A Spark Can Start A Blaze

Ethan stretches like a cat as he wakes-up in bed. He was enjoying dressing like a girl all the time now. The silk nightgown he wore to bed rubs against his smooth skin and sends goosebumps up and down his body.

He looks down towards his chest and he was slowly developing his own breasts. He decided after high school that he wanted his own breasts. He had been wearing fake ones all the time for his performances. So, he talked Dr. Wolfhart into increasing his estrogen levels, since his body produced so little testosterone.

He didn’t want to have his own vagina. He enjoyed having his puny penis. He gets out of bed and head towards the bathroom. He was going out with some friends today to have fun. It was the first day of summer and most of his friends didn’t start college until later in the year.

Ethan grabs his house robe and slip his slippers on and head downstairs towards the kitchen. His mother and father were already at work. His older brother was at his job at the hardware store, so he had the house to himself.

His older brother has gotten use to him dressing as a girl. Most of his relatives knew and his parents didn’t have a problem with it, since he started wearing girl clothes when he was in junior high. He used to play with the girls next door and wear their clothes when he played house or when they played dress up and such.

Ethan grabs the prepared bowl of fruit he made every night for himself for breakfast. He turns the television on and listen to the news. Sasha told him that he should keep up with what is going on in the world.

This week, she was in Memphis, Tennessee working on a case. She instructed him to stay out of trouble, because she wouldn’t be in town to rescue him. Once he was done with his light breakfast and head back to his bedroom and get dress after brushing his long hair. He had an appointment at his favorite salon to have his hair colored and styled later.

While he is getting dress, he slips some concealable weapons his mentor said he should always have on him. He also conceals the lock picks she said he should carry on his body as well. Once Ethan has the weapons and picks concealed. He checks his image in the mirror. He loved the cute dress he had on. His make-up was light and tasteful.

He grabs his purse and heads downstairs towards his Bronco. He liked his new purse. It was a hobo purse that hung down to his waist. It had a few secret compartments in it, that Sasha helped install. It also held the .45 Glock, Sasha has been training him how to use.

His skill with the Glock was equal to that a police officer received. He gets into his bronco and head towards the salon first to get his hair styled and colored. He was getting it color to that of his performing alias, Blaze. A reddish orange color and have his fingernails colored and shaped as well.

He pulls into the parking lot of the hair salon and head inside the place. A smile appears on his face, when he notices that Jesse was working.

“Hey Jesse, do you have a client coming in?”

“Nope, come over ad have a seat. So, what are you having done today?” Jesse puts her barber cape on Ethan.

“How about, I let you decide what type of style would be good for me. Plus, I would like my hair colored to match a raging blaze as well. Also have my fingernails done with little flames on them.” Ethan was watching Jesse’s eyes. The color of her eyes was so bright.

“Man, I wish my eyes were as bright as yours.” Ethan was jealous.

“You don’t need bright eyes, Ethan. Your magic performances are flashy enough. What ever happened to your assistant?” Jesse grabs her scissors and start trimming Ethan’s hair.

“She decided to go to college on the east coast. So, she’s going to be performing out there now.” Ethan misses Spiro, but he knew she was going to be going to college.

A black hair girl with a tray comes over and starts working on Ethan’s fingernails. She hasn’t been working at the salon long, but she was extremely good at her job. Racheal, the owner of the salon took her in off the streets.

Her parents had been drug addicts and the poor girl had to grow up living on the streets. One day when she came back after selling the bags of cans she collected. She found both of her parents murdered. The dealer they owed money too, sent someone to collect the money they owed. Since, they didn’t have the money, the person slit their throats instead as a lesson to others.

She was lucky she had been gone getting money for the cans she collected. If she had been there, the person would had taken her and pimped her out to get his money back. It was raining when Racheal found her hiding behind the salon and took pity on her.

She brought her in and took her under her wing and taught her how to do nails and such. Since, Angela’s first customer, she has been developing a loyal client base and doing good in school. She finishes doing Ethan’s fingernails.

“All done Ethan. I hope you like them.” Angela was proud of her work.

Ethan looks at them and smile. Angela had done an outstanding job on his nails.

“They are wonderful, Angela. I love them.” A smile appears on his face.

Angela blushes “thanks.” She gathers her stuff up and moves onto the next customer that wanted her services.

