S-Idol - Part 15


S-Idol - The winner



Welcome to S-Idol. We started with 10 boys. Two boys are left. You have decided who is S-idol 2008. 

Tonight we have invited all boys back, to see how they are doing and how they experienced S-Idol. And of course we will have to announce who won this years S- Idol. Lets start.  


Welcome to S- Idol






Summer was sent here, because he his mother wanted to find the more feminine side of him, so that he does not tease and bully at school. He didn't get the chance, as 25% voted that he should be eliminated the first week. 


Questions to Summer:

Are you happy you were voted out of S-Idol?

Yes. I seen all the Episodes and am happy that I didn't have to wear dresses and be like a baby. I Don't understand the boys that stayed here. They just became sissies and babies. I would have walked out and said that they can keep their S-Idol. I was nearly voted back at one stage. If I was voted back, I would have tried because there were only a few episodes left. But I am happy I was voted out. Everyone at school would tease me that I am a sissy. 


Do you still Bully at school and friends?

There was one S-Idol that I seen where boys were teased when they were wearing a dress. I thought this was mean, They were the same under the dress ad they are when they wear boys clothes. That made me think. But I suppose I still tease and bully. Its just because some people are so weird. 


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

Everyone thinks Rose is cute, but Taylor is a gay sissy, so I think Taylor will win




Ali was voted out as the second boy with 37% of the votes. He went in a tantrum when he had to wear girl clothes and later he teased some boys that were wearing diapers. S-Idol readers sent him home 


Questions to Ali:

Are you happy you were voted out of S-Idol?

It was a strange experience for me. I mean we were forced to wear girl clothes and we had to take showers with the others. This was just too strange. it is making boys to girls, and that's not just right. I am happy that I didn't have to experience many things that the others did, especially going in public with diapers


Do you Feel bad that you have teased?

No. teasing is a way of telling people to act normal. They were sitting around in girls clothes, that was one thing. But some also had diapers on. They should have known better besides accepting that they should wear those things. They are far too old for that.  


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

I thought Chrissy would win. He is a real sissy. But we have two gay boyfriends left, and I think that Taylor is more sissy, But people will vote for Rose, because they feel sorry for him.  



Reece started S-idol well, and was one of the favourites. However, when he had to visit his old school with a dress on, he did not come out of the limo. S-Idol viewers thought that this was a sign that he could not survive the rest of S-Idol. 30% voted that he should go home


Questions to Reece:

Are you  disappointed that you did not get out of the car ?

That's why I was kicked out. But it was a shock. It was Ok wearing these clothes in Barbie house, where all the other boys wore it. But when I came to the school, I panicked. I didn't expect it and locked my self in the car. That was stupid


What did S-Idol Teach you?

I am not a sissy. But I have learnt that sometimes we have to face things in life and not be afraid what people thinks. If we can take people laughing at us with girl clothes on, then we can take anything


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

Rose will win. He accepted everything. He started as a boy and now he is a sissy.  



Aaron was one of the adorable contestants in the show. From the start we have seen that he wet himself and acted quite like a baby. Once he tried taking his diaper off, and it did not work. Aaron was eliminated with 27%, a close battle between him and Ashley. The Week after he was voted back and tried being a baby, which he thought was the best day in his life. 25% voted that he should leave 


Questions to Aaron:

So What has happened since you left S-Idol ?

I was taken to this doctor and they found out that I have a weak bladder and its weak. That's why I pee myself she says. Things are better with my family because they now understand why sometimes I have to wear diapers. The doctor gave me exercises to do and things will get better. At school everyone thinks I am a baby and some calls me sissy. But I have a lot more friends, especially girls. 


Do You really wish you were a baby?

I don't think I am a sissy. I think I am a baby. I don't know why I want to be a baby. I think its because people don't expect much. 


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

Rose will win.



Paris was one of the tough boys in S-Idol, that teased and bullied other boys at school. His eyes were opened when he visited his school and it was suddenly him being teased. He has worked hard on not teasing, but had a rough time when the boys were put in diapers. He teased and with 58% of votes, he was voted out


Questions to Paris:

What has happened since you left S-Idol ?

That's why I was kicked out. But it was a shock. It was Ok wearing these clothes in Barbie house, where all the other boys wore it. But when I came to the school, I panicked. I didn't expect it and locked my self in the car. That was stupid


What did S-Idol Teach you?

Its better being weird and a sissy than teasing and making people feel bad. If you think a person is strange or not normal, then you can keep it to yourself or say it in a polite way. Sometimes its hard though 


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

Taylor will win. He was the true sissy through the whole show. I thought Nicolas would win to tell you the truth 



Ashley had a hard time saying no to anyone and anything. His family thought that S-Idol would teach him to stand up for himself and say no. S-Idol views have noticed this through S-Idol. At times he did say no, and this was a step forward. However at the end, he was kicked out with 38% of the votes


Questions to Ashley:

Did you miss S-Idol when you were kicked out?

