The She Wolf Brings Cubs Home (updated)

Julia glances in her rear view mirror at the two Native American kids she was taking home with her. She felt sorry for them after what their parents had done to them. Both had been physically and sexually abused by their father. Their father had molested the girl and the boy had been used as a punching bag by his father, every time he tried to protect his sister.

Their mother had been lying unconscious on the kitchen floor from being struck by her drugged out husband. She had blood under her head when the paramedics arrived. Her face was bloody like her husband had punched her several times.

Chayton glances behind him at the wolf laying down in the cargo area of the police SUV. So, far it has been protective of him and his sister. It protected him when his father went to hit him. It jumped through their living room window and attacked his father.

The policewoman busted down the front door and came running over to him and his sister. His sister had been laying on the floor behind him, from where his father had thrown her. The wolf protected them, while the policewoman was checking on his sister.

The wolf killed their father after he stabbed the policewoman in her right forearm. She had raised her arm to protect herself. The paramedics had shown up ten minutes later, along with several other police officers. They had gone to the hospital to be tended too and were now heading towards the police woman’s house.

Chayton puts his arm around his little sister and holds her close. He didn’t know what they should expect, but he wasn’t going to let anyone hurt his sister again. He keeps watching where they were going.

Julia pulls into her driveway and up to the house. The front door opens as Haylee comes running out with Roxy right behind her.

“Mommy!” Haylee runs to the driver side door and waits for her mother to open it.

Haylee was excited her mother was home. She had fun horseback riding with her grandmother and her mother Christmas, but she missed Julia not being there with them. Roxy stood by her side.

Julia spotted her daughter and Roxy standing by her SUV waiting for her. She also spotted her wife up on the porch waiting for her.

“Chayton, you and your sister will be staying with me and my wife until we can locate your relatives or find a foster home for you. That’s my daughter Haylee and her pet border collie, Roxy and my wife up on the porch. Her name is Christmas and no one in my family will hurt you.” Julia gets out and is hugged by her daughter.

Julia returns Haylee’s hug. She really needs to spend more time with her daughter “Haylee we have a guest and they will be staying with us. So, please be nice to them and help them.”

“Okay, mommy.” Haylee watches as the passenger door opens.

Chayton climbs out first. He looks at the dark haired girl that had a border collie sitting by her. He helps his sister Catori out of the SUV. She was moving slowly and had her head wrapped. They moved aside to let Terror out of the SUV. Sphinx was over at Julia father’s place getting his yearly checkup. His clone was there as well. So, she took Terror instead.

Christmas was watching from the porch as a scared Native American boy with long black hair, helped a small Native American girl out of her wife’s police SUV. The girl was shorter then Haylee. Julia had called ahead and informed Christmas that she would be bringing two kids home with her. She also noticed Julia had gotten hurt again.

“Hi, I’m Haylee and this is Roxy. You’re just in time for dinner.” Haylee helped Christmas fix dinner.

Chayton watched as the wolf got out of the SUV and runs up into the house. He notices that the wolf stops at the woman watching him and his sister from the porch. The woman reaches down and scratches the wolf between his ears.

Haylee takes Chayton’s hand and leads him towards the house. She makes sure to be gentle with him. She wanted him and his sister to trust her.

“I hope you kids are hungry and like baked spaghetti. Because I made a lot.” Christmas watches as Haylee leads the boy and girl into the house.

Julia was following behind them, with Roxy in front of her. She stops when she is standing next to her wife.

“How are you, sweetie?” Christmas was concerned that her wife got hurt again.

“I’m alright.The knife missed the main artery in my forearm.” Julia felt lucky that the knife missed her artery.

Haylee leads Chayton and Catori to the dining room. When they walk into the dining room, they spot a large crystal bowl filled with lettuce,
tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. A large clear dish with cheese and spaghetti. There were also two wicker baskets with a bundle covered in them.

Christmas walks in first “Chayton, why don’t you sit over here near me and Catori, why don’t you sit next to Haylee and Julia. Oh, one more thing, don’t give Roxy or Terror any food from your plate please.”

Chayton sits down on the left-hand side of the table. He watches as his sister sits down next to Haylee. Julia sits at one end of the table and Christmas sits down at the other end.

