Cop Town - Chapter 5

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Chapter Five - Endgame

Penelope and Randy decided it was best to take things slowly and keep their relationship a secret. It was obvious to Penelope that Randy was still unsure about her, he liked her, he found her beautiful and enchanting but he didn’t know how to deal with her being transgender. At least he was honest with her and she was content with that. They met discreetly at her apartment and necked, Randy had got as far as removing her blouse and bra and he stripping down to his underwear but all their action was all above the waist.

There was also the issue that if they declared their relationship they could no longer partner up together. The PD understood that officers developed relationships; nearly half of the Department were cops married to other cops, but the rules forbade officers working together if they were in a relationship.

Penelope quite liked that Randy wanted to take it slow; it was like being in high school again.

Of course conversation often led to Penelope’s investigation into her father’s murder but Randy was reluctant to tell her any more than he had already divulged to her.

“But how do those on the take get their money out of True Blue?” she asked him for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Eventually he relented.

“It’s easy honey. Cops who are in on it just take out interest-free loans provided by the fund. On paper the loans are repaid but they are repaid from the vig we receive from the mob and crime gangs. They never pay a cent back. Where you stand in the pecking order determines how big a loan you can get and how often. It’s rumoured that Chief Balfour makes at least a hundred grand a year above his wage,” Randy explained.

Penelope was incredulous at the audacity of the scheme.

“And you?” she took his hand and searched his eyes.

“I’ve had two loans. One for my apartment and one for my car,” Randy looked down at the carpet, his guilt evident.

She lifted his chin and leaned in and kissed him. He pulled her to him and held her tight.

“You know you really have me confused Penelope. You are so pure and you make me feel dirty,” Randy stroked the bangs out of her eyes.

“I’m nowhere near pure Randy. I’ve done things that I feel very ashamed about,” Penelope confessed.

“But not since I’ve met you. I’ve stopped catting around and I’m going easy on the booze. Shit! You’re domesticating me,” Penelope laughed.

Randy loved it when she laughed.

“But I’m corrupt honey. And I’m sorry that I dragged you into that,” Randy hung his head again.

She lifted his chin again.

“Not since you and I got together. That’s true right?” she looked at him sternly.

“That’s right honey. Not since I met you,” Randy sighed.

“I like it when you call me honey,” Penelope smiled coyly.

Randy grinned at her bashfully.

“Wanna fool around awhile?” Penelope’s smile became a lecherous grin.

Randy eased her down on the couch and snuggled up to her.

“I ain’t here for the coffee honey,” he chuckled as he leaned in to kiss her.

The only other person Penelope told that she was seeing Sargent Randy Cody was Molly Harper.

“Wow sugar-tits! You landed the whale! Of course he does nothing for me but all the straight single female officers in the PD get wet for him; a few of the married women too, and a few of the guys too I bet,” Molly jibed.

“So he espouses the code of not dating fellow officers and all the time he’s putting it to Charlie Bishop’s daughter,” Molly laughed.

“Well he isn’t exactly putting it to me. Not that I wouldn’t like him to,” Penelope smirked.

“Oh really? You saving yourself for the marriage bed?” Molly’s laugh became a cackle.

“Fuck off Harper!” Penelope laughed along with her friend.

Later that week Penelope was summoned to see the Department’s equity and diversity officer for her annual interview. She strode down the Personnel Department’s corridor until she came to a room with ‘Sargent Keisha Washington - Workplace Discrimination and Behaviour Officer’ stencilled in gold on the opaque glass window set in the door.

Penelope knocked and entered.

The large African-American woman sitting behind her desk was wearing the same tight blue business suit that she had worn during Penelope’s induction training at the academy. Her jacket was unbuttoned and her blouse hardly contained her huge bust. She stood up and offered her hand. Her nylons swished as her big thighs rubbed together.

“Sit down Bishop. How’s life on the streets? I heard you been kicking ass and taking names out there,” Keisha took a pastry from a cardboard box on her desk and offered the box to Penelope.

Penelope was surprised that Sargent Washington had been following her progress, she seemed disinterested in her job when Penelope had met her at the academy. She declined the pastry.

“You skinny white girls ain’t gonna get any of that black anaconda with them bony asses,” she chuckled biting into her Danish.

“Though you ain’t that skinny are you Bishop? You tall and well filled out; I can see why those tall lanky cowboy types got an itch they want you to scratch,” Keisha raised her brows suggestively.

Penelope was taken aback; did the Sargent know about her and Randy?

Pleasantries over, Sargent Washington got to the point.

“Look I know you ain’t had it easy here Bishop. They gave you hell in the academy and even more after you graduated. I know that even though you have proved yourself on the job that some of these assholes are still hazing on you.”

“But you took it good. Shit, you even got your own back on some of those assholes and you never complained. Not once did you complain Bishop, not to me, not to anyone. You some sort of martyr?” she took a big bite of her pastry.

“Well I…” Penelope began to reply but was cut off.

“I was ragging on you Bishop. I’m proud of you, and seriously, my door is always open to you. But you be careful. Some of these boys don’t like being outshone by a woman, especially a special woman like you. I know that you don’t like mysteries and you been doing some digging and all, but all I can say is once again, you be careful,” Sargent Washington looked at her intently.

