A Bad Day At The Office and A New Family Member

Karen strips out of her clothes and drops her glamour as she enters the condo her and Lady Betty lived in. She misses being in her Neko form while she is at work. She wonders how long Betty is going to be at work today. Karen walks into the kitchen and grab a baby bottle from the refrigerator and warm it up. She prefers to drink milk directly from her wife’s breasts, but her wife kept baby bottles of her breasts milk in the refrigerator when she wasn’t around.

She walks into the living room and flops down onto her favorite bean bag. She closes her eyes as she tries to relax. The warm milk helps relaxes her as she enjoys it going down her throat.

Several paint cans she mixed were the wrong color and one can came open on the can shaker. She was lucky, she kept a spare set of clothes at work, because she was covered from head to toe in puke green paint. She had to use a little bit of her magic to get the paint out of her hair.

If it wasn’t one thing it was another thing. The truck arrived with their supplies and she had to unload and check over everything by herself. When she was done with that, she had a bunch of customers upfront that would only deal with her.

Afterwork, the bus she normally took home broke down and she had to catch a cab the rest of the way home. The cab got caught in 5’ o’clock traffic on Virginia Beach Boulevard as they were heading down to the oceanfront.

Now that she was home, she could relax and be pampered by her wife. She slowly falls asleep from the properties of her wife’s breast milk and the fact she was physically tired. She curls up on her bean bag.

Lady Betty finally arrives home at nine at night. She had a late afternoon meeting and later she had a bunch of paperwork that had to get done. Her secretary had left at six o’clock, which was okay with her.

Betty just shakes her head when she spots Karen sound asleep. Karen was curled up on her favorite bean bag in the nude with a baby bottle still in her mouth. She walks over to her wife and removes the empty baby bottle from her mouth. She scoops her up off the bean bag and carry her to their bed and lay her down.

Once she tucks Karen in. She takes the empty baby bottle into the kitchen and rinses it out. She checks the refrigerator to see how many she had available for Karen. She counted four, which means she needs to fill up a few more for Karen to take with her to work.

She takes down several clean sterilized bottles and takes her blouse off. She was wearing a nursing bra under her blouse, so Karen would have easy access to her nipples. She massages her breast to fill the baby bottle up. She repeats the process six times to fill the six clean baby bottles.

After filling the baby bottles and putting them in the refrigerator. She fixes herself some dinner. There was some cook rabbit that she had preserved in the freezer. She pulls that out along with some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and a few other items.

Betty makes herself a salad and eats in the kitchen. She didn’t bother putting her blouse back on, because she would just be removing it, once she stepped into the bedroom. She sits in the kitchen and enjoys the peacefulness the silence brought.

When Betty is done with her salad, she cleans her dirty dish and put them in the dishwasher, along with the rinsed-out baby bottle. She heads into the bedroom and finishes undressing. She lets her glamour drop because Karen liked sleeping against her true form.

She lays down next to Karen and holds her against her body. She could feel Karen purring as she held her against her body. Betty knows Karen loves whatever she does to her. During the night, Karen ends up sleeping on top of Betty.

Betty just holds Karen as she slept. Some of the bad memories of things that were done to her when she was younger. They sometimes surface when Karen is asleep. Betty knows that the bad memories cause Karen to cling to her. She strokes Karen’s spine and watches as her tail moves back and forth.

Early in the morning, Betty feels Karen latch onto her nipple and start suckling from her. She switches breast and sucks on the other one. Betty knew better than to try and remove Karen from her breast. She just holds her wife and let her drink.

When Karen is done drinking from her breast, she kisses down Betty’s body, until she is between her legs. Karen starts licking her and burying her face tight against her groin area. She sends a little bit of her magic into her wife and increases her licking.

Betty’s body arches off the bed when she feels her wife’s sexual energies flow into her body. Her body automatically responds as she forces Karen’s mouth closer to her opening. She knew Karen needed to recharge her magical energies from having sex. She comes hard and feels Karen suck everything up and absorb the sexual energies.

When Betty comes down from the high her wife caused her to have. She pulls Karen’s body up onto herself.

“You, my dear have a wicked tongue.” Betty kisses Karen on her lips.

Karen returns the kiss. She loves kissing her wife as her hands massage her wife’s big breasts. She keeps kissing her, till she almost passes out. She breaks the kiss and looks into her wife’s tricolor eyes.