Christmas and Julia fix the kids plates. Christmas watches as both kids ate their food. She could tell the kids weren’t feed very well.

“You can have seconds if you’re hungry Chayton and Catori. There is plenty of food, so help yourself.” Christmas made sure to make extra after Julia called her and informed her that she brought them home.

After dinner, Julia shows Chayton and Catori upstairs and to the bedroom, Chayton would be sleeping in.

“Catori, I hope you don’t mind sharing a bedroom with Haylee.” Julia figures Haylee wouldn’t mind having a little sister again.

She hopes Haylee and Roxy will make Catori feel safe and welcome.

“She’ll be okay with me, mom.” Haylee takes Catori’s hand and takes her into her bedroom. She was happy she had someone else to play with.

Chayton looks at his little sister. He was hoping she would be sleeping with him.

“She's right across the hallway, Chayton. If you want to see her, go ahead. Your a guest here, not prisoners.” Christmas gives him a hug. She was going to need to go out and get him some pajamas to wear around the house.

Two Weeks Later:
Julia was spooned behind Christmas and had her arm draped over her. She was playing with Christmas nipple as she laid next to her. She was sore from their lovemaking last night. The last three nights, Christmas has been a little rough with her during their lovemaking. She’s been using bigger strapon’s on her and leaving bite marks on her breasts at the base of her nipples.

Sergeant Bronx has been a royal pain in the ass towards her, Sphinx and Terror. Just yesterday he questioned her about a bust she made.
She had been called to do a search of a suspect’s car. She let Terror off his leash to search the car and one of the suspects managed to free himself from his handcuffs. He was reaching for a knife that had been hidden in his cowboy boots.

Just as he pulled it and was getting up, Terror attacked his arm. Sgt. Bronx was too busy running his mouth with the other officers to notice the perp pulling the knife. Plus, he had his back to them.

All the officers jumped, while Sgt. Bronx fell face forward into a mud puddle. She couldn’t help but smirk after seeing him do that. He had gotten up and was going to say something to her when Terror stepped in front of him and growl.

Julia felt her hand grabbed and her fingers being sucked on. She feels Christmas turning to face and Christmas lips on her lips. She opens her legs some to let Christmas hand crawl up in between them. She feels herself getting wet from Christmas playing with her.

In no time, Christmas rolls her onto her back and is entering her again with the huge strap on she still had on. Julia wraps her legs around Christmas waist as she enters her again and again. After an hour, they stop. Both of them were sweaty and hungry. Julia was extremely sore

“You know I’m going to be walking funny, now.” As she places a kiss on Christmas lips.

“Good! You deserved that. You haven’t been home enough this week.” Christmas gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom with the strap on bouncing with each step.

“I couldn’t help it.” Julia winces when she moves.

She winces each time she takes a step towards the bathroom, to join Christmas in the shower. While Julia is washing Christmas body “what did Chayton and Catori case worker say the other day about them?”

"Their mother died on the way to the hospital. The injuries her husband gave her were so sever, that a blood clot had form and traveled to her brain." Julia had to make funeral arrangements for her.

"Did they have any more relatives, that would had taken them in?" Christmas was worried about the kids.

“Mrs. Harris said that their grandparents aren’t in any condition to raise them. Also, their nearest relative is having marital problems of their own. She also said, that if we didn’t want to keep them anymore, she would have to split them up. She has a family that wants a little girl, but doesn’t want another boy.”

“I don’t want to split them up. Have you thought about maybe us adopting them?” Julia was holding Christmas in her arms looking into her eyes.

“I don’t know, Julia. You are hardly home and what do we know about raising a boy?” Christmas looked into Julia’s eyes.

“I did use to be a boy, remember? Also, my father, Arnold and my uncles will be able to help us as well.” Julia knew her father, uncles, and Arnold were good male models for Chayton.

“You know we will be increasing our family by two more?”

“I know, and I don’t want to see Chayton and Catori split up.” Julia kisses Christmas and feels her move closer as her breasts press against her own breasts.

Christmas breaks the kiss “let me think about it and let’s see how Chayton and Catori feel about us.”