She had lost the folksy down-home demeanour and was deadly serious.

Penelope was puzzled and then she saw some notes that the Sargent had written on the whiteboard mounted on the wall. She recognised the handwriting. Then she saw the blue sharpies sitting in a tin-cup on the Sargent’s desk, right beside a small stack of brown envelopes that matched the ones that she had found under her pillow and the windscreen of her cruiser.

“Oh my god…” Penelope burst out but was shut down again.

“Oh my god nothing, Bishop,” Keisha stared at her intently.

“You are here for your annual E and D training and nothing else. I’m going to cue up the video on my computer and leave the office while you watch it. You come sit down here when I’m gone,” the Sargent was all business.

She got out of her chair, her pantyhose swished again as she walked to the door.

“Don’t you be taking my pastries while I’m gone Bishop, but you help yourself to any of those pamphlets on my desk,” she gave Penelope a conspiratorial look and closed the door.

Penelope sat behind Sargent Washington’s desk but she had no interest in the instructional video playing on the computer monitor. Instead she rifled through the pamphlets that Keisha had left stacked on the desk. Inside a promotional pamphlet for True Blue she found what she was looking for.

It was print-out of all the loans issued by the fund for the last year. She scanned it quickly, recognising some of the names and amazed at the amounts of money against them. She shoved the sheaf of papers inside her shirt and pretended to watch the rest of the video but it was hard to concentrate.

She couldn’t wait to get home to study the evidence in her possession and to see if it shed any further light on her father’s murder.

When she studied the figures in detail she was stunned by how high the corruption went. She recognised the Chief and the Mayor’s names and the staggeringly high amounts of money they had borrowed from the fund, but it went further. Loans had been approved to officials in City Hall and the State Legislature.

“Jesus Bishop! You know you’re holding a hand grenade with the pin out right there. You sure you want to keep following this lead?” Randy whistled when she showed him the spreadsheets now pinned to her crime wall.

Molly too showed concern.

“Sugar-tits, maybe you wanna back off or follow another line of inquiry. I still don’t see the link between the pension fund and Charlie’s murder,” she sounded concerned for her friend.

Penelope had become more defensive and reclusive since Sargent Washington had given her the spreadsheets, she was consumed by her investigation.

On one of the rare occasions that Randy Cody was allowed into her apartment they were fooling around on the couch when Randy took a break from their necking and spoke.

“You coming to the annual Policeman’s Ball honey? It’s a True Blue benefit dance,” Randy held her hand

“I don’t think so, no one would want me there,” she replied.

“You mistook what I said for a question Bishop. I wasn’t asking. Every police officer except for those on duty have to attend,” Randy continued.

“What’s the point? I’ll be ignored or teased by everyone there and you and I can’t dance or hang out, we have to keep our relationship a secret,” she stroked his hand hoping she hadn’t hurt his feelings.

“But I want to see you there honey. I want to see my girl dressed in a ball gown and looking fine, even if I have to worship her from afar,” Randy gave her that smile.

“Is that what I am Randy? Am I your girl?” her beautiful green eyes drilled into his.

He stroked her face and kissed her gently.

“You are my girl Penelope. My special girl,” he whispered.

“Yeah, I know I’m special,” Penelope countered.

“Jesus Bishop! Take a complement will ya!” Randy leaned into her and resumed necking.

And stunning she was. Dressed in a low-cut red satin sheath, split from ankle to thigh to show off her gossamer-sheathed legs, her tight buttocks, and small but pert breasts. She looked amazing. Randy couldn’t take his eyes off her and neither could anyone else when she walked into the ballroom at city hall.

She walked through the crowd to the bar, one of the few women there without a date, but with her head held high.

She got to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic.

“You sure know how to make an entrance sugar-tits,” Molly sidled up to her.

Molly was wearing a black ball gown and her short red hair had been styled.

“Fucking hell! Makeup, nylons, hair and heels! What the fuck Molly Harper?” Penelope had never seem Molly dressed enfemme.

“Hey a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get along. I wore a tuxedo last year and the Chief had me kicked out,” Molly slammed her empty glass down on the bar so the barkeep could pour her another.

“Anyway Jessica Rabbit, why you so dolled up? You know you’re just going to attract unwanted attention dressed like that don’t you?” Molly gave Penelope a backhanded compliment.

“Fuck em! I thought long and hard about it and decided to dress for the only guy I care for,” Penelope smiled.

“You mean the Marlboro Man over there with his eyes hanging out of his head?” Molly nodded in Steve’s direction.

Penelope had caught Steve’s reaction to her entrance out the corner of her eye and had deliberately not looked at him.

“So near and yet so far Penny. He’s the handsomest man here and you’re the belle of the ball and you can’t even dance together,” Molly said into her drink.

“It really sucks being a girl with a dick hey?” Molly punched her in the shoulder.

“Hey I don’t mind the dick jokes just don’t call me Penny,” Penelope punched her back.

They stood at the bar drinking. No one at the ball was going to ask a lesbian or a transgender to dance, no matter hot they looked or how much they would have liked to. Prejudice and jealousy often feed one and other.

