S-Idol - Part 14


S-Idol - Episode 9 (The Final)

Dauphin: Welcome to S-Idol. Another elimination. We started with 10 boys, tonight only 2 will remain. Tonight is the night where you decide who will be S-Idol. Fisrt, lets find out which two boys are left.


57% has voted that he should go home 17% has voted that he should go home 26% has voted that he should go home




Standing Inside S-House:


Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Two boys are left. Who will be this years S-Idol? 
To help you decide, we will remind you what Rose and Taylor has experienced in S-Idol 
This week, you are allowed to ask the boys questions. There is a link under each boys picture where you can do this. Remember to vote who you want to leave S-Idol

Next week:

Next week the results of your vote will be announced in the Grand Final Show, where we invite all boys to come back to S-idol


Welcome to S- Idol


When we first met the Boys


What relation are you? I am Roses Aunt. His mother and Father has died so he is under my care

What type of boy is Rose? He is just like his mother, sweet as a rose. No wonder that she called him that. Why is it that she had all the luck in her life and I did not. She would turn in her grave if she knew I was doing this. I don't know if this is why I am doing this. But Rose is like an angel. He does nothing wrong, and is everyone's

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: I want him to experience what I experienced in my life. Humiliation and domination. I want him to keep his feet on earth. I want him to remember this and remember that not everything in life is that

How do you think he will do? I honestly do not know. But I will enjoy it

Lets Invite Rose in and see what he thinks about S-House

Thank you sir for letting me stay here. I will do anything you want me to do. I will try my best to be a good boy. I look forward to staying here and I am sure that it will be




What relation are you?: I am Taylor's Father and for the next 9 weeks he is yours. 

What type of boy is Taylor?: Taylor is a strange boy. He tried to show that he is a skater boy, with modern clothes fit for a boy and everything. But Inside I think he is another boy. I will give you an example. When we swim and change, he stares at the men and boys there and his eyes get all dreamy. He is not interested in girls at all. His image is very important for him, He wants people to think he is normal. But deep down, I think he is confused. He came home one day with an earring, and another day I sworn he had Mascara on. 

Why do you want him to be in S-Idol: I want him to be in a sissy surrounding. I know he will fight all the way. He knows that many are following this, and he will fight all the way. At the end he will know if he continues down this road he will end up be a sissy. 

How do you think he will do? He might walk out. But I doubt it. He will want to prove that he can do anything. I am sure he will do OK

Lets Invite Taylor in and see what he thinks about S-House

Did you know that the house looks like dolls house. Are there girls coming. I hope not. But it looks like a girls doll house. What does S even stand for, shitty house or sissy house. This will be a strange house to live in. You must all be freaks. 


Getting rid of their boy clothes

Rose said:

Hi, This is a nice little box. I like the Roses in the corner. Last week I was nearly voted out of S-idol. All the boys have been talking about what "S" means. many thinks that it means survivor and some said special and even someone said sissy. I like being here, because no one is calling me names and telling me that I am doing things wrong. 
This morning, we were told to get up and take a shower. Some of the other boys were mad and said that they would decide when they were to take a shower. I suppose that they are big enough to decide themselves. I didn't argue. I just smiled to that Nanny. She is the one that takes care of us. 
The water wasn't cold. When I went out I thought it could be cold if this was survivor idol. But it was nice and warm. I Didn't really look at the other boys, I just hid because I didn't want them to see how small my peter was. Some of theirs is so big. I was careful that I didn't stare too much. There was also a huge bucket. I didn't know what it was and Ali told me to see what it was. I pulled this lever and the bucket tipped over. It was totally cold. I thought I was going to die. The others started laughing. I started to cry a bit but then warmed myself in the showers again
When we went back in our room, we couldn't find our clothes. All our clothes were missing. We looked in our closet, and imagine that it was dresses and things. The Matron said that we will no longer be wearing boys clothes in S-idol and had to pick out some girl clothes. We searched everywhere and we couldn't find the clothes. Some boys were mad, but I thought it was like a treasure hunt. 
Then Nanny said it was true. We had to pick something to put on. I started crying. I was not going to put a dress on. I looked through the clothes and starting throwing them. Some were really girly, and some were just to short. At last I picked a dress that was black and white with a heart. That was OK, because it was a dress, but not with girl colours. I decided to put a pair of pull-ups on, because boys can wear pull-ups too. 
I was crying and I was upset. But after a while I forgot that I was wearing a dress. Once in a while, I thought the other boys looked pretty in their dresses. Chrissy looked really like a girl as well as Nicolas. While we were helping clean the house and sitting watching Bambi on TV, I forgot all about it. Then I thought that it wasn't so bad. It was actually fun. 