“Deal. Now, let’s go feed our horde.” Julia finishes washing Christmas.

Chayton wakes up and finds Terror laying at the foot of his bed. The first few days that he has been living with Officer Bounty, he woke-up and found Terror or Sphinx’s clone laying at the foot of his bed.

At first, he was scared of them, but once Officer Bounty explained why they did that. He got used to them being in his bedroom. He had gone with Mr. Bounty, Arnold and Mrs. Bounty’s uncles to a baseball game. It was just two different clubs playing against each other, but he enjoyed it. Then they took him fishing and he caught the biggest fish out of the five of them.

He was going horseback riding and camping out with the family. Julia had been keeping him and his sister up to date about their situation. She had to work, but her sister Gina and Christmas took him and Catori to visit his grandparents. He found out that Gina’s daughter Arabella was the same age as he is.

He got scared when he found out that there were other wolves on the property. He met Sphinx, Cadmus, Terror’s sire. The wolf didn’t look to be enough to be their father. Mr. Bounty explained that he was a clone of the original sire.

When he met Mr. Bounty, he didn’t know what to make of him. He had been dress in jeans, faded black cowboy boots and a worn dark blue button-down cowboy shirt. He was also wearing a black cowboy hat on his head. He was out feeding the animals, along with Haylee.

At first, he thought he was just a hired hand until Haylee called him grandpa. That’s when he got a good look at him and saw how Haylee felt so comfortable around him. He gave Haylee a piggyback ride.

Mrs. Bounty. He met her and the twins. He saw how she treated them. She gave him and his sister riding lessons. Haylee joined them and corrected their mistakes, under her grandmother’s watchful eyes. The next day he went to the mall with Alyona and her boyfriend. He was treated as one of the gang. They went to the movies and ate at the food court.

Alyona treated him as if he has always been her cousin. Her boyfriend was fun to be with. They ended up playing basketball shooting game and beat him by two hundred points.

“Come on Terror, let’s go outside so you, Roxy and Sphinx can do your business.” He finally met Sphinx senior.

He couldn’t believe how old the wolf was. He did notice that Sphinx might be old, but he was very alert and aware of everything that went on around him. He puts his house robe and slippers on. He was still getting used to wearing one. He was also getting used to how Julia and Christmas dress as well. It didn’t bother him that they were lesbians, it was some of their night clothes they wore under their robe. It caused stirring in him.

He turns the security off for the front door and walks outside with Terror. He spots Miscreant, Chaos 2 and Knights out in the front yard, waiting for Terror. He sits down in one of the rocking chairs on the front porch and watches the wolves run off. He liked it out in the country.

He knew there was a path that leads from Julia’s house to her father’s. Then there was another that leads from Gina’s to her father’s. He played on-line games with Arabella. She was good and he liked playing with her.

Haylee steps outside all dressed to go and feed the animals when she spots Chayton sitting on the front porch. She smiles at him “Catori is still in bed asleep. I’m heading over towards grandpa’s house to help feed the animals. Do you want to come?”

“Sure, let me go and get dress.” Chayton gets up out of the chair and heads inside to get dress and help Haylee.

He spots Julia and Christmas coming down the stairs. He noticed that Julia was walking kind of funny.

“Morning Chayton. Where are you off too?” Julia was curious.

“I was going to go and help Haylee with the animals.” Chayton stopped at the top of the stairs.

“That’s fine, just remind her to be back here for breakfast. She sometimes forgets, Chayton. That also goes for you as well.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He has seen Haylee be late for breakfast and dinner several times.

He changes really quickly and heads back outside where Haylee was throwing a stick for Roxy to catch. She had come outside and done her business.

“Let’s go. Oh, Julia said to remind you to be back in time for breakfast.”

“We will.” Haylee wasn’t going to play with her horse like she always did.

Haylee walks over to her four-wheeler and gets on. She looks at Chayton “you can use moms. She won’t mind.”

Haylee shows the path from Julia’s house to her grandfather’s place. They park the four-wheelers near the barn and head inside to grab the food.

Haylee looks at Chayton as she drags two bags out and loads them on the wooden wagon that Jack built for her. She wonders if she should ask Chayton what he thought of her parents.

