Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten -- The Hostess With The Mostest

"I don't care if there's a fucking flying saucer from Mars down there; I just want some sleep," Candi replied and Millie giggled as the Skyliner made its approach into Changi airport, Singapore.

The flight deck crew and the first class hostesses were rushed through customs and immigration and bussed away to a five star hotel on Scotts Street close to Orchard Road in the affluent area of Singapore City. The rest of the flight crew stayed in a 'Stewie Stalag' four to a room in cramped cheap hotel rooms.

On arrival at the hotel, the male members of the fight deck crew tried to encourage the hosties to go with them to the hotel bar, undoubtedly in an attempt to 'claim their wings'. The pilots were well spoken and handsome but the hosties were beat and fobbed them off.

Candi and Millie shared a suite with two queen beds and an ensuite bathroom and they dropped their bags, dropped their uniforms, and fell into bed in their underwear, too tired to even change into nightclothes. Even though there were two beds, as matter of habit they snuggled together in the same bed and were soon fast asleep.

Candi and Millie woke up in the early evening, refreshed but in need of a shower and a change of clothes. The girls sat side by side in their lingerie fixing their hair and doing their makeup.

"I'm going out to see the city. I'm so excited! It's my fist time overseas, are you coming Millie?" Candi grinned as she applied mascara.

"Nah. I've got an errand to run and we will have plenty of time to explore Singapore. We're on this run permanently now," Millie replied pensively.

"An errand? Isn't this your first trip to Singers too?" Candi asked.

"Yeah, but its family shit. Don't worry about it Candi, we can go out tomorrow after the Skyliner promotion," Millie said a little nonplussed.

Candi shrugged her shoulders and pulled on a white A-line skirt and floral blouse. She wore sheer tan hosiery and white high heels and she thought she looked very Oriental.

Candi had read up a little on Singapore and she caught a cab to Bugis Street where the Singaporean ladyboys, known as Beanie Boys, plied their trade. She was intrigued to see if the Beanies were as feminine as they were purported to be; it was said that you couldn't tell the difference between a Beanie and a real woman so Candi was keen to see if there was anything she could learn.

Candi wondered down Bugis Street; internationally renowned for its nightly parade of flamboyantly-dressed transvestites and transsexual women attracting hordes of Caucasian gawkers who had never before witnessed Asian drag queens in full regalia.

The place was full of British sailors and Candi remembered that the Ark Royal was in port. The sailors were polite to her, if a little drunk, and soon took the hint to leave her alone when they approached her.

Having had enough of Bugis Street, Candi caught a cab to the Raffles Hotel, the last bastion of the British Raj in Singapore and an icon of the days of Empire.

Candi sidled up to the bar and ordered a Singapore Sling; the drink for which the hotel was internationally famous. Her intent was to have one or two; or maybe three or four and head on back to Scotts Street.

That was until a very handsome Naval Officer in uniform sidled up to her and introduced himself.

"Lieutenant Steven Winters, Royal Navy. At your service." He gallantly kissed her hand and Candi giggled.

Candi could tell by the gold wings on his chest that he was a pilot. An extremely good-looking Navy fighter pilot who was going to be very hard to resist. Unfortunately for the extremely good-looking Steven Winters, he was trying to seduce a transvestite, not a woman, Candi thought.

"How do you do. I'm Candace Pops, but please call me Candi; and I'm a flight steward for Goldwing Airlines." She smiled at him.

"So we are both aviators to some extent." He bowed politely.

"Cut the shit Steven, you fly jet fighters and I serve drinks to overweight businessmen who try to put their hands up my skirt every chance they can get." She sipped her drink and smiled.

Steven nodded to the bartender to bring more drinks and then he returned her smile.

"And I can well understand why Miss Pops. If I had to put my hand under any skirt here, I would definitely put it under yours," he grinned.

Candi was about ready to call it a night; and, as handsome as this young pilot was, she just didn't have the patience or the efficacy to drag things out and then at the end of night confess to him that she was a transvestite.