Taylor said:

When I got up today, we were sent out to the showers. I noticed that Nicolas was looking at me. He must be gay, I thought. To tell you the truth, I was looking at him. A part of me wanted to rub his back, but I didn't dare. The others would really tease me. 

When we got back into our room, all our clothes were gone. There were only girl clothes. The Nanny told us that we would be wearing girl clothes while we were here in S-Idol. I wore girl clothes before, but no one has ever seen me. Dad caught me a few times and got mad and said only girls wore them. Then why did he send me here?

Deep down I was excited. There were so many pretty clothes and I could wear them all and just blame the nanny. But I didn't want the other boys to think that I liked it. So I started swearing and saying that this could not be true. The Nanny got mad at me and said that we are not allowed to curse on S-idol. I know she meant it. I bet she would wipe our mouth with perfumed soap if we did it again. Then I thought if the other boys had to do the same thing, then why shouldn't I do the same thing. 

I picked a pink top with black miniskirt. I picked some thongs because I never tried them on before. I was so excited about putting these clothes on and I thought they were very pretty.  But I didn't want the other boys to think that I liked it, so I put on my face. You know the one, "I will do anything to win this contest"

Later we sat down watching Bambi. I nearly cry every time I see that film. It is so sad. I think its because my Mummy dies when I was small. I didn't realise it, but my legs were folded and I could see that Nicolas was staring at me and not the film. He could see my thongs. I didn't lower or fold my legs together. I just let him look. I also looked at him. He really looked so pretty. Just like a girl. I hope I wasn't falling in love. Then everyone who watches S-Idol will think that I am gay. 

I was now looking forward to being on S-Idol. We can spend the whole time wearing girl clothes. But How do I show the others that I did not want to?



When they visited their schools

Rose said:

Last time, I was not one of them that was going to be kicked out. I experienced that once. that was enough. 
Today we had to put on a school dress. Mine was actually quite pretty. I was getting used to wearing girl clothes in S-Idol. If it made Dauphin happy and my aunt, then I would do it without complaining. They knew what was better for me. 
When I was putting the dress on, I decided I should also wear a pull up. Because then the others wouldn't tease Chrissy. At this time, I didn't know that he didn't wear a diaper. So I did think i was helping him.
The pink limo too me to my old school. I got out and then everyone started to shout that I was a sissy and a girl. I got so mad and started crying and shouting and stamping my feet, but they kept on calling me sissy. So without thinking, I took off all my clothes and stood in the school yard naked as the day as I was born. Then I shouted, do I look like a girl?
You could hear a pin fall to the ground. I was naked. Then I started hiding my privates and slowly put my pull up on again, which received a few laughs. Then I put the dress on. I looked like a sissy again.
The rest of the day went fine. I think that they were afraid to tease me after that.






