The Librarian

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May 26, 1993, 0130hrs, Mercy Hospital, Aberaeron, Wales UK:
“Congratulations Mrs. Stone, it’s a boy.” As a nurse lays the newborn baby in Mrs. Stone’s tired arms.

Mrs. Stone accepts the child before she passes out. The monitors attached to her start going off. The nurse takes the baby and places it in a radiant warmer. While the doctor and nurses tries to save Mrs. Stone.

Unknown to everyone, another nurse comes in and removes the baby along with any paperwork or blood samples that had been taken. She takes the baby out to a waiting car and gets in. The car drives off and heads towards a waiting seaplane. The nurse moves from the car, along with three other people to a waiting seaplane. The plane takes off and heads South.

January 2, 1999, 0930hrs, Somewhere in the Bahamas:
“Move it number Six, we don’t have all day.” An old stern man wearing a black jumpsuit watches as all twenty kids come running out of the barracks and arrange themselves in line.

The old man looks at the red hair boy who was named number Six. He stood between a girl with blonde hair and a black hair Asian boy. The test that they have been administering to these kids have shown, that number Six was going to be one of their strongest.

There were fourteen boys and six girls in the group. They came from different races and backgrounds. They weren’t just from one ethnic group but a mixture of different ethnic groups.

He puts them through intense physical training. He makes them run a special design track several times. While they are running, different objects or items would pop up and either shoot at them or try to trip them. Sometimes the objects would block their path and they would be forced to take a different path.

After the morning physical training, they are escorted to another building. Inside the building, there were rows and rows of computer desk and each child heads towards the desk that has been assigned to them and begins work. They are given fifteen assignments they must complete before they can go to bed. Their trainer walks around observing each student as they worked.

January 2, 2005, 0930hrs, Somewhere in the Bahamas:
“Move it number Six. Embrace the pain.” Dr. Kacey Shoes watches a child named number six as she goes through the course after her surgery.

All the psychological testing they did on every child had shown that they had at least three boys that were leaning towards being girls. They ran the test several times and came up with the same results. So, the three boys were given the hormones they would need and surgery to turn them into girls.

They were placed with the six genetic girls and trained with them when they started individual sex training. Along with their new training, they were to continue with their mental training. Number Six along with three others were their top performers and their strongest psychics.

They were trained intensely in how to use their individual gifts. Number Six hid some of her gifts. She had learned that the people who ran the facilities and maintained the Island they lived on, had plans for them. They were going to use them to blackmail and control the heads of states of different governments and influence the owners of some of the most powerful corporations around.

July 10, 2010, 2330hrs, Somewhere in the Bahamas:
Several loud explosions shake the barracks all the teenagers are in. Alarms were going off, as more explosions went off nearby. The roof of the barracks number Six was in caves in, killing at least six of the teenagers. She hurries out of the building and looks around her. There were people dress in black outfits killing the doctors, trainers and medical staff that trained and raised her.

She drops her mental shields and started plucking information from any of the black dress men that were near her. They had orders to kill everyone and retrieve all information. Number Six rushes towards the storage facilities where all the information about what was going on had been stored. She knew from reading some of the Doctors and trainers’ minds that they weren’t allowed to take any of the information off the island.

She felt the death of some of her companions that she grew up with die. Some of them were trained to be fighters, where she was trained for information retrieval. She and three others were the only ones that had the talents needed to pluck information from people’s minds and locate people with their gifts. She wonders why she didn’t see this happen? Her ability to see the future has always warned her of upcoming danger.

She makes it to the storage facilities and starts pulling hard drives. The drives she couldn’t pull, she transfers that information to the secure cloud account the island owned. Only a few people knew about it and thanks to the information she stole from a few doctors, she could change the access code to it. That way she would have the only access to the account.

While she is at it, she transfers the money the island had set aside to operate to another account and change the access pin to it. After, she finishes with all the changes. She sets the unit to explode.

Six runs out of the building and trips over one of the people in black. She looked up and noticed that he had been shot. She strips the figure of their clothes and put them on. She grabs the handgun and the extra magazines the figured had. She also grabs his tact radio and headset. She doesn’t like to use guns but keeps it out just in case she needs it. She feels the connections she has with the others like her go dead. There were only two people she could still feel connected to her.

They were heading towards the boat dock to escape from the island. She starts heading towards the seaplane, but she gets a warning to avoid it right now. She feels a draw to an area of the island that was rumored to have been visited by pirates. All the years she has lived on the island, she had been forbidden to explore the area. The last person from her group that did, was never heard from again.

Six moves cautiously to the area. She could feel herself being drawn to the place.

“You’ll be safe here. There’s a submarine here.”

