Adrienne's Surprise


Story is about Jack who has a m/f transformation while is wife is away to see how the other half lives. Unknown to Jack a dominating female lurks in his subconscious and reveals herself when Jack has his little adventure. More Jack and Adrienne is in charge. Jack wife returns after trieste of her own with a handsome doctor and now the fun begins.


Adrienne’s Surprise

Part One

Jack gets educated

This Saturday morning, Jack who was usually a late sleeper, lay quietly in bed feigning sleep till he finally heard the sound that he had that he had waited to hear since being awoke with the sound with had awoke from his slumber. This was the sound of Sandy his wife getting an early start on her trip to her sisters house with the kids for the weekend.
Cindy had asked if Sandy and the kids would like to stay in their house during the weekend, while she and Larry took off for the weekend. Larry’s boss had offered to let Larry use his cabin for the weekend.
Cindy was hesitant to leave her house because there had been rash of break-ins in the neighborhood while the owners were away, Cindy and Larry had just purchased the house earlier this spring and it was everything they ever wanted. The previous owner had built a spa and swimming pool and enclosed a deck to make useable the year around. Larry had suggested that they invite Jack, Sandy and the kids to watch the house while they were gone. Sandy told Cindy that they would be glad to help her. Jack backed out at the last minute and told her to go ahead and go.

Sandy reluctantly agreed to Jack’s suggestion, although she still felt uncomfortable about having her kids alone with the problems that the neighborhood had been having.
Sandy started her car and warned the kids not to argue during the trip or promise or not they turn around and head back toward home. Backing out the driveway Sandy started on long drive to Cindy’s.

Jack listened till he heard Cindy’s leave eagerly he head for the garage and quickly open the trunk of his car in the garage. He was going to have the weekend at to himself... Peering into the trunk; Jack found the sacks of items that he had purchased the day before.

Jack grabbed the bags and headed back the bedroom and eagerly emptied their contents on the queen size bed. The sacks contain various items. Several expensive bra’s with matching panties, a couple of short and long tailored skirts, with shoes and boots. Jack examines the two pair of fashion jeans in his size. The clerk at the store in the mall on the other side of town had complemented Jack on the way that the fit of the jeans. Next he emptied the contents of the other sack which held sexy lingerie and stockings with attachable breast form and tush padding the clerk had called it. The last sack contained several small boxes. Each contained different styles and colors of wigs and accessories.
Jack had planned everything carefully and had even found several restaurants and clubs where transgendered were welcome. This was going to be weekend to remember he thought to himself.
Jack looked for the last bag, which contained the needed makeup and other items to prepare for tonight’s adventure. Then he remembered that it was the last thing that he had purchased and it was still under the front seat of the car.
After turning on the water he head for the garage and opened the car door and removed the bag from under the seat. Returning to the bathroom, Jack removed his clothes and picked up the bottle of nair and head into the shower. Jack carefully rubbed the nair onto his skin and carefully covered the hair attached to his private parts. After leaving it on for the suggest time he stepped up to showerhead which had been deliberately pointed away from his lathered body. Jack felt the water bead down on his body as the foam slide down his body. Finishing the shower he took a dry towel down from the rack and began drying his surprising smooth skin. Using the palm of his hand he felt of his now smooth skin. Its texture surprised him, smooth as a new born babe. He took Sandy’s lotion off the counter and rubbed it all over his body. Taking the electric razor he shaved his face as close as he could. He rummage through Sandy’s drawer and took out a new razor to get an even closer shave. He picked up the bottle of shaving lotion and applied it to his freshly shaved face and shaved the remaining stubble until his face felt smooth to the touch The girl at the adult book store had suggest that he use a beard cover and then apply the makeup.

Jack applied the makeup and smoothed it out on his skin until he achieved the right look. A masterpiece in progress he thought to himself…Next he sculpted his eyebrows until he achieved the right look. After trimming them he applied carefully the eyebrow pencil and highlighted the desired areas. Looking in the mirror he could barely recognize himself. He finished off the eyes with shadow and mascara. This change was exciting him. Until now his only cross-dressing experience had been Sandy dressing him in one of her baby dolls with a little lipstick for a little spice during sex. This was when he realized that he like the feel of lingerie and the way it made him feel. Jack had forgotten Blush and “borrowed” Sandy’s Next he capped off the look with red lipstick and a choker to hide the “Adams apple”. Finishing the makeup job Jack looked at his creation. He had always taken care of his body and now it showed. Unless you knew it was him then you would never have recognize a male in that face. He looked that good.