Taylor said:

I Cant believe that I am one of the favourites to win S-Idol. Last week was so cool that no one voted for me. But you must admit that it was strange that we are wearing girl clothes. 
Today, there was a uniform left out for me to put on. There is a picture of it below. I suppose it was not all that girlish. The blazer hid a lot, but everyone could see my legs. I could deal with this, after all everyone else was wearing the same. And I must admit that I thought it was pretty enough. 
Then this huge pink limo comes and picks me up. I didn't expect to go out, but I suppose we were going for a drive. One thing is being inside the doll house with a dress on, the next thing is being out in the open aid. You can feel everything go up your legs. It felt quite good. Of course I couldn't smile, because I didn't want the other boys that were getting in their limos to think that I was enjoying this
The Limo drove and drove, and I could see that it was driving me to the area I Lived in. I was so happy. Maybe I was going to visit my family. This was short lived as we drove right by house..... and stopped at my school. I nearly had an heart attack. I couldn't get out looking like a girl. I simply sat in the car and refused to get out. The Driver told me that it would be best for me to get out, because if I didn't they would just look through the windows. 
I opened the doors with shaky hands. Some were laughing and who could blame them. I Left as a boy and now was a girl. I walked over to my mates that had lots of questions,
"What is it like wearing a girls uniform"
" Its OK, You can feel the air going up your skirt" I replied blushing
" Isn't it embarrassing that you look like a sissy"
" Do I look like a sissy or girl?" I asked
Then the bell rang. The day went OK. Everyone was telling me how brave I was for wearing a dress and how beautiful I looked. I started to enjoy the attention. I blushed every time that someone said I was pretty. Sometimes I wanted to be a girl, and suddenly everyone was seeing me as a girl and not a boy. The funny thing is that after a bit, I forgot that I was a boy and thought I was a boy. 
I suppose this is why during lunch break my best friend and I hid in the play house. He told me that he seen me on S-Idol and was so proud of me. He said that I looked so pretty and that I was hotter than any other girl that went to school here. I was blushing. I didn't know where to look or what to say. Then he shocked me by giving me a kiss on my lips. I just let him. I Couldn't believe it. It was the best I ever experienced. I felt so good, but does this mean I am gay. I suppose he thought he was kissing a girl. I kissed him back.


The Fashion Show

Rose said:

I was going to be wonder woman. I didn't care what anyone else thought. I always liked wonder wonder woman and the costume was cool. Everyone says this is Sissy idol. I thought If I wanted to stay. I never thought I was a sissy before. But I didn't mind playing that I was a girl. Its good fun. For example today, we could try on costumes that we would be killed for if we wore them at home. 

Nanny asked me did I want to wear a Wonder woman diaper on. I thought that I should do what she said. I mean children should do what the adults say. They know better, but I said no. I was shocked that I said no to an adult. If I said no to my aunt then I would be in trouble. I said that the wonder woman nearly wore panties. You can see that if you look at the picture. If I wore a diaper, I would look foolish 

My turn came to go out on the fashion show. I thought everyone would tease. But they all cheered and shouted my name. I was so happy. I started doing the same as wonder woman and trying to stop bullets with my hand. It was so funny because everyone laughed. Then I took out the lasso and tried to swing it. I must admit that I am no good with this lasso thing. It feel around my head. I started laughing so hard that I fell to the floor laughing. I shouted out that wonder woman was trying to hang herself. 

After the show, I met with Taylor. He has some slutty costume on. I never really talked to him before, so we went around the mall and had a good time. He told me that it looked like I was wearing panties, was that not embarrassing. I just replied that it looked like he was wearing nothing, is that worse. Then he started laughing and said that I was very pretty and would I go out with him. I asked did he mean we should be gay. He joked back and said its most likely that we will be Lesbians. I laughed and looked at him. My heart was beating quickly. I said yes. I now had a boy friend. 





Taylor said:

I hate being last. Everyone looked so pretty and some got some cheers and some were booed at. What would they do with me. I would have to stand before a few hundred people and look like a sissy. But they seen me on S-idol for the last 3 weeks, so they know what i look like in girl clothes. 

I picked this fairy costume. It was so pretty. If I was to look like a sissy, then I would so it with some class. The Nanny asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper. I told her no thanks but asked if I could wear a thong. She looked at me in a puzzled way. I went down on my knees and begged if I could. She finally said OK. I put this pink thong on. it was funny with a string in my butt. 

