Pretending to Be A Girl

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Phoenix browses through the new selection of sundresses, camisoles, shorts, and skirts that had just arrived at his favorite female clothing store. No one knew he wasn’t really a girl underneath the short skirt and a nice pink camisole and low wedge heels.

The fake breasts and hips and ass pads he was wearing, gave him a nice figure. He styled his shoulder-length red hair, like the way his mother kept hers. He just had his fingernails, and his toenails done. He was looking for a couple of new outfits to wear, while on vacation. He enjoyed pretending that he was a girl.

His parents didn’t really care. They just let him do whatever he wanted to do. He found out, that his father liked watching ladyboys on the internet, so one night while his mother was out, with her friends. He dresses up as a slutty hooker he had seen on his father’s laptop and had sex with him. His father introduced him to some of his friends that like she males and had sex with them.

Then he found out his mother was doing internet porn from their spare bedroom. He dressed in lingerie and joined her on camera. He let his mother do whatever she wanted to him.

The woman he called his mother, wasn’t actually his mother. He was the child of some teenage girl his father knocked up. Instead of having an abortion, His father and the woman he calls his mother adopted him. He found the paperwork while digging through the papers his parents kept.

His three older brothers didn’t get along with him at all. They were very successful and never had time for him. He was the youngest and there was a sixteen-year difference in their age. His older brother was sixteen years older than him, his next oldest was fourteen years older and the next oldest was twelve years older than him.

Phoenix spots three sundress and several shorts and skirts he likes. He buys them and some new tops to go with skirts and shorts. He pays for them with the credit card his father gives him. It was for all the sex him and his father had together. His mother knew about it and taught him a few things his father liked.

Before he left for vacation, she was going to have cosmetic surgery done to his body. One it was going to improve their online porn show and two she figured since he likes pretending to be a girl so much. He should look more feminine.

He takes the bus back home and gets some looks from some of the guys on the bus. He loved the way the guys looked at him. When the bus stops at his stop. He gets up and walks slowly by the guys and put a little more wiggle into his walk. He enjoyed flirting with them.

When he gets home, his parents were home. He shows his mother the new dresses and models them for her. Afterward he helps his mother fix dinner and after dinner, they go to the spare bedroom and perform online. Afterward, Phoenix heads to his room and crashes. He was feeling extremely tired for some reason.

Phoenix wakes up all groggy and sore. He tried looking around, but all he could see were lights overhead. He felt himself floating and felt something sharp in his arm. He moans, because the motion he was feeling, didn’t make any sense to him.

“Sir, he is awake.”

Phoenix heard the sound of a woman.

“Knock him out.”

Phoenix heard a strong male voice.

“Yes, sir.”

Phoenix felt something sharp prick his skin and the next thing he sees is blackness. His mind goes into total darkness. His body slows down and the stretcher he is on is loaded into a van and taken to a new location.

The next time he wakes up, he finds himself in a gray closet of a room. He is wearing some sort of gauze metallic gown. He looks down at his body and notices that he has been changed. He no longer had just red hair, but it was fuller and covered his back completely and came down to his bubble butt. He notices he had been given a nice pair of breasts. His skin was smoother and paler.

He noticed he no longer had his penis, but a vagina. His feet were smaller and his hand and fingers were slender and smaller. He touches his face and it had all been redone as well. The room he was in had space for him to lay and a hose.

“Sex bot 4568, you have a client.”

The door opens and a huge alien-looking male thing took up the whole space. She automatically kneeled before him “what pleasures can I give you?”

“Oh, I am going to have fun with your sweetheart. Just open your mouth for now.” As the alien man pulls out his huge penis.

Phoenix opens her mouth automatically. It was like she had no choice in the matter. She chokes as the alien man put his huge penis in her mouth. She starts pleasing him. It was like her body already knew what to do for him.

“That’s a good sexbot. You’re to swallow all of it and don’t let a drop escape your mouth.” He unloads into her mouth.

Phoenix does as she ordered and swallowed all of his juices. She doesn’t let a drop escape from her mouth. She could fill her stomach becoming full from all his juices. Just as she thought she wouldn’t be able to take any more, he stops.

The alien man looks down at Phoenix “you’re going to do well here.”

He puts his huge penis away and walks out of the room. Phoenix watches as he leaves. He tries to get up off the floor, but he couldn’t. A few seconds later, another alien comes walking in.

“Get on all fours and face the wall.”

Phoenix does as she is ordered. She feels the gazed gown she was wearing tossed up on her back. She feels pain as something huge is shoved inside of her new vagina. She wants to scream, but instead a pleasurable moan escapes her from her lips.

The new person stays with her for two hours, using every hole she has. All she can do is moan in pleasure each time he uses her. She is forced by the guy to drink all his juices and waste.

After he is done with her, another alien looking creature comes in to replace the second guy. Phoenix pleases over a hundred aliens of various types that day. When she is allowed to rest, an opening in the wall opens and a plate with cubes of different colors is slide out of the opening, along with a blueish looking liquid in clear glass.