Jack sit on the bed and carefully slipped into the pantyhose he removed from the bag and finish up by slipping on the panties he had bought over them. Jack took the newly purchase breast forms and following the instructions applied to his skin and waited patiently for them to dry in place. When he was certain they were through secure he stood up feeling the unfamiliar weight on his chest. So this is how it feels to have tits. He walked over to the bedroom mirror and pear at his creation, himself. I look good, I really look good. I never thought I would be able to pull this of so well. Suddenly, Jack felt different as he looked at the reflection in the mirror. At that point he realized he could not call himself a “he”. The changes to the appearance in the mirror gave Adrienne, his femme name her birth. Suddenly she felt and by all appearances was female. Adrienne slipped on the corset over her soft and smooth body and fitted it in place.
She adjusted it to give her an hourglass figure and zipped up the zipper. As she zipped it she felt her breathing capacity decrease. One of the sacrifices of being beautiful, she chuckled, as she looked at her incredible figure.

Adrienne looked for her wig to wear to the beauty appointment. Sherri, the girl at the adult shop the necessities had arranged an appointment for her at her friend’s beauty shop.
Next she decided to look for the proper outfit to wear is her wife’s closet. She slipped into a print dress that would be proper for daytime wear. It was a perfect fit. She could wear Sandy’s clothes. He continued to rummage and found a purse and took the license out of the wallet and put into the clutch bag which he put inside the purse. He also removed his debit and several credit cards. Looking in the mirror; wearing his wife dress, he realized something. She could be her wife’s sister, with the wig draped her shoulders they could have been nearly twins. Adrienne went downstairs and opened the car door for his first adventure as a female. For some reason the garage door would not open. She climbed out of the car and walked over to the manual switch that didn’t work either. Oh my god, she thought to herself I set door so that would have to be opened from the outside and now she knew what he would have to do. Go outside and open it with the override key. Adrienne went back into the kitchen got the key; and after making sure now no one was outside, went directly the security lock and disabled the safety lock. And raised door maintaining his balance in the heels he was wearing. He walked back and opened the door of his car and heard familiar exhaust sound that meant that Caroline, Sandy’s friend and their next neighbor was returning from an errand.

Jack/Adrienne had not thought about this when formulating the plan. He just hoped that she hadn’t seen him and would investigate why his garage door was open. Well it is too late now he as he climbed and in behind the wheel, dropped the visor and checked his makeup. It still looked great. With that he turned the key and the engine roared to life. Putting it in reverse he back up out of the garage. Caroline stood in her yard and look toward Jack’s car as he back out. The window tint obscured her view. As he backed out he closed the garage with the door opener and head down toward his appointment.

Caroline thought to herself. , now I know why Jack wanted to stay home. Quite a dish he has got their and Sandy doesn’t have a clue. Caroline searched for the number that Sandy had left to call in case there were any problems she dialed Cindy’s number and reach the call blocker and left her number for Sandy to call. Well, she thought to herself I have done all I can. She forwarded her number to her cell phone in case Sandy tried to call while she was running errands. Sandy notices the blinking light on the phone beside her and picked up the phone and the caller id showed a number that was familiar to Sandy. It was Caroline’s number. Sandy wonder aloud, “I wonder what Caroline wants; guess I better call her and see what is on her mind.” Sandy picked up the phone and called the number that was shown on the phone. She heard a couple of clicks and a message that the cell number she was calling was temporarily unavailable. “Guess I’ll try later”, Sandy said to herself. Sandy lie back down in the chair and let her scantily bikini covered body absorb the rays through the clear glass roof of the cabana while the children enjoy the water and splashing each other.

As the afternoon waned Sandy awoke and decided on a quick dip in the pool. She climbed on the board and dove elegantly into the water. She swam a couple of laps and climbed out of the pool. Her nipples were visibly hardened by the brief swim and the air hitting them as she left the pool. As she headed toward the house to change; she glanced toward the phone to see if her friend had called. Back. Sandy went into the guest bedroom and removed her damp swimsuit and climbed into the shower to wash the chlorine from the pool off. As the water beat down on her the pulsating stream began to arouse her and she began to manipulate her aroused, moist and enlarged clit until she worked herself into an orgasm. Standing in the shower she writhed as her body experience several waves of passion each orgasm was more intense than the last until they became a total body experience. Recovering from her orgasm, she quickly rinsed off and climbed out of the shower. Clad only in a towel she pressed the intercom and pressed the pool room button and told the kids to get out of the pool and get dressed.
As she walked by the phone she glanced to see if Caroline had called back. The message light still remained dark. Guess if must not be too important or she would have called back.

A thought entered Sandy’s head as she passed the master bedroom where her sister and her husband. Slept and made love. A fragrant scent permeated the room, sometime type of floral smell. You know I bet that the Cindy is spending a fair share of dear old hubby’s, money on lingerie and accessories. I wonder if we are still the same size. Sandy entered the bedroom and headed for her sisters dresser. Opening the top drawer should found it divided into two sections one for panties and other bra’s. Sandy looked at the panties and bra’s and found a matched set that were sinfully erotic. The panties were black with red embroidery saying simple “I’m a Tease”. Sandy took them and stepped in thong style panties and placed her arms into straps of the front closure bra which was red trimmed in black. Sandy closed the bra and looked into the dressing room mirror. “I still have an awesome body”, she chuckled. Sandy looked in the next drawer and found a matching bustier slipped it around her waist and zipped the hidden zipper in the front. Her breast exploded with cleavage and hourglass figure expressing itself. Sandy found stockings in the next drawer and several items she had not expected.