Then it was time to Go out on stage. I walked back and forth, Everyone was polite. I think they were getting tired of watching one sissy after another sissy. So I started doing Cartwheels. This got some cheering and then all of a sudden it went quiet. I stopped and looked out at them. Why were they standing there looking like they each had a heart attack. Then I figured it out, when I was doing the cartwheels they could see my ass and not much in the front. 

After the show, I walked around with Rose. I noticed how cute he was. I as unsure if he fancied boys. He seemed to be like a little mothers boy. But after some time talking, we agreed to be each others boy friend or girl friend, depended what clothes we had on. 



Being Sissy Babies

Rose said:

I was so happy that i was not kicked out of S-Idol. Someone told me that many wants me out because they think my aunt is mean and that I shouldn't be here. If you said that to me three weeks ago I would have agreed. but now I love it here. Maybe I am a sissy and I know I have a boyfriend. When I am dressed up in girls clothes and look in the mirror, I think that this must have been how my mother looked when she was a girl. 
When we were taking a shower, I was next to Taylor. I looked at him and my heart started pumping quickly. We started kissing. He told me it was French kissing. I don't know what he meant by that, because I am not French. Whatever it was, I was so happy. I really loved him. Of Course the other boys started laughing but I didn't care. I was in love. 
Then we had to go in our new room. Paris was coming out. He seemed like he was crying. I wondered why. When I went in, I found out. Nanny told me we would be sleeping here from now on. I Thought it was a joke and started laughing until she told me to lie on the changing mat. I asked her do I really need a diaper and she said everyone was babies from now on. I started laughing again. This was the funniest thing that I heard about. Who thought of this show. Then I thought it was only a game and It would be fun being a baby.
When we went in the sitting room we were given a bottle of milk and Nanny told everyone that we would be babies from now on. I looked at Taylor. He looked so pretty as a baby. He was also sucking a pacifier. We kept on trading them. We joked and called it pacifier kissing. 
Later I thought about being a baby for the next few weeks. Then I remembered my mother. I was a baby when she was alive. I really missed her. I started to cry and then Taylor gave me a hug. I fell asleep on his lap. 





Taylor said:

I was now a sissy. The more I stay in S-Idol, the more I can live in a dream that I am a sissy and no one minds. No one teases or laughs because i want to wear girls clothes,
When I was taking a shower I realised how happy I was. I started kissing Rose. I think he is just finding out that he is gay. But he is so cute that I love him. I don't think I made him gay. II don't think you can make people gay or not. We started kissing in the shower and feeling each other over everywhere. I tried telling him that it was a French kiss, but he kept on saying that he was not French. Who cares, he was a good kisser. 
Then our room was locked. The Nanny told us to go in the other room. I protested saying that it was only cribs. She said from now on their our cribs and to march right in there now so she can help me get changed. What did she mean by get changed. I could get Changed by myself now. I didn't need any help from her or anyone else. 
When I finally did go in the room, she told me to lie on the Changing table. I was going to be changed like a baby. Once again I said no way. I started running around the room and she started chasing me. Finally she did catch me and put me over her knee. I was spanked 10 times because I would not listen to her. Let me tell you this much, that spanking hurts you. After she stuck a pacifier in my mouth. I suppose it was so I wouldn't cry so hard. 
She laid me on the Changing table and said that If I kicked or tried to hit her, I would be strapped down. I promised that I wouldn't. I didn't know how she could understand all this when I had a pacifier in my mouth. She put this huge pampers on me and then a baby dress, that showed most of my diaper. 
We were told that we were babies from now on. I felt like throwing up. Later I was playing with Rose when I felt my diaper getting wet. I wet myself without knowing it. It was a cool feeling. Then I felt happy because I knew I was going to like being a baby. 