“Chayton, what do you think of my mother’s and my family?” Haylee was curious.

“I think they are good people, Haylee. Why do you ask?” Chayton looks towards Haylee.

“Because I think you would make a good big brother to me and I like having Catori as my little sister. My own little sister was killed last year by
my stepfather.” Haylee missed her little sister and now that Catori was here, she would like to have another one.

“But, none of you are Native American.” Chayton wanted to know more about his heritage.

“I know, but do you honestly think grandpa or mommy would hold you back from learning about your heritage? He and grandma know several
Native Americans. Grandma uses to ride in the rodeo and she knows several cool Native Americans. Especially, like people Running Fox and his daughter White Cloud. I want to be like her. She is like, so cool.” Haylee liked White Cloud and every time they visit her, she learns something new from her.

“Have you heard anything about me and my sister?” Chayton was curious.

“No, but I know when I was in trouble and had nowhere to go. Momma Julia took me in and adopted me. I know she would do the same for you and Catori.” Haylee walks over and starts feeling the food bins for the cows and horses.

Chayton follows and helps her. He knew his grandparents couldn’t take care of him and his sister. His thoughts are interrupted by Trigger running over towards him. She was being chased by a wolf that looked like Sphinx.

He looks at the two wolves ‘Trigger, what did, you do now?”

“Knowing her, she more than likely nipped him.” Haylee pulls some treats from her pocket and tosses one to her, another one to Cadmus and the last one to Roxy.

Once Haylee and Chayton were done feeding the animals. They take the four wheelers back to the house. As they park the four wheelers, they spot a police cruiser in the driveway.

They head inside the house and noticed a heavy set police officer pointing a gun at Julia. She was standing in front Christmas and Catori bleeding from two gunshots wounds. Haylee presses her necklace to let her grandpa and everyone know there was trouble.

Few Minutes Earlier:
Bronx couldn’t believe that Julia Bounty had cost him half a million dollars in drug money. That perp Officer Lawson and Officer Bowler had pulled over were bring him the money and the drugs they stole from Phoenix Ferry. He was arranging with Officer Lawson and Bowler to let him take the two perps in. He would arrange for them to escape and kill them.

Then one of the perps had to go and pull a knife while Julia Bounty was there with her damn wolf. That wolf of hers killed one of his guys and caused him to fall face first into a mud puddle. Why couldn’t she have died from the hit he had put out on her? Now he was going to have to take matters into his own hands and kill her and her family.

Bronx grabs an untraceable gun from his collection and put his spare uniform on. He walks out to his patrol car and heads over towards Julia Bounty’s place. When he drives up the driveway, he didn’t spot her wolves outside. Which was good, because he could force her to keep them at bay.

He parks and heads up to Julia’s Bounty front door. When she opened the front door, he shots her twice in the abdomen. He wanted her to suffer as he forced his way in and pointed his gun at her wife and her little girl. He has never seen her little girl, but he knew she had a daughter.

He wasn’t expecting her to still be standing after shooting her. He was surprised she was still standing. Then another young girl and a young boy come walking into the house.

“Haylee, Chayton, RUN!” Julia summons up enough to punch Bronx.

Haylee and Chayton run back out the front door, while Christmas and Catori head towards the safe room. Julia had dropped to the floor after slugging Bronx.

When Haylee and Chayton run outside, they are pulled to the side by Gina and Arnold. Haylee saw her aunt and hugged her.

“Don’t worry kids, grandma and grandpa have this.” Gina steps aside to let Debbie go around her.

Jack had received Julia’s emergency signal. He had Selina bring the hidden cameras up at Julia’s house and saw her holding her abdomen and protecting her wife and the young girl she took in. Debbie saw the image from Julia’s house and grabbed Jack’s spare shotgun. No one hurts her children and gets away with it.

She joined her husband and whistled for her horse. She also summoned all the wolves on the property. She swung up on her horse and rode bareback over to Julia’s house.

On their way to Julia’s house, they received Haylee’s emergency signal. Jack went around to the back of the house and used the secret entrance that opened up into Julia’s home office. He was surprised when the office door opened and Christmas and Catori came running in.
Julia’s home office was a safe room.