The rest of the drawer contained whips, tie downs, a gaff and attachable breast forms next to a can of spray adhesive. The bottom drawer contained lingerie similar to the type she was wearing only in size large. “So Larry had a little secret didn’t he she mused” Larry was Cindy’s love slave. The next drawer contained several blouses and skirts neatly folded the size showed that these too were probably for Larry...

Sandy carefully rolled the stockings up each leg, making sure that seams in the back were straight. When she finished she looked in the mirror and exclaimed. God I look good, maybe I’ll go out tonight. She knew that Kellie, Cindy’s next neighbor was home from college and loved the sound of the stereo DVD and the wide screen TV in the den. I wonder she is busy tonight. Cindy quickly applied her makeup and borrowed her sister jeans and a t-shirt and jogged over to Kellie’s to found out if she was busy.

A Work in Progress

Adrienne/Jack arrived at the address a few minutes early and walked into to the deserted shop. She was the only person there. Hi, my name is Jack Adams err…Adrienne Adamson. I am here for the makeover that was scheduled by the girl in the lingerie shop. The girl in the shop introduced herself and said, “I quit taking appointments early; I thought that since this was your first makeover you might be more comfortable if we are alone.” “The girl in the shop said that her friend had done several males and had gotten excellent results”, Adrienne said. “We did an awesome job, I can make a he really look convincing as a she“. You would pass 95% percent of the time. Now I need to teach you a few little secrets that will change you facial style. Men have different shaped heads than women, but with a little magic no one will be able to tell you’re not female.

Your voice timber might need a little training. The secret is not what you say but how you express it. Try this say little and speak from her throat not your chest.

“I will teach you to say hello do you have my table they way that I think it should sound and teach how to say it”, Diane said. I followed her lead and spoke the way that I thought it would sound and after listening to the tape of my voice and then change my speaking patterns. Now I would be able speak with a feminine intonation. Diane, persuaded me to let her double pierce each ear and told me to put earrings in both holes and asked me pick the ones I wanted her to put in my ears.

Each bleed a little but soon stopped. She picked studs for the top holes. I took the earring I had taken from my wife jewelry and a matching necklace. This set was one of the few things that I had splurged on and since bought better jewelry where these were now just an afterthought when she pick jewelry to wear.

Diane fitted the diamond studs and drop earrings into their fresh holes and draped the necklace around his neck. Out the drawer she pulled a chocker that matched the earrings. Next took the wig that I had brought with me and carefully styled it for me and place the chocker around his neck. The subtle changes she made in the makeup and style of the wig hide the last vestiges of maleness in my face. Diane asked what name I had adopted for my second self. “I said that, “I have chosen the name of a goddess in story that read in a book once; Adrienne. Having finished the makeup she began to create my nails layer by layer. At first I thought about how I would explain long sculptured nails to Sandy, but I was entranced by the elegant look and feel as she applied polish carefully to the nails. The ruby colored polish gave the long nails an erotic look.

Next Dianne placed Jack’s feet is warm water to let them soak. After his feet had soak for a while, she began to massage what appeared to contain crystals. Jack looked toward Diane and before he could ask, she told him that, “this compound was made up of salt from the Dead Sea and held remarkable powers of regeneration.” Finishing the treatment she manicured my toenails and applied polish. When she was finished he stood and looked at the change in me. She realized by the look in my eyes that I could never go back. Even I had come to this conclusion. I made a beautiful woman.

How does much I owe Adrienne ask...? Looking into my eyes she said simply “my treat Miss. Now that you have reached the top of your mountain you can’t go back, it is your choice to make.” I stood there and thought about making her take money, but realize quickly my efforts her in vane. “Go change and have your night on the town but down be surprised it you become the center of attention because my dear are drop dead gorgeous truly the goddess Adrienne. Diane said. With that she instructed me on how to put on the wig and she had styled.

I looked on the watch of my wrist and realized I had just enough time to go home and change and get ready for the evening. As I walked toward the car my steps became more feminine and natural. Each step I took had a sexy feminine sway. Driving home gave me the opportunity to practice the lessons Diane had given me. By the time I reached the driveway I had it down to a science. When I drove into the driveway I looked to see if any was watching me as drove into the garage and closed the garage door...
Exiting the car, I took wig from car and carried it in to the house. Reaching the bedroom I hurried removed the clothes I was wearing and head to the dresser and grabbed stockings and changed into my wife best lingerie and full length black bustier that had only been worn once. This took about four inches off my waist and created a very flattering cleavage. I attached the stockings and headed to the closet to find the perfect outfit.

Caroline left the movie she had decided to see while running errands at the mall. Taking out her cell phone she noticed that it discharged while she was in the movie. “I guess that I will have to wait till I get home and change the cell phone battery to find out if Sandy has tried to call me.” Leaving the mall, Caroline opened her car door and slid into the car seat and drove home.