“I’m going to the ladies, get the next round in,” Penelope said.

“You want me to come with?” Molly asked.

“Nah, I’m a big girl. No ones going to fuck with me at the Policeman’s Ball,” Penelope walked away from the bar.

She used the ladies and washed her hands after. It always amazed her how the fairer sex’s toilets were far messier than the men’s. Maybe it was all that pent up anger because they had to line up to piss.

She came out into the corridor and ran into a couple of people that she wished she hadn’t.

“Hey Bishop! You were using the wrong can. Freaks and trannies get to piss outside in the garden standing up, you looking good in that dress though for a man in a girl’s body,” Brin Longmire called out to her.

He had a tall attractive young blonde woman with him; obviously his date for the night. She was laughing hysterically at everything Brin said.

“You done a good job hiding that package too, can’t see it at all. You still got it or did you get it cut off?” Brin continued to harangue her and his date continued to giggle.

“Nah, I still got it Brin. It’s still bigger than yours, but that didn’t stop you stroking it and sucking it the night of my graduation did it,” Penelope responded.

Brin’s date choked and looked at him with disgust. Brin blushed bright red.

“Aw, come on honey. Don’t you think it’s only fair that a girl gets a reach-around while your boyfriend is fucking her up the ass in her pretty pink panties?” Penelope said to Brin’s date.

Brin’s date looked revolted. She pushed Brin away and stormed off.

“That mouth of yours is gonna get you killed one day Bishop,” Brin was seething.

He turned abruptly and chased after his girlfriend.

The Mayor and the Chief of Police had taken to the stage when Penelope returned to the ballroom. They hushed the band and both made long speeches praising the police officers in the Balwyn Police Department and thanked the many legitimate benefactors who had contributed donations to the policeman’s benevolent and retirement fund.

Finally they got around to calling up individuals to issue them with honours and awards.

Penelope was amazed when the Chief made his next announcement.

“Sargent Randolph Cody awarded the Police Medal of Valour,” the Chief called out his name and Randy climbed the stairs to the stage.

“This medal is awarded to Randolph Cody for extraordinary bravery and heroism performed in the line of duty at extreme, life-threatening, personal risk. It recognises that his actions in taking down a convicted arms trafficker and as a consequence being severely wounded. His actions were above and beyond the call of duty. The medal recognises an officer who has performed an act of bravery displaying an extreme amount of courage while knowingly facing imminent danger,” Randy blushed as Mayor Frank Cannon pinned the medal to his chest.

He looked both proud and embarrassed as the photographer took a series of pictures with him the Chief and the Mayor.

“Well fuck me!” Penelope was quite amazed, Randy had told her nothing of the pending award.

“Well apparently he has fucked you, metaphorically speaking,” Molly jibed.

The Chief was winding the awards ceremony up and the orchestra was picking up their instruments when Randy walked over to the microphone.

“Mister Mayor, Chief Balfour,” he began.

The Mayor looked at the Chief who shrugged his shoulders.

“I know it’s not customary for a recipient to respond at an awards ceremony but I’d be doing the Balwyn Police Department a great disservice I didn’t recognise my partner, Officer Penelope Bishop. It was through her bravery and decisiveness that I was able to do my duty on that day,” Randy put out his hand in Penelope’s direction.

He started to clap and slowly the audience joined in. It would have been churlish not to.

“And finally, before the band fires up again. I’d like to ask her for the next dance,” he smiled at her but Penelope didn’t really see it.

She was too astonished and perplexed. The room seemed to be spinning and the sound in the room became a cacophony of waves washing over her.

“Bishop. Bishop. Bishop!” Molly shook her violently to bring her around.

“Don’t be an asshole. Go and dance with your man,” she pushed Penelope towards the middle of the room where Randy was standing waiting for her, his hand outstretched.

There was a spotlight on him and it blinded her when she stepped into it.

Randy pulled her to him and her head dropped to his shoulder as he held her tight. She thought she would faint if he didn’t hold her up.

The band started playing and female vocalist began to sing Irma Thomas’ song Anyone Who Knows What Love Is Will Understand. They danced, the meaning of the song lost on everyone else but them.

The floor around them filled with other couples and Penelope was grateful; she did not like being the centre of attention.

“I thought you were going to leave me standing in the middle of the floor looking like an asshole,” he whispered in her ear.

“I was just too confused. I didn’t know what was happening,” she said into his shoulder.

It felt good to be held tight by him like this in public.

“Did you know?” she asked.

“Yeah I knew. But I was too embarrassed to tell you,” he sighed.

“Why embarrassed?” she lifted her head and looked at him questioningly.

“Because it should be your medal Penelope,” he whispered.

“You saved my life and I’m too much of an asshole to even be seen with you publicly outside of work.”

“I don’t deserve you,” he stopped dancing and held her still, looking deeply into her eyes.

“But I love you,” he said and wrapped her in his arms and kissed her.

Someone whistled and then someone cheered and then most of the crowd joined in.

Penelope was so high that she thought she was dreaming.

“Let’s get out of here. I don’t wanna share you with these people,” Randy said and led her off the dancefloor, out of the ball room and down the steps of city hall.