She leaned into him and nibbled his ear and then whispered.

"But what if you found something under my skirt you weren't expecting?" Candi withdrew and looked at him earnestly.

Steven took a half step back and studied Candy intently. He looked her up and down and a quizzical look came over him and he looked her up and down again.

He handed Candi a fresh drink and then took a long draught of his own.

"Bear with me a little. I want to tell you a true story," he grinned.

"I know a Wren named Michele. I'm not in love with her; but I'm captivated by her," he began.

"She's gorgeous, feminie, sexy, articulate, and very good businesswoman. She runs a brothel and gambling den on board the navy's flagship right under the noses of Admiralty and they haven't a clue."

Candi smiled. She found the story intriguing.

"But there's something about her. She's special." Steven smirked and sipped his drink.

He leaned in close to Candi.

"She too has something special under her skirt too. She is a transvestite," he whispered.

Before Candi could reply Steven pressed his lips to hers and put his hands on her waist and pulled her gently to him.

"You are pretty, engaging, and delightful and I would really like to spend the night with you. No strings attached. Ships in the night if I may be so crass," Steven smiled 'that smile'; the one that had melted many a heart.

"I have a boyfriend. No that's not right. I have my fiance back in England," Candi replied regretfully.

"But what harm is done if two acquaintances spend one night together? No one need know and we need never meet again. Ships in the night, as I said Miss Pops," Steve grinned and kissed her hand.

They finished their drinks and Steve led Candi upstairs to his room.

"I'm sharing my room with another officer but he's found an English girl at the British Embassy who is more than eager to bend over for a young pilot, if you know what I mean," Steve grinned.

"And is that what you're hoping this English girl will do? Bend over for you?" Candi smirked.

Steve pulled her into his arms and kissed her affectionately.

"I don't want you bent over Candace. We only have one night together and I want to look into your pretty face when we make love," he sighed.

"Who says we're making love." She smiled coyly up at him.

"Ok. I was probably a little too forward, I shouldn't have assumed just because you came to my room that... Let's start again. Take a seat and let me get you a drink," Steve pulled a chair out from under a little two-seat dining table.

Candi sat and Steve lit her a cigarette and went over to the little mini-bar and poured two gin and tonics.

He sat opposite her but their knees were touching under the table.

"So tell me about you Candace. I'm always fascinated by you special girls and how you become such gorgeous creatures." Steve's eyes studied her face.

Candi told him most of her story. How she really wanted to be a flight steward and her ruse to crossdress and then how she found that she loved living as a woman and had decided to live full time trans. She embellished the story a bit, including her relationships with Michelle Murphy and John Benstead but omitting any references to Tony Carlotta and Dennis Caputo.

"Fascinating," Steve smiled.

He then told her about the 'Barrack Room Betty's' on board HMS Ark Royal which Candi found intriguing.

"So three transvestites are running a knocking shop on board our country's flagship. That's priceless," she laughed.

It was getting late. Very late and Candi had no intention of staying the night and giving Millie something to accidentally mention to John or Michelle.

Candi reached under the table and squeezed Steve's thigh. She moved her lips to his ear and slid her tongue along his earlobe and then bit it as her fingers found his semi-erect penis and squeezed it through his trousers. He inhaled her perfume and shuddered as his penis sprang to full tumescence.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" Steve smiled.

"You're the highly qualified fighter pilot. What do your instincts tell you?" Candi kissed him again.

He lifted Candi out of her seat and led her over to the King size bed. Steve smiled as he pulled Candi to him and slid his hand under her skirt.

"I told you that if there is any girl in Raffle's who's skirt I'm putting my hand under, it's yours," he chuckled.

"Bloody men! You're all the same!" Candi grinned.

They kissed and Candi reached between them, undid Steve's flies and stroked his cock. He groaned with pleasure but kept kissing Candi and his hand found her satin panties and reached inside and freed her hardening cock from its gaff. Candi was a little surprised; but of course Steve had plenty of experience with transvestites so he wasn't concerned about playing with another penis.