Sandy’s Rendezvous

Sandy walked over and knocked on Kellie’s door and heard someone open the door and Kellie looked out surprised to see Sandy. “What are doing in town”, Kellie said. “I am house-sitting for Cindy and Larry. Are you busy tonight,” Sandy inquired... “I decide since Jack decided to make me come by myself that I would treat myself to dinner and a little clubbing.’ “You know any place that would be discreet and girl might enjoy herself.” Everybody is talking about a new place that just open that is on the interstate called The Rendezvous. They have good music and good looking guys. “Sounds like my kind of place”, Sandy said. You want the job or are you busy. All you have to do is make sure the kids are asleep and then you all the time in world to check out Cindy’s video collection. You might as well crash on the couch because I won’t be back until real late. Just don’t get anything on Cindy’s couch or well both are dead. Sandy knew that as soon as the kids were asleep that Kellie would probably get her hunk of a boyfriend to come over. God I wish I was seventeen again she thought to herself.

Kelly I can expect you to be here in an hour, Sandy said. That sounds about right got to shower and change. Ok, see you then, Sandy said. Jogging to the front door she opened it and went upstairs to her sister’s clothes and search for the perfect dress. She found just the dress. It was electric blue and strapless. It had a slit up to the upper thigh. Sandy tried it one and it fit like a glove. It flattered her figure and accented every curve.
She slipped out of the dress and lay down on the bed. She took a deep breath and tightened the ties on her bustier until the cleavage achieved the maximum effect. She checks to make sure her stocking seams were straight. Walking over to her sister’s closet, she looked for the accessories to finish up the outfit. In the jewelry box she found a pair of drop earrings and matching studs. She also selects a diamond drop necklace and a black suede chocker. Sandy fixed her hair and modified her makeup so that it suited her evening look. Sandy unzipped the dress and slides it over curvaceous body... This time, as she looked in the mirror she notices her breast as they barely hide the nipple. The dress made her bust look awesome and her enhanced figure looked gorgeous.

Maybe I might get lucky tonight she thought to her. It had been a while since Jack and she had made passionate love like they used to. Sex lately had been quick and methodical. Jack had changed lately, to spice up their sex life Sandy had encourage Jack to try to fantasize and had even encouraged him to try sex wearing her lingerie.
This seems to excite him more than normal sex. I wonder she thought. The ringing door bell brought back to the real world. Putting on her heels she head down to the door to let Kellie in. Kellie walked in the door and looked at Sandy and simply said, Girl you look hot. Sandy checked her makeup and headed into the garage. Her sisters black Jaguar was parked in her slot. Taking the keys, she opened the car and slid into the driver’s seat. She was a gorgeous girl driving a hot looking car heading out on the town. The car roared to life and she backed out it out of the garage and into the street, she headed to the restaurant to eat. Reaching the restaurant Sandy parked the car carefully; leaving the car she noticed a young blonde haired male watching. She decided to give him a show and slid out of the car allowing her dress to hike up her thigh exposing her scantily covered crotch and bare thigh above the stockings. Sandy smoothed her dress and walked into the restaurant to get something to eat.

Adrienne’s in Charge

Jack searched through his wife’s closet and found the perfect dress. It was a scarlet red and slit up to the thigh. Jack slipped the dress off its hanger and zipped down the zipper. And slipped it up over his hips and zipped up the zipper. Jacks suddenly felt different and looked in mirror saw that he had changed. Adrienne faints and collapse on the floor Jack collapsed on to the floor as she fainted. She luckily did not hurt herself; luckily she didn’t land on anything. As she regained consciousness she knew that Jack no longer had control.
Looking in the mirror he recognized the smirk and a voice that he spoke was not his own.
Well stud, the female voice said, “You are no longer in control, “I am Adrienne, .your other self, male days are over. We look hot don’t we“. Adrienne who had not previously shown herself was now in control of Jack’s every thought and move. He was a prisoner in his own body.

Adrienne adjusting and improved on his makeover removed the breast forms and adhesive. She carefully pressed the forms into place and attached them to Jack’s skin. The cleavage that they formed looked real and forms looked just like real breast and moved like them. She changed her mind. She definitely was drop dead gorgeous. The dress fit Adrienne like a glove and she was ready to have a night on the town. Soon my body will fit my mind and Jack would truly be a man trapped in a woman’s body. I wonder what Sandy thinks about lesbians. As she was getting ready to leave the phone rang and Adrienne answers it. Who is this she said, the person on the other end of the phone responded with the same question? “Hello this is Jack’s answer service please be kind enough to leave your name and number so I can call you back.” Adrienne spoke in her most robotic tone. Sandy thought to herself I did not know that we had a new voice mail message on the phone. Adrienne hope that the message sound real enough. She knew that the confrontation would come later.