The Mayor and the Chief were still on the stage and watched the whole scene.

“What the fuck is going on Danny?” the Mayor growled.

“It’s all part of the plan Frank. Don’t worry about it,” the Chief gave him a sinister smile.

They took their time making love. Randy unzipped Penelope’s dress and she stepped out of it, left wearing only her pantyhose, red satin panties and red heels.

“Now there’s a sight,” Randy choked as he struggled with his tie.

Penelope pushed him down on the lounge and straddled him.

“Here. Let me,” she untied his tie and opened his shirt, sliding her fingers across his muscled chest.

Randy pulled her face to his and kissed her. She opened his shirt and helped him out of it.

“Now what do we have here,” she slowly unzipped his pants.

She moved back a little so she had access to his flies. She put her hand inside his pants and extracted his long thick penis. She had felt it pressed against her many times when they kissed and canoodled but this was the first time she had see his flesh.

She was not disappointed. It was a formidable appendage.

She began to slowly stroke him to full tumescence while Randy’s hands caressed her breasts. This was not unexplored territory for him and he knew how to pleasure her. He hefted each of her globes in his hands and then stroked her nipples, circling a finger around her areolae. She sighed with delight and when he tweaked her nipples the little berries became erect with anticipation.

Penelope leaned into him and kissed him again, she wanted to feel his lips on hers, taste his tongue.

He eased herself off him and he shucked out of the rest of his clothes and then pulled her back down on the lounge.

“Why don’t we go to the bedroom,” she whispered in his ear, biting his lobe.

“I won’t make it there honey. I’m so close now that if you squeeze it too hard I’ll go off,” he kissed her again and reached for her breasts.

“Let’s slow things down,” he sighed.

“No let’s speed things up sweetheart. You’re a big strong man and I’m sure you’ve got plenty of reloads,” she grinned at him.

Randy was perplexed and didn’t understand what she meant.

She gave him a practical demonstration.

“Oh god no!” Randy hissed as Penelope lowered her face to his groin.

She held his penis gently while she lapped at his scrotum and suckled his testicles.

He tried to push her away, he was too close to orgasm.

Penelope defied him and took his manhood in her mouth and suckled the shaft and used her tongue on his glans.

“No! No! No!” Randy tried to push her face off him but it was too late.

Then he did the opposite and forced her face down on his cock whilst Penelope sucked on it, milking it of the sweet creamy issue. She swallowed each ejaculation and greedily lapped up each pearl of semen as his emissions began to subside.

Randy lay there groaning with pleasure as his orgasm wracked him. His cock felt like it was being caressed by a thousand butterflies.

Penelope licked him clean and then raised her head from his groin and smiled up at him.

“Nice?” she beamed.

Randy dragged her up his body so that she was lying on top of him.

“It was magnificent honey but I feel kinda selfish,” he smiled at her and then leaned in and kissed her.

He could taste himself on her breath.

“Oh no honey. I’m the one being selfish. When I ride that thing I don’t it going off until I have,” she grinned at him.

“Really honey? And when do you think that might happen?” he grinned at her and playfully kissed the tip of her nose.

Penelope had been rubbing her silken-clad legs on Randy’s cock. It had never fully deflated after she fellated him and she could feel it rock hard again, pressing on her pantyhosed thigh.

“I think pretty soon cowboy,” she grinned and leaned away from him, pushing on his chest.

She was straddling him cowboy style. She knew that tonight would be special and she was prepared, cleaned and lubricated in anticipation. When Randy lifted her up to guide her down on his erect penis she was more than ready. She pushed her fingernail into her pantyhose and tore open the crotch and pulled the gusset of her panties aside so that Randy could nestle his glans in her puckered bud.

“Is this ok? I’m not hurting you?” he looked up at her magnificent body sitting astride him.

She answered him the best way she knew how. She lowered herself on his long thick cock, stopping briefly to accommodate it when he pierced her sphincter, then she squatted down, impaling herself on his glorious manhood.

She smiled down at him.

“How’s that?” she grinned wickedly.

He answered her in turn by gripping her waist and raising himself up as he started to fuck her. They started slowly, getting into sync; she raising and lowering her buttocks to meet his thrusts. He was getting deeper inside her, stimulating her prostate and the sensitive nerves ringing her anus. She was erect inside her panties, her gaff had torn free when she had become aroused.

Penelope was concerned that Randy would be disgusted by her penis. She kept it trapped inside her panties and pantyhose but it was bulging conspicuously and a large wet stain was spreading in the front of her panties.

Randy was infatuated with how beautiful and sexy Penelope looked riding him in her heels and hose. He noticed the bulge in her panties and was intrigued.

Penelope’s head was thrown back, she was concentrating on fucking her boyfriend, pleasuring him whilst trying to invoke her own climax without touching herself. She did not want Randy to be revolted by her cock.

She moaned with delight when she felt Randy's fingers featherlightly stroke her erection through the layers of satin and nylon. She looked down at him with concern but she needn’t have been. He was fascinated with her hard cock pressing at the front of her panties. His fingers explored the hardened appendage and Penelope groaned.

