A New Life

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Kelly wipes the sweat from his forehead. He looks up as people moved about at the park. He was lucky to get a job at Universal Studios Hollywood. He had found himself in Los Angeles, California hoping he could find a job and start a new life. The small town he lived in with his family and what they did to him, was the reason he left.

The reason he left home, was because he kept getting picked on by his father and his older brothers. That’s wasn’t the only reason why he left. His father had turned him into a prostitute and had been almost killed by a truck driver. His mother had run off with a trucker. She met him while working at the truck stop, she worked at as a waitress.

His father was collecting unemployment and drinking all the time. The injury his father received on his job had already healed, but because he knew the doctor the company was sending him too. He helped keep the unemployment money coming in.

His brothers, on the other hand, loved the jobs they had. They also reminded him how small and feminine he was. He knew he inherited his mother’s looks and according to his father, he wasn’t his son. His brother’s and father knew that his mother cheated on their dad. So, his father was always cold towards him.

His brothers on the other hand always played tricks on him. Like last Halloween when they convinced him to dress as a girl and took him to a party. All he remembered from that night was arriving at the party with his brothers.

When he woke up the next day. He was in bed with two huge burly black men, wearing a crotchless teddy. Someone had glued fake breasts on his chest and permanently tattoo make-up on his face, highlighting the feminine features of his face. They also pierced his ears and glued long French squared fingernails on his hands and toes. They dyed his hair hot pink and gave him a girlish haircut.

He had a strange taste in his mouth and had dry semen on his cheeks and chin. His ass was hurting and his head felt fuzzy. When he got home, his father saw what he looked like and went ballistic. That was just half of it. His brothers showed him and his father a video someone made of him having sex with twenty guys.

Tears started streaming down his cheeks when the memory of what his father did to him. His father told him since he looked like he was enjoying himself, dressed like he was and having sex with men like a whore. He was going to pimp his ass out every day.

His father was true to his word. He pimped his ass out to whoever would have him. He also took him to get breasts implants. Not small ones or even medium size ones. He got him the biggest he could and had his hips enlarged. His father paid to have the permanent make-up that was done to his face, enhanced. He didn’t look like a clown, but he did look like a hooker or porn star.

His father was making money from the guys around town and from some of the truckers at the truck stop his mother had worked at. Most of the men didn’t care if he still had a penis. They loved to punch him in it or twist it and cause him pain. He was turned into a lot lizard.

His father wanted him to pay him back for all the operation he had done to his body. One night one of the truckers his father had set him up with, liked to abuse his women. So, he beat him and choked him, till he passed out. The trucker thought he had choked him to death and took his abused batter body to a junkyard to be disposed of.

When he woke up, not only was he hurting all over, but he was hot as hell and naked. He heard machinery sounds all around him. He was inside a truck, but luckily, the trunk lid had latched as it should have. He managed to pop the trunk opened before a huge magnet picked the car up to be crashed.

“Hey, Ms. Can you come over here and clean this mess up?”

Kelly is brought out of his thoughts and look over towards the guy, his wife, and their three children. he walks over with her cleaning supplies

“right away, sir.”

Around two in the afternoon, she takes her lunch. She didn’t have much, because he was saving to have his breasts reduce to something normal. The size his father had them done at, was hurting her back. Plus, it was hard to find bras to support them. He had to go to places that sold exotic clothing.

As she is eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A guy comes running out of one of the studios. He looked like he was looking for someone.

“Hey, you. How would you like to make some money?” Richard was in a tizzy.

He needed a good-looking girl to fill in. The girl they cast had gotten into a car accident. He had run out of the studio to see if he could find a nice-looking girl. He knew the studio just hired a new lot cleaner.

He had spotted her sitting at a bench eating her lunch with her cleaning chart. He runs over to her.

“Come on, I need you.” Richard was reaching for her hand.

“How much will I get paid?” Kelly could really use the money.

“A hundred and eighty dollars.” Richard needed to get back to the set.

“Alright.” Kelly rewraps her sandwich and pulls her cleaning cart to the studio.

“Leave that here. I need to get you to make-up.” Richard rushes Kelly over to make-up.

Kelly moves as fast as she could with Richard pulling her by the arm. She looks at people as they moved towards make-up.

“Maggie, I need for you to work your magic on her.” Richard guides Kelly to a chair.