Six looks around when she heard the voice. She felt the temperature in the area become colder. She finds the submarine she was guided to.
She hasn’t been trained on a submarine. She just finished her flight training on the seaplanes the island had and maintain. She opens it and climbs down inside it. She closes the hatch and sits down at the controls.

She figures it couldn’t be any harder than flying a seaplane. She manages to start the sub and slowly move it out of the hidden dock. She submerges at the insistent of the spirit that was traveling with her. It was just in time because a helicopter flies right over her location.

The spirit manages to guide Six away from the island. While she is traveling, she wonders who the people were that attacked the island. She would try to get the answers off the gear she took, but her attention was needed to pilot the submarine she was in.

She makes it to Freeport and resupplies the submarine she was in. While she is in the city she breaks into the courthouse at night to find the paperwork she needs to fill out to establish a birth certificate and get a passport.

It takes her most of the night, but she does manage to establish an identity. It was all legal, it would also be her secret one. Since she had one already. She goes ahead establishes a second one to use. By the time sunrise comes up, she heads back to the submarine and spends the day there.

During the day, she uses her special talent to find out why they had killed everyone she knew. The information that was revealed to her wasn’t good. The project that was started had been canceled by the government. It was a CIA experiment, to establish a group of psychic trained individuals to be used for intelligence gathering and for assassinations.

The people of the facilities had other ideas on how they wanted to use them. Six puts the radio down and just stare at it. They were only pawns to be used for others. They had been taken from their family and raised to be black op’s agents. She never knew who her family was. Her file along with all the others had been burned. The only thing the doctors didn’t get rid of, were the vials of blood every hospital took from newborn babies born that they use to be tested for certain ailments.

The spirit that spoke to her when she was on the island and traveled with her, contacts her occasionally. Sometimes it was to check on her or warn her. Sometimes it helped her find information about people or places.

2010-2016 Various Locations and Countries:
The next six years, Six spends setting up other false identities and safe houses. She sets up bank accounts and establishing her way into several different organizations. She builds or leases several data centers where she stores all the information she gathers about assassins, government agents and other illegal or Black Op’s projects. She wasn’t going to be caught off guard anymore.

During this time, she collects information about companies that helped the organization that trained her and her companions. She wanted those companies to pay for what they did. Her research revealed a lot about them and why they took her and the others. She learned that they had manipulated hers and the other children DNA to make sure they were born with their gifts. The serum and drugs they used, were introduced into their birth mother’s womb while they were carrying them.

They had also engineered their births. They took people who had passed some sort of test to see if they had psychic talents or latent psychic abilities. If the people they chose did, then they arranged to have both parties meet and arrange to get impregnated.

They selected their breeding stock, as they put it from people who had either no family or wouldn’t be missed. They had been careful in selecting the women and which doctors they went too for their pregnancies.

It was also during this time that Six stopped going by her number name but started using Jackie. She also started having visions about a Marshal Edward Bullock. She had never met the man, but something about him was causing the spirits to have her warn him of a trader in his ranks. Someone he was protecting was in danger and the assassin that had been sent to kill the Marshal and the family was going to kill them soon. She finds out where he has taken the family for protection and slips a letter informing him to watch his back. The letter also contained how he could get in touch with her as well.

On the night the killer was supposed to kill Bullock and the family under his protection. She watched over him, just in case he didn’t believe her warning.The spirits wouldn’t leave her alone. So, she went disguised as Carmen San Diego. She thought it was appropriate, considering she was a highly trained agent as well. Except, the only thing she went after was information.

There were a few times Jackie almost got caught. A team of agents from the United States almost caught her with her panties down. She happened to be in Japan at the time on the Naval Base there so she could monitor what was going on in the Asian countries. Her computer link wasn’t the greatest. So, she flew to Japan and managed to get on the base with a military ID card she got from the Pentagon.

She had just finished establishing a back-door entry for herself when the guardian spirit that looked over her, warned her. Somehow, the agents had managed to track her. She managed to slip away by the skin of her teeth, but she did leave a nice note telling them good-bye.

There was another time, where some Russian agents almost caught her. She was in Moscow disguised as a Russian soldier. She was removing microfiche and old-style microdots that had information. She got what she wanted from their archives and was on her way out of the building. When the spirit that watched over her, warned her.

It took some creative avoidance and tactics to make it out of Russia. She didn’t sleep for four days and had to swim in freezing water. The training the organization taught her, was the only reason she didn’t die. She did have a cold afterward and spent a week in bed recovering from the ordeal.

There was another time where she had to break into the Vatican to retrieve some information. That job took a lot of planning, including digging up century-old plans of the place. It took months of planning and specialized equipment to break in and locate the information she was looking for.

