Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.17

Raven wipes the sweat out of her eyes as she finishes tightening the caliper guide bolts. It was another hot and humid day. The huge fans in the garage weren’t helping. She reaches over to her mechanic’s cart and grabs her thermos of ice water. She takes a sip of it and enjoys it as it slides down inside her throat.

She and Clair had a nice night last night. They had gone out to dinner and ended up back at her room. Mrs. Mercer didn’t mind her and Clair sleeping together under her roof. They had just laid in bed watching a movie and cuddle. She puts her thermos back down and finishes up the job.

As she is lowering the car back down to the ground, Jerry comes walking over to her. She wonders what he wanted because she didn’t see a repair order in his hands.

“Hey Raven, could you come to Jordan’s office after you’re done?”

“Sure, is something wrong?” Raven wonders what Jordan wanted with her. Its been almost a month since she has been working for him.

“Nothing is wrong. You have a visitor and she is waiting in Jordan’s office for you.” Jerry had found out that the young woman that had come last time, was Jordan’s daughter.

“Okay, let me do a test drive and I’ll be in there in a minute.” Raven gets into the car she just finished and pump the brakes.

She gets back out and checks the fluid level. The fluid level was fine, as she closes the hood. She backs the car out of the garage and takes it on a short test drive. The car passes the test drive with flying colors.

Raven parks the car and heads back inside to grab the repair ticket for the car. She makes some notes on it and heads inside to give it to Jerry. She spots Jerry behind the counter. She also notices the basket of banana nut muffins she brought in, were gone. She glances at the clock and notices it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet.

She heads into Jordan’s office and spots the woman she talked to before. She wonders what Ms. Higgins wanted with her. Raven knocks on the door before entering her boss’s office.

Carol looks up from the notes she had been looking at. She couldn’t believe all the corrupt things that had been taken place at Rockingham Correctional Center.

“Ah, Ms. Mondragon, good morning. Please come in and shut the door behind you.” A smile appears on Carol’s face.

Raven shuts the door behind her and sits down in the chair in front of Jordan’s desk. She wonders what Carol wanted to talk to her.

“I have some good news for you, Ms. Mondragon. The people responsible for changing you against your will have been arrested. I plan on making sure you and everyone else they changed against their will, get the maximum jail time for their actions.”

Tears start leaking form Raven’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that the doctor and everyone else involved was going to pay for what they did to her and a few others.

“Here.” Carol holds out a box of tissue to Raven.

“Thank you.” Raven takes a few tissues and wipes her eyes and blows her nose.

Once Raven gets herself under control. She looks at Carol “is there anything I can do to help put them away?”

“Actually, there is. I will need for you to testify in court and tell the jury what happened to you. With you testifying and the other two people testifying, we will be able to put the doctor and his companions away for a long time.”

“You have two other people?” Raven looks at Carol with a puzzled look on her face.

“Yes, but I will need your testimony as well. There were things done to you that weren’t to the other two.” Carol knew she needed to have enough evidence to convict the doctor and warden.

“I’ll do whatever I can to help you. Where will the case be held?”

“In Augusta, Ga. So, my law firm will put you up in a hotel room during the trial. Also, you’ll have security officers assigned to protect you.”

“Are you expecting problems?”

“No, but with a case this high profile. There might be people who might try to stop the case from going forward.”

Raven was starting to feel alarmed at those words. She wonders why anyone would try to stop the trail. She also wonders who the other two witnesses are.

“When will the case go to court?” Raven wonders if Jordan will give her the time off.

“In two weeks. I managed to get an early court date. I’ve already spoken to your boss and he is going to give you those days off with pay. So, you won’t lose any money.”

Carol spoke to her father about Raven still getting paid for the court dates. Listening to him brag about Raven’s work, made her a little jealous. She could see why her father gave Raven such high praise. She could make delicious pastries and she also could work on cars as well.

She was never the type that liked to get her hands greasy and messy. It wasn’t that she couldn’t work on a car, it was the fact she didn’t like getting messy and greasy.

“If anything, else comes up, I’ll contact you and update you, Ms. Mondragon.”

“Thank you, Ms. Higgins.” Raven stands up and shakes Carol’s hand.

Afterward she heads back out to the garage to get back to work. She couldn’t believe that the people responsible for turning her into a woman was going to finally pay for their crimes. She grabs a work order from Jerry and heads out into the garage.

Carol watches Ms. Mondragon leave her father’s office. She had so much to do between now and the trail. She asked Judge Holloway to take the case because the other judges that would normally handle the case were corrupted. The evidence she had on them would get them disbar and put in jail as well.

Carol starts packing things into her briefcase when her father walks in. She watches as he shuts the door behind him.

“So, how did she take it?” Jordan had a soft spot for Raven and everything she has gone through.

“Like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.” Carol noticed how Raven had reacted when she gave her the good news.

“That is good. She’s a hard worker and shouldn’t have to be punished as she has. How are you doing on getting her record expunged?”

“Judge Harris is willing to do it. He looked over all the evidence and her testimony and said she shouldn’t have been arrested for the crime she was charged with. So, he is going to have her recorded cleared.” Carol had spoken to Judge Harris because he was a close friend of the law firm. If anyone could get Raven’s record cleared, it would be him.

“Thanks for getting that done for her.” If he had another daughter, he would want her to be like Raven.

“Any time, dad. Also, thank you for letting me use your office.”

“You’re always welcome here, Carol.”

“Still, thanks, dad.”

Carol walks over and gives her father a hug. She really misses her father, but small-town life wasn’t her thing. She needed a city and its nightlife.

Carol heads out to her car, after hugging her father and head back to Augusta, Georgia. She had a lot on her plate and needed to be prepared for the circus that it was going to cause. She still needs to meet with the Senator’s daughter and Doctor’s Heaths son. The Doctor really messed up changing his son into his daughter and planing on impregnating her. Plus, what she learned about his oldest daughter and what he
had been doing to her. He should be shot for impregnating her with his child.

Jordan watches as his daughter leaves. He was proud of her and knew this case would make her career. He sits down at his desk and starts working on the bills and payroll.

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