The Stripper and the Student: an Altered Fates story

The Stripper and the Student:

an Altered Fates story

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Gina had been stripping for years when she came across the Medallion of Zulo. She loved old clunky jewelry and had spotted this at a stand at the flea market. It was just the kind of jewelry she loved.

She had no idea about it's properties until she bought the guy's shirt thinking to use it in her act. When it came into contact with the Medallion she began to change, turning into a male version of herself. Now most women would have panicked but Gina had seen and heard a lot of things in her travels across the country and Europe. One of them was the story of a strange medallion that could change a person into someone else.

Now most people finding a treasure like this would have used it to swap with some rich person. Not Gina. First of all she was already rich. When you dance for rich men you get presents and more importantly, tips. Not the monetary kind, but the kind that made you money. Gina had parlayed those tips on certain stocks into millions. She no longer needed to dance but loved the attention and being a woman. The sex wasn't bad either.

The second reason was she had an interesting pastime. She liked turning young men into strippers with the medallion. She never left them that way. It was more fun afterwards when they realized what they had done and that Gina had proof, for she filmed their change and then their performance. She gave them a copy to remember her by. Other copies were in the cloud.

Once she had the medallion and figured out the game she wanted to play she visited strip clubs all over looking for young sexy females very close to her size They were so enamored of a famous stripper coming to watch them and visiting backstage they never noticed her taking one of their g-strings.

The game would begin at the club in Vegas she now danced at just two nights a week, Friday and Saturday. on Saturday night she'd pick a young stud out of the audience and have a waitress invite him backstage. In almost every instance the young man couldn't resist. She'd take him home and if she was lucky have some really great sex.

Afterwards she'd offer him a drink with a sleeping pill dissolved in it. When he passed out she'd undress him and use the medallion and one of the many g-strings she'd collected and video him changing.

They always woke in a panic so she'd give them a mild sedative to calm them down while she explained the rules of the game. She kept a taser close by but had never had to use it. The new girls were too shook to try anything except beg to be changed back. Gina always claimed it was a magic spell that she could reverse - if they played the game.

Sunday night was amateur night at the club. Women could sign up to audition by stripping for the crowd. They got to keep any money and the best might get offered a job.

The changed young man would be dropped off by Gina dressed in a costume ready to strip under a raincoat. They had to sign up using some sexy name and do a strip tease.

Gina spent the afternoons showing the new girls the basics of stripping and would pick out a costume to wear from her hundreds of costumes she'd worn over the years.

Gina told them if they didn't come back with at least $100 she wouldn't change them back. That part was true but she paid a friend $500 every Sunday to give the girl a hundred dollar bill just before the end of her time. She just wanted to make sure they made a real effort on stage.

She'd be videoing their performances to watch later. It turned her on knowing there was some young stud inside the girl's body trying desperately to strip well enough to get changed back.

Afterwards she'd take them back and count the money always acting disappointed when they came up with the money. She'd tell them she'd really looked forward to leaving them as a stripper. Then she'd have them take a drink saying the spell had to be cast while they were sleeping. She just wanted to make sure they never found out about the medallion.

The next morning they were so glad to be themselves again they quickly left but not before being given the dvd with their change and performance on it and a warning not to think about even trying to say or do anything.

She'd been playing her little game for years when she spotted Chris in the crowd Saturday night.

Chris had been dragged along by his roommates and their friends at the local uni. He would much rather have been back in the dorm studying. The boys had managed to grab a table right next to the stage. The rest had been here before but Chris had never been in a place like this. The other guys bought him drinks and gave him dollar bills and encouraged him to give them to the strippers.

By the time Gina came on stage poor Chris was hammered or he never would have leaned in and slipped the dollar bill into the front of her g string. The guys egged him on as he grabbed her breasts and pressed his face between them.

The bouncer was making a move to stop Chris but Gina looked him away with a little nod. She'd found her player for this weekend's game. She gave Chris a little extra titty rub before continuing her dance. The guys were all high-fiving Chris.

The rest of the guys were shocked when the waitress said Gina wanted to see him backstage. There were hoots and whistles and a whole lot of 'you lucky dog you' and 'I wish it were me,' though if they had known what was going to happen they would have been saying 'phew I'm glad it wasn't me' instead.

They were surprised when the same waitress gave them all free passes for Sunday night including tickets for a pair of free drinks. Gina thought it would be funny if Chris' buddies were in the audience Sunday night for his debut.

It didn't take much to get Chris to come home with her but he was so out of it that he couldn't perform. A little angry at not getting satisfied before the game started she picked out the g string of a young and extra well-endowed stripper. He'd be able to give all his buddies titty facials Sunday night, just like he'd gotten.

