Avenging Angel Chap. 25 Final Chapter

Gypsy walks around in her apartment slowly. She finally had enough money to correct her plumbing and have some plastic surgery done to her body. She looks at the laser rifle she was working on in her workroom at home.

The design of the rifle was slightly different then the design she used for the Gauss rifle. Patrick and their assistants had constructed another set of armor for Seal Team Six. The performance Seal Team four had done impressed the admirals and the Secretary of Defense enough to authorize the second set.

“Ow!” Gypsy yanks her hand back quickly, after burning the tips.

The laser was almost ready for testing, but she wasn’t rushing to finish it. She was on medical leave, till she was fully healed from her operation. While she was in the hospital, she had a bodyguard, watching her hospital room. Patrick and she found out that they had guards assigned to them.

She finishes the last connection inside the rifle. She runs a system check on the rifle to make sure everything was in operational order. While she was waiting for the intense check to finish, her doorbell rings.

She checks her cellphone and notices that Patrick was at her front door. She remotely unlocks the door “it’s opened, Pat.”

Pat heard the locks on Gypsy’s door click open. He hears her voice come from the Ring camera system. He opens the door and could see that she has been living in her living room, instead of her bedroom.

“Hey Gypsy, where are you?”

“I’m in here, Pat.” Gypsy waves a flag out the door of her workroom.

Pat spots the green flag waving in the hallway. He walks down to Gypsy’s workroom and peeks inside. He spots her sitting on a stool and the laser rifle she has been working on.

“You’re supposed to be recovering.”

“I am, but I was getting bored. So, I went ahead and rebuilt that laser I burned up at my last place.” She had to use the prototype to defend herself with and accidentally set her workroom on fire.

“Is this going to be an optional weapon for the body armors?” Pat picks it up carefully. He saw that it was plugged into Gypsy’s laptop.

“I don’t know yet. I constructed that with my own money.” Gypsy wasn’t sure what she was going to do yet.

“Well, you know we can’t sell any weapons or body armor designs, without the government approval.” Patrick had seen those clauses in their contracts as independent contractors.

“I know. The thing is, the gauss rifle is already a powerful weapon and this laser rifle has the possibility to become one as well. You can switch the laser frequency on the rifle so, it can shoot underwater.” Gypsy did some research and experiments on which frequency works best underwater.

“Well, when you're up to testing this. Bring it down to the lab and we’ll test it on our range.” Patrick loved how much it weighed and he saw it had three settings.

There was also several ports in the back of it “what are theses for?”

“You can hook a communication unit to it and have laser communications. The drawback is, it uses a lot of power to send a signal” Gypsy had
done some calculations of how strong the signal would have to be to cover the distance the rifle needed to broadcast.

“Cool. So, is there anything special we need to concentrate on?” Pat puts the rifle down.

“The only thing we need to do is build a smaller suit for firefighters.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Pat knew Gypsy cared about firefighters.

He stays for a while and talks with Gypsy. He misses having her by his side while they work. She knew what he wanted or how to figure something out that stumped him and vice-versa. Pat leaves around eight in the evening, after going out and getting dinner for Gypsy and himself.

Gypsy steps out onto the balcony of her apartment complex and was happy she never went back home. She was proud of everything she and Pat have accomplished.

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