Burger Queen Chp. 19 Final Chapter

Alissa was sweating like a pig as she stood next to the barbeque grill. The humidity was high, and she was working at the grill. They got a catering job that wanted six briskets and twelve beef and pork ribs. Since she won first place at the barbecue contest a few months ago. They wanted to see how her briskets were. Her ribs did well when she got judged on those.

She could have let the barbecue restaurant handle the job, but they were to busy to take it. So, she and Gregory were handling it. Gregory was gone picking up some more spices for her. She already put two layers of spices on the brisket and ribs. She was going to lay a third layer down of just pure honey to glaze the meats.

Alissa glances up at the sky and notices dark clouds moving in. She sets up a portable tent to provide shelter for her. She was set up out in her driveway outside her catering kitchen. She takes a sip of her lemonade after setting the tent up.

She watches her neighbors. Most of them were inside their homes getting out of the heat. Some of them were either washing and detailing their cars or working on their lawns, making it look good. She looks at hers and it looked normal, nothing too fancy. There were a few flowers and animal decoration that was placed around her lawn.

As she continues to wait for the ribs and brisket to cook, it starts getting darker and darker. She heard thunder off in the distance. She figures the storm was at least twenty miles away.

The smell coming from the cooker was unbelievable. She spots Gregory’s truck coming up the road towards her house. She watches as it parks next to the curb since the driveway was taken up by the tent and barbecue unit.

Gregory saw that Alissa had erected the port canopy unit. He had gone through a downpour on his way back from the farmers market with the honey Alissa wanted. The type he got for her was the Blackberry honey. He also picked up a jar of coffee honey as well. He thought Alissa might want to try it.

He parks next to the curb in front of her house. He’s been thinking lately of moving in with Alissa full time now. Since he asked her to marry him. He knew she wanted to get the final operation before she did anything.

“Hello, stranger.” Alissa steps up and places a kiss on Gregory’s lips.

“Hello to you as well.” As he returns the kiss.

“So, what did you bring me?” Alissa looks down into the box he was carrying.

“I got you the blackberry honey you wanted and a new type you might want to try, called coffee honey.” Gregory pulls the jar of coffee honey out.

Alissa looks surprised. She has never seen or tasted coffee honey before. She wonders who sold it to Gregory.

“Hum, I wonder what it tastes like?” She looks at the color of the honey.

“Well, let's make sure we open it for a good reason.” He takes inside the kitchen.

Alissa walks over to the portable card table and grabs a bowl. She empties two of the jars of honey and drips her paintbrush into the honey.
She carries the honey over to the barbecue smoker and brushes on the honey. She lays it down thick on the ribs. Once the ribs are coated and placed back in the smoker. She prepares the trays to place them in.

She glances at her clock and she still had a few more hours before the clients showed up. She cuts the ribs up once the glaze was the way she was looking for.

“So, I take it that everything is ready?” Gregory picks up a spare rib she cooked for them.

“Yep, I’m just waiting on the brisket to finish. I would give it another twenty minutes.” Alissa removes her gloves and tries one of the ribs.

“These came out better, then I thought they would.” Alissa was going to have to use the same recipe again.

“I agree. I’m glad you made some for us.” Gregory grabs a second one.

Twenty minutes later, the client shows up for the order. Alissa had just put the finishing touches on the last brisket and brunt ends. Once the orders were picked up. She seats down in the lawn chair and has a little picnic with Gregory.

As they are enjoying the meal, the rain starts to come down. A smile appears on her face as she and Gregory enjoy the downpour and the food.

“You know, there are times when you are cooking that it's nice to just sit and watch the rain.”

“I know what you mean.” Alissa just enjoys the rain as it comes down.

After Alissa and Gregory finish eating. They clean up outside and put the tent away. The rain had changed to the misty type.

“I’m taking a bath. Do you want to join me?” Alissa just looks over her shoulder towards Gregory.

A smile appears on his face as he follows her upstairs.

Several Months Later:
“Owe!” As Alissa moves around.

She had the operation finally to correct her plumbing. She couldn’t wait for her and Gregory to have normal sex now. She walks over to her favorite chair and sits down.

Gregory looks at Alissa “how are you feeling?”

“Sorry as hell. It hurts to move around.” Alissa puts her donut cushion under her.

“Poor baby.” Gregory leans down and kisses Alissa.

“But I’m your poor baby.” As Alissa returns the kiss.

They had a simple wedding with a few of their friends present. Afterward, Gregory took Alissa to have her operation. The catering business was being handled by Bobby and Lucas. If need be, she could help out in the kitchen, but she was under doctor’s orders not too. She was just happy that she was finally a full-fledged woman.

All the businesses she owned or were part of were doing good. The ribs and brisket catering job she did work out nicely. It helped her catering business, once word about her ribs got around.

All she to do now, was concentrate on healing and being the best wife she could be to Gregory..

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