 

Cyber gave Scott a quizzical look and then blinked distractedly.  “I calculate he has point zero- zero- zero- zero- zero- zero- zero- zero- zero-three seven percent chance of survival.  If his remains don’t become shark turds.  If that happens then there is no chance of survival.” 

“Good enough.  Hey, let’s grab a bottle of wine.  I feel like celebrating.” 

Cyber dropped her arms and the blue swirling light faded from her eyes.  “Sure.  We’ve been working almost non-stop for the last week.  I could use a break.” 




The End

For Now?




Note:  I just wanted to thank Mr. 20’ Biceps for helping me edit and proofread as well as offering plot advice.  I’d also like to thank Eric for being one of my beta readers and for his thoughtful suggestions. 

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