Laid Bare - Chapter 5

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Chapter Five – Can We Fuck Her?

“Can we fuck her?” the man that Adele knew only as Dale asked.

“The boss didn’t say we couldn’t. He just said to keep her here until he tells us to release her and the kid. Way I see it, a little bit of sexual assault won’t count for much on top of the kidnapping charge if we get caught,” the man she knew only as Lyle responded.

“Jesus but she’s so attractive and sexy, you would never guess she's a tranny,” Adele felt Dale touch her hair and cringed.

“Never fucked a tranny before but there’s no time like the present to start,” Lyle chuckled.

“She sure dresses sexy. She’s got that haughty businesswoman thing going, the type that always look down their nose at me. I’m going to enjoy sticking my cock up her ass,” Adele could sense the lust in Dale’s voice.

Adele Edwards wished that she hadn’t worn her usual attire that day. She was wearing a charcoal business suit with a short skirt and long jacket that showed off her long, gossamer-sheathed legs; high heels, and heavy makeup. Her more conservative court attire was hanging in a suit-cover in the back of her BMW; she intended to change into it at their rented office in Missionville.

“What about the girl? How old do you think she is? She’s got budding titties and she’s pretty,” Dale asked his partner in crime, his intent obvious.

Adele stiffened. She knew exactly how old the girl was. The girl was twelve and Adele was determined to do everything she could to keep these two potential child molesters away from her.

“Forget the girl,” Adele spoke up.

“What?” she could feel Lyle’s presence nearby.

“Forget the girl and I’ll give you two good ol’ boys the time of your life. You touch the girl and I’ll fight you so hard that someone is going to get badly hurt,” Adele snarled.

“Hey lady; being from around here that girl’s probably had her cherry popped by her cousin or an uncle, maybe even her daddy or her brother broke her in,” Dale sniggered.

“The time of our life eh? What the fuck does that mean?” Lyle interjected and glowered at Adele.

“I’ll be compliant, I’ll even be enthusiastic. I’ll suck you both dry and you can fuck me until your balls explode and I’ll willingly do anything you want, just don’t touch the girl,” Adele replied.

Adele was handcuffed and blindfolded and sitting in a hardback chair. She had no idea where she was, just that they had spent about an hour driving on bumpy gravel roads. She guessed that they were somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains.

Adele had been on her way to the Silas County Courthouse in Missionville Kentucky when she was run off the road by the two good ol’ boys who now held her captive. She was on her way to Missionville to file the suit against the Brindle Coal and Power Company having picked up Kimberly Peak at her mother’s house.

Adele had skidded to a stop and the two men she now knew as Kyle and Dale had gotten out of a rust-pitted twin-cab pickup, the tags obscured with mud, and pointed sawn-off shotguns at her and Kimberly and ordered them out of the car. The men were wearing dirty denim jeans and jackets and scuffed engineer boots. Their features were distorted by the nylons that they wore over their heads.

Adele had just enough composure to put her phone on silent, start the voice recording function, and drop it in the inside pocket of her jacket before she got out of her car. It might record evidence she could use; if they got out of this alive of course.

“Do everything they say Kimberly. Don’t antagonise them,” Adele had whispered.

She recognised the pickup as the same truck that driven into the Bear Mountain Lookout car park the other day just after she and Wayne Sutter had finished fucking right out in the open.

The men hadn’t said much but they got their point across by motioning with their shotguns. Both women had been handcuffed and blindfolded once they were in the back of the pickup. Skerricks of conversation during their journey revealed the men’s first names. Adele guessed by the way the men spoke and what they talked about that they were poorly educated Kentuckians and likely were or had been coal miners. They had both chain-smoked throughout the journey.

From the creaking floorboards, squeaky doors and the sounds of birdlife Adele guessed they were in a cabin somewhere in the woods; a shotgun shack she thought mirthlessly.

