My Week at The Lake Day 14 (Final Chapter)

Bruce grabbed his hunting knife out of his sheath and tossed it at Jimmy. It hits Jimmy in his right shoulder. Anthony tackles Jimmy and shoves him back into the camper. People were gathering around them. Edward was still feeling the pain medicine he was on.

Three rangers come over to see what they could do to help. Two of the rangers was trying to stop the bleeding from the gunshot wound. The third ranger went in and found Anthony with his hands around Jimmy’s neck, choking him to death. Bruce was trying to stop Anthony from killing Jimmy.

Bruce managed to pull Anthony off of Jimmy. The Forest ranger places Jimmy under arrest. Sirens could be heard coming down towards them. An ambulance shows up and transports Chris to the hospital.

She spends several hours in surgery. The bullet had bounced around inside her chest and done some damage to her right lung. When she was done in surgery, they transfer her to ICU unit 3.

Anthony stayed with her and was asked by the police what had happened. He told them everything. Which matched what he told them when Edward got shot.

After the police leave, the doctor working on Chris comes out and looks at him “she’s going to pull through, but she lost half her right lung. The bullet bounced around inside her rib caged.”

Anthony felt sorry for Chris. First, she loses her penis and testes and now she loses half her right lung. “can I see her, please?”

“Yes, but don’t stay long.” The doctor turns around and heads back through the double doors.

A nurse escorts Anthony up to the ICU floor and to the room Chris will be in, while she recovers. Anthony walks in and looks down at her sleeping form. She looked so peaceful and felt sorry for her. Chris could be a little childish and flirty, but she didn’t deserve to be shot and lose half a lung.

Anthony gives Chris hand a little squeeze before he leaves. He pulls his cellphone out and calls his mom to let her know what has happened. She sees Chris as her daughter, ever since they took her in after what her father and brother did to her.

His mother said she would inform Jimmy’s mother about what he did. Anthony’s mother knew Jimmy’s parents were going to take it hard. The thing that bothered Anthony, Edward, and Bruce the most, was what caused Jimmy to snap like he did.

Anthony heads back towards the campsite and arranges to stay a little longer. Bruce was going to go ahead and take Edward back home.
However, he did want Anthony to let him know how Chris was doing.

Anthony and Chris Home:
A week and a half later, Chris was released from the hospital. She had been visited by Anthony’s mother and her relatives she was still on good terms with. Her doctor gave her a list of instructions she had to follow.

She pets her favorite cat from among the three that lived at the house. Sometimes, she wakes up from nightmares from the shooting. She still wanted to know why Jimmy shot her.

“How are you feeling, Christy?” Dana comes out to check on Chris.

“I’m doing okay, mom.” Chris keeps petting her favorite cat.

Dana sits down next to Chris “are you sure, sweetheart?”

Dana rubs Chris’s back. She prefers to call Chris, Christy instead of just Chris. She felt Christy was a better female sounding name for Chris.

Chris rest her head on Dana’s shoulder. She has been the only mother Chris has ever known.

“I’ll be alright, mom.” Chris closes her eyes.

Dana wraps her arm around Chris's shoulder and holds her close. She loved Chris and felt sorry for the hard life she has had.

“I know sweetie, I know.”

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