Sandy hung up the phone and headed out to her car. She wondered what Jack was doing this evening probably went out to eat and would probably head to a sports bar. Well since she was alone she might while get something to eat and check out the night life while she had the opportunity. Kellie had informed her that a new dance cub on the other side of town. Sandy went to the restaurant and got a bite to eat. As she was leave the restaurant attendant. Sandy left the restaurant and head for a rendezvous at the Rendezvous Club. Poetic she mused and unlocked the car door to the Jaguar. Turning on the ignition the engine roared to life and she left the parking lot. . I am definitely going to make the most of my opportunity. I’ll teach Jack to let me wander off by myself.

Reaching the club entrance she turned into to the busy parking lot and searched for a parking spot. She finally found on at the back of the lot. She pulled into the slot and slipped out of the Jag and locked the door. Sandy’s exaggerate sway caught the eyes of several god looking guy who were waiting to get into the club. One of them opened the door for her and she gave him a smile of appreciation. The younger man seemed attracted to her and offer to buy her a drink. Both entered the club and Sandy slide into the booth deliberately allowing her dress to ride up her leg exposing her bare thigh above the stocking.

The slit in the dress left the garter in full view. The young man went to the bar and ordered them both drinks. He brought them to the table and snuggles up to her. “My name is Keith; I live near her and we could possibly go there a drink later. Sandy thought about it for a moment “That would be nice thank you“, Sandy said. She knew it was wrong, but Jack‘s sexual interest had been less lately and Sandy was in great need and Keith seemed like a nice guy. : Keith was surprised by her answer and decided to ask her to dance. The band began playing a slow song as Keith led Sandy to the dance floor. Sandy decided that now was the time to send Keith a message that she wanted more than just a drink. They began dancing and Sandy moved closer to her partner where her breast was against his chest and her cunt rubbed his rapidly expanding member. She took his mouth with hers and began a long tongue probing French kiss. Keith began to fondle her breast with his free hand. He massaged her nipple as he held her close. His penis rubbed against her dress and against her clit that was rapidly increasing in size as her body responded his clitoral and breast stimulation. Sandy felt her nipple harden and suddenly she saw stars and she felt very lightheaded as she clung to Keith as she felt herself explode and waves of ecstasy ran through her body. Collecting her wits she head back to her seat to recover. Her orgasm continued for several minutes after she sat down. She took a sip of her drink and winked at Keith. She could hardly wait to feel him inside her. She needed Keith to bury his cock into her warm and waiting pussy... Sandy motioned to Keith that she was ready to leave and walked over and her chair while she got up. They head out to the car and she handed him the keys and ask him to drive the Jag; He made sure that his car was locked and helped her into the car and went over to the driver’s seat to join her. He turned the key and the motor sprung to life. Listening to this fine tuned machine all he could say was “awesome” as turned into traffic, and head to his place. Sandy moved closer to him and put her hand on his leg. He responded and slid his fingers underneath her panties and began to gently massage her clit.

Adrienne’s Initiation

Adrienne put down the phone and looks into the hallway mirror admiring what she saw in the mirror. Standing before Adrienne was, what appeared to be a voluptuous redhead with a perfect figure and with legs that glistened by dark colored nylons. She was wearing diamond stud and drop earrings, a gold necklace and Sandy’s favorite diamond tennis bracelet. Her scarlet red dress fit her like a glove, slit up the side to the upper thigh. She wore matching red high heeled shoes with 4 inch heels. This was a gorgeous foxy lady. At least she appears so. Walking away from the mirror, Adrienne chuckled, “I wonder what Sandy would think of Jack now. She took the keys out of her purse sling it over her shoulder, and walked into the garage, slid into the car and opened the garage door and backed out the car into the street. Heading out to paint the town red!

Caroline watched her leave from her bedroom window with just one passenger. That is strange; she thought why she would leave with Sandy’s car. Caroline decided that it was time that she confronts Jack about his indiscretion. Caroline went downstairs and walked over to Jacks front door which was locked. She took the key that Sandy left with he, and turned the lock on the front door. Opening the door she saw that the living room and the rest of the house were dimly lit and it did not look like anyone was at home. Caroline walked into the house listening for signs of occupancy. Caroline climbed the stairs and saw a light burning the master bedroom. She walked into the room and found clothes laying on the bed and the closet door open. She entered the bathroom and found Sandy makeup on the counter, but no Jack. This is indeed strange, Jack is not in the house and someone definitely left the house in the car. The bed held the secret to the puzzle. Caroline found out why Jack was not in bedroom. On the bed was the key to the puzzle. Lying on the bed was a package that label showed that it was a gaff. This was why the she girl whom she saw leaving in the car looked so familiar. The shapely, well built female that left in the car was Jack. She would have never guessed it in a million years. Jack liked to wear women’s clothes and looked very good in them.

Jack was a transvestite or a least he appeared to like to wear women’s clothes. Another thing the she realized was that the dress that he was wearing was one of Sandy’s. If she had seen Jack in club dressed as he was she would never had guessed it was him. This change was perfect and Jack looked like 30ish sexy female. Things would never be the same in the neighborhood.