The Babies go to the Park with Nanny

Rose said:

Last week I got no votes. I shouldn't have said that because I notice every time some says that, then they get all the votes the next week.
I didn't speak with my new boyfriend today. I left the doll house before he could come. That was a pity, because I really wanted to kiss him good bye. Ah well, we could do it when we are home. It is hard to share a crib, as there is not a lot of place. Its extra hard to try to sneak in each others crib as you cannot come out of them
We went to this little park. It had a lake in the middle. my Nanny wanted to take me walking around the Park. It was so beautiful with trees and flowers and a few squirrels. Of course I ran straight for the lake. I didn't notice that my nanny was running and panting after me. It must look so funny on film. I am sure that you all had a great laugh. 
Anyhow she caught up to me and I was put over her knee and spanked in the middle of this posh park. Some others that walked by started, not understanding that such a big girl could be spanked over someones knees. Little did she know that it really did not hurt because I had a nappy on. 
Then she put this baby leash on me. It looked like a dog leash. It was so that I could not run around the park all the time. We went around and she told me what the different flowers were called. It was fun and I hope I could do it again. I doubt my aunt wants to do it. 
Then she asked me if i wanted a drink. She asked if I wanted a pink baby bottle or a blue one. I picked the Blue one. 





Taylor said:

I have been thinking that S-Idol has totally changed me. Before I came here, I wouldn't be seen dead with a dress. I wouldn't be seen with a diaper and you can sure bet I would not kiss any boy. What is happening with me, what will happen when I leave S-Idol?
I seen Rose leaving in a stroller. He looked so cute. I just wanted to rush and kiss him. Then I realised that this one of those days that we will not be together. I was not to happy about that. 
I was given the same treatment as the others. I was made to look like a small baby girl. Rather an over sized baby girl. I realised that I was going to be taken out in a stroller. If this was a few weeks ago, I would have created a tantrum, but considering everything I have tried, It really didn't matter again. Then I thought, was I being brainwashed???
We went to a park on the other side of town. There was absolutely no one there. Except for some old people that were all sitting and looking at me playing with some sand. They have heard Nanny's warning not to get my dress dirty. 
Then she bought two bottles to me to pick one which was mine. How do I remember which one is mine. I picked the blue one. It was just the one that was closer. 
Then she got mad and said that my dress was dirty. She got really mad. I didn't really understand why she was mad. Because there are things called washing machines. I suppose girls are to be clean all the time. She took off my dress and told me I could just play in my diaper. I mean how embarrassing is that. For the rest of the afternoon, I was playing around in a diaper so all the old people could look. 
At the end it was quite funny being the centre of attention with the old people. One woman came up to me and squeezed me on the cheek. She said she will look down my diaper to see if the little girl was wet. When she pulled the diaper out and looked down, she nearly fainted


Visiting the Beach

Rose said:

Today we took a break from being babies. We were going to the beach and this was great. Because it is so hot. At least we didn't have to go as a baby. That would be fun. but wearing diapers when you are a baby is a bit too warm

I picked out this one piece swimming suit. You can see it at the left. I liked it because it was blue and it had these lovely stars. It looked like a night sky.

When we got to the beach, I rushed to the water. It was so lovely and warm that it was great fun. Others looked at us a bit strange, as if we never seen a beach before. But I was never at a beach in girls clothes. I was now a sissy and it was great fun. 
After we swam Taylor and I went for a walk. We said that we hoped we were the last two in S-Idol and it was getting harder and harder to stay in S-idol. Then we left the beach and went up to the dunes. We told each other how much we loved each other and how cute we were and then we started kissing. We must have been kissing for a long time with our eyes closed, because when we looked up, this old woman was yelling at us that two small ladies shouldn't be kissing like that and we should wait to we get boyfriends

Then Taylor did something rude, he pulled aside his swimming suit and told the old woman that we were boyfriend. I thought it was funny and a bit sad, because the old woman got very pale and looked like she was going to have a heart attack. 
Then we went back to the others and built a huge princess castle. We talked about who will live there. It was a great day at the beach. I hope we do it again. 







Taylor said:

Someone asked me if I wanted to win or how far I wanted to go. I want to be in the top 3. S-Idol has taught me a lot. I mean every day I am dressed like a girl or I am dressed like a baby. I do not mind. If people do not like this, then they can stuff it. Before I started S-Idol, I would have died of shame. Now I have learnt it doesn't matter who you are on the outside. It matters who you are on the inside. 