Catori was scared when the man came in and shot Julia. She hid behind Christmas as she watched Bronx shoot, Julia. Then when the front door burst open and Haylee and her brother came in. She saw Julia strike the man, and fall down afterward. She was being rushed towards Julia’s home office by Christmas. When they entered the room she saw Mr. Bounty and two of his wolves behind him.

“Christmas, stay in here and lock the door behind me.” Jack had his shotgun out.

“Yes, sir.” Christmas had Catori close to her body.

Jack looks at the two wolves that came with him “Dion!”

Terror and Knight stay behind him. Jack opens the office door and picks out to see what was going on.

“There’s no one to save you now, BITCH!” Bronx had his gun aimed at Julia’s head.

“Get away from my daughter!” Debbie had the triple barrel shotgun pointed right at Bronx’s head.

Standing around her, were four angry growling wolves. There were growling sounds coming from them.

“I would do what my mother said, because if she doesn’t kill you. My father and the wolves will.” Julia had spotted her father coming out of her home office.

Julia was ready to pass out from blood loss. She coughs and blood comes out.

“They are too late to save you, bitch.” Bronx lowers his gun.

Jack walks forward to restrain Bronx. He leans in close to Bronx’s ear “you better pray she survives, or you and I are going to become very close.”

Debbie looks towards Bronx ‘he better pray I don’t torture him myself.” As she kneels down to help Julia.

Alyona and Silvia come in to help their mother with Julia. They take her to Gina’s hummer and rushes her to Jack’s house. They take her to the medical room Jack uses to work on the animals.

“Alyona, call Doctor Winger and tell him we have an emergency.” Debbie cuts Julia’s house robe and her nightshirt off.

She took a paramedics course to tend to the injuries around the house. She manages to stop Julia from bleeding and hook up a bag of blood to Julia. She knew if Dr. Winger didn’t get to the house soon, she would have to dig the bullets out of Julia’s stomach.

“Where are you taking me?” Bronx was hog-tied to Jack’s horse on his stomach and taken back to the barn.

Jack swings up on his horse and rides back to the barn. He hadn’t bothered to saddle his horse and was riding him bareback.

“You can’t do this to me.”

Jack turns around and looks at Bronx “you don’t deserve to be treated like a normal person. You broke your oath to your badge and tried to kill my daughter and her family.”

Jack arrives at his barn and carries Bronx down to the prison cells. He’s not gentle when he tosses Bronx into the cells. He turns the lights off and heads to the medical clinic he uses for the animals.

Medical Clinic:
As Jack walks in, he sees his wife hooking up the medical monitors to Julia. He walks over to his daughter and could see how pale she was.

“How is she doing, sweetie?” Jack was concerned about Julia.

“I managed to stabilize her, but we need to get those bullets out of her stomach. She also needs a proper hospital as well.” Debbie looks at her husband.

“We can’t transport her, in the condition she is in now.” Jack moves aside a lock of Julia’s hair.

Dr. Winger finally shows up and recruits Debbie to act as his nurse as he operates on Julia. After a few hours, he managed to stitch Julia up. He fixed all the damaged the bullet caused. They also went through most of the blood supply they kept on hand.

Main House:
Gina had taken Haylee, Catori and Chayton back to her father’s house. Selina was going to look after them, while Gina, Arnold, and Christmas cleaned up Julia’s house. Selina had the kids help her fix lunch for everyone.

Chayton and Catori couldn’t believe what happened to officer Bounty. He looks at Alyona “does this happen a lot?”

“Us being attacked?”


“Sometimes, Chayton. Grandpa has made a lot of enemies and so has Julia. See, there’s this thing about our family. We don’t believe in backing down when bullies or bad guys are involved. We have this bad habit of making them regret doing something stupid around us. We don’t go looking for trouble.”

“That’s not true sis. Julia goes looking for trouble. It’s her job.” Silvia was petting Knight.

“I never thought about that.” Arabella comes walking into the kitchen.

Gina told her to go to her grandfather’s house and stay there with everyone else.

Hours Later:
Julia is moved to her bed by Jack. She was still sound asleep.

“Is Julia going to be alright?” Chayton was concerned about Julia.