She sighed with pleasure as Steve gently stroked her penis and she stroked his with the same rhythm. They fell down onto the bed but remained glued together kissing and fondling each other.

Then Steve surprised Candi even more when he broke the kiss and lowered his face to her groin and engulfed her cock and began to slowly suck it.

"Oh my god!" she groaned and riffled her hand through his hair.

Candi returned the favour and sucked and slathered at Steve's tumescent organ, running her tongue around the bulbous glans, causing him to leak pre-seminal fluid, which she lovingly licked off his glans and swallowed. Steve groaned and gently held her head and guided it up and down on his phallus.

Candi didn't want Steve to come in her mouth; she had other plans. She hiked up her skirt and climbed on top, pulled her panties aside, and lowered her puckered sphincter onto his rock hard cock. Steve thrust upwards and slowly inserted his throbbing cock deep inside her.

"Oh god that feels so good!" Candi gasped as she rode him.

"Oh god yes Candi!" Steve replied and gripped her hips and lifted her up and down as he fucked her.

Candi rode with him, allowing the tip of Steve's cock to retract almost to the entrance of her anus then she ground down on him, wriggling her buttocks to increase his pleasure. Steve stroked Candi's cock as he fucked her; pre-seminal fluid was dribbling from the eye and dripping onto his belly.

"Oh! I'm going to come!" Steve gasped.

Steve lifted Candi off him and lowered her onto the bed on her back and flung himself on top of her, impaling her on his penis. He fucked her hard and fast while he kissed her and her legs wrapped around him.

Candi was stimulated by his cock pressing on her prostate, her cock rubbing on his belly and his wild passionate kisses. She orgasmed; quivering and shaking with the intense pleasure and then she felt Steve grind against her, forcing his cock in as far it would go as he ejaculated inside her.

They both pawed at each other and smashed their lips together as they came and rode the vehement waves of gratification cursing through their bodies.

Eventually they were sated and Candi lay underneath Steve while he gently kissed her and stroked her hair.

"You are definitely a hostie with the mostest Miss Candi Pops." Steve kissed her again.

They lay side by side smoking and drinking fresh drinks that Steve had made. He was still naked and Candi had taken off her skirt and blouse but left on her stockings, heels and panties.

"So you are friends with the famous Cherri Pops from Transvixen. Wow! I used to wank off over pictures of her and Panti when I was younger. It's shame the band broke up; I actually like their music, even if they only did covers," Steve said.

Candi noticed that Steve was beginning to become tumescent again and she reached out began to softly stroke his cock; improving his erection.

"Mmm, that's nice." Steve moaned and placed his fingers on Candi's hardening cock tenting her panties.

He rolled over so he was astride her and could push his cock against her panty-clad member while he kissed her.

"Mmm that is nice." Candi smiled up at him.

Candi lifted her legs and rubbed them on his flanks and Steve shuddered.

She lifted her bottom off the bed and Steve pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slid his hard cock inside he right up to the hilt. She was still wet with his semen and it slid in easily.

"That fits very well," Candi grinned.

"It does." Steve lowered his face and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

He slowly fucked her and Candi rose to meet his thrusts. They took their time, enjoying making love with each other, both knowing it would be the last time.

They slowly increased the tempo until their orgasms were unstoppable and then they rutted and gasped as they fucked each other hard and fast. They came together again; Steve ejaculated deep inside Candi and she came against his belly. They were in the final throes of their orgasms when suddenly the door burst open.

"...and tomorrow I'll take you down and show you the ship. Oh my fucking God!"

Another handsome young man in a naval officer's uniform and a sweet looking red-haired girl stood in the doorway stunned to see Steve and Candi fucking on the bed.

"Christ! In or out for fuck sake but close the fucking door!" Steve yelled.

The two intruders blushed a deep red and stepped outside, slamming the door behind them.