Jack/Adrienne turning off the freeway and signal the car to turn to the street that the restaurant that he had made reservations. She pulled into a vacant parking place and shutoff the car. Adrienne snickers and laughed in contempt. She was now in charge of Jacks conscience mind and body. “You are going to have the time of your life tonight Jack,” said and continued. “You will know how it feels when your ass is full of hot semen. And how Sandy felt when you fucked her in the ass; “Too bad we don’t have a vagina maybe that will soon change.” Adrienne chuckled. Adrienne watched as several eligible young studs enter the club.
Exiting the car she made sure that attendant go was able to see her breast forms attached to her chest and got a good view her bare thigh above her stockings. Adrienne deliberately exaggerated her walk. Making sure that male in the parking lot caught her had a perfect view of swaying hips as she walked through the restaurant door and waited to be seated The hostess came over and showed Adrienne to her seat and gave her a menu. Got to watch my figure, a girl has to watch her weight she chuckled. Adrienne ordered and daiquiri and a chef salad. The waitress asks her if there would be anything else as she brought Adrienne her drink. She sipped on the drink; her thoughts on the evening to come. A few minutes later Adrienne was served her salad and she slowly ate it. Finishing her drink she removed cash in her purse to play for the meal, and left a tip to the hard working and pleasant waitress. If the waitress had “read” her she showed no signs of it.

Adrienne made sure that every male and even some jealous females observe her exit. Her hips sway was exaggerated as she walked and leaving the restaurant she found the parking attendant and gave him her ticket. The attendant brought her car to the front and opened the car door for her. Adrienne slid into the car seat and adjusted her dress so that the attendant could get a shot of her panties through slit that gapped, showing her bare thigh and scarlet panties. She smiled at him while buckling her seat belt. She gently closed the car door and smiled at him while the starting the car and putting it into gear and pulling out of lot onto the road and. drove toward the freeway.

“This place is supposed to be transgendered friendly, maybe I’ll find some stud to break Jack in right“, Adrienne thought to her self. Fuck his little butt till he moans for more.
Adrienne saw her exit and signaled to exit. Driving up in the lot she saw several TG girls most who had no chance at passing. Parking the car she walked from lot to the front door.

Inside the club it was dark and smoky, at least a dozen were TG and only two or three would be able to pass in public. Diane was right; she was a goddess. Adrienne found a table near the dance floor and seated herself; make sure that her legs were visible to those walking by. Several perspective partners walked by until a long young stud walked up to her and asked are you bi, miss. I am TG, Adrienne replied. The young man stood in silence looking at her. I thought you were a lesbian. Oh my god, you could never be read. Thank you Adrienne said to her prospective suitor. “Are you here with anyone“she said? “No I’m just here to check out the scenery and have a drink since it is close
Most of these girls look too much like guys or are already with someone. Excellent Adrienne said, “You want to join me at my table.” “I would be honored and by the way my name is Christian, everyone calls me Chris,” he said... Adrienne ordered drinks for the both of them and ask Chris if he liked dancing. “I love to dance“, he said. “Would you like to dance,” Chris said.
Yes I would Adrienne replied and both head out on to the floor. The song ended before they could get and started dancing and band played a slow song. Chris took and placed Adrienne arm over his shoulder and they began to dance. Adrienne knew that was only a matter of time before they would be intimate. Seizing the moment, she began rub against his chest and cock as they danced. He turned her head and began kissing her, probing with his tongue. Her body responded and her hips swayed back and forth against his cock. Her own penis held in gaff pulsed against sensitive and erogenous area between her legs where a vagina would be on a female. She knew that if she did not stop she would cum. It was at that point that she decided to stop and whisper in his ear.
“Lets go to my place and I will show you a good time“. Ok let’s go he said. Adrienne went back to the table and paid for their drinks, leaving a tip for the waitress.

Adrienne and her escort left the bar and headed to her car, him in the drivers seat and her sitting as close to him; nibbling on his and gently touching his responding manhood. Directing him to the house, she opened the garage and Chris drove in and parked the car.
Looking at Adrienne, he smiled and said “I will take you to higher heights than you have ever felt,” she quipped. Pausing he kissed her, his tongue causing her to yearn for more. I am yours Chris, Adrienne said. Thinking to herself “Jack it’s now your turn and get used to it. Cause babe you’re a woman now”.

She fixed her and Chris a drink and told him she was going upstairs to slip into something more comfortable. She headed upstairs and browsed though his wife sexy lingerie and found something long, silky, and sexy. It was scarlet red trimmed in black, with a matching robe and showed off the curves. Repairing her makeup she headed down to treat her guest. Chris smiled and looked her and invited her to sit down.

