Twisted Hacker

Aisha pets her cat Felix as he laid at the corner of her desktop at home. He was stretched out near her keyboard as she worked on the game code she had been hired to do. She already had sixty hours working on the game.

“So, what do you think Felix. Do you think we’ll get this game finished on time?” She reaches over and pets her tabby color Maine coon cat.

Aisha had never seen a cat like this before. The pet store where she bought him had a bunch of kittens for sale. The manager thought they were ordinary kittens that had been left for the place to sell. She bought Felix because he reminded her of the kitten she had when she lived in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

Her father was an American working for the NSA and her mother was a member of the Australian Defence Force's intelligence department. She got a scholarship and used the insurance settlement from the motorcycle accident she was in to get her degree from MIT.

Aisha was a freelance game programmer. She’s done jobs for several large and popular gaming companies. She did her internship with Atari.

Aisha pets Felix while she tries to figure out where a piece of code was messing up on her. She tried at least three times to get the piece of code she wrote to work right. She couldn’t figure out why the code wasn’t working.

Aisha gets up and heads into the kitchen of her apartment and pours herself a glass of sweet iced tea. She grabs a few treats for Felix. She looks down at her artificial right leg. She shivers as the memory of that day comes back to haunt her. She was out enjoying herself when a drunk driver bumped her rear tire and caused her to lose control of her motorcycle.

She landed on her right-hand side and crushed her right leg. The momentum carried her down the road, till she smacked into a parked truck. Her leg was so mangled that the doctors couldn’t save it. So, now she had an artificial one.

Occasionally, she experiences ghost pains where her leg uses to be. If she hadn’t had that accident, she wouldn’t have been able to attend college in the states. She has relatives that would have been willing to support her, but she didn’t want to impose on them. So, she looked for a nice two-bedroom apartment near campus.

She was contracted by Venture gaming system to help design a new game. There were at least twenty people working on the game and that included her. She walks back over to her desk and stroke Felix's spine. She just stares at her screen, trying to figure out what was wrong.

After looking at the code for a little bit. She spots the problem and realizes, it wasn’t her code. The code that wasn’t flowing with hers, was a code written by Jester. She wishes she knew who he was, so she could slap him around a few times. His coding was sloppy, but he did know his way around a game system.

Aisha sits back down and fixes his code. There were a few other spots where she had to fix his coding. She wonders why he did such a lousy job on the coding. She analyzes the code and wonders what he was thinking. Something didn’t seem right.

She feels Felix rub against her hand. She looks up and notices the time. It was late in the afternoon.

“Sorry, boy.” Aisha logs off and heads back to the kitchen to grab Felix’s food.

Felix jumps down from her computer desk and follows his human into the kitchen. He rubs against Aisha’s left leg. He didn’t like her artificial one.

“Okay, okay, it’s coming.” Aisha grabs Felix’s food bowl and a can of Whiskas for Felix.

Felix was a picky eater when it came to his food. It took Aisha several tries to get the right food for him. She spoons the food into his dish and places it down on his food mat.

“There you go, boy. Bon Appetit.”

Felix walks over and starts eating.

Aisha opens the refrigerator and grabs a container from the freezer. She pops the tab on the lid and toss it into the microwave and reheat it. While her dinner was reheating, she grabs a drink from the refrigerator.

Aisha walks over to the sliding glass doors and opens them. She glances back to make sure Felix was eating his food before stepping out. She doesn’t mind him going out on the balcony. She walks outside and watches as people come home from work and school.

She was glad that she had finally graduated from MIT with her degree. Her parents flew in and stayed a few days with her. They asked if she was coming back to Australia, but she told them not yet. As much as she misses Australia, she likes the states more.

Aisha stretches to relieve some tense muscles in her back. She thinks about going to the massage parlor tomorrow. She hears the microwave ding. Aisha turns around and heads back inside. She leaves the sliding glass doors open. She does pull the screen door closed, so Felix doesn’t get out.

Aisha pulls her dinner out and sits down on the sofa to eat. She selects a movie to watch while eating dinner. Felix walks over and jumps up on the sofa and over to her lap.

“You are an attention hound; don’t you know that?” As Aisha pets Felix as she watches the movie.

The clear cube-shaped alarm clock with pictures of Felix on it flashes green, as the alarm goes off. Aisha reaches up and feels around for the damn thing as it goes off again. Her hand finally finds it. She slaps the top of it, as she removes her hand and buries herself under her blanket. She feels Felix curled up next to her body.