Steve and Candi burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Candi cleaned up, dressed and fixed her makeup while Steve made them both another drink and changed into civvies.

"I'd better duck down the bar and let the two love birds know were finished," he grinned.

"That's ok, I'll leave through the main entrance while you go to the bar," Candi replied snubbing out her cigarette.

Steve looked disappointed.

"So this really is it?" He smiled sadly.

"Yes babe. Ships in the night remember," Candi kissed him on the cheek and left the room without looking back.

She never said a word to Millie when she got back to the hotel and once again they snuggled up together and went to sleep.

They met their obligations for the two day Skyliner 'promotional'. Once again the hostesses stood in front of the airplane, looking gorgeous, sexy and provocative. All eyes were on the scantily clad hosties providing the backdrop for the Goldwing executives while they spruiked on about the aircraft. The girls knew they were just being used as eye candy but it was worth it just to be a hostie; and to be a hostie on the Skyliner was Candi's dream job.

Megan DeVille smiled at Candi a few times but never mentioned their little interlude during the flight over to Singapore and Candi was relieved in a way.

Candi and Millie were able to go out shopping together on the last day in Singapore but once again Millie claimed she had personal business to see to that afternoon and the girls split up and went their separate ways.

"Don't know what the fuck personal business Millie could have in Singapore. I wonder if she's just fed up of being with me?" Candi said to herself as she window-shopped in Lucky Plaza.

Candi arrived back at the hotel, took the lift to the Executive floor and unlocked the door to the room she shared with Millie.

She walked into the room and dropped her packages. She was stunned to see Millie lying on the bed with her legs spread and her panties and pantyhose down around her ankles. She was sticking something in her vagina and at first Candi thought that she'd found her friend masturbating with a vibrator or dildo of some sort, but the object didn't quite look like that.

Candi just stood there gobsmacked. Millie looked up at her with discernible impatience.

"Don't just stand there!"

"Stick this up your arse Candi!" Millie said holding up a metal tube that was rounded on both ends.

Candi couldn't believe it! This was coming from demure, docile, Millicent.

"What the fuck Millie! What is that and what is this about?" Candi was flabbergasted.

"What do you think it is Candi? It's drugs! It's diamonds! It's an uranium fucking isotope!"

"I don't know Candi... and I don't give a fuck! I just do what Tony tells me to do. So now you're going to stick those tubes up your arse and smuggle them into Heathrow just like I'm sticking these up my cunt!" Millie eased another of the metal tubes into her vagina.

"But Millie... I thought you were this innocent girl who had been hard done by and had risen above it all to become a hostie so you could look after your poor mom!" Candi said, still shocked.

Millie sat up, pulled up her pantyhose and panties, lit a cigarette and poured herself a double from the bottle of Johnnie Walker on her bedside table. She took a big hit on the scotch and drew on her cigarette and looked at Candi with contempt.

"Did you really believe all the shit I sold you? I'm the poor little doe-eyed girl from the East End whose daddy used to fuck her. I'm so naïve and vulnerable that I need some tranny tart to look after me. Boohoo!" Millie scoffed.

"I've been working for Tony since I was sixteen. When Tony met you and he found out you were going to become a hostie, he saw the potential straight away. He got me to apply for a job as a hostie with Goldwing too."

"He paid the right people to ensure we both got selected for training and to ensure we aced the course and got selected for the Skyliner. Tony needs a reliable connection in and out of Singapore and we are it," Millie took another deep lungfull of smoke.

"And my job is make sure that you do what he needs you to do." Millie grinned.

"But I was selected on merit. I was the best candidate and I was the best hostie during training!" Candy snatched Millie's cigarettes off the table and lit one and poured herself a generous helping of scotch.

"Hey. Help yourself doll; they're duty free," Millie smirked.

"The selection was rigged. We were always going to get selected for the Flight Steward Academy and for the Skyliner, Caputo and Cruella were in his pocket."

