“flashback” Chapter 1 “Time Steps” (starter)

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Title track: Time Machine By Joe Satriani


A girl learns she can willingly project herself and others into the past. She witnesses the arrival of a young man who tells her to take her family and head west. Later in the week, an explosion occurs that decimates the east coast. She tries to go back to that day but instead moves into the future where she meets her now, male self.

It’’s a rough start....

Chapter 1: Time steps

I remembered very little of it at first, but then it would all come back to.
Like a feeling of deva vu.
Off course, being five years old, I could only think I was playing too hard or just enjoying the same thing over and over again. I would tell my parents I had been playing for hours and how I could run through the woods, go to the playground and then to the pool—with different friends—and remember everything that occurred.
At one time, I saw someone who looked like me, down to her hair and freckles but she turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

“Mom, was I twin?”
“No, Ayle, however there have been times where there must be more than one of you who dirties so many clothes.”
“Not what I meant,” I replied and stretch my legs across the bench at the kitchen table. I had less than fifteen minutes to get to school for track practice.
Fortunately, I could get there in five.
“So you think we sold off your identical twin in trade for your brother two years down the road?”
“Why would you trade equal perfection, that is me, for…him?”
“I’ll tell Jonas that for you.”
Jonas was my thirteen year-old brother, who had started ninth grade. Tragically, we went to the same school.”
“No, mom, I mean, like that time we went to Disney World and we rode every single ride.”
“Ayle, we ‘did’ go on every single ride.”
“I spilled something on my shirt, so we had to change it, and the pictures Dad took had yet another shirt.”
“We spent five days there. Get to school.”
“If we had sold your twin, I would think they would have brought her back because she was defective.”
“Defective?” I asked as I stood up and grabbed my backpack.
“If she refuses to empty the dishwasher like you?”
I only rolled my eyes and left the house.

The trip to Disney World had been five years earlier and since then, nothing had ever occurred that I could remember.

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