“I’ll do what I can for her.” Maggie takes one look at Kelly and her hot pink hair color.

“Girl, I don’t know who did your makeup or your hair, but you should sue them. Let’s get you made up.” Maggie goes to work on Kelly styling and fixing her hair.

She also adds some normal make-up to fix what had been done to his face. Kelly just watches what she does so he could do it later to conceal the permanent make-up.

“There, that should do it. Your hair being hot pink won’t matter on the shoot.” Maggie helps Kelly out of the chair.

“Thank you.” Kelly can’t believe how normal he looked.

“Alright Richard, she’s ready,” Maggie calls him on her radio.

Richard comes back with a script in his hand “can you memorize these lines and perform them?”

“I think so.” Kelly looks at the lines in the script he handed him.

“Come on, you have ten minutes.” Richard pulls Kelly towards where they were set up to shoot.

He studies the lines and memorizes them. He was always good at memorizing things. Kelly looks back up at Richard.

“Okay, I’m ready.” He hands the script back to Richard.


Kelly watches as the rest of the cast comes in. He was nervous because it looked like they were doing some sort of high school scene.

“Alright people, places. You new girl stand over there next to that guy.” Richard was pointing towards a tall black haired guy.

Kelly walks over towards the guy. He wonders who he was.

“Alright, ACTION!”

Kelly had read the script and did as it was written. He says his lines and interacts with the actors. He wasn’t just a scenery person or extra. He
was part of the cast.

“That’s a rap.” Richard loved how the scene went and how the new person performed.

He walks over towards the new girl “be back here tomorrow morning at 0500 hrs. Also, get in touch with your agent. I want you permanently on this production.”

“But I don’t have an agent. I don’t know any.” Kelly didn’t know any.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, but here. Take this card and call this agent. Tell her I want you on this film and I’m willing to pay you 20% percent
above my normal rate.” Richard hands Kelly the card.

“But what am I supposed to do for my job with Universal?” It took Kelly a long time to get the job.

“Easy, tell them you quit. You got offered a better job.” Richard walks off to speak to someone else.

Kelly just stands there stunned and couldn’t believe how lucky he got. He wonders if this has ever happened to anyone else before. He takes
his cart back where he got it from and clocks out. Kelly writes a note, telling his supervisor that he has been given a new job.

He pulls his cellphone out and calls Victoria to come and pick him up. While he is waiting for Victoria to come and pick him up, he looks at the business card Richard gave him. It read Five Stars Talent Agency: Tiffany Taylor agent.

Kelly figures since it was going to take Victoria twenty or thirty minutes to get to him. He might as well call the number. He dials the number on the card.

Five Stars Talent Agency:
Tiffany Taylor was about to leave her office to meet with a producer for her client when her office phone starts ringing. She puts her purse down on her desk and answers the phone.

“Five Stars Talent Agency, Tiffany Taylor speaking. How can I help you?”

“Hi, Mrs. Taylor. My name is Kelly Johnson and me was given your business card.” Kelly was looking at the card.

“What can I do for Mrs. Johnson?” Tiffany wonders who this Tiffany person was.

“I need an agent to represent me. The producer down here at Universal Studios, name Richard gave me your card and told me to tell you he is
willing to go as high as 20% beyond his normal rate.” Kelly still didn’t know what that meant.

Tiffany stood shocked as she listens to what this Kelly girl was telling her. She knew Richard and knew he never goes up to 20% on a newbie.
This girl must have impressed him big time for him to increase his going rate of pay to 20% percent.

“How soon can you come in Mrs. Johnson and are you register with the actor’s guild?” Tiffany wanted to sign this girl before another agent could.

“I won’t be able to come in, till tomorrow afternoon, Mrs. Taylor. Richard wants me in at 5:00 am. And I'm not registered with the actors guild.”

“Alright, as soon as you get done with your scene tomorrow. Come directly here to my office, so I can get you signed. I’ll get the papers you need to sign to register with the guild.” Tiffany logs in on her computer and goes directly to the site to get the papers printed out.

“Okay, I’ll see you when I get off work tomorrow, Mrs. Taylor.” Kelly ends the call.

Ten minutes later, Victoria shows up. She was a drag queen that had taken him in. She and her husband were on their way back from a Drag Show and found him stumbling down the highway, naked as a jailbird.