She only took copies of what she wanted or needed.She never took the original. Those belonged to the Vatican and it would be rude to remove them.

The pay for retrieving the information was profitable. It allowed her to buy a few more safe houses. One of those purchase happened to be an old Plantation home in Georgetown, SC. The problem was, she was picking up on the few soldiers ghost that was still lingering around.

It bothered her for the first few months. She looked around for someone that could help her and found a local Dianic coven. They came in and helped the spirits on their way. The High Priestess of the coven took Jackie under her wing and started teaching her how to better use her gifts.The Priestess had a gift like one of Jackie’s and taught her how to use it properly.

Also, during those years Jackie established cover identities for herself. They ranged from a simple cleaning lady to Inspector General for the DOD and Justice Department with the highest access possible. She even slipped in one time as a Secret Service agent guarding the President.

She loved warmed weather and had several homes that she used funds she diverted from military and Corporation funds. No one was any wiser about it. She also established a cover as a tax agent with the IRS. Which, when she did that. She gave herself a way to access the system without being discovered.

There were very few people that she trusted with her life that helped her out. One of her associates was a respectable black-market supplier. He could get her whatever she needed. Besides the coven in Georgetown, there was another coven in Massachusetts she could trust.

The mechanic that maintained her seaplanes and other aircraft was another person she trusted. She saved his life and his family’s life when he refused to pay insurance money to the Russian mafia. She had two other mechanics that maintained and built custom vehicles for her.

Jackie exposed the Russian Mafia big time, by recording what they did and sent it out on the airwaves. She hacked into the local cable service and broadcast the footage from there.The police were on the mob so fast, that they had wished they never bothered being mobsters.

As for her computer equipment. All of it was custom built either by her when she has time or by a gadgetry, she knew. Rachel was a little weird, because of the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her kidnappers. Her father was a rich and famous guy and his daughter had been kidnapped for ransom.

The kidnappers wanted more money then the kidnapping insurance he had would be willing to pay. So, Mr. Rockafella tracked Jackie down and hired her to bring his daughter back to him. Jackie found his daughter, but the kidnappers had already had their way with her. They abused her physically and drugged her up some much, that she didn’t know what day it was.

Once Jackie got Rachel detoxed and reunited her with her father. Mr. Rockafella got his daughter the counseling she needed to help her overcome what had happened to her. He also paid Jackie handsomely for saving his daughter. Between the different bank accounts, she had.
She didn’t need to work unless she wanted to. She tried to maintain and live a simple life. That way if she disappeared for a few weeks at a time, no one would question it.

Any time there were suspicious deaths of people or unexplained deaths or events, she investigated them. Most of them were natural occurrences. However, there were a few that weren’t and stunk of coverups by the government.

Jackie investigated them and found out that some of them were deaths that were done to give people in witness protection a new life. Some were to cover up mistakes the government made or to explain the disappearance of certain agents.

Her place in Key Largo, Florida was another property that was under the name she established in Freeport, Bahamas. If anyone ever dug into her history or if she ever got arrested for some of the crimes she has committed. They will never find any of the properties, bank accounts or vehicles linked to that name.

As for the spirit that has been watching over her. She learned he had been a sailor once in the British navy during the colonial days and had been killed by pirates. Neither one of them could figure out why he had been appointed her guardian spirit. It was nice having him around when she felt lonely.

Jackie had encountered the three others that were like her. One had started a new life in New York as an investor. The second one was living a simple life and married to the fisherman that had saved her. The last one she had to kill. He had gone dark and insane from all the people’s minds he had entered on purpose.

She didn’t enjoy taking his life, but she was the only one that could do it. It hurt her deeply, that she had to take his life. She grew up with him and knew him. The thing was, there wasn’t another way of stopping him or leaving him alive. If she captured him and turned him over to the proper authorities. They would take his DNA and blood and maybe try the project again.

The only other way was to keep him doped up or lobotomized him. Doing that to someone she knew bothered her. So, the best thing to do to him was to kill him. It was something she didn’t like.

When she wasn’t doing jobs, she worked as a private accountant. She was extremely good in taxes and manages to get her clients the best refund or pay as little taxes they could. When people ask about the places she stayed at or the vehicles she used. She tells them that they belonged to a friend of hers. When in fact, the places belonged to her just under a different name.

2016-2019 Key Largo, Florida:
Jackie worked hard to establish herself as a good accountant. She invests money into public libraries and activity centers. She keeps involved with the Dianic coven she was a member of. She was part owner in a few swamp logging companies and trucking firms in a few states.

She was surprised to get a phone call from Marshal Bullock after all these years. She hadn’t talked to him since the last job she did. He didn’t owe her anything.

Continues in K&P Services Chapter 21

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