Adrienne untied the robe reveal her buxom breast peeking from under the gown. Thinking to her, if my plan goes right these won’t be window dressing but the real thing. Gently she began kissing her lover. Suddenly his attitude changed and he began responding to her invitation. The longer they kissed the more aroused she became. Finally Chris took her hand in hand and they headed for the bedroom. Jack realizing that this was no joke clouded Adrienne’s thoughts fighting more control. It’s my turn Jack baby; why don’t you just sit back and enjoy. I am in control now. Reaching the bed Adrienne/Jack began kissing her lover again. Chris picked her up and laid her on the bed. Next he began undressing, removing his shirt and pants and finally his boxers... Climbing on the bed he slid the hem of her gown over her waist. Turning her on her stomach he started to mount her. “Not yet lover, since I can’t give you pussy, I’ll give the next best thing.” Climbing to her knees she took his long cock down her throat and began sliding up and down the shaft with her lips. She continued until she heard him moan and tense up. A stream of cum filled her mouth and she swallowed it licking the residue until he cock was clean. Exhausted from her efforts he collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Adrienne snuggled close and feels asleep in his arms.

Waking by the light of dawn she awoke him with a kiss and she began to gentle massage his member. When it was hard she turned over on her belly and began to whimper, telling him that him to fill her full of his nice warm cum. Making sure that she was well lubricated he gently began to slid his cock into her. Oh, fuck me baby she moaned. Filling her to the hilt he began to stroke his cock in and out, her moaning on every thrust.
After several minutes he came and she felt his warm cum as it leaked out of her ass.

Getting out of bed Chris headed to the bathroom and showered and shaved using Jacks razor. While he showered Adrienne fixed them both breakfast. Finishing breakfast Chris and gave Adrienne his number and called a taxi. Call me when the project is finished, I bet that you will be a great fuck. Just thinking about what Chris said aroused Adrienne. Have fun Jack. Jack thoughts were of only of regret and his betrayal of Sandy. He was sure that Sandy would be faithful to him.

Sandy’s Dream Date

Sandy and Keith arrived at his apartment. Upon exiting the car Sandy joined Keith and they kissed as they approached his apartment. She could sense that she was highly turned on by Keith. Entering the apartment he picked up the remote and music began to play and the screen on the big screen television was showing two lesbians making love. We can listen to music or a movie, your choice as he fixed them both drinks. By the way what size are you anyway? Keith said. I wear a size 8 why? My ex-girlfriend and you are the same size and she used to keep a few things here in case she slept over. There is some stuff in the guest room. Ok, great Sandy responded. This is a borrowed dress of my sister’s, just came in for the weekend. Heading upstairs she went and check out inventory, when she opened the drawer she realized that this was expensive lingerie. The lingerie had labels from Sachs Fifth Avenue and better brands from Europe made of real silk. "These are gorgeous," she said to herself. In the closet hang several long gowns she picked out the black stockings with a garter belt and matching panties and bra. Over this she wore a long silk gown that felt heavenly. It was iridescent blue. Repairing her makeup she walked seductively down the stairs. She was going to make this a night to remember Sandy thought to herself. Jack would have to understand, a woman needs a strong man, and Jack was not filling those needs.

Meeting her at bottom of the stairs, Keith begin kiss her and led her to the couch.
Tell me Keith you must be loaded with house and a girl friend who shops at Sachs.
I do all right. I used to practice plastic surgery in New York, but growing up in a small town, it just became too much for me. I practice OBGYN in town and do ok. The ex girlfriend was professional model and we met in New York. I guess things go too boring for her. I made look like a million and she left me for the bright lights.
Oh by the way, that outfit makes you look like a million. It’s my gift to. Why thank you for the complement Keith and the gift. Now let me give you something to remember me by. She removed his clothes piece by piece until his body was totally nude. Bending down she slid her mouth on his cock and took down her throat. Sucking on his cocking them both headed to the couch and instantly he came. She licked it clean and began kissing him. He began stroking her cunt and in just a matter on minutes she had an orgasm and lay down contented beside him. As dawn broke Keith carried her up to the bedroom and began to fuck her. Suddenly she awoke and had an intense orgasm and fell back to sleep and Keith laid down beside her.

Sandy woke and looked at the clock. Picking up the phone she dialed Cindy’s telephone number.
Hello, Kellie I am truly sorry about this but a found myself going home with someone last night. Can you stay until get there it wont be too long. Are the kids ok?
They are fine and don’t worry. Kellie said. I am sure you will make it worth my time. Sure kid thanks. Sandy said. Be home soon. Sandy decided that a DVD player would make a nice bonus and told herself to stop and get one for her. She and Keith hurriedly showered and played with each others bodies. Finishing the shower, she remember seeing cutoffs and a baby t in the drawer went in to get it. Dressed in the baby T and cutoffs she look ten years younger with her ponytail. Keith complemented her on her body and looks. How are you going to get your car.