“Did you have a bad day, yesterday?” Betty strokes Karen’s spine and a purr escape from Karen’s mouth.

“Yes, I got covered in puck green paint. Then I had to check and unload all our supplies that came in.” Karen nuzzles Betty’s neck.

“So, what do you want to do today?” Betty was glad the weekend had arrived.

“Let’s get out of the city for a while. I’m tired of hiding who I am.” Karen hated hiding her Neko form. She doesn’t regret asking her wife to change her into a Neko. She loves being part cat.

“Sounds nice, but where?”

“How about our mountain cabin? It’s got a lake and a waterfall nearby.” Karen was sitting up and playing with Betty’s breasts.

She loved her wife’s breasts. Her tail was swishing back and forth as she leans forward and kisses Betty again. She tongue dances with her wife for a while, before ending the kiss.

“Do you want to drive or port to the cabin?” Betty knew Karen enjoyed both.

“Let’s drive and take the convertible.” Karen was thinking about riding naked all the way to the cabin.

“Alright, you know it’s a six-hour drive. If you want to get there by nighttime, we need to leave now.” Betty picks Karen up off her waist and sets her down next to her on the bed.

Karen pouts when Betty removes her off her waist. She liked straddling her wife.

“Come on kitten, let’s take a shower and pack an overnight bag to take with us.” Betty heads towards the shower.

Karen jumps off the bed and follows her wife into the shower. She lets Betty wash her body. She loved feeling Betty’s hands glide and caress her skin. She loves it, even more, when Betty cleans her between her legs.

After their hour-long shower, they get dress and head down to Betty’s new 2019 Mercedes-Benz S-class. Karen wasn’t wearing any clothes but was using a glamour spell to make it look like she was wearing clothes. She did have on a gold collar with a leash attached to it, that Betty held in her hand.

Karen keeps the glamour spell up until they exit from the city and finally drop the glamour. She looks over towards her wife to see what she thought about her riding around nude and in her true form with the leash and collar still around her neck.

Betty watches as her wife’s glamour spell end. She was sitting naked in the passenger seat in her true form.

“You have changed a lot,” Betty remembers the first time Karen visited her.

She had just found out that Karen was carrying around the magical essence of a powerful fey from a powerful house. She had no idea what a dragon had done to her. She was no longer human at all. She had also been surprised at how Karen had nearly jumped her bones. The girl was so submissive to her.

She knew about Karen’s past from Sasha finding her and letting her live with him. He had probed her mind when she slept and asked her questions about what happened to her as well. Then Karen surprised her again after experiencing sex and having kittens from Clair. She wanted to be turned into a Neko, permanently.

Karen lets her glamour drop a few times, so any passing truckers could see her naked body. She waves to them as they pass by.

“You’re in a slutty mood today. What brought this on?” Betty glances towards her wife.

“I’m just tired of hiding behind a glamour.” Karen places a kiss on her wife’s cheek.

Karen straightens back up and curls up in her seat. She was going to enjoy this weekend. After five hours of driving and stopping at a restaurant to grab some lunch. They arrive at the cabin Betty owned.

Betty leads the way inside, after putting the convertible top up on the car. Karen skips behind Betty, as she walked inside the house. She was so happy being in her Neko form.

Karen goes about cleaning the cabin up from the dust that had somehow managed to get inside the place. She thought they had sealed the place with magic. She looks over towards Betty.

“Didn’t we sealed this place up, last time we visited?”

“Yes, but magic still acts like static electricity and draws dust to it.” Betty finishes up with the dishes.

She had let her glamour drop and was in her true form. They were so far in the woods, that no one would see them. Plus, they were inside the cabin. Betty glance over towards Karen as she dusted the shelves and entertainment center. Her wife was wearing the very first collar she gave her. It had gold block letters that spelled out PET on it.

Once the cabin was clean, Karen starts mewing and getting on all fours. She wiggles her butt at her wife. She was getting horny and wanted her wife to stratify her needs.

Betty just smiles as she watches her wife antics. She wonders how Karen became so horny. She knows what her wife wanted her to do. So, she changes into a huge male tiger and walk over to Karen and mount her. She sinks her teeth into Karen’s shoulder as she mates with her.

They spend a few hours enjoying each other’s bodies. Karen lets her wife do whatever she wants to her body. She loved the fact that her wife could change any part of her body into anything she wanted. She also loves it when they share magical energies. How she lets all her magical energies flow into her wife and when her wife lets her magical energies flow into her.