She closes her eyes and gets another half-n-hour of sleep. The second alarm goes off. Her petite hand snakes its way out from under her blanket and slaps the alarm. Instead of going back under the blanket, Aisha pulls the blanket down to expose her head. She reaches down and pets Felix.

“Felix, why am I getting up so early on a Saturday?” Aisha crawls out of bed, being careful of Felix.

Felix just looks at his human as she moves around. A deep purring sound could be heard deep inside him. He just squirms around on the blanket and bat his huge eyes.

Aisha just watches her huge cat. Her last cat wasn’t as big as Felix, then again, her last cat wasn’t a Maine coon cat. Her last cat was just a stray she found. She hops into the shower and takes a nice shower. She was going to the massage parlor and afterward, go and have her hair and nails done. She’ll log on later to do some more coding.

After her shower, Aisha slips on a nice skirt and blouse that is easy to remove. She fixes breakfast for Felix before she grabs her purse and keys. Her cellphone was already in her purse.

“See you later, Felix and behave.” Aisha walks down to her scooter and takes it.

She heads to her favorite mall, where the massage parlor is located. Aisha parks her scooter and locks it up. She takes her helmet with her as she heads inside to her favorite massage parlor.

“Back again, Aisha?” Harry spotted Aisha as she walked in.

“Yep, back again for more torture.” She walks up to the counter and signs in.

“So, who do you want to break you?” Harry knew Aisha loved to banter back and forth with him.

“How about Riku?” Aisha loved the way he worked her over last time.

“He’s available. Let me escort you to room 6 and you can prepare yourself.” Harry escorts Aisha to the room and lets her prepare herself.
Aisha undresses and goes about preparing herself. She manages to climb up on the table and cover herself.

“Aisatsu watashi wa kyō anata ni nani ga dekimasu ka?” Riku knew Aisha could speak Japanesse.

“Zenkai to onajidesu. Watashi no senaka no kin'niku wa hontōni kitsuidesu.” Aisha responds back in Japanese.

He puts some oil on her back and starts working her muscles. He could tell she was tense and needed to relax. He works on relaxing her and massaging out certain areas of her body

Aisha closes her eyes and enjoys the treatment under Riku's tender care. The muscles in her back were starting to feel much better. She takes a relaxing breath and enjoys the treatment. When Riku tells her to turn over, she does. He doesn’t say anything or flinches at some of the scars on her arm from her motorcycle accident. Even though the slide mingled her right leg, it also scarred her right arm as well. It took almost a year of therapy to get at least full use of her arm again.

When Riku was done with her, she was feeling a lot better. She leaves a generous tip for Riku. The next place she stops at is a hair and nail salon. She didn’t have a favorite person, so she takes whoever is available. By the time her hair and nails were done, she was feeling a lot better and prettier.

Aisha normally didn’t suffer from self-esteem issues but after her accident. She has started questioning herself. She knew the accident wasn’t caused by her carelessness, but the other person.

She spends some time at the mall. She does some shopping and window shopping. There were a few items she wanted but cost too much. So, she’ll wait till they were on sale.

Aisha stops at a Korean restaurant and has lunch. She orders some extra to take home with her. She’ll have it later for dinner. She stops at her favorite book store to see what new computer magazines they have in stock. She picks up a few new books to read and several new programming books she has been wanting.

Aisha would love to know who Jester is. She knows he was wanted by Homeland security, the NSA and the Department of Justice. He was erasing criminal backgrounds from their criminal database. If the person was willing to pay him. He tried accessing the Witness Protection computers, but almost got caught doing it.

Aisha wasn’t your typical hacker. She didn’t try hacking people unless they pissed her off. Instead, she hacked games to see what their base code was and wrote short cuts for the game. She loved programming and playing games.

She knew Jester was up to something, but what it was, she had no idea of. When she arrives back to her apartment. Aisha puts her new clothing away. As for the magazines and books she bought. She puts those in her bookcase by her computer desk. The extra Korean food she bought, she puts in the refrigerator, to warm up later.

Aisha opens a can of cat food for Felix. Afterward, she sits down at her desk and put on some music to listen too. She goes to work on the game. There was a message waiting for her from Jester. She opens it and reads it.

Stop messing with my codes.

Her computer starts acting weird after reading it. Aisha touches a few keys on her keyboard to activate her custom-made anti-virus program.
The program quarantines the virus. She transfers it to a thumb drive and fixes the damage it started doing to her computer.