I’ll call a friend later he said handing her his card and home number. Call me anytime you’re in town. Smiling, she gave him a kiss on the lips and head out and got in her car. Stopping by an electronic store, she hurried in and a picked out the latest model DVD. This played and recorded DVD’s Getting back into the car she head back to Cindy’s. She walked in the house and not only Kellie was there but her beau Andrew peak out of the bedroom door. I hope you were careful, Sandy said. Its OK my mom has made me wear this patch since my sophomore year. She handed Kellie 60 dollars and pulled out the sack from behind her back. This should be a good bonus, Sandy said handing Kellie the sack. Looking into the sack, said she wailed, awesome. This is great.
Thanks Sandy.

Sandy reached for the phone and dialed her number again, The phone rang several times and this time a female voice answered. Hello, “who is this I am speaking with.” Adrienne thought about saying that she had the wrong number and hang up, but something in her suddenly gave her the courage to speak. “Oh, hi this a friend of Jack’s I live down the street. We met several times taking out the garbage, I had some car trouble and he helped me fix it, “My name is Adrienne,” she said. “Well this is Jack’s wife and tell my husband we have some things to discuss and get out of my house.,” she said and hung up the phone.

Sandy decide she just wanted to lay around the pool for a while after last evening’s excitement and having some mystery lady answer her phone. Not wanting to be alone she ask Kellie to join her before she left. Kellie said, “ok, just let me go change. Mom is going to flip about the DVD. By the way the shorts and baby T make you look hot.”
Running out the door Kellie headed for her house to change. Sandy went up and found a hot pink string bikini and put it on. Now I do look hot, she said. Heading for the pool she check on the kids, they were busy playing video games.

Just then Kellie enter wearing a T-shirt and her bathing suit underneath it. When she slipped off the shirt the suit left nothing to they imagination. Bright red bikini set off her dark hair. It was a site to see. Your mother know you have that., Sandy asked. Nope she said, bought on a trip to my aunt’s in New York and it was not cheap.

There they stood, both looking like actresses in a R-rated movie. Sandy sensed that young Kellie was attracted to her. Naw, it was just her imagination. Heading to the pool, she dove in and swam for while and Kellie joined her. Both of them were playing in water, nipples hard when Kellie suddenly spoke up and said. I go both ways and Andrew knows it. I want you Sandy; I have wanted you since the first day that we met. Cindy and Larry and I have several three-ways and did you know that Cindy dresses Larry up like a chick. Larry seems turned on by it. We have had several lezzy parties. Larry is actual a good looking woman.

Sandy did not know what to think of her young friend. She was old enough to make her own decisions. Sandy laid down on the lounge wonder what was up next. Kellie was definitely interested in Sandy and was aroused by her beauty. Up till now her experience with other girls was sleepover exploration other their bodies and a couple of half hearted 69’s neither one really taking control other and the three-ways Cindy and Larry.

Kellie leaned over and kissed Sandy on the lips and slid down the straps of her bikini top.
Having her breasts now exposed, it was apparent to Kellie that that Sandy was arouse by her moves. She reached to the back of her bikini freeing her breasts. Sandy tits were taught and firm. With the nipples standing up Kellie began to suck on Sandy’s breast and suck on the nipples. Sandy moaned gently and responded to her. Sandy began to masturbate rubbing her clit briskly. Kellie removed her bikini top and slip off her wet bottom exposed her sexy body to Sandy. Sandy removed her bikini bottom and now was also totally nude. Sandy began by kissing Kellie stomach and moved down and stopped at her cunt and began a licking her growing clit. At the same time Kellie began suck Sandy’s cunt and both continued until they both exploded in ecstasy. They held each other total nude. After their recovery, both went skinny dipping in the pool to cleanse their bodies. Both redressed and continued to lounge by the pool. As the sun was setting Sandy woke and decided to go for a dip before changing. She suddenly missed Keith and wanted him to hold her. Jack is such a bastard Sandy and he would get his due. Entering the house she went upstairs and put on the cutoff and baby T they she had gotten a Keith’s.

Going downstairs, she set down in front of the TV and fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Jack Jr. woke her up and said that he wanted a sandwich. She looked at the clock, it was nine o’clock and tomorrow she and Jack would have it out. Looking at the baby she said to herself, at least I have someone to turn to. Sandy went into the kitchen and fixed Jack 2 as his dad called him, a sandwich and a glass of milk. He said thanks and heads to his bedroom to finish watching the movie on the DVD in his the guest bedroom. Sandy stretch and headed to the shower to wash the chlorine from the pool off her. Sandy turned on the shower and headed to Cindy’s bedroom and found nightgown a nightgown and matching panties and head to bath to shower. After finishing undressing she stepped into the pulsing water which beat against her breast. Sandy soaped herself down and rubbed the soap against her cunt. She continued to massage her clit while the watch beat down on her nipple. Suddenly she felt electricity in her body as she lurched while cumming in the shower. As it subsided began to finish her task and turned off the water. Grabbing the towel she dried off and dressed in her nightgown. Before the climbed into bed she turned on the stereo to some rock station. Turning down the covers she fell fast asleep covers she fell fast asleep


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