Karen looks down at Lady Betty “I’m going for a swim.”

“Alright, don’t let anyone sees your true form.” Lady Betty looks up at her wife as she stood naked before her.

“I won’t.” Karen skips out of the cabin and down towards the lake.

The reason her and Betty got this property was because of the waterfall that feeds into it. Once she gets to the end of the pier, she jumps in and starts swimming. She loved how the water caresses her naked body.

Karen swims out to the middle of the lake and uses just a touch of her magical energies to keep her afloat on her back. She never learned how to swim before, until she married Betty. All she knew how to do was to please men and be their fuck toy. That was until she escaped and ended up in Virginia Beach. Sasha, who was a fey shapeshifter and drag queen took her in off the street during a downpour. He helped give her a better life.

As she is floating around on her back, staring up at the big sky. Her head bumps into something and an awful smell was coming from whatever it was. Karen drops her magic and sinks tread water next to a boat riddled with rust holes. She was surprised that the thing was still floating.
She looks inside and notices the body of a young girl laying inside. She looked like the men from the Nazis concentration camps, all skin, and bones. The smell coming off the girl’s body smells like she hasn’t had a bath in ages.

There were raw red marks around her wrist and ankles. Karen looks closer and could see maggots crawling around in the raw red marks on her wrist and ankles. Someone had abused this girl. She looks around to determine where she was. Once she realizes it, she is out in the middle of the lake. A second thought occurred to her. How was she going to get the boat, which was currently sinking back? She places her hand under the and mumbles a few words. The spell she just placed on it, made it, so she could tow the boat back.

She scans the girl and according to what she was feeling. The girl didn’t have much time left. She places another spell on the boat and pushes the canoe back to the pier where the cabin was. Once she was close to the dock, she sends a little bird of light towards the cabin to summon her wife.

Inside the Cabin:
Betty was enjoying a bottle of wine she had summoned from her private stock of her family’s vineyard. She knew Karen was going to be a while down at the lake and she was going to relax as well. She had summoned a masseuse from the other realm to come and give her a nice massage. Her body needed it after she got done making love to Karen.

Thirty minutes go by and as she takes the last sip out of her wine glass. A bright golden looking bird comes flying through the wooden door and over to her. It lands next to her head and chirps its message to her. Once the message is delivered, it burst into a bunch of bright lights.

Betty pays the masseuse and sends her back to the other realm. She makes a silk robe and matching slippers appear on her feet, before leaving the cabin. Just as she arrives down at the pier, Karen arrives with the canoe.

“Someone is trying or tried to kill this poor girl.” Karen springs up out of the water and lands next to her wife.

Betty runs her hand over the girl and discovers that she is close to death. She scoops the girl up out of the canoe and carries her back to the cabin. Karen was right behind her, as she cancels the magic on the canoe.

“Who could do this to an innocent child?” Karen knew people could be men.

She had been raped and molested when she was very young. She had been passed around like a piece of meat for men to get their perverted pleasures.

“I don’t know, but someone was trying to kill her on purpose.” Lady Betty carries her inside the cabin.

“She’s going to need a lot of healing.” Betty lays the girl on the spare bed.

She waves her hand and the binds and maggots that were on the young girl disappears. Karen lays her hands on the girl and channels her magical energies into healing the girl’s body.

“God! Someone made her eat dog food.” Karen’s magical energies were telling her everything done to this girl.

She was finding broken fingers and improperly healed bones. The girl had a serious case of pneumonia in her lungs. There was so much pus, in there that she was surprised the girl was still clinging to life. It was taking all her magical energies to heal this girl.

Karen collapses to the floor after twenty minutes. She was weak as a kitten and could barely support herself.

“Are you going to be alright?” Lady Betty could tell Karen was exhausted. Her aura was very dimmed.

“I’ll be fine, once I drink some of your milk.” Karen slowly gets up off the floor.

She looks at the girl “well, she looks a little better. She’s going to need, to drink some of the baby bottles in order to get any strength.”

“I’ll make up a potion for her to drink. The milk in those baby bottles are meant strictly for you.” Betty’s breast milk wouldn’t work on a normal human being, only on Karen.

Karen looks at her wife “you never said they were meant only for me.”

“If a normal human drunk my breast milk. Nothing would happen to them and they might get sick from it. The spell I placed on my breasts to produce the milk is strictly meant for you.” Betty looks directly into Karen’s eyes.

