Music School Chapter 14

Lindsey wakes up three days later. At first, everything is blurry as she tries to focus her eyes. She felt a fuzzy object on one side of her and her left hand being held. She turns her head to see who was holding her hand and spots her mother.

She had something going into her nose and felt something sticking her in her right hand. Her vision starts to clear as her eyes come into focus. There were flowers, teddy bears and balloons in her room. She squeezes her mother’s hand.

Barbara wakes up when she feels Lindsey squeeze her hand. She was surprised when she felt Lindsey squeeze her hand. She’s been unconscious for the past three days.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?” Barbara leans forward to look at Lindsey.

“What happened?” Lindsey looks at her mother.

“You don’t remember what happened to you?” Barbara watches her daughter’s face.

“No, ma’am. I don’t remember anything.” Lindsey couldn’t recall what happened to her.

Barbara was worried about Lindsey. She normally doesn’t forget things. Lindsey’s bandmates have stopped by several times to check on her. She knew Ian and Kaja were concerned, she saw it in their faces.

“You were an attack, sweetie. Two guys broke into our home and you spotted them. One guy attacked you and stabbed you, multiple times.” Barbara brushes a strand of Lindsey’s hair aside.

“Why do I hurt so much?” Lindsey noticed she couldn’t move or feel her legs.

Lindsey starts to panic and squeezes her mother’s hand. She didn’t want to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

“No! I don’t want to be stuck in a wheelchair.” Lindsey tries to move.

“Sweetie, you’re not going to be stuck in a wheelchair. Calm down, sweetie.” Barbara tries to comfort Lindsey.

She holds Lindsey’s tight, even though her injured shoulder still hurt. She feels Lindsey cry against her shoulder. She knew her baby loved performing and writing music. Lindsey falls asleep from crying against her shoulder.

Barbara lays Lindsey down and put her favorite teddy bear next to her. It was dress like a Princess. Barbara asked her once how old the bear was. Lindsey told her; she has always had it.

Lindsey wakes a few hours later and finds that she has visitors. All the band members and the young girl she met at their last gig. The young girl was sitting next to her.

“Lindsey, you’re awake.” Shirley hugs Lindsey.

She missed talking to Lindsey and got worried. When she turned the news on and saw that Lindsey’s place had been broken into and had been injured, she called Terry. All the band members gave her their numbers should she wanted to talk to them or was at one of their gigs and wanted a backstage pass.

When Terry told her that Lindsey had been hurt. She wanted to come and see her. She begged her Aunt Jenny to go and see Lindsey. She told Terry that she was coming to visit Lindsey. Shirley and her Aunt Jenny were invited to stay with Ian and his mother. Ian knew how much Shirley meant to Lindsey. Plus, his mother was being reimbursed by the band.

Lindsey looks at Shirley as she held her. She returns the hug and just holds Shirley. She thought of Shirley as her little sister.

“How did you get here?” As she releases Shirley.

“My aunt brought me. We’re staying with Ian and his mother. Terry arranged everything.” Shirley wipes the tears away that had leaked out of her eyes.

“Yeah, we know how much this little squirt means to you.” Jamie looks at Lindsey and Shirley.

Shirley just sticks her tongue out at Jamie. If it wasn’t for Lindsey, she wouldn’t have been giving to her favorite aunt to be taken care of. She was learning how to play guitar from Lindsey by facetime video.

She was taking dance lessons and she was learning how to write and tell jokes. She already learned that she was pretty good at comedy. As for the guitar, she loved playing it. She only knew basic cords, but she was willing to put the work in.

The band and Shirley stick around for a few hours. The nurse comes in and with Barbara’s help, gives Lindsey’s a sponge bath and change her dressing. Lindsey was frightened when she saw the tube coming out of her body. She saw it went to a bag that was filled with yellow liquid.

Lindsey looks at her mother “what is that?”

“You have to wear a catheter for a while sweetie. The knife went through your groin and all the way through you. It damaged several of your organs. Until you are healed up some, you’ll have to wear a bag for a while.”

Lindsey looks down at her groin and could see, her birth defect had been removed. She looks at her mother “do I have a vagina as well?”

“Unfortunately, sweetie, no. It’s still illegal to perform the surgery to give you a neovagina. Your penis was already small, and the knife damaged all the nerves. Even if they had reconstructed what you had, it wouldn’t work right. So, the doctor went ahead and gave you that part.
You’ll have to wait, till you are sixteen years old for you to get a neovagina.” Barbara had talked with the doctors and their hands were tied. Lindsey couldn’t get a vagina, till she was of legal age. Even in the situation, she was in.

The nurse finishes cleaning Lindsey and changing her bedsheets. Barbara was concerned about her baby as she lays back in bed. Shirley comes back to visit Lindsey.

A few hours later Sara and her group come to visit Lindsey. She heard what happened and was wondering what she and her group were going to do now.

“Hey, Lindsey. How are you feeling?” Sara has never seen someone so young, so pale.

“I’m doing okay, I guess. How is your band doing for the battle of the bands?” Lindsey needed something to get her mind off her situation.

“We’re practicing and getting better. We still can’t agree on a name for our band.” Sara and her group have been tossing names back and forth
trying to agree on one.

“How does Lady Zombie sound to you?” Lindsey did some research, and no one had that name and they could have fun with it.

Sara looked at her bandmates "what do you ladies think about the name?”

A few of them look at each other and started talking it over. They were enjoying the idea about how they could capitalize on the name and such.

“I did one more thing for your band. I listened to your music and made some suggestions for you to try and added those ideas to the samples you gave me. They are all on a Scandisk thumb drive on my dresser. Ask my mother if she can give it to you?” Lindsey was going to give Sara the music on Sunday before she was attacked.

“You are still thinking about others, even in the shape you're in.” Sara just looks down at the young girl.

“Music is my life.”

“Well, you need to get better, so the school can see you. All your classmates and other bands really miss you.” Sara knew the kids at school were worried about her.

“She needs to get some rest.” Nurse Jenkins looks at Sara and her friends.

“Just think about that name and let me know what you girls think.” Lindsey watches as they leave.

“We will and get well, Lindsey.” Sara follows her bandmates out.

Nurse Jenkins takes Lindsey vitals, before giving her something to help her sleep.

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