She was aware that the men had separated the two females; Kimberly was in another room and hopefully couldn’t hear what was being said. Adele had every intention of keeping the men away from Kimberly, whatever the cost. She had been made to submit to sexual subjugation once before during in her college years at the hands of four young male students and she knew how to mislead her antagonists into thinking she was a willing participant.

"Well let's get to it," Dale lifted Adele out of her chair.

"No bitin', no kickin', no scratchin', you hear. If you misbehave I'm gonna bring that pretty young thing in here and make you watch me fuck her," he warned her.

"Whatever you want, just leave the girl alone," Adele swallowed.

Adele heard the jangle of keys and then her hands were pulled out in front of her and the cuffs were removed.

"I'm just gonna sit here and watch you a while bro. If she tries anything I'll bop her up the side of her head with this," Lyle said.

Adele heard him rack his shotgun.

"Get down on your knees," Dale ordered.

Adele rubbed her wrists to get the circulation flowing and dropped to the floor. The floorboards felt rough on her knees.

She heard the ominous sounds of a man unzipping and lowering his pants.

"Lean forward," Dale's breath was ragged.

She did as she was told. She felt Dale's cock press on her lips and she obligingly opened her mouth. This was the price she would pay to protect Kimberly Peak. Dale put a hand on her head and pushed. She took him in her mouth and began to suck on his rancid flesh.

His cock felt gnarly and tasted of piss and sweat. Adele worked on it, producing saliva around it to wash it clean, she gagged when she swallowed her spit but at least the foul taste was gone.

"Goddamn the bitch sure knows what she’s doing. Last time I got blown was on my wedding day," Dale lamented.

Adele bought a hand up to Dale's crotch and caressed his scrotum as she worked her lips up and down his shaft and her tongue on his glans.

"Careful Missy," Dale warned.

Adele stroked his scrotum softly, indicating her intent was to please him, not hurt him. She was hoping to get him off quickly to get the ordeal over with.

“Christ that’s good,” Dale sighed.

Adele lapped at his cock, using her tongue expertly on his fraenulum then taking it into her mouth and worked the shaft with her lips. She stroked and gently squeezed his scrotum to intensify his pleasure.

“Jesus Lyle I’m going to blow my load!” Dale whooped.

He put his hands on Adele’s head and held it still while he vigorously fucked her mouth. Adele let him, sucking on the proffered appendage and working his sac to encourage him to come.

“You fucking-well better swallow what I’m about to give you, you bitch!” Dale wheezed.

Adele’s mouth filled with hot creamy semen. It was not as vile as she expected it to be and she swallowed it. She was ashamed that she actually found the throbbing penis ejaculating in her mouth arousing. Memories of her forced college gangbang returned sometimes as nightmares, but sometimes they invoked a nocturnal emission.

Adele licked Dale’s cock clean and he extracted it from her mouth.

“Well thank you Missy, that was just fine… for a start. Are you up next Lyle?” she heard Dale buckle up his pants and walk away for her.

“You bet I’m up, look at this,” Lyle had dropped his pants and was sporting a huge erection.

“Put the nylon back on your head I wanna take her blindfold off. She’s too pretty not to look at,” Lyle barked.

Adele heard them both puffing as they each pulled stockings over their heads to disguise themselves.

“Jeeze. I wish I’d thought of that, I would have liked to have looked in those pretty blue eyes while she was sucking me,” Dale whined.

“That’s why I’m the brains of the outfit. Never mind Dale, she aint goin’ nowhere for a while. We got plenty of time to keep doin’ her. She promised us that we can fuck her till our balls explode,” Lyle chuckled.

“There we go my pretty,” Adele was temporarily blinded when her blindfold was removed.

She closed her eyes as the glare from the afternoon sun streaming in through the window dazzled her. Lyle put his hands under her armpits and pulled Adele to her feet.