Yes, I made it so far, and then I was kicked out. I really enjoyed S-Idol. It was a chance to pretend I was a girl and a baby. I didn't like when people thought I was gay. I didn't like when people thought I was a sissy. But I did miss it


What has life been after S-Idol?

I am famous at school. People ask how I could be in such a show and what it was like. They are also proud that I made it so far. 


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

I Hope that Taylor wins. I think he did the best.  



The Big shock of S-Idol was when Chrissy was eliminated next. Through the show, he has shown that he was a true sissy and even a baby sissy. At the end he received 47% of the votes to leave, a very close call between him and Taylor. A few votes could have meant that Chrissy would have been in the finals tonight


Questions to Chrissy:

Were you surprised when you were voted out ?

Yes, everyone was telling me that I was the favourite when the show started. I really loved S-idol. All those girl clothes I tried on and even was allowed to be a baby. I was so sad when I left. Some told me it was because people that expected me to win didn't bother to vote. But I think that I did very well. 


What has life been like since you left S-Idol?

I am allowed to dress up as a girl in the weekends, and this is great fun. I feel like I can be a boy in the week and then a girl at the weekends. I have received a lot of mail by boys that thinks I am brave and I am happy about this. 


Who do you think will win S-Idol?

Rose is so cute and I think he will win.   



Nicolas was a special boy in S-Idol. He really thought he was a girl and enjoyed it so much. This had made him a popular favourite however it was not enough. 57% voted that he should leave before the Final. 


Questions to Nicolas:

Were you surprised when you were voted out ?

I came in third place and would like to wish everyone that supported me. It was an experience of a life time, and I would like to do it again. I am not disappointed, as I came in third place.  


What has life been like since you left S-Idol?

Dad and I are much closer now. He calls me Nicola. He is taking me to some doctor where we are talking about my feelings and if I am a girl in a boys body. I think that I will be happy in the future.  


Who do you think will win S-Idol?




Rose has made it to the final. He was sent here as a means to be humiliated by his aunt. Throughout the series, he has shown that he accepted each challenge and was ready to do what was asked. At the end he found a boyfriend and considered himself a sissy


Questions to Rose:

many have said this show turned you to a sissy while Taylor was a sissy, do you agree ?

I like wearing girl clothes. I think when I am a baby and look like a girl, then I remember my mom, that died when I was small. I like wearing dresses, and I don't know if I am a sissy. I never thought I was gay, but then I fell in love with Taylor and I really love him. I think its up to the voters to decide who wins, and I would be proud if Taylor wins. 


Do you think your aunt is mean to have humiliated you ?

My aunt took care of me when my mum died. I have heard people say that she is mean and all that. I am looking forward to living with my grandmother. That is close to where Taylor lives and she will treat me better


What will you do if You win S-Idol?

There's not much I can do except have the prize statue. I think it is something I will always remember. I found out who I am and  



Taylor was confused when he came to S-idol. He was a boy on the outside, but was hiding that he was both gay and a sissy. Through S-Idol, he has learnt that he is a sissy and even fell in love with another boy 


Questions to Taylor:

Are you a sissy and are you gay ?

That is a bit of a dumb question. Everyone has seen me wear girls clothes for the last nine weeks and acting like a girl. Everyone seen me fall in love with Rose and even kissing him. People seen all this and they know that I liked it. 


Are you afraid the whole world knows now and will tease and bully you?

I have thought about this. I do not know what will happen, But I had the guts to do something that was fun and most boys would not do. I have learned that we are who we are, we should be proud and this means that people are different. If people tease me, I will stand up for myself. I will always have friends that accept me for who I am


What will you do if you win S-Idol?

I haven't thought about it. Maybe I will go out and buy a dress hee hee


The Results

There is one thing to do. To announce who has won S-Idol 2008. Lets waste no time and get down to business.


58% has voted that Rose should be S-Idol
42% has voted that Taylor should be S-Idol


Siss International

You have Miss International. We have Siss International. This is the next Dauphin Interactive project. It includes you.
You will present your Sissy and decide what he wears and what he looks like. You will decide what country he comes from and even what he says. Then Dauphins readers will vote Eurovision style on who is Siss International 2008

To enter Siss Idol, send Dauphin an e.mail or a message here and details of what Information I need will be sent to you. Your identity will be secret if you wish
Your e-mail address will be safe with me. I will not give it to any spammers etc
The -e-mail is [email protected]

Siss International will start when I get enough contestants. We need at least 10

Presenting S-Idol 2008




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