“Oh!” Her cheeks turned red because she didn’t know it was meant just for her.

“Well, she needs a good bath and some real food when she wakes up. Whoever was holding her, feed her dog food to eat.” Karen couldn’t
believe what her magic found when it entered the girl’s body.

Karen was glad that none of her former owners ever made her eat dog food. She wonders who tortured and abused this girl.

“Well, the smell I can take care of.” Betty walks over to some flowers she had grown and clip a few.

She crushes them between her hands and sends a little bit of magic into them. She turns them into a powder and sprinkles it on top of the girl. The odor she was given off, disappears and all that is left behind, is fresh smelling flowers.

“Okay, you have to teach me how to do that.” Karen was amazed at that spell.

“One day I will. Now, let’s get something to eat.” Betty escorts Karen out of the room and into the kitchen.

Betty has Karen chop up some vegetables and a lot of different looking mushrooms. While Karen was busy with that task, she gets the spices and water boiling. Betty was fixing a vegan style stew for her, the girl and Karen. She knew her wife didn’t have to eat, but tonight she was going to make her.

Ruby wakes up several days later and wonders where she is. The room she was in, was unfamiliar to her. There was a slight chill in the air, but it wasn’t too cold. She could smell flowers in the air, and she notices she was under a nice heavy blanket. On the table next to her, was a tall clear glass of orange color liquid in it. There was a little folded card at the bottom, that said drink me.

She reaches for it and notices all her fingers were normal and she could move her hand without feeling any pain. She grabs the glass and drinks the liquid. It tasted like orange juice as it went down her throat. She wonders where she was. She should have been dead. She notices that the door leading into the room was slightly cracked open for her.

When Ruby gets out of bed, she discovers she is wearing a soft pink nightgown. She also noticed she has on a pair of matching panties that blended with the nightgown. She walks to the slightly opened door and lookout. There was a hallway directly in front of her and as she opens the door wider. She spots a bathroom to her left and another open bedroom door to her right.

In the other room, she spotted a naked cat girl sleeping on top of another woman. She couldn’t see the other woman clearly, because the catgirl was covering her body. She does notice the woman had golden tanned skin. The catgirl had her head resting on the woman’s shoulder.
She stands at the doorway and wonder who they were. She has never seen anything like them before.

“It’s okay to come in.” Karen had felt the girl’s presence and turned around on Betty to look at her.

Ruby cautiously enter the bedroom. She was watching the catgirl as she straddles the other woman’s waist.

“Who are you and where am I?” Ruby stops when she gets close to the bed.

“Well, my name is Karen and the lovely woman I am sitting on is my wife Lady Betty. As for where you are.” Karen slides off her naked wife and walks slowly over towards Ruby.

Karen was using a little magic to keep Ruby clam and her attention on her. She stops, in front of Ruby.

“You are inside our cabin, little kitten.” Karen picks Ruby up and places her on her hip.

Ruby flinches some when Karen picks her up. She didn’t know what to expect. When she is on the catgirls’ hip. She could see her eyes were cat-like and her ears were real. She could also see that the tail was attached to the cat woman body.

Betty gets up and walks over towards Ruby and Karen. She doesn’t bother covering herself up or hiding behind a glamour. She wanted the girl to know who she was.

Ruby looks at the other woman and was amazed at hos beautiful she looked. She was naked like the catgirl and had big breasts and a well-developed body on her. She had long golden blonde hair, that shimmer in the light. She was taller than the cat girl. She was tall and she had an amulet that hung around her neck. The amulet was different than the one around the catgirls’ neck.

“How did I end up here?” Ruby looked at both women.

“That my dear, girl. Is an after-breakfast story.” Karen taps Ruby nose.

Several Days Later:
“You know, I think we should have done more to them.” Karen was holding Ruby in her arms as they looked at the couple who had tortured and abused ruby.

“I think they will wish they never abused Ruby.” Betty had taken the couple to the other realm, where she gave the couple to some cannibals she knew.

The group was going to make the couple feel everything the group did to them. The woman who hurt Ruby a lot was going to see what it is like to be tortured repeatedly. She had been the one who found Ruby after, Ruby’s parents abandoned her along a highway exit.

Ruby was a little slow at first, until Karen healed her mental retardation. Ruby’s biological parents had left Ruby at the exit on purpose. Karen magically sterilized the woman, so she couldn’t have any more children. It wasn’t fair what she did to Ruby.

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