Adele squinted, taking in her surrounds through slitted eyelids. Bare warped floorboards, unpainted wooden walls, a glassless window with rags for curtains, a rickety table and two equally rickety chairs and a rudimentary kitchen. Just as she had guessed, it was a shack, likely a hunter’s cabin.

“Open those pretty eyes now Missy,” Lyle was standing close to her, his pants around his ankles with his large erection standing out proud.

Adele forced her eyes open and looked down so as not to be dazed by the bright light.

“There, there, my pretty one, let’s turn you a little so you ain’t blinded,” Lyle turned her so that her back was to the window.

He lifted her chin and stared at her; his breathing was heavy.

“I was right. I didn’t get a good look at her before we blindfolded her but this lady is gorgeous,” Lyle’s face was very close.

His features were distorted by the nylon he wore over his head, but unlike Dale who was white and flabby, Lyle was fit and tanned.

Lyle took Adele’s hand and guided it to his penis and she dutifully began to stroke it. It was a magnificent specimen of man-flesh; smooth silky skin along the shaft and a coral-pink head, it had both an impressive girth and length.

Lyle watched Adele’s long elegant fingers, her long nails painted bright-red, caress his cock. She squeezed a globule of pre-cum and rubbed into his flesh. Then he looked up into her face while she continued to masturbate him.

“Oh fuck this!” he groaned and ripped the stocking off his head.

Adele was surprised to find a handsome face with long sandy locks had been hidden under his mask.

He pulled Adele into his arms and kissed her. She opened her lips for him so he could explore her mouth with his tongue while she continued to stroke his magnificent manhood. She couldn’t deny that the heft of his cock in her hand was exciting. She slid her tongue into Lyle’s mouth and was surprised when she found that his breath was sweet.

Lyle broke the kiss and took her hand off his cock.

“Take off your jacket. Unbutton your blouse,” he ordered and began to take off his clothes.

Adele did not like where this was going but she knew she had to do whatever the men wanted. Lyle’s sawn-off shotgun was lying on the table but was out of her reach. Dale was sitting on one of the wooden chairs which he had propped against the wall, his shotgun at his feet. He had his cock out again and was trying to get it hard.

She slipped out of her jacket and put it over the back of one of the chairs and then she unbuttoned her blouse and untucked it from the waistband of her tight skirt.

Lyle pulled her back against his body. He was naked and she could feel his cock press into her belly. He kissed her again and directed her hand to his cock. Adele was disgusted with herself that she was excited to have the superb piece of flesh back in her hand. Instinctively she began to stroke it, gently squeezing it as she worked her fingers up and down the sleek shaft and over the bulbous head.

She was getting hard inside her underwear.

Adele and Celia had litigated and won a sensational sexual assault case where evidence was presented that proved that sexual arousal in the victim was possible during the assault under certain circumstances and stimuli. She knew that her response was spontaneous and unsolicited but that did not assuage her guilt.

At least she could mitigate her shame and culpability by convincing herself that she was being tacitly compliant to save Kimberly Peak from a horrific fate.

Lyle opened Adele’s blouse and freed her breasts from the cups of her bra. They were firm and milky-white, her areola pink and her strawberry nipples already distended. Lyle was acutely aware of her state of arousal when he pressed Adele’s arms to her side and lowered his face to her breasts.

She gasped when he took a nipple into his mouth and suckled it. He expertly used his lips, tongue and teeth on them, alternating from one breast to the other. Scintillas of illicit pleasure propagated from her swollen teats and the tender skin surrounding them. Adele’s became weak at the knees and Lyle held her up when she began to sway.

“You like it don’t you?” he took his face away from her breasts.

Before she could answer Lyle kissed her again. She put her arms around him, just to keep on her feet not because she wanted to press her body against him, she lied to herself. Lyle smiled around the kiss then thrust his tongue into her mouth and slid his hand down her body to her legs. He delighted in the feel of her cool sleek translucent nylons, women around these parts tended not to wear them unless they were dressing for a special event or church.