Today I wore a bikini. It had a cute little kitten on it and I loved it. I will tell the truth, I also wanted to look good for Rose. You all know that he is now my boyfriend. Yes, I am happy that he was not kicked out. But they say he is the favourite to win. Anyhow I liked the Bikini and it only took me a few minutes to put it on.

At the Beach we jumped in the water. It was wet. I usually love going in the water but something had changed . I looked at the water and was worried that it was dirty. I didn't want to get dirty or get my bikini dirty. Wow, I was really now a sissy. I was worried about how I looked, even in water. What if it messed my hair?

After, Rose and I went to some dunes and started snogging each other until this woman caught us. I am sure that Rose told you all about that. I got mad at her because she gave us a speech about not kissing until we get boyfriends. I showed her that we were boyfriends and she must have thought we were freaks wearing girls clothes and then kissing each other. I feel bad that I showed her. What is she died on the spot. She was just trying to be nice to us. 

At the end, we built a princess castle. 



Rose said:

Taylor was nearly kicked out last week. I started crying when this happened as I thought that my boyfriend will leave me. I know that he or I have to leave this week or if not, then S-Idol Finishes really next week. I hope that people vote Nicolas out. Not because he is not nice, but he is not a sissy but a girl. I just want my boyfriend to stay. 

Today I was given these baggy shorts that were very small. Under them I had a diaper on and you can see by my big bum and at the bottom of the shorts that I had a diaper on. This was going to be the last time that I would be a baby and a sissy I was told, but the challenge would not be very easy. 

The Nanny took us to the other side of town and then she said that this challenge was easy. We just had to travel back to the Doll House. But we had to be on a crowded bus with school children and old people. I found a seat besides a woman and her child that was a toddler. When I was walking towards the seat I could see that people were starting at me, and that they smiling and even laughing at me. For the first time in S-Idol, I felt like running out of the bus or the ground would swallow me. I just decided to smile back and tell them that despite how I looked, I was a happy boy, or sissy. 

As I said, I sat down by the woman and her toddler. The little boy must have been about 4. Straight away he noticed that I looked more like a boy than a girl. Of course he said this and his mother went red and said that I was a girl, can he not see by the clothes that I was wearing. 

Then the boy asked if I was a baby. The Mother said that some girls need diapers longer than the others. He laughed. While all this was being said, I tried to smile as much as I could and look as cute as I can

At the end she offered me a bottle of milk. I was nearly going to give her son a piece of my mind. But I decided just to drink the milk. 

Taylor said:

The Nanny took us to the other side of town and then she said that this challenge was easy. We just had to travel back to the Doll House. But we had to be on a crowded bus with school children and old people.

I found a seat that was nearly empty. I was wearing a short summer dress and this was OK, because it covered the diaper that they made me wear. When I came in the bus, I sat down with the teenager boys. It couldn't have been more embarrassing, I looked like a sissy and when I sat down I think I was so nervous that I wet myself. 

The boys spoke with each other about Football. Of course I knew a bit about it, more than they did, so I started talking about it and they just told me to shut up and play with my Barbie or put some make up on. This really made me mad an I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. But I decided that it was three against one and that I would never survive. 

Then one of the boys looked at me. He said I should close my legs because he could see up my dress and I was wearing a diaper. The other boys really had a great time now at my expense. I just closed my legs and looked out the window, 

To make things worse the boy next to me started feeling my knee. I moved his hand and told him that I had a boy friend, and if he wanted to know who it was to watch S-Idol. I never seen a boy move his hand so quick. I smiled. 

It wasn't the best bus trip in my life, but it ended well



Voting over see next episode 

That's the 2 remaining contestants in S-Idol. Now You have an important mission. You have to vote who will WIN S-idol. Note that the vote is not who you to go home, but who you THINK SHOULD WIN S-Idol



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