“Eat, sex bot 4568 and rest afterward.”

Phoenix does as she is instructed. That’s all she has been doing since she woke-up. Every time a new person came in, she just automatically did what they told her to do. She has no idea why or how she got here. The last thing she remembers was seeing some lights and hearing some voices. Before that, all she could recall was being in her bed.

The next day is like her first day. She is visited by two hundred alien men and some women as well. The creepiest she had that used her was a spider-like creature. When it releases its fluids into her womb, it burned like acid.

She does notice over a course of time, that her breasts enlarge and reduces, according to what the client likes. Even her face and body changed for what the client wanted. She never saw the outside of the room she was in.

There were a few times she had to get medical attention. The first time had been because her client had a spiked penis and tore her insides up. She had blood pouring out of her. She nearly died that day.

Another time had been when a gelatin creature had crawled up through her anal opening and was taking up residence in her digestive track. The chemical it excreted was making her blow up like a balloon. Her body didn’t like to have it in her. They managed to remove it from her system, but she was out of work for a week. The food she normally got reduced to one cube every two days, until she was back in business.

Whatever fluids they used to give her changed at the time. Instead of a full glass of blueish liquid, she was given a quarter glass of some dark yellow liquid, it tasted nasty and smell foul. They kept giving to her, till she was back up and performing as she had been.

One day while she was waiting for her next client. She felt the place rock and the lights flicker. During that brief interlude, she felt like herself. Her mind wasn’t being controlled. She could hear loud explosions out in the hallway.

The room started to fill with smoke and the door that was always closed opened. Two humanoid figures in black outfits motion for her to follow them. She gets up and follows them to a shuttlecraft of some sort. When she walked into the shuttle, there had to be at over a hundred nude women of various species in the shuttle.

There were a few humans, cat people, dog looking people and so on. She was pressed between a huge blue-skinned woman and a Minotaur looking woman. She could barely breathe, standing between them. She had to hold onto the blue-skinned woman for support. She was careful, not to impede her devil-like tail.

Makkan felt someone grab her from behind. She looks over her should and spotted a red hair with gold streaks human girl holding onto her waist for support. The shuttle was jammed packed with every female that had been rescued.

She doesn’t remember seeing her, but then again. She only saw the inside of her cubicle. She feels the shuttle land. The door opens up and a bunch of medical personals was waiting for them. She is escorted along with the human teenage girl to a medical room, where they both are examined.

Dr. Ling and her staff were informed that over a hundred sex bots had been rescued and we're going to need their pleasure chips and mind control chips removed. Captain Echolalia wanted full medical exams done on every woman and if possible, find out where they came from.

Phoenix follows the medical personnel assigned to her. She is lead to a medical bed next to Makkan. She looks over towards the blue-skinned woman. She had to be at least seven and a half feet tall and her tail was as long as the woman’s leg, but it had a heart-shaped spearhead.

“This isn’t going to hurt you.” Nurse Hojer examines Phoenix first to see modifications had been done to her.

The scan showed several chips and systems had been implanted in the Earth girl. The first one was the obedience chip. That one needed to be removed. The second one was the chip attached to the sexual and pleasure area of her brain.

As nurse Hojer kept scanning the girl. She saw that extensive medical work had been done to her. Her uterus and reproductive organs have been constructed to accommodate any alien semen. Her stomach was half the size of a normal Earth woman’s.

Genetic wise, her eyes, hair, skin tone had been modified. She could change her breasts size, facial features and dislocate her jaw to accommodate the biggest of alien penises. Even her bone structure had been reinforced, so she wouldn’t be broken while having sex.

Phoenix is put under, while some surgery is done to remove certain items from her body. When she wakes up a few hours later. She notices she is laying on a nice soft bed. There was a jumpsuit, undergarments and shoes sitting on the dresser in the room. She was wearing a normal cotton nightgown that came done to her feet.

Phoenix walks out of the bedroom and into the living area. She noticed she was sharing the place with someone else. She wonders who it could be as she looks around the place.

Makkan wakes up and discovers she is in a bedroom, laying on a soft mattress. She has on a purple nightgown that covered her body, from her shoulders down to her ankle. She could hear someone moving around on the other side of the door. She gets up and goes to see if she was locked in like she uses to be.

When Makkan approaches the door, it opens for her. As she walks into the living area, she notices the Earthling she saw earlier and who had held onto her waist for support.

“I wonder what time it is.” Makkan was curious.

“Time is 2200hrs, standard terrain time.” A computerized voice answers Makkan.

Phoenix looks at Makkan when she spoke. She was wearing the same type of nightgown as she was.

“I guess the computer answered your question. My question is, how long was I a sexbot?” Phoenix still didn’t know that question.

“I’m with you on that matter. By the way, my name is Makkan. What is yours?” Makkan watched the Earth girl.

“I’m Phoenix Edmond. It’s nice to meet you, Makkan.” Phoenix looks at the strange female alien and wonders how she had become a sexbot.
Makkan smiled at the young girl. She was the first Earthling she has ever met.