Christmas looks at Chayton “she’ll be fine. She’ll have to stay in bed for a while.”

“Christmas, what is going to happen to me and my sister?” Chayton was worried.

“Well, that’s up to you. Julia and I were talking about adopting you, and your sister. After what you have seen today. Would you feel safe
staying here with us?” Christmas knew most people couldn’t take what happened.

Chayton just stood thinking about what Christmas asked him. He looks at her “Yes, I would feel safe. How did Mr. and Mrs. Bounty know what was happening?”

“Because every member of the family wears an emergency necklace.” She lifts her necklace off her neck. Hers was in the shape of a heart with a picture of Julia and Haylee.

“All the necklaces have a micro tracker in them, that we can activate to alert any member of the family. Also, the house has security cameras that Mr. Bounty can access.” Christmas wasn’t too sure she wanted that when the house had been remodeling.

Now she was glad that Julia had insisted on it. She was relieved when Mr. and Mrs. Bounty showed up.

“When Julia is feeling better, I’ll tell her you want to be adopted by us.” Christmas gives Chayton a hug.

One Week Later:
When Julia felt stronger, she was taken to a private hospital in Butte, Montana. Dr. Winger examines her to make sure the damage to her stomach was doing okay. She was lucky, that the two bullets hadn’t gone through her stomach and damage any of her other organs or spine.

As for Sergeant Bronx, Julia’s Captain was brought to the house and watched the recorded video of Bronx gloating over Julia when she was injured. He also saw the recorded interrogation of Bronx under Jack Bounty’s tender care. He went pale after watching what Mr. Bounty did to get the truth from Bronx.

Jack didn’t use any of the wolves or physically assault him. He used a purple chemical and injected it into Bronx. Then Jack took another needle that had a pinkish color to it and injected it into officer Bronx. After a few seconds, officer Bronx was drooling at the mouth and answering Jack’s questions. After about twenty minutes, officer Bronx started shaking violently and screaming his head off.

When officer Bronx started screaming, Jack left the room. He was wiping his hands on a clean rag and tossing the needles he used away.

Captain Basset looks at Mr. Bounty “what did you use on officer Bronx to make him talk?”

“A special concoction from my days with MI 6. The first drug relaxes you and makes you suggestible. The old saying, of loose lips, sinks ships type of thing. The second drug I gave him brought his worst fears to life. It reacts with the first drug. He’ll be in his own personal hell for a few hours.”

“Do you think that is right?” Captain Basset thought that was a little extreme.

Jack stops walking and turns around to face Captain Basset “after what he did to my daughter and treating to kill her wife and a little girl under her care? I think he is getting off easy.”

Jacks eyes had turned very dark as the darkness in them surface. He wanted to do more to officer Bronx.

Captain Basset now saw why Julia said she only fears her father. The look on Jack Bounty’s face sent shivers down his spine. He is surprised that Mr. Bounty was still sane.

End of The Month:
Christmas, Julia, Chayton and Catori stood before Judge Reynolds. Jack and the rest of the family were sitting behind them watching them.
Judge Reynolds looks at the children and the two women standing before him. One was wearing a police uniform and the other was wearing a tailored business suit. As for the kids, the young man looked like he could be a lawyer from the way he was dress and the little girl standing next to him, looked like a model out of a children’s clothing catalog.

He kept looking at them and finally decided “are you children sure you want these two women to be your parents?”

Chayton grabs Christmas hand “yes sir, we’re sure we want to become members of this family.”

Catori had grabbed her brother’s hand. She has come to love the Bounty’s. Mr. and Mrs. Bounty spoiled her. Her mothers held her when she was scared, and the wolves played and protected her.

Judge Reynolds looks towards Jack and his wife Debbie “it seems your family is growing, Mr. and Mrs. Bounty.”

Jack stands up “that it is, sir.”

Judge Reynold’s looks back at the young man and his sister “since you two are sure, you want this family to be yours. I hereby give my approval.” He slams his gavel down.

Catori runs to Julia and hugs her. She was careful of Julia’s wound.

“Welcome to the family, sweetie.” Julia returns the hug.

“Let’s go home and celebrate.” As Julia leads Catori and Chayton towards their new grandparents.

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