He had left the junkyard he had woken-up in and was walking down the highway. They had been the only car he had seen. They stopped and helped him. They saw the huge bruise that ringed his neck from being choked.

They wrapped his neck and gave him something to drink, because of how parched he was. They took him back to their place and let him live with them, till he could support himself.

“So, how was work today?” Victoria watches as Kelly gets into her car. She knew Kelly didn’t like being called a girl, even though he had a nice figure.

“I was just offered an acting job.” Kelly looks at Victoria.

“You just got offered an acting job? How did that happen?” Victoria was surprised at that admission.

“I was outside stage 15 picking up trash when the director comes running out and spotted me. He asked if I want to make some money and dragged me inside the studio. I did several scenes and the next thing I know; I’m being hired permanently for the whole entire movie.” Kelly still didn’t know why the director hires him.

“You do know you need to register with the actor’s guild and get an agent, don’t you?” Victoria had one and so did her husband.

“I know. That’s why the director handed me this business card.” Kelly shows the card to Victoria.

She has never heard of the agent before, which didn’t mean much. There were a lot of agents out there.

“Have you called this agent, yet?”

“Yes, I just called before you arrived. She wants me to come in, once we have finished shooting the scene tomorrow.” Kelly was surprised she
wanted to see him right away.

“What time do you have to be at the lot tomorrow?” Victoria wonders if she or her husband would have to bring Kelly.

“Five in the morning.” Kelly covers up a yawn.

“Well, Charlie is going to have to take you tomorrow morning. I have a performance tonight and I won’t be home till after three.” Victoria drives them directly home.

Kelly heads towards the bathroom to take a shower. He was all hot and sweaty. When he steps under the shower and start washing. He wishes he had enough money to reduce his chest. He was still pissed at what his father did to him.

He finishes his shower and head into the kitchen to fix dinner for everyone. He took homes economics in school and watched a few cooking shows. If there was one thing that he enjoyed was cooking.

Charlie and Victoria were good cooks, but he put them to shame. He continues to fix dinner and dessert as well. He knew Victoria might not eat dessert, because she wanted to slim down some.

Kelly sets the table and put the food out. Once everything was out on the table “dinner is ready.”

Kelly takes his seat and waits for Victoria and Charlie. Charlie arrives first. He was a construction worker and well built. He and Victoria have been married for five years now. Victoria performs at all the gay clubs and did a few commercials in her youth.

“The food smells good, Kelly.” Charlie sits down at the table.

“Thanks. There’s more in the kitchen.” Kelly always made extra for Charlie to take to work with him or for Victoria.

Charlie tastes the food and loved it. He wouldn’t mind having it more often. He enjoys food.

When everyone had finished their dinner and was letting their food disgust. Charlie looks over towards Kelly “Vicky told me that you managed to get hired to act in a movie. Do you know what the name of the movie is?”

“You know, I never did look at the title of the script the director gave me.” Kelly realizes he hadn’t looked at the title page of the script.

“Well you might want to look at it and you might want to remember. Until the shooting is over, you can’t have anything done to your body.”
Charlie knew how much Kelly hated how he looked.

“You mean, I can’t have these basketballs reduce till after the filming?” He hated the size his breasts were.

“Yep, you can’t change anything about yourself, till after the filming is done.” Charlie knew the director would go ballistic if one of his actors had something done to their body while filming.

“Damn! I want them gone.” Kelly starts cleaning the table off.

“You know, I know genetic women that would love to have your breasts size.” Victoria looks at Kelly while he cleaned the table.

Kelly stops and looks at her “then they can have them. I never asked for this. It was done to me because my father is a bastard and whoever dressed me up as a girl and filmed me having sex.” He wanted to break something, but the dishes weren’t his. They belonged to Victoria and Charlie.

He washes the dishes and goes to his bedroom. He hated being turned into a girl and being pimped out like he was nothing. He falls down on his bed and starts crying.

3:00 am. The Next day:
“Kelly, wakeup. You need to start getting ready for your filming.” Victoria wanted to wake Kelly before he overslept.

Kelly turns to face Victoria and opens his sleep-encrusted eyes. He felt so exhausted after all the crying he did last night. He gets up out of bed and heads towards the bathroom. When he walks back into his bedroom, Victoria had laid out some clothes for him to wear. She was his fashion consultant. He had no idea how he should dress.