By the time Jesse was done styling and coloring Ethan’s hair. He was ready to go and meet his friends. He leaves a big tip for Angela and Jesse, before he leaves the salon. He walks over to his bronco and drives to the restaurant they had planned on having lunch at.

He spots his friend’s car as he pulls in next to it. Ethan shuts his bronco off and head towards the entrance. Just as he was turning the corner of the building. Someone runs by him and tries to grab his purse.

John saw a cute woman driving an old Ford Bronco that looked brand new. He kept his eyes out for her and just as she turned the corner from the parking lot. He made his move and ran forward to grab her purse. Just as his fingers closed around the shoulder strap, he felt resistant and a strike to his upper right thigh and his leg gives. As he starts falling to the sidewalk, he feels his hand grabbed and pressure applied, forcing him to let go of the shoulder strap.

Ethan looks down at the young man as he fell to the sidewalk. He had done exactly like Sasha had taught him about atemi and pressure points.

“You know, if you want a purse of your own. I think Mervyn's still has this purse on sale.” Ethan had a smile on his face.

“What did you do to me, bitch? I can’t feel my leg or my hand.” John couldn’t feel his leg or his hand.

Ethan kneels next to him “you do know a bitch is a female dog in heat, don’t you? Now to answer your question. I have temporarily shut down the nerve endings that allow you to control your leg and hand. If you’re a good boy and behave yourself. I will restore those nerve ending, but you will still need to give your thigh and hand a few minutes to work again.”

Ethan counters what he did to John. Before he stands up “think about what could happen next time.” He stands up and hides inside the restaurant.

“Ethan, what did you do to that poor guy?” Larry had spotted Ethan kneeling next to the guy outside.

“Nothing, the poor man fell down. I just knelt down to see if he was alright.” Ethan had a smirk on his face.

Larry just shakes his head, as the rest of their gang showed up. Rose was there with her boyfriend. She gives Ethan a hug “you look great, today.”

“Thanks, I just came from the salon. You look good as well.” Ethan noticed that Rose had changed her hair style recently.

“Thanks. I’m going on tour with some members from school. So, I decided to change how I look. My mother’s band are doing studio work for the next few months.” Rose was trying to have a career away from her parent’s band.

Her and some of the kids from her school formed a band and have been practicing every day. She was the lead singer and some of the guys from her year were playing guitars, drums and synthesizer. They sounded good and her mother’s manager booked them a few gigs.

Sasha and Siren gave her permission to tour with her friends, but she needed to call them every night or when she could. She still did some tracks for her mother’s band. Gracie and Moon, Dusk’s adopted son was becoming like his mother, one hell of drummer. There were a few band’s that played at the Gothic clubs that had approached him and ask him to join their band.

Dusk allowed it under certain conditions, which Moon followed. He knew how his adopted mother could be. Besides, he loved his mother and wanted to be just like her.

Amy their waitress comes over and took their drink order, until the rest of their group shows up. She was a pretty woman that looked like she was in her mid-twenties. Once she was done taking their orders, she walks off.

“So, when are you going to get a female sounding name?” Henry looks over towards Ethan.

“I’ve been thinking about just using my performing name, Blaze.” Ethan hadn’t thought about changing his name. he was so use to it.

“That’s a bad idea, Ethan. You need to be able to separate yourself from your performing name to something normal. Just like I do, and my mother does. It’s better that way.” Rose was glad she had her performing reputation and her normal reputation.

“You could go by Emily, Ethan. Emily fits you pretty good.” Sam looks over towards her friend. She has been helping Ethan since they were in Jr. High.

Ethan thinks about it. Emily did sound nice. He’ll have to think about it.

The rest of their gang shows up. Ethan waves them over towards the table they were sitting at. For the next the next two hours, they sit,
fooreat and talk about what they were doing the summer. Ethan noticed that the guy he took down had left.

Most of the afternoon, after they had eaten lunch. They go window shopping and catch a movie later. They have dinner at a nice beach restaurant and later visit a few clubs. At the third club they go to, Ethan meets a nice guy.

He had dirty blonde hair and stood a few inches then Ethan. Ethan introduced himself as Emily to the guy. Ethan could tell he was in good shape and found out by the end of the night, that his name was Tony and he was a police officer.