Candi looked stunned.

"But Dennis Caputo! He...he said he would expose me! He blackmailed me!" Candi stammered.

"The Dennis Caputo thing? Do you really think Tony rubbed him out cause he was blackmailing you for sex. Tony couldn't care if you got it up the arse all day every day with Caputo's dick or his cannoli for that matter. Caputo had been paid by Tony to make sure you and I got into the hostie program and when he tried to double dip? Well now he's a dead pool-boy with a broom up the whazoo!"

Millie topped off her drink and lit another cigarette. She leaned over and topped off Candi's drink too.

"But how do you know Tony?" Candi took a slug of the harsh liquid.

"I've been one of his hookers for as long as I can remember. Mom bought me to him early. She didn't have any money, all her useless boyfriends had cleaned her out but she saw that I was looker with a good body so she did what she had to." Millie shrugged her shoulders.

"But those stories you told me?" Candi continued.

"What? About the pregnancy? About Randall Cunningham and Mr Grimsby?" Candi asked.

"That old cunt Grimsby? It was my proposal that he wank off on my legs for those new tights, not his. Yes that's right; I would let him wank off over my legs and feet after school and I got a new pair of Pretty Pollies every time I did."

"And Randall...that schmuck never stood a chance! I seduced him; not he seduced me. Then I took him for everything he had. I blackmailed him; I told him that I'd tell my stupid cow of a mother that he was fucking me unless he paid up. I told him I'd go to the police."

"I was never pregnant you dopey cow! As if! I've been on the pill since I first started bleeding into my knickers!" Millie snickered.

"What about John? What about Michelle? Are they in on this?" A tear began to run down Candi's face.

"No babe. John isn't smart enough to be part of this. He actually loves you. And Michelle; well she was just used by Tony, he's got a thing for her as you know," Millie smiled bleakly.

"So you knew I was a transvestite the whole time? When we snuggled in bed, when I told you my hopes and dreams," Candi sobbed.

Millie took Candi into her arms and hugged her.

"Look I know this is a shock but think about it? You got what you wanted. You are a flight steward on the best, most expensive, most high class aircraft in the world."

"And you have the protection of Tony Carlotta. No one can hurt you. You can settle down with John Benstead if you want; your wages are good and Tony is going to slip you something extra every time we deliver whatever is in those tubes," Millie hugged Candi.

"Look I think you're sometimes cocky, selfish, and certainly naïve. But I do like you Candi. There's no reason we can't be friends," Millie said.

"If it helps; my mom is on the bones of her arse and I'm doing this so I can buy her a nice house in the country. And maybe a few things for myself ," Millie grinned her mischievous grin.

Candi lit another cigarette and sipped her scotch. Her mascara had run and she looked forlorn but she managed a weak smile.

"So you really don't know what is in those cylinders?" Candi smiled feebly.

"Nope! Don't know! Don't wanna know; and don't care. So long as Tony pays me," Millie replied.

Candi snuggled up closer to her friend.

"And how much exactly is he paying us?" she smiled.

Candi was nervous as they approached the flight crew express customs and immigration desks at Heathrow airport. Millie took up station on one side of her and Megan DeVille on the other.

"Just relax. Don't look suspicious, just hand over your passport and customs declaration and open your shopping bags. The Customs officers are bored shitless and are used to flight crews coming and going so they never worry us," Megan whispered.

And she was right. It was a total doddle.

Millie shared a taxi home with Candi and followed her inside. Candi went to the bathroom and expelled the three little tubes which was all she could fit inside herself comfortably. She washed them and dried them and bought them out to Millie.

"What happens now?" Candi asked.

"I take them to Tony, you fuck your boyfriend so he thinks everything's ok, and in two day's time we do it again only this time there is only a one night stopover in Singapore," Millie said, lighting a cigarette.

"No, I mean how do we get paid?" Candi asked.