Adele froze as Lyle’s hand moved up her thigh and under her skirt. He slipped it across the front her satin panties then across to her other thigh.

“I thought you had a dick,” he whispered in her ear.

Adele just nodded.

She did have a dick and it was uncomfortably erect, pressed backwards along her perineum wrapped in her scrotal sac and held in place by surgical tape.

“Well where is it?” Lyle grinned.

Adele just shook her head.

“Never mind we will find out soon enough,” he sniggered.

He put both of his hands under her skirt and hefted her buttocks, pulling her hard against his body. His cock thrust between her legs and Adele's instinctive repose was to slam them shut. Lyle rubbed his cock between her thighs and Adele felt it palpitate. He kissed her again and this time she couldn’t stop a moan escaping her lips, she was still clinging to him as he kneaded her panty-clad buttocks and humped her silken thighs. She felt her pantyhose become damp as Lyle’s pre-ejaculate began to flow.

Lyle hefted Adele up onto the table. She sat there with her blouse opened and her breasts exposed, her skirt ridden up around her waist. She knew what was coming.

"I haven't done this to your type before sister, I'll need some help," Lyle smiled down at her and damn if she didn't smile back at him.

She pulled off her panties and tossed them on the floor. The last thing she wanted was to be taken painfully.

She tore a small hole in her pantyhose exposing her sphincter.

"You will need some lubricant or this is going to painful for us both," Adele said.

“Dale, you pass me over that tin of Vaseline from the shelf yonder," Lyle croaked; his throat filled with lust.

Dale stopped stroking his cock, got out of the chair and took down the litre tin of Vaseline off a shelf where there was also a container of gun oil, BBQ starter fluid, and household cleaning fluids.

"This should do the trick," Dale said as he slammed it down on the table.

"Just let me…" Adele put her hand inside her pantyhose and tore away the tape, freeing her penis.

She pushed down on her diaphragm, allowing her testes to descent from her inguinal canals into her scrotum.

"That’s where you keep that thing hidden," Lyle chuckled as Adele adjusted her erection so that it lay flat against her stomach as Lyle lathered his cock with the viscous lubricant.

"Jesus it's bigger than mine," Lyle stroked her member encased in the gusset of her sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose.

"I don't wanna see it, it ain't natural," Dale whined.

"Well don't look then but I'm going to fuck her either way," Lyle moved between Adele's open legs.

"Just take it easy because…" Adele didn't get to finish her sentence because Lyle slammed his cock into her and she fell back, lying prone on the table.

Adele screamed.

Lyle's cock pierced her sphincter and filled her tight anus.

Normally before having anal sex, Adele would void herself and douche. She had voided before she showered and dressed for today's journey so she hoped that she would be clean. If not; too bad for Lyle she thought.

She wrapped her legs around Lyle's waist and held him. She needed time to accommodate his penis before he began to fuck her. Lyle lifted her torso up off the table so he could kiss her.

Adele held onto him and kissed him passionately while she relaxed her anus. His glans was pressing on her prostate and his girth stretched her sphincter. Pleasure was replacing pain.

"Ok. Fuck me," Adele gasped into his mouth.

He did. With long slow strokes that Adele, god help her, found immensely pleasurable. She found herself awakening to forgotten carnal delights, images of being used by the boys in her college dorm filled her head and her cock began to leak a constant dribble of pre-cum.

Adele rubbed her silken clad thighs and claves against Lyle's flesh, knowing he would find it pleasurable. His cock imprisoned in her tight channel was throbbing; he was close to climax after only a few thrusts. Try as he might he couldn't hold back his orgasm.

Lyle pushed Adele down on the table and pressed down on her hips and began to fuck her earnestly and she lifted her buttocks up to meet his thrusts.

When his issue flooded her back passage she came with him. A puddle of semen burst through the diaphanous fabric of her pantyhose as Lyle assaulted her anus. Her anal muscles convulsed, draining him, eliciting every drop of his spend. Adele and Lyle both panted and gasped as they climaxed.

Dale was back in his seat furiously stroking his cock watching his partner fuck the beautiful transgendered woman. He and Lyle had shared girls before, sometime without the girl's consent. But watching the woman on the table, her long, nylon-sheathed legs wrapped around Lyle's flanks, her heels crossed over behind his back, her pretty face contorted with lust, rising to meet Lyle's thrusts was astoundingly erotic.

"Hot damn!" Lyle cried.

He lifted Adele up again and kissed her.

"Well that was something. We gonna have a real party tonight!" he yelled, fully content.

He pushed Adele back down on the table and extracted his penis from her anus. His semen dribbled from her sphincter as she lay there gasping.

Lyle turned away from her, looking for something to wipe his cock with.

"Get over here bitch!" Dale yelled.

Adele felt exhausted but she had a duty to perform.

Dale was naked; sitting in his chair his gnarled cock looked red and angry.

She lifted herself off the table and ignoring the cramps in her legs she held her skirt up away from her semen soaked groin and walked over to him. She knew what he wanted and straddled him; lowering herself onto his stubby hard cock.

"I don't wanna see that," Dale growled and pulled down Adele's skirt to cover her cock and cum-soaked pantyhose gusset.

'There goes an eight-hundred-dollar suit,’ she thought incongruously, semen was a notorious stainer of clothing.

Dale held her hips and Adele rode up and down on his cock for a minute or two before he forced her down in his lap and ejaculated deep inside her.

He pushed her away immediately and Adele sprawled on the floor.

Lyle came over and helped her to her feet.

"You know you got more coming," he warned her.

Adele nodded compliantly.

"You good ole boys got anything to drink? Don’t you hillbilly types keep a crock of moonshine handy?" she asked, adjusting her clothing as best she could.

"We got a jug here Dale?" Lyle asked sarcastically.

"Does the Pope shit in the woods? Is a bear a catholic?" Dale’s crude sense of humour made both men laugh.

“You mean a jug like the ones we fill from the still out back of this cabin? Dale yucked.

Dale put on his dirty grey boxers and rummaged around in the rudimentary kitchen and eventually produced a stone jug.

He lifted it and took a swig offering it to Lyle.

"Fuck no! Ladies first," he smiled salaciously, offering the jug to Adele.

She took a long pull and her mouth filled with burning liquor, which she held in her mouth and disgorged into Lyle's mouth when she sat in his lap and kissed him.

"Hot damn! We gonna have some fun tonight," he hollered, lifting the jug to Adele's mouth again.

Adele was hoping that by introducing alcohol into the equation it might curb the men’s lust, or at least remove their ability to perform. But as the boys got drunker, amazingly they became more virile. They passed her back and forth using her mouth and her anus to satisfy what seemed to be unbridled lust. The best Adele could do was to limit her intake of alcohol and encourage the men to drink between bouts of sexual frenzy.

In the room next door Kimberly Peak could hear everything through the paper-thin walls. She was blindfolded and tied to a wooden chair with her hands handcuffed in front of her. She sobbed through Adele's ordeal well aware that Adele was doing what she did to keep the men away from her. She squirmed and wriggled and after what seemed like an eternity she loosened her bonds.

Kimberly was eventually able to free her arms and remove the cord tying her torso to the back of the chair. She ripped off her blindfold and gasped for breath and then went to work on the bonds tying her legs. It was awkward with her wrists cuffed but eventually she was free and able to stand.

It took five full painful minutes for her circulation to return to normal and for her numbed limbs to function properly. She made her way to the door and put her ear to the bare wood and listened.

She could hear Adele moaning, not with lust but with exhaustion. The men were hollering and whooping as Adele begged whoever was doing whatever to her to stop.

"This bitch is about spent. I'm bringing out the girl. I reckon I got one more good fuck left in me and I want some of that sweet Kentucky schoolgirl poontang," she heard Dale cackle.

Kimberly braced herself and when the door began to open outwards she pushed against it with all her might.

Dale staggered drunkenly and went sprawling backward landing kitty-kilter on his ass.

Kimberly staggered into the room and lunged for the shotgun lying on the table. She grasped it clumsily.

Lyle had Adele bent over the table and was fucking her in the ass, bitching and whining because he was too drunk to come.

He turned to Kimberly and grinned at her.

"You're next poppet," he sneered.

Kimberly unloaded the gun into his head and he was thrown across the room.

"What the fuck!" Dale had scrambled to his feet and was staggering drunkenly toward the kitchen counter where the other gun lay.

Kimberly froze. Smoke rose lazily from the barrel of the shotgun. She was so disassociated from the ordeal that she had witnessed that she was almost paralysed.

Adele was weak from being used repeatedly by the two men and shocked by the sight of Lyle’s corpse. At first she was impotent but then she realised the dire situation that they were in. She hefted herself up off the table and snatched the weapon from Kimberly's grasp.

She unloaded the second barrel into Dale just as he turned on them with his shotgun poised. He went down screaming, discharging his weapon into the ceiling. Adele dropped the shotgun and strode over and snatched Dale’s gun from his grasp. She kicked him in then goin and then put the shotgun to his head and emptied the remaining barrel.

The shack smelled of sex, whisky, gunpowder, blood, and fear.

Both women were anaesthetised by their actions, unable to move. Adele dropped the smoking gun and began to sob. She fell to her knees. She stank, her pantyhose were shredded and soaked in cum, her blouse splattered with semen, her anus burned, her breasts were bruised and bitten, and her hair was a bird’s nest, crusted with sweat and dried cum. Her discarded pink panties lay accusingly on the bare wooden floor near the table.

Adele recovered first and snatched up her panties and stepped into them and pulled down her skirt. She closed her blouse as best she could and made her way painfully over to Kimberly.

Kimberly fell into Adele's arms a blubbering wreck. Adele let her cry but her analytical mind already knew that they needed to get away from this place as soon as possible.

She kissed the top of Kimberly's head and released her. Snatching the handcuff keys off the counter she returned and released Kimberly from her restraints.

"Listen to me," Adele whispered.

"You need to be a big girl now and do exactly what I say ok?" she wanted to hug Kimberly but not in the disgusting clothes she was wearing.

"I want you to wait outside. Go over to the pickup and wait for me ok?" Adele turned Kimberly away from the carnage.

Kimberly silently obeyed and when she was outside the shack Adele picked through Lyle and Dale's clothes. She found the truck keys, their wallets, and in Lyle's jacket pocket she found a cell phone, his cigarettes and a lighter. She also found her handbag with her car keys inside. She bundled everything up and took it out to the truck and threw it in the front seat of the twin-cab.

"What do we tell the Sheriff Sutter?" Kimberly said staring at the shack, her voice trancelike.

"Can you keep a secret? A really, really, big secret?" Adele took Kimberly by the shoulders and turned her so they were eye to eye.

"I sure can. I never want to think about what happened here ever again," Kimberly said.

"I can't guarantee that, but if you can keep a secret I can too and we never have to speak about it… ever," Adele said.

Adele didn't want to tell anyone what had happened to her in the decrepit shack and she definitely did not want Kimberly to be interrogated by Sheriff Sutter. It was horrific that a twelve-year-old girl had had to kill a man with a shotgun; she should be spared the pain of having to retell the story and everybody knowing what she had done. Adele also did not want anyone to know the indignities she had endured or of her enthusiastic participation in some of the acts she was made to perform.

As an officer of the court, Adele's fingerprints were on file for elimination purposes and even though all the wood in the cabin was rough, there was no guarantee that