“Thanks, Victoria.” As Kelly gets dress.

“You’re welcome. Let me know how things go with filming and with your agent.” Victoria hugs Kelly before he leaves with Charlie.

Charlie drops him off at Universal and Kelly was given his pass to go to the studio. He didn’t mind walking to the studio he was at yesterday. As soon as he entered, he was rushed to fitting and given new clothes to put on. After he was dress, he was rushed over to makeup and had his makeup done.

They started filming at 7:00 am and didn’t stop, till after 2:00 pm. Maggie helped removed the makeup she had on and changed out of the clothes she was filmed in. Instead of calling Victoria to come and pick him up. He used the money he made yesterday standing in as an extra and took a cab to Tiffany Taylor office.

Kelly looks at the outside and noticed it didn’t look like much. It was inside a nice office building. He walked inside and took the elevator up to the third floor, where the office was located.

He walks inside and notices that Mrs. Taylor had a secretary. He walks up to the reception counter “Hi, I’m here to see Mrs. Taylor.”

The brown hair middle-aged woman looks at Kelly “do you have an appointment?”

“No ma’am, I was told to come in as soon as I was done shooting today. My name is Kelly Johnson.” Kelly wonders if maybe he made a

“Ah, Ms. Johnson, yes we have been expecting you. If you’ll give me a minute, I’ll escort you to her office.” Carol grabs an envelope that had
been left for her to give Kelly. It had all the forms she needed to fill out.

“Alright.” Kelly waits as the woman comes out from behind the reception counter.

Carol escorts Kelly down to a conference room “Mrs. Taylor will be joining you in a few minutes. She would like for you to go ahead and fill those forms out while you are waiting. If you have any questions about anything, just set the form aside and she’ll be more then happy to explain things to you. While you are waiting, is there anything you would like to drink?”

“A nice cold Pepsi would be nice if that’s okay.” Kelly didn’t know if they would have any.

A smile appears on Carol’s face. The expression she saw on Kelly’s face reminded her of her niece.

“One Pepsi coming up.” Carol shuts the door to the conference room.

Kelly starts going through all the forms and saw where they have been marked for him to sign and fill out. A pen had been provided for him. He starts going over each form and signs them.

By the time he got to the four forms. The conference room door open “here you go, one cold Pepsi.”

“Thank you.” Kelly accepts the soda.

“You're Welcome.” Carol leaves the conference room.

Kelly takes a sip of the soda and goes back to signing forms. The ones that ask for his sex, he checks female, even though he was still equipped as a male. By the time he gets to the next to last form. Tiffany Taylor enters the conference room with a netbook in her hands.

Tiffany spots a hot pink short hair girl sitting at the conference table filling out the forms. They were the ones that she left for Carol to give Mrs. Johnson. She could tell the girl had too much makeup on. It wasn’t tasteful, but slutty.

Kelly looks up at the woman that just walked in. She looked to be in her mid-forties and was dress in a business suit. Her hair was tastefully done, and he couldn’t see any white or grey hair.

“You must be Kelly Johnson. I’m Tiffany Taylor.” Tiffany holds her hand out.

“It’s nice meeting you, Mrs. Taylor.” Kelly shakes Tiffany’s hand.

Tiffany sits down at the table across from Kelly. She could see that Kelly had already had several of the forms signed and filled out. She gathers them up and looks at Kelly before she looks them over.

“Do you have any question about any of the forms?”

“Just one. I know I look like a girl, but I’m not one. I checked female on the forms. Will, that gets me into any trouble?” Kelly was nervous.

“If you’re planning on having SRS surgery, it's okay. We just have to make sure your driver license says female on it.” Tiffany has come across this problem before with transgender clients.

“I don’t have a driver license. All I have is my state identity card and it says male on it, I think.” Kelly checks his state Identity card and notices it didn’t say male on it, but female. It had the original picture he took.

“May I?” Tiffany holds her hand out for the identity card.

Kelly hands the card to Tiffany. He never checked it when the person at the DMV gave it to him. However, he was sure he checked male on the form. He wonders if his brother had something to do with it since he knew the girl at the counter.

Tiffany looks at the identity card and saw that it said, female. She looks at the picture and then at the girl sitting across from her. She could see how someone could mistake him for a girl.