Their fucking became heated, he raising his groin up to meet her as she squatted over him, driving her buttocks down on him so that his hard cock drove all the way inside her. Randy began to squeeze her cock and her panties became soaked with pre-ejaculate.

Penelope began to pant and moan as her orgasm approached. She could feel Randy’s cock harden even more and begin to throb and she could sense that he too was close to extremis.

She leaned forward so that she could kiss him; she wanted his lips on hers when he came inside her for the first time. He pulled her down on him with one hand while his other remained trapped between their bodies, squeezing Penelope’s cock. Their tongues entwined as Penelope pressed her buttocks down hard and gasped into his mouth.

She writhed against him and Randy’s fingers were suddenly scalded by her ejaculate as she came. He freed her cock from confines of her underwear and stroked it, milking her of her seed. The feel of her warm musky semen on his fingers and belly invoked his own orgasm.

Randy bit her lip as he raised himself off the couch, pulling her down onto him as he ejaculated deep inside her. He felt her anus spasm as it squeezed his cock, drawing every scintilla of his semen from him. Penelope was moaning and grinding herself against him, Randy’s fingers on her flesh, milking every drop from her, his throbbing cock deep inside her had elicited the most tremendous orgasm she had ever felt.

Randy sighed as the tremendous climax began to subside, he felt contentment and rapture. He had waited so long to make love to Penelope and it was everything he wanted it to be.

Penelope was sat still astride him, her body still shuddering. He felt some warm droplets fall on his face and he realised that she was crying.

He pulled her to him and pressed her body against his, He held her close and stroked her hair.

“Did I hurt you?” he said sounding genuinely concerned.

“No,” Penelope snuffled into his neck.

“What?” he lifted her face so he could see her.

“It was just so wonderful,” she sobbed.

“You were so loving and caring but at the same time you were forceful and demanding. It was just amazing,” she smiled her eyes rimmed with tears.

“I love you Randy,” she blurted through her tears.

“And I love you Penelope,” Randy stroked her face and kissed her softly.

She smiled sweetly at him and then her smile changed from sweet to sensual, and then downright lewd.

“Wanna go to the bedroom and do it all again,” she grinned down at him.

“All night long honey,” he smiled up at her.

Penelope dismounted and put out her hand to help Randy off the couch.

“All weekend long lover,” she led him to her bedroom.

Penelope was called out of rollcall on Monday morning before she even got to see Randy. She was told to report to the Chief and figured that the axe was going to fall. The Chief knew about Randy’s relationship with her and guessed that she was going to be told that she had to be assigned to a new partner but she didn’t think that it would need to cone from anyone as high up as the Chief.

She was summoned into his office as soon as she arrived.

“Close the door behind you Bishop,” the Chief gnarled.

She did so and stood to attention in front of the Chief’s desk. He stood with his back to her looking out the window.

“You and Cody make quite a team hey Bishop?” he said.

She knew the question was rhetorical and kept silent.

“I know about your crime wall Bishop. I know all about your investigation, trying to be Miss Marple and solve your daddy’s murder and also you looking into True Blue and the Department’s business where you have no business looking,” the Chief turned to face her.

Penelope was speechless; frozen to the spot.

“I’ve had my guy on you the whole time, reporting back to me almost daily,” he raised a brow.

“But Randy…” Penelope stuttered.

“Randy Cody is good police. He knows where his loyalties are,” the Chief interrupted.

“This is going to be your first and final warning. You’re going back to the evidence room. You’re going to cease your meddling. You’re going to keep your mouth shut. Do you understand?” the Chief glared at her.

Penelope nodded.

“You say ‘yes Chief’ then you toddle out of here and go home and put on your short skirt, nylons and heels and get back up on that ladder so that Tony Abbot can jack off looking up at your panties ok?” the Chief leaned across his desk.

“Two other alternatives Bishop. One you resign. Two… well let’s not talk about two,” he grinned.

“I’m not resigning!” Penelope snapped.

“Well go and put on your little skirt and report to Evidence,” the Chief picked up his newspaper off the desk and sat down.

“Don’t let the door hit you in your pretty little ass on the way out Bishop. You looked good on Saturday by the way, hope you gave my boy a good ride when he got you home,” he shook the newspaper open and ignored her.

Penelope stormed out the building and into the carpark where Randy was supervising his new partner going over pre-starts on his cruiser.

“Hey Bishop…” Randy never got to finish the sentence before Penelope’s fist caught him square on the jaw.

Randy was so surprised that he fell backwards onto the police cruiser.

“Asshole!” she screamed at him and stormed off.

Penelope got into her little Honda and drove home ignoring Randy’s calls and texts. She changed into her office attire and drove back to Police Plaza.

She spent the rest of the day in the stacks with Tony Abbot looking up her skirt. She couldn’t even be bothered about it and let him look all he wanted. She went home that night and called Molly who came straight around with a bottle of bourbon and a shoulder for her to cry on.

“Men! Can't live with them, can't live without them, can’t kill them. At least you can’t. I’m just an crazy old lesbian," Molly joked and finally got Penelope to stop crying and laugh with her.

Meanwhile Chief Balfour was busy.