“How did whoever caught us, capture you and turn you into a sexbot?” Phoenix was curious.

“I was out hunting for my clan when I was knocked out. When I woke, I was in a room that had a place for me to sleep and a hose to handle my waste.”

“How did they capture you?” Makkan was curious about Phoenix.

“I was in my bed asleep and the next thing I saw were lights overhead of me. After that, I blacked out and found myself in the same type of room you described.” Phoenix wonders how she could understand Makkan.

“Makkan, how come I could understand all the aliens that spoke to me?” Phoenix was curious.

“I don’t know.” Makkan looked confused as well.

“I can answer that question for you two.” The door to the room that Makkan and Phoenix open and a woman with golden white long hair that
came down to her butt and wearing a silvery white gown and had pale white skin comes walking in. Her eyes were bright blue.

Both girls turned and look at her. They were confused about who she was.

“Who are you?” Makkan stood next to Phoenix to protect her.

“I’m Angelica and I’m here to help you adjust from your former life. Now, to answer your question. You have a translator implanted inside your head. It’s been programmed to translate any language to your natural language. When you reply to each other, you are hearing your natural language.” Angelica looks at both ladies.

“Okay, can you tell us what happened to us and how long we have been sex bots?” Phoenix wanted to know how she became what she was.

“Well, for you Phoenix Edmond, you have been a sexbot for the last three years. According to the records we have access to, you were one of Pwegnar biggest money makers. Makkan, you were his next highest money maker and have been a sexbot for the past six years.”

“Can you take me home?” Makkan wanted to go back home and be with her mate.

“Unfortunately, Makkan, your home planet was destroyed by a natural disaster. There’s only a hundred thousand of your kind left. As for your planet Phoenix, it’s still around, but Earth is several systems away. In time you could go back to it if you would like too.” Angelica wonders if she would.

“So, what do we do now?” Phoenix wanted to know if her family is still around.

“Well, that is why I am here. My job is to help you two overcome what has happened to you and help you start a new life. “

One Year Later:
Makkan comes walking into the same place they had originally woken-up in. she spots Phoenix and smiled. She walks over and kisses her mate.

Phoenix returns the kiss. She had a huge belly, big breasts and a blue tint to her skin. On her right upper forearm was a six-inch gold armbrace with some weird writing on it.

“How has your day been?” Phoenix looks up into Makkan’s alien eyes.

Makkan looks down into her mate’s eyes and noticed they were slowly changing colors. They were taking on the same purple color her own eyes were. She noticed that when she impregnated Phoenix, her body started taking on certain traits of her race. The first sign they knew she was pregnant, was when a blue spot appeared on Phoenix abdomen. After that, Phoenix’s skin slowly started to develop a blue tint.

After the first few weeks of Phoenix’s pregnancy, her breasts filled up with blue tinted milk and her abdomen got bigger. Phoenix was in her last month of pregnancy. The gestation period for her people was three months and it looked like it carried over to Phoenix

She was surprised that Phoenix’s reproductive organs were like the males in her world. The females implanted a full fertilized egg in their males and the males carried the baby. Except in Phoenix case, the fertilized egg she planted inside Phoenix’s womb, it absorbed one of Phoenix’s eggs and merged it with hers.

Makkan places her hand on Phoenix’s huge belly. She loved feeling the baby inside Phoenix womb.

“How is our daughter doing?” Makkan could tell from the babies’ energies what it was.

“Very active. She kicked my bladder and I pissed myself. You know how it feels walking around with wet panties in a one-piece jumpsuit?” The baby kicked her bladder really hard.

“I warned you that the last month of your pregnancy was going to be hard on you. Lormorane babies are very active in the womb in the last month of pregnancy.”

“Well, it doesn’t help that she has kicked me, punched me and gave me massive gas.” Phoenix was embarrassed when she let out a loud fart in the warehouse she was working in.

“Well, you only have one month to go, baby.” Makkan kisses Phoenix on the lips.

End of The Month:
Phoenix holds her 10 lb. baby girl in her arms as she nurses from her huge breasts. It was a rough delivery and it stretched her vaginal opening so wide, that she could shove a watermelon up inside of her. It was customary for the new mother to drink some of the blood from the placenta.

So, Phoenix follows her wife’s custom and drink a cup full of the blood. She was surprised to find the blood being purple. She made a face after drinking it.

Makkan noticed the face “you better get used to it. Every baby we have, you have to repeat the process.”

"How many babies are we going to have?"

"As many as you want, sweetie." Makkan places a kiss on Phoenix's lips.

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Phoenix wasn't out much by

Phoenix wasn't out much by not being able to go home her family was the definition of dysfunctional.

The story.

Your story holds promise but the grammar is catastrophically bad. The verb tenses are entirely at odds with the narrative and it makes reading very difficult.

I suggest you find somebody to help you with the grammar.

PS. Is English your second language?


Otherwise, your story has merit.