By the time Ethan got home, his feet were sore from dancing most of the night. He walks into the house and notices his parents were still up. He walks into the living room and saw that they were watching the Good Witch Destiney on the Hallmark channel.

“Hi mom and dad. What are you guys still do up?” Ethan stood nearby looking at his parents.

“Waiting for you to get home. You’re not eighteen yet, young lady.” Joe looks at his son as he stood nearby.

“It’s only two in the morning, dad. Also, I don’t have school tomorrow, so I didn’t think it would matter.”

“It would had been nice if you sent us a text or something sweetie. We worry about you and what someone might do to you.” Jenny worried about her son.

“I’ll text next time mom.” Ethan walks over and places a kiss on his mother’s cheek and hugs his father goodnight.

He’ll talk with his parents about changing his name to a female sounding name, like Emily tomorrow. He heads upstirs to his bedroom and changes into the nightgown he loved so much. By the time his head hits the pillow he is out of it.

The rest of the week is busy for Ethan. He legally changes his name to Emily Elizabeth Noel. He makes sure all his paperwork and records are under his new name. That also includes his professional career as well.

Emily spends time with the young police officer she met while with her friends. She finds out that Officer Winter, was secretly gay and kept it from the people he worked for. She didn’t press the issue and when she showed up to go out with him or go to the beach. She always showed up as a woman.

Officer Winter’s didn’t mind that Emily wanted to keep her penis, instead of the operation to get a vagina. If nothing else, it made him happier. Emily found out that Officer Winter, was into the bondage scene as well. At first it scared her, but after she realized, that thanks to Sasha’s training, she could easily escape any bondage Tony put her in.

She also started wearing more sexier clothes and lingerie’s for Tony. Whenever she stayed over at his home. She would wear nothing, but a corset, panties, garter belt and six inch heels all day long. He liked seeing her dress in revealing clothes. She also, liked being restrained and breaking from those restraints.

She showed Tony her training studio, where she practices all her performances, before she does them. She managed to talk him into being her assistant on the wheel of death. After he felt the blades, she was tossing at him while she was blindfolded thump next to him. He never volunteered to let her do that again.

That experience excited him and scared the crap out of him. There were a few other tricks he worried about, that she performed that could kill her. However, once he saw how she faced those tricks. He felt that he had found his mate. Her bravery was beyond anything he has seen in any one.

Emily learns from Tony that the police precinct he works at was putting on a carnival event to raise money for low income and disable kids. She volunteers her services to perform for them. It wasn’t going to be for another month. Which was fine with her. It would give her time to select a few tricks to perform.

One night while Emily was out on a date with Tony. They are confronted by a group of thugs, trying to rob them. Tony was about to show his badge, to try to scare the boys.

“I have a better idea, stand close to me.” Emily steps close to Tony.

She slips some of the explosive pellets Sasha gave her, along with one of the strong itching balls. She tosses them down in front of the thugs and move quickly, before they got hit by the forming cloud. They were standing back as the flash pellets went off, blinding the poor suckers and then the itching powder one goes off. The ingredients inside were so strong, that when it was exposed to flesh, the thugs start scratching themselves.

“What did you do to them?” Tony was looking at the thugs as they were scratching themselves.

“I did nothing. They brought this onto themselves.” Emily had a mischievous look on her face.

“How long will it last?” Tony felt sorry for the kids.

“Until, I spray them with this.” She pulls a small perfume bottle out of her purse. “or they can use rubbing alcohol to negate the effects.” Emily was going to let them suffer for a while.

Tony just shakes his head as he pulls his cellphone out and call for a radio car to come and pick the thugs up. He looks at Emily “can I have the spray and how much do I use?”

“Four squirts should do it.” Emily pulls the bottle out and hand it to Tony.

“Thanks.” Tony walks over and spray the two thugs who had scratched themselves raw.

One guy lets out a scream when the liquid, hits his raw skin.

“Oop’s did I forget to tell you that it stings when it hits raw skin?” Emily just smirks as she watches the thugs.

The police car shows up a few minutes later. Tony helps the officer put them in his patrol car.

“You might want to take them by the hospital.”

“I’ll do that.” Officer Miller gets in his car and drives off.

Tony walks over and places a kiss on Emily’s cheek. He doesn’t feel her lift the bottle out of his pocket.

“You are full of surprises.” Tony steps back and escort Emily to his car.

“That I am, that I am.”

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