“I’ve given that tranny cooze enough slack Frank. I don’t trust it as far as I can throw it. I bet my ass that she’s still investigating Charlie’s murder and his links to True Blue. I’ve got my guys on it, the tranny slit is going to cause us no more trouble,” Daniel Balfour breathed heavily into the phone.

“No mistakes Danny. This is going to bring down a shit-storm and I don't want any of it getting on me,” the Mayor hissed into the phone.

“I’ve got it locked up tight and I’ll even put a bow on the package so the crime scene guys can’t fuck this one up,” Daniel Balfour chuckled.

“Just get it done and get the case closed Danny,” the Mayor put down the phone.

They came for her when she finished work and was about to climb into her Honda. One man put a gun in her back while the other man disarmed her. They forced her into the driver’s seat of her car and one man got in the front passenger seat, putting his gun on her while the other climbed in the back and rested his gun on the headrest.

It was late and Penelope had been made to work back so it was between shifts when she quit for the day and the carpark was dark and empty. She didn’t think that this was a coincidence. The man beside her ordered her drive out of the city.

Randy Cody watched the whole scene and smiled grimly. He switched his PR to a pre-arranged discrete frequency.

“Got my eyes on the prize. Looks like our guys have got her. I’ll pick you up on the corner we’ll follow them at a discreet distance as discussed,” Randy said.

Penelope had been driving for what seemed like hours and she was tired. She was also tired of the guy beside her, who she now knew was named Bobby, rattle on about whether he was going to fuck her before or after he killed her.

“Ok turn here,” Bobby pointed to an exit lit only by highway reflectors.

Penelope turned off the road and onto an unsealed track, she could see the lights of a house in the distance. She drove carefully; she had considered driving the car into a tree or a ditch and taking her chances but the man behind her would pull the trigger before she could do anything like that.

“Ok hot-legs, pull in here and let’s get this over with. I’m getting out first while Eddie covers you then you get out, then Eddie. We do it nice and slow so no one gets hurt; you ain’t got long left to live but you don’t want what you got cut short,” Bobby said through gritted teeth.

She got out and smoothed her skirt before putting her hands behind her head as instructed. Eddie waved his pistol towards the house and Penelope started to walk towards it. It was a ramshackle farmhouse with weathered boards and a hitched roof; light poured from the windows and the front door was ajar.

Bobby moved ahead of Penelope and got the door while Eddie kept his gun on her. She squinted as she came into the light and Eddie pushed her through the stoop and closed the door.

Chief Daniel Balfour was standing next to a chair that stood in the middle of the otherwise empty room. The place smelled of dust, mouse shit, gun oil and an acrid chemical smell.

“Take a seat blondie,” Daniel said pointing at the hard wooden chair.

Penelope sat down and smoothed her skirt. Bobby and Eddie took station either side of her.

“I knew…” Penelope began to speak and the Chief backhanded her across the mouth.

“You couldn’t leave well enough alone could you? You could have walked away so many times or you could have just shut the fuck up and stopped meddling. Christ you’re a half decent cop! You could have even have made detective one day and if you’d played along you could be on the pad like the rest of us,” Daniel shook a cigarette from his packet and lit it.

“Now it all comes down to this. You’re gonna end up just like your dad; killed in the line of duty. Out here in Bumfuck investigating a drug lab,” he nodded to the kitchen.

Penelope turned her head. She could see just enough of the kitchen to see that a meth lab had been set up in it. There was a fresh corpse blocking the doorway.

“Meet the guy who killed you Bishop. Well that’s what the crime scene guys are gonna think. Shame he shot you at the same you got him. But that’s what happens when you go off on your own investigating crimes in your own time, unauthorised and without a partner to back you up,” the Chief chuckled.

“Can you at least tell me why my father was killed? I’m done anyway, at least give me that,” Penelope was determined not to cry but her words came out choked.

“Charlie Bishop was the best of the best. He was my perfect cop. He shook those organised crime bosses and pissant gangbangers down for every nickel and dime he could squeeze from them,” Daniel began.

“He was my enforcer and practically ran True Blue for me but he was loyal to the PD. Loyal to the PD over me even. When he found out that some of us were taking more than our fair share out of the fund he baulked.”

“He wanted all of the bribes, the vig, the pad, everything to be shared equally through True Blue. Equal shares for every member.”

“He threatened to expose me, the Mayor, and everyone else who was taking more than they were entitled.”

“Christ! He was an idealist and I can’t condone idealists, not when they threaten me. So he had to go,” Daniel dropped his cigarette on the floor and crushed it out.

He picked it up and put in his pocket.

“So what happened that night behind Morganson’s Hardware Store?” Penelope asked.

The chief just shrugged as if it was nothing.

Bobby spoke up.

“I’ve decided I wanna fuck her while she’s still breathing, but first can I show her the video?” he said.

Eddie shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care either way.

“Yeah, show her the video and then let’s fuck her. I like it when they fight a little,” Eddie grinned.

“Can’t we just get this over?” the Chief growled.

Eddie offered the Chief his gun.

“Sure we can Balfour, here you do it.”

Chief Balfour looked distastefully at the proffered gun. He used violence when necessary but never personally, that’s why he had thugs like these guys on the payroll.