“You know, if you remove some of your make-up, it will make it easier to get more jobs for you.” Tiffany thought she would look better.

“I would love to have it all removed. It is permanent makeup. If you know someone who could remove it, I would be grateful.” Kelly would love to have a normal face.

“Look, why don’t I do this. I’ll cover the cost of removing the makeup form your face and you can pay me back from the money you make, along with my commission.” Tiffany felt this might help the girl.

Kelly thinks about it and tries to remember how much of a commission his agent would make. He picks a few forms up and saw that Tiffany
Taylor would make 10% percent of his salary. He looks at Tiffany Taylor “can we put that in writing, so it is covered?”

Tiffany looks at Kelly and smiles “I think we can do that.”

Tiffany adds the agreement to the contract she will have with Kelly. She looks through the forms in her hands as Kelly finished the last few. All of them had been filled in.

Kelly hands the last forms to Tiffany. His hand felt cramp from all the writing he did. He looks towards Tiffany “now what?”

“Did you get your studio pass?”

“Yes, ma’am. I got it this morning.” Kelly shows her the pass.

“Good, let me know what your film schedule will be like and I’ll arrange to have that makeup taken off your face.”

“Okay. Do you want me to call you or send you a text?” Kelly pulls his cellphone out and programs Tiffany’s number in.

“Text me first. If you don’t get a response from, then call me. Do you need me to call you a cab?” Tiffany figures they were done.

“Yes ma’am, if its no problem.” Kelly was feeling tired and had to be back at the studio at 5: am, to get her ready for the scene.
Tiffany calls a cab for Kelly.

Three Months Later:
Kelly looks out at the pool as she sat outside with Victoria. All the permanent makeup that use to be on her face had been removed. The basketball size breasts implant she had been given were removed and replaced with more modest size ones. Her hair was still hot pink, but style to enhance her face. She was seeing a counselor about what happened to her and she was done with filming.

“So, how does it feel to be a popular film star now?” Victoria looks over towards Kelly.

“Weird. I’m still getting used to being a girl with your help and I’ve signed another contract for another movie. We’re filming it in Hawaii.” Kelly couldn’t believe how good she was at acting.

The producer and director she filmed her first movie under. They recommended her to another producer and director. They had her come in and audition for a role and signed her. They weren’t going to start shooting for a few weeks. She had time to get her passport and Victoria was helping her select clothes to take with her.

“Well if you do as good as you did before. Maybe another producer and director might want you to do another movie.” Victoria looks over towards Kelly.

“Maybe. All I want to do for now is to spend time with my friend and enjoy my time off.” Kelly closes her eyes with a smile on her face.

Victoria just smirks, as she leans back in her lounge chair.

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More need more

Just love it is there going to be more and did any thing happened to his brothers and father for what they did to him.

interesting start

sugar_britches63's picture

A very interesting start to your story I hope there is more

opinor ergo sum

Charlotte Van Goethem

Fraud scam

Jamie Lee's picture

Daddy dearest needs to have a visit from the relevant agency to be investigated for fraud--and either arrested, along with the doctor, or made to pay everything back or be arrested for fraud.

The brothers really need a taste of their own medicine, by someone who can give them the best make-over possible. They also need to experience the same events they put a drugged Kelly through.

Some people would frown on Charlie and Victoria's life style, but their life style didn't stop them from helping Kelly when s/he most needed help. And their continued support.

How many movie actors started their movie careers by a director "needing" them at the last minute? Kelly seems to have been in the right place at the right time, as s/he has been signed to another picture.

This story should continue if for no other reason than to see how far Kelly goes and what happens when he(r) family sees he(r) in pictures. And how Kelly reacts to them when the scum suckers show up for a hand out.

Others have feelings too.


At the time this was written, you didn't need a passport to travel from one US state to another.

Given how much crap was floating around regarding the Real ID program you might think you did but is was just an alternate form of ID that was acceptable to the Feds.

Heck, my state is only just now starting to issue them. The legislature has dragged it's feet for a good ten years, chopping off the implementation due to the usual conservative NIH agenda.

Heck, the Fed govt offered money to help pay for the costs of implementing Real ID, which our self-righteous Republicans turned down. Then evey year after they complained about the cost of implementing the program.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin