The Violinist Chapter 6

June couldn’t wait to get home and go through the totes some more. She was enjoying the boots she had on. She looks over towards Larry “so? Are you thinking about keeping motorcycles?”

“Depends on what conditions they are in. Don’t worry, I’ll give you your share of what they are worth.” Larry felt it was only fair since June helped buy them.

“How about this deal instead. If there is any BDSM fetish clothing that fits me, we call it even?” June figures that any of the clothing or boots that she found was worth some money. They didn’t look like it was cheaply made.

“You do know those motorcycles are worth more than the clothing?” Larry glances at June.

“I know and I don’t mind. I told you before, you and Mike are my husbands.” June leans over and places a kiss on Larry’s cheek.

“Too bad, we can’t make it official.”

“I know. It was bad enough when you and Mike went down to the courthouse and got your marriage license. The clerk helping you guys refused to issue the license. It was a good thing the Justice of the Peace was there that day and told him to stand down.” June had gone with Larry when he went to get the license.

“You do know gay guys aren’t interested in women.”

“So, you and Mike keep telling me. The thing is, I’m not a real woman. As much as I would love to be one and go through everything a real woman goes through. I’ll never be a real woman. Sure, my plumbing and such will look like I am, but not where it counts. So, making love to me is no different than making love to another guy.”

“I don’t see how you can say it's like a guy. Look, you mean a lot to me and Mike. So, don’t worry about our relationship. We both love you and couldn’t imagine you not being in our lives.” Larry pulls next to the curb, while Billie backs his box truck into the driveway.

June carefully gets out and adjust to walking in the high heels she was wearing. She and Larry join Billie as he opens the back of the box truck and start unloading everything they bought. It takes them about thirty minutes to unload everything into the garage. The reason they brought everything home, was so they could go through all the boxes and totes. They wanted to see what they had and if it worked or not.

“Hey Billie, is there anything, in particular, you might be interested in?”

“If you find another pair of boots like you have on, I wouldn’t mind having a pair.” Billie liked the boots June was were wearing.

“Let’s see.” June sashays over to the tote that had all the fetish clothing in it.

She opens the tote and starts digging through the contents. She sets aside items that would fit her and finds a few items, she had no idea what they were.

“Hey Billie, I found these strange looking masks and one-piece latex suits, they are way too big for me.” June holds the masks and suits up.

Billie walks over and takes a look at them “these masks are for completely concealing a person and for controlling how much air and such they get.”

“Eeewww! That is sick. Why would anyone do something like that?”

“It’s a fetish thing, June. I know a group of people who are into this stuff if you want to sell them.” Billie knew the Tidewater Fetish Club would buy them.

“Well, your welcome to any of the items in here.” She spots a horse-tail butt plug still in its box.

“You know, I have seen these on the internet and in a few videos I’ve watched online. I wonder what it feels like to wear one.” June was curious.

“Why don’t you try it and then you’ll know.” Billie gives June a smirk.

“Maybe I will.” June sticks her tongue out at him.

By the time she was done digging through the tote, she found several things she and Larry were going to give to Billie to sell. She did find another pair of boots that would fit Billie’s feet. He switched from the shoes he had on to wearing the pair like June was doing.

“Man, I wish I had bigger breasts.” June holds up a corset that was meant for a woman with big breasts.

“You would fall over, June if you had bigger breasts.” Larry knew June was small for her age.

Her mother was five foot, ten inches tall. Her father was six feet and five inches tall and well built. Her older brother was as tall as her father. She was the runt of the family.

“Still it would be nice to wear something that showed off my chest. I’m barely able to fill a B cup bra.” June hated that her breasts weren’t very big.

She’s been on estrogen since she started seeing her shrink. She’s been thinking about having breast implants put in. The problem with that, she didn’t have the money for that.

“Don’t concern yourself with how big your breasts are, June. You look cute just as you are.” Billie wishes he didn’t have to hide behind so much make-up to pass as a woman sometimes.

He already had some work done to his face to soften it some. He still wanted a few more things done to his cheeks and eyes.

June just sighs as she sets aside the tote containing the Star Trek uniforms and props. She’ll take them down to the cleaners and have the uniforms clean, before she sales them. It takes the three of them three hours to go through everything. The computers they bought needed to have their passwords reset on them and a few needed repairs or upgrades that would make them worth anything.

Billie ends up with two of the laptops. He had a friend that could use them for parts. The rest were going to Mike to refurbish and fix. One was a custom gaming laptop that was worth fixing but needed a new screen. Someone punched the screen it had and broke it.

As for the motorcycles, Larry and was going to work on them and see if they work. The locksmith made new keys for them, so that was one problem Larry had fixed.

As they walk into the house, June orders them some subs from Cal’z for lunch. They were lucky they had one nearby. Afterward she looks at Billie ‘how do you put this thing in?” June had pulled the butt plug and tail out of the box.

“Well, you need to lube it up, so it will go into your ass. You can either attach the tail to it before or after you put the plug into your body.”

“What type lube do you use?” June looks at the shape of the stainless-steel plug.

“You can use Vaseline, spit, Larry could jack off on it or you could put it in your mouth and wet it.”

“I would use Vaseline, June. Since this is your first time experiencing it.” Larry couldn’t believe June was going to do it.

“Okay, give me a few minutes.” June heads towards the bathroom and pulls her panties off.

She opens the medicine cabinet and grab the Vaseline. She lubes the end that goes into her butt up and put some on her anal opening. She wipes her hands, and carefully put the tail onto the plug.

“Here goes nothing.” As she lifts her sundress up to her waist and tries inserting the plug.

At first, she couldn’t get it close to her anal opening, but after a few more tries. It slips right up inside her. It hurt some as it goes in but subsides after a few seconds. She checks herself out in the mirror on the back of the door. She wiggles her hips to make it move. A smile appears on her face as she lowers her sun dress down.

She notices the tail hangs just below the hem of the dress. She takes her dress off and heads back into living just wearing the boots and tail. She walks over to the items she brought in with her and grab the corset and collar she found. She puts those items on.

“Well guys, what do you think?” She stands before the guys.

“You might want to see if there is a pair of panties that go with that outfit.” Billie looked at June.

“They make panties you can wear with this in your ass? June didn’t know that.

“Yes.” Larry walks over and look through the pile of clothes and find them.

“Here.” As he tosses them to her.

“Okay.” June noticed they wear crotchless. She had grabbed them so Larry and Mike could make love to her out in the park or something.

She slips them on and looks back at the guys “well, what do you think?”

“That’s better.”

“Wait till you get your vagina and you’re wearing it. It will blow your mind.” Billie knew a friend of his enjoyed having sex while she wore a butt plug.

A wicked idea pops into June’s mind when she hears the doorbell ring. She walks over to the window and saw it was the delivery driver for Cal’z.

“I got this, guys.” June grabs some money from her purse and put it into the cups of the corset.

She walks over and opens the door. She spots a young man around her age standing on the other side.

“Hi, what do I owe you?”

Davie was surprised when a young woman dressed in leather and had a tail hanging down between her legs answered the door. She looked liked she was out of one of the porn movies he watches.

“Twenty-two dollars ma’am.” Davie was having a hard time not looking at her.

A smile appears on June’s face as she pulls the money out of the corset cups. She hands twenty-five dollars to him.

“Here you go.” June hands the money over to him.

Davie hands the woman the money. He notices it was twenty-five dollars. He goes to make change.

“Keep the change and have a nice afternoon.” June turns slowly around, so the young man could see her ass and the tail.

Davie swallows as he watches the woman turn. He sees her butt cheeks being supported, but her ass cheeks were bare. He also notices the tail from where it was hanging from. He nearly erupts in his pants as he watches her walk into the house and close the door.

“Oh, I can't believe you did that.” Billie had a big ole smile on his face.

“Hey, it gave him a hard-on and maybe made him erupt in his pants.” June had a grin on her face.

“You are such a tease. Bring the food over here and let’s eat.” Larry just shakes his head at June’s antics.

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