“Ok show her the video and you can both fuck her brains out for all I care. But just finish her off and make sure it looks good for the forensic team and the investigators,” the distaste evident in his voice.

Eddie put his gun to Penelope’s temple to make sure she did nothing stupid.

Bobby stuffed the Glock 27 into his back pocket and took out his phone. He bought up a video and put the screen in front of Penelope’s face.

She watched the screen intently.

It was the back alley behind Morganson’s Hardware and her father was approaching a black sedan. The rear window came down and Charlie spoke to someone inside the car. The passenger extended a hand and offered Charlie a red velvet bag which he took. He turned away and the man in the car must have said something because Charlie turned around and leaned in towards the window.

Penelope saw the gun and the muzzle blast and then her father’s head whipped back as blood spurted from the exit wound. She began to sob but couldn’t look away.

Her father lay dead on the ground, his head was shattered and his arm was outflung. He had dropped the red velvet bag. The rear door of the car opened and Eddie got out of the car. He checked Charlie to make sure her father was dead.

Penelope thought that she was beyond being shocked any further but then Chief Daniel Balfour came into view, he had been off camera, likely hiding behind the hardware store. He looked down at Charlie and reached down for the bag but Eddie snatched his hand away. They argued but eventually the Chief strode away and Eddie got back in the car and it drove away at speed.

“You took the velvet bag from the evidence room later to retrieve the rubies and was stupid enough to get photographed with it on your desk. That’s why you and Eddie were arguing wasn’t it? You wanted to take the bag at the crime scene but Eddie needed it to be left there for the crime lab guys to find,” Penelope directed at the Chief.

“Shut the fuck up and watch the screen. Now comes the good bit,” Bobby chuckled.

Penelope gasped.

Molly Harper dressed in her street blues came into frame. She bent down and looked intently at Charlie’s body and then she stood up and casually lit a cigarette. She hit the panic button on her PR and leaned against the wall while she waited for a response team.

“Oh no!” Penelope cried.

“Oh yes!” Bobby taunted her.

“It was Eddie’s idea to film the hit as insurance in case Monsieur Le Mayor or Danny Boy here decided they no longer needed us. They sent the lesbian cop to confirm that we had the video when we told them that we’d filmed the hit and I made her fuck me before I showed it to her,” Bobby sounded pleased with himself.

“I hope you rode that bitch hard!” Penelope sniped.

“He did ride me hard sugar-tits but I kinda liked it,” Molly came from out of the kitchen, stepping over the corpse.

She was dressed in her street blues.

“How could you!” Penelope tried to get out of the chair but Eddie sat her back on her ass.

“How could I what you dumb cunt? How many times did I tell you to get the fuck out of Balwyn and not come back and to stop your meddling into True Blue?” Molly stood in front of Penelope and looked down at her.

“I remember my exact words to you at your father’s funeral. ‘You’re better off out of Balwyn and you’re damn lucky that you didn’t follow your daddy into the PD’ and later then that same night I said, ‘Get the fuck outta here and don’t come back.’”

“How many warnings did you fucking-well need!” Molly screeched so hard that her spittle rained on Penelope’s face.

“But you were the one who told me that my father’s murder was unsolved. You piqued my interest,” Penelope retorted.

“Yeah well that backfired. I only told you that to lower your expectations. To keep you from coming back to Balwyn and to keep you waiting for the case to be solved. You weren’t supposed to try to solve it yourself, dumbass,” Molly shook her head.

“So it wasn’t Randy shadowing me and ratting me out to the Chief it was you!” Penelope pointed an accusary finger at Molly.

“Honey I befriended you to try to keep you clear of this shit but here you are, and you’re going to die just like daddy,” Molly put her hands on her hips defiantly.

“But why? I thought you were my friend,” Penelope sighed.

“Money sugar-tits, it’s all about the money,” Molly grinned.

“Ok can we get to fucking now. I wanna hear this tranny bitch scream when I put it to her,” Bobby sniggered.

“Do what you gotta do boys; just leave a good crime scene,” Daniel Balfour was anxious to leave.

“So long sugar-tits. Been nice knowing you,” Molly shrugged her shoulders and turned to the door.

At that exact moment the door flew open and Randy Cody entered, weapon drawn.

Molly reached for her service weapon and Randy shot her twice before shifting aim to Bobby and putting two in his chest. Cindy Huxtable had come through the back door and she took out Eddie as he drew down on Randy.

Police Chief Daniel Balfour put up his hands and began to cry.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I surrender,” he wailed.

Cindy covered the Chief while Randy checked the two hitmen and Molly for signs of life.

He bent down and picked up Penelope’s Glock from Eddie’s lifeless hand.

Penelope was in shock but she stood up and quickly took stock of the situation.

Randy handed Penelope her weapon.

“You’re obviously feeling in fear of your life Bishop. You’d be justified in shooting our honourable Chief of Police,” he said through gritted teeth.

Penelope extracted the magazine and actioned the slide, catching the ejected 9mm parabellum round with practiced ease. She slammed the magazine back into the pistol and aimed it at Chief Daniel Balfour’s forehead.

