Desert Rose Part 8

Alejandra wakes up a few hours later and finds herself in a hospital room. She had an IV going into her arm, connected to a saline drip. She looks at her right shoulder and notices it was banged up. She looks down and notices she is wearing a paper hospital gown.

Alejandra hopes that ICE hasn’t been called to take her into custody. So, far the driver license she was using, has been working for her. She tries to get up, but her arm hurts.

She tries again and manages to make her way to the bathroom. It took some creative maneuvering with the Iv drip still attached to her arm. Wiping herself afterward was difficult, but she managed to do it.

When she lays back in bed and start watching the news channel. There is a story about a man that was found dead several miles away from where she and Detective Branston had been found. She does wonder how the detective is.

Detective Branston Hospital Room:
Detective Branston wakes up all of sudden and tries to move. His right arm was in a cast and his head was wrapped up. He had an Iv going into his left arm. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was seeing Alejandra looking down at him, as she called for help.

He notices the door to his room open and a young woman with short light brown hair, wearing light gray scrubs come walking in. She had a tablet in her hand.

“How long have I been out and why am I bandaged up?” Detective Branston looks at the young nurse.

“You were involved in a serious car accident detective. As for how long you have been out. You have been unconscious for the past seven hours, along with the young lady that saved you.” Nurse Clarkson was going to check on the young girl that had been brought in with the detective.

“Is she okay?” Detective Branston was concerned about Alejandra.

“She’s fine. She has a lot of bruising all over her body and she took a bullet in her right shoulder.” Nurse Clarkson wonders if the young girl had been abused.

“Where is she?”

“She’s next door to your room. Normally, we would have put her on the children’s floor, but your percent wanted her here on the same floor as
you.” Nurse Clarkson knew there was a police officer guarding her room since she witnesses the attack on Detective Branston.

The Crystal Palace:
Belka carries a tray out of the kitchen to the dining area and places the old fashion meals before the four men who ordered them. They worked over at the cattle slaughterhouse.

“Hope you gentlemen enjoy the meal.”

“We will.” Dallas gives Belka a fatherly smile. He liked the young girl and heard what happened to her. He couldn’t figure out why anyone would do what they did to her.

Belka moves on to her next table. She didn’t need to work, but after what Isa and some of the other people did for her. She wanted to repay them. She takes the family order and places it with the cook. She brings them their drinks and hands them out.

There were some new guys that come walking into the Palace and take a seat at a table. They spot Belka dress as one of the bar wrenches from the old West. They had to admit she looked cute. However, they weren’t here to admire her. They were here to finish the job they had been hired to do. She couldn’t be allowed to live.

They watch her as she moves among the different tables. A Victorian dress server comes over to their table.

“What can I get you, gentlemen?” Orfeo had spotted the men when they came in and sat down in her area of the bar.

Orfeo was one of the other women that were like Isa. She loved pretending she was a vampire from western times. She loved the fact, that Isa thought of adding the vampire theme to the Western town.

“Just beers, please.” Bill looks at their server and couldn’t believe she looked like a Victorian vampire.

“Do you want a bottle or draft?” Orfeo noticed that one of the men were watching Belka as she moved among the tables she was taking care of.

“Draft is fine.” Bill kept his attention on their waitress.

“One pitcher of draft coming up.” Orfeo heads towards the bar.

On her way, she makes a side trip towards another server she knows and motions for her to follow her. Once the two of them were never the kitchen entrance.

“Hey Julie, past the word to the other servers and the rest of our group to keep their eyes on the four men over at table twenty. Two of the men are eyeing Belka often.“ Orfeo wonders if they had something to do with her being left out in the desert.

“I’ll pass the word around.” Julia leaves Orfeo and passes the word around to the other palace servers and workers.

Isa comes down and mingle among the crowd and talk with some of the tourists that came to their town. She spots Belka working her butt off serving people. She moves among the crowd, checking the poker games going on and blackjack going on. The Faro games and Chuck a Luck games looked to be doing fine.

Orfeo returns to the table that the four men were sitting at. She pours their drinks.

“You know, you might be interested in some of the poker games going on. I know one table is looking for a fourth player.”

Bill looks at Orfeo “we’re not interested in doing any gambling or anything.”

“Okay.” Orfeo walks off, but keep her eyes on the men.

Bill tries to locate Belka but doesn’t see her. He makes one more scan of the room “Hey, did you guys see where she went?”

“No, one minute she was talking with a strange-looking woman and the next she was gone.” Chase was looking for Belka as well.

They had been told that the girl hadn’t died out in the desert-like she was supposed to. Their friend on the police force had told them a Detective was working the case. Their friend also informed them, that he had pictures of Richard and Harvey.

They had been contacted and told that the hit on the Detective hadn’t gone the way they planned. Harvey had been killed from a dune buggy hitting him. His body was dumped on the side of the road.

Their contact at the police station found out that the girl was hiding. The information was on the mark. However, they still couldn’t find her.

“Where did she disappear too?” Nate stands up and looks around for her.

“Is there someone, in particular, you gentlemen are looking for?” Isa had sneaked up on the four men.

“Yes, we’re looking for the young woman that had been taking care of that table over there. She seemed familiar and I wanted to ask her some questions.” Nate looks at Isa.

“Ah, you mean Angela. She’s done for the night. Is there anyone else you are looking for?” Isa was watching them.

She wanted to know more about them. She sent Belka to her room and had some of her people take her up the back way, instead of using the front staircase.

“No, we're fine.” Nate looks at Isa and wonders why she was so pale looking.

She was nice looking, but there was something about her. That he couldn’t put his finger on. He didn’t know what it was, but she was definitely different.

“If there is anything else you gentlemen need, feel free to ask me.” Isa smiles at them as she walks off.

She motions for Orfeo to come over to her “keep your eyes and ears on them. They are here for a reason.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Orfeo watches as Isa walks off.

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