Chris slowly came awake feeling like someone was sitting on his chest. He opened his eyes to see two very large breasts resting on his chest. Now you probably all have read stories about guys waking up as women and the first thing they do is play with their breasts and pussy. Well, Gina can attest to fact that it was nothing like that. They all woke like Chris did, in a panic, not understanding what happened to them. Many hyperventilated and passed out. In the end though they agreed to play her game; as if they had any choice.

Chris's eyes had widened in alarm as he looked everywhere but at his chest. Spotting a grinning Gina he asked her what happened. Was he living in some kind of nightmare? These things on his chest can't be real. Gina assured Chris that they were very real as was the vagina between her legs. And if he wanted to return to being Chris he'd better listen carefully and cooperate.

Gina was very unhappy about Chris not being able to perform last night. So before she showed him how to strip she took particular joy in pointing Chris toward her bare pussy and telling her to put her tongue to work. What she didn't know was that poor Chris was a virgin and this was the first pussy he'd seen up close much less tasted. He was very tentative and that seemed to get Gina even more worked up as he inadvertently teased her with his tongue.

Before too long she was pulling Chris's face into her pussy until he almost asphyxiated as Gina had a tremendous orgasm. For an amateur this new girl could really lick pussy!

After recovering she got Chris dressed in the outfit similar to the one he'd be wearing tonight. She wore a matching outfit so he could mimic her moves. Gina loved how uncomfortable and scared Chris was. It made him very cooperative as she put the music on and started the process of teaching this new girl the basics of how to strip.

As the time drew near to go to the club Gina had one other card to play. Telling Chris to take off what little she was wearing Gina left the room saying she'd be back with her outfit for tonight. Chris stood there waiting as Gina walked back in carrying the costume - and wearing a strap-on.

Chris blanched and backed away until she hit the bed and fell on to it. Gina pounced and told Chris, whose eyes were filled with fear that if she didn't collect $100 from the crowd that her pussy would be filled with real cocks. With that she plunged the well-lubricated and double-headed strap-on into her virgin pussy.

Luckily the girl whose g-string had been used to change Chris wasn't a virgin like Chris. He never expected his first sexual experience with a woman would be as a woman. Gina expertly used the cock to bring Chris to her first female orgasm.

Dressing up Chris as a very sexy schoolgirl she told her to sign up as 'Lolita Luvsit' and dropped her off at the front while she went around back to park. She came inside with her small video camera and positioned herself to get a good view of the stage and Chrix's friends, who were front and center.

When they announced Lolita Luvsit she slowly came out and almost panicked when she saw the guys from the dorm. Remembering what Gina said about not changing her back Chris began undulating as she slowly began to move. The crowd thought she was being a big tease. Gina knew it was nerves and waved from her vantage spot for Chris to start stripping. Chris stee led herself and began removing the costume until she was down to her pasties and a g-string.

Her buddies from the dorm were waving their dollar bills and she forced herself to dance closer until they could reach to put the bills in her g-string. One of them, remembering what Chris did pulled his face between her large breasts and she felt his hot breath and wet tongue as he motorboated her!

Gina was laughing now and could barely keep the camera steady when she felt the sudden pain. She screamed and everyone turned as she clutched her heart and fell to the floor.

Chris stopped dancing but the owner wildly waved at her to keep dancing to get the crowds eyes off Gina as several bouncers carried her back to the dressing room. Chris didn't know what to do. She wanted to rush back and find Gina but she remembered what she said about needing to collect $100. She kept dancing and desperately waved her breasts at the men as they got carried away and caressed them as they placed more and more bills in her g-string until the music came to an end.

The crowd whooped and cheered as she picked up the clothes she had shed and the money that had been tossed on the stage and rushed backstage. When she got there she looked around for Gina but only saw solemn faces as she asked, "Gina?"

The manager came up behind her and said, "she's gone."

"Gone? Gone where? She brought me here. She wouldn't leave without me!"

The manager turned and held Chris as he broke the news to her.

"She had a heart attack and died. I'm sorry."

"What will I do? She was supposed to take me back and . . .oh God!"

"This probably isn't the time, but you were very good out there. If you want it, you have a job. If you need a place to stay I'm sure one of the girls will take you home."

It slowly started to sink in. The only person who could change him back was dead. He was stuck as Lolita Luvsit and had just been offered a job stripping. With no ID or way to return to being Chris she saw a future filled with dancing on endless stages and men lusting after her. Why had Chris ever let the guys talk him into coming with them.

The medallion was sold as Gina's belongings were auctioned off by the charity she had left her money to. If Chris had known about it she could have bought it for a few dollars, dollars she now danced nightly for as Lolita Luvsit. In time she might actually do that.

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