“Why that little snit.” She takes the thumb drive and opens it in another computer.

She looks at the virus and notices it was a polymorphic code. It was designed to tear her computer hardware apart and encrypt her hard drives.

“Oh, I am so going to make you pay for that stunt.” Aisha was pissed now.

Once her computer was fixed, she backtraces where the email came from. Jester was good, but she was better. However, in this case, the
bastard had sent it from a government computer in Russia.

She opens the code for the game and saw that Jester had added something to her code. She prints out the sections he modified. She looks at the code and could see it sent the gamer from one section of the game to another section. She goes to that section to see what it was but couldn’t. It was protected with a special command that would take her to long to break.

She goes back to her code and looked at what he did to her codes. He removed the ones she did and added it to her code. The code was sloppy and long.

“What are you doing, Jester?” As she sits back in her chair and reread the code again.

Something just didn’t seem right to her. She goes back and rechecks the code and after she checks it a third time. It finally dawns on her, what he was doing. The code allowed whoever played the game to be hacked by an outside source. Also, the code allowed the user to access a secret area.

“What are you doing, Jester?” She wonders why Jester was doing this to a Venture gaming system.

Aisha wonders should she inform someone about this. All she had now was just speculation, nothing to prove her theory. She takes a screenshot of the code and saves the record. Once the game is finished or ready to roll out. She’ll inform the project manager of the program.

As for what Jester did, she leaves a custom virus that slowly and quietly takes over his computer system. She knew how good he was, so she designed the program to clone itself and go to a different area of his motherboard. She makes it hide in his ram, so it would make it harder to detect. Once she is done with the virus and disguising it as a picture file. She sends the email to him.

Once the email was sent off, Aisha starts coding the next section of the game. She works till very late on the coding and around two in the morning, she retires for the night.

The next morning, she receives an email from Venture gaming. They inform her, that they were going to sell the game system. She was to continue coding on the system she was working on, but her contract after the game system was done. Would have to be renewed by the new owners.

“Well, that sucks.” Aisha couldn’t believe that Venture games were being bought out. She wonders who the new owners will be and if they are
going to continue using outside contractors like her, to code their systems.

She liked the fact that she didn’t have to go to the office. She also liked the fact that she could work in her panties and bra if she wanted to and spend time with her cat. Aisha heads into the kitchen and pours herself some orange juice.

She hopes Jester takes the bite because she wanted to get even with him. Why Venture ever hired him, she’ll never understand. She sits down at her computer and starts working on the game code some more.

In the next few days, she continues to work on the game code. She has already received her pay, which went directly into her bank account. As she is working, her system lets her know someone was trying to penetrate her network. She launches her tracking program and tracks who it was.

“Oh, you just made a mistake, Mr. Jester.” Aisha starts counter-attacking Jester’s system.

She back-traced his IP address to Middletown, Delaware. After that she lost the connection to him.

“I’ll get you next time, you prick.” Aisha was disappointed that she didn’t get him.

Felix jumps up on the desk and swats Aisha’s hand. He looks at her with his kitty cat eyes.

“Okay, okay, I’ll feed you.”

Aisha logs off and grabs some dinner for her kitty cat. Afterward, she fixes herself some dinner. She has music playing while she is cooking. Just as she finishes fixing her dinner and was getting ready to sit down and watch a movie and eat at the same time. Her cellphone starts ringing.

Aisha checks the number on it and it shows Camelot Network Solutions. She was curious why they would be calling her.


“Hello, can I speak to Mrs. Aisha Walker, please?”

“This is her. What can I do for you?”

“Hi, Aisha. This is Gloria from Camelot Network Solutions and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind coming to our headquarters here in Kentucky. All your travel expenses will be taken care of.” Gloria got permission from Morgana and Arthur before she called Aisha.

“Yes, I would love to visit. How long will I be gone?”

“A few days. Will that be a problem?” Gloria hopes it wasn’t.

“No, not at all.” Aisha figures she could pay Shelia to watch Felix while she was gone.

“Good. I’ll make the arrangements for you to leave in two days. I will send a text to you, giving you the details for your flight. If you have any questions or if something needs to be changed. Feel free to call me.”

“Thank you. I’ll be seeing you in a few days.”

Gloria ends the phone call.

Aisha puts her cellphone down and couldn’t believe she just got called by Camelot Network Solutions. She’ll call Shelia after she eats about coming over and checking on Felix.

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