“You had my father killed you asshole! This is for him!” Penelope put her finger inside the trigger guard.

The front of Chief Balfour’s uniform pants darkened as he pissed himself followed by the fetid smell of him evacuating. He fell to his knees on the floor and held out his palms in supplication.

“Please don’t! For god sake, please don’t shoot me!” he begged, tears running down his fat cheeks.

“You get the same mercy that you showed my father,” Penelope said coldly.

She adjusted her aim and pulled the trigger.

Danny Balfour screamed as Penelope’s gun clicked, the firing pin released into an empty barrel.

“You coward! If you’d ever had the guts to use your weapon you’d know that I actioned the weapon before I put in the magazine. This is for my father,” Penelope kicked Chief Balfour in the crotch and felt his testicles pop.

He fell flat on the floor soaked in his own piss and shit, clutching his balls and wailing.

Penelope actioned her weapon. Now that it was loaded she set the safety and holstered it on her duty belt.

“Let’s get out of here. This place stinks. Cindy you wait here for backup while we go and arrest Mayor Cannon,” Randy spun on his heels.

Penelope led the way to the door.

“Fuck you, you tranny cunt!” Daniel Balfour bellowed painfully.

“I’ll talk to IAD. I’ll tell them everything! I’ll tell them how your boyfriend Randolph Cody was my bagman and killed that spick in the warehouse while trading guns for cash!”

“You think you’re going to play happy families with the tranny freak Randy? She’s going to be visiting you in jail giving the other cons blowjobs on visiting days to keep them from killing you!” Daniel had got to his knees but was still nursing his scrotum.

Penelope spun on her heels again, drawing her weapon as she did.

She shot Daniel Balfour between the eyes and calmly holstered her weapon.

“Seems I was in fear of my life,” she shrugged her shoulders.

Randy walked over to the Chief’s corpse and un-holstered Daniel Balfour’s ancient sidearm. He pressed the weapon into the Chief’s dead hand and pointed it at the wall behind Penelope and Cindy. He fired two rounds into the wall and lowered the Chief’s hand to the floor.

“You’re making a habit of that,” Penelope said sarcastically.

“Hey. I witnessed it all. The Chief got the drop on us and got away two rounds before Bishop took him down in self defence,” Cindy Huxtable said coldly.

“I saw exactly the same,” Randy walked over to the two women.

They stood on the porch of the rickety cottage and watched the red, white and blue lights loom through the trees and listened to the sirens in the distance. Cindy had activated the ‘panic button’ on her PR when she and Randy had first arrived at the farmhouse and the cavalry was on the way.

“You two probably need to talk. I’ll get on the PR to the those guys and give them a sitrep,” Cindy walked over to the far corner of the porch and began to talk into her radio.

Randy stepped down onto the hard ground and looked up at Penelope Bishop, he always felt like he was drowning when he looked into those big green eyes.

“You saved my life; even after I falsely accused you,” Penelope looked demure.

“You were an asshole Bishop,” Randy grinned up at her.

She couldn’t help but grin back at him.

Randy surprised her by pulling her down into his arms and carrying her down the dusty track toward his cruiser. As he carried her he looked down into her tearing eyes.

“What do we do now Bishop? How do we make this work?” he lowered his face to hers and kissed her.

“I love you Randy and I’ll do my best to make it work but if you don’t like it you can always trade me in for a real woman,” Penelope replied when they broke the kiss.

“Jesus Bishop!” Randy said, exasperated.

He put her down on her feet but still held on to her. He brushed the hair out of her eyes and studied her face.

“You are a real woman Penelope. My woman,” he pulled her close and kissed her again.

The End

Author's note: My best story so far I think. Tell me what you think of it please.

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I must say that it kept me on

I must say that it kept me on the edge of my seat.. best I have read recently

I'm surprised.

I didn't think that Penelope would get out of it alive. This was a surprise.

How well do a tranies tits hold up a strapless dress? Just fine.


I Agree It's Probably Your Best - Excellent Plot

I don't normally read your stuff because the plots are too weak or uninteresting - this one really grabbed my attention. You almost lost me during the long sex scenes; but then I started reading it like I do bodice rippers skimming thru the extended sex stuff to pull the plot stuff together. You have to have content control to satisfy your interests and those of your normal audience. I'm mostly interested in plot, and this story was really good

Edge of my seat

Oh my! I sat there reading wondering how she was going to get out of this mess, wonderful twist! I'm glad everyone got their just deserts in the end, and man she must have felt soooooo good kicking what's-his-nuts well in the nuts heheheheh =]

Thanks for such an amazing little story and sharing it with us!


Expanding Vocabulary

Very good series. Good plot, some misdirection, and of course lots of action. When Angharad was writing Bike daily, she would often slip in a word or two that was new to me or at least one I don't see often. Through the course of this series, you've done that too. I don't recall you doing that in the other stories of yours that I've read. I kind of like when I have to look something up.

I wasn't drawn to this series when it first came out. I think maybe the initial Chapters lead photo wasn't sexy enough. Anyway, I decided to read it before reading "Sleeping Beauties" as you sort of suggested. I'm glad I did. Thank you for sharing.