"Just wait and it will come. Tony will need to check the merchandise, whatever the fuck it is, first. See you day after tomorrow doll; call me if you wanna do lunch or something." Millie smiled and kissed Candi on the cheek and saw herself out.

As soon as Millie was gone Candi picked up the phone and called John and Michelle and they came right over. She told them about the smuggling and all about Millie.

"The cheeky little cunt! Who would have thought?" John grinned.

"Fucking Tony!" was all Michelle could say.

"Well John! What the fuck do I do?" Candi asked him.

"Babe, I'm his counterfeiter and forger. I already work for Tony so I guess you do now too, whether you like it or not." John ran his fingers through his long hair, looking worried.

"And I'm a business associate and sometime fuck buddy. I've known Tony for years and the one thing I do know is that you don't cross him," Michelle concurred.

The three of them sat in silence at the table drinking scotch and smoking; staring into space.

John and Michelle broke the silence when they said in unison:

"How much does it pay?"

The next day there was another delivery poked through the letterbox. This time when Candi unwrapped it she found a box of Cadbury's Roses chocolates. The note attached said:

'Candy for my Candi xxx Tony'

"Fuck!" John and Candi stared at the opened box of chocolates on the dinning table.

"All that risk and all you get is a fucking box of chockies!" Steve growled.

"Fuck Tony!" Candi screamed and threw the box of chocolates across the room and the chocolates went everywhere.

Along with one thousand pounds in twenty pound notes that were under the first layer of chocolates.

"Fuck!" Candi and John yelped and got down on their knees and scrambled for the cash.


One year later Candi closes the door to the new penthouse apartment she shares with John and locks the door behind her. As drops her house keys into her purse she looks at the gold wedding band on her ring finger and smiles. She is dressed in her Skyliner uniform. The light blue A-line skirt, with the very short hem; the form-fitting jacket now with silver piping along the lapels indicating a fully trained hostess, a long sleeved white satin blouse and black patent leather four-inch heels. She's pulling a little overnight carry bag on wheels.

Underneath her uniform she is wearing white satin panties and a matching B-cup brassiere which nicely supports her new firm breasts courtesy of augmentation surgery she had undertaken in a hospital in Bangkok six months previously. She is wearing a pair of sheer-to-the waist fifteendenier flesh-toned pantyhose and they help her gaff in place between her legs and will also help keep the three little tubes inside her anus on the return flight.

Her hire car is waiting as usual and the driver holds the rear door open for her, averting his eyes as she climbs in. Wearing the tiny skirt there is no way to enter or exit the car without flashing her knickers and as usual there is a small group of teenaged boys hanging outside her apartment building waiting for just this opportunity. She smiles to herself and deliberately opens her legs wider than she needs to.

The car drives a mile further into London and pulls over to pick up Millicent Walker who is dressed the same as Candi and has her own little group of admirers who watch her get into the car.

They have time to smoke a cigarette and catch up on gossip on the way to Heathrow airport where they stride through the concourse knowing that every eye is on them. The men thinking lustful thoughts and the women jealous.

Millie and Candi walk through the first class cabin collecting glasses prior to take off and Megan DeVille's sultry voice comes over the loudspeakers.

"Good Morning! Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome aboard this Goldwing Skyliner flight to Singapore. My name is Megan DeVille and I'm your In-flight Service Director. Your flight attendants in the first class cabin are Miss Candace Benstead and Miss Millicent Walker and along with myself we are here to ensure you have an enjoyable flight to Singapore this morning."

Candi and Millie buckle themselves into the jump seats next to the forward passenger door and look out the window as the aircraft taxis. As it thunders down the runway they look down the rows of cubicles to make sure none of the passengers are walking around during take off.

They instinctively reach out and hold each other's hands. They are both smiling.

The end.

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Nice story!

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Thanx for another fun story.



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The girls had better be careful. This is the city that banned chewing gum and long hair! You're not allowed to have too much fun in The Lion City. I'll say no more as I don't want to be a spoiler.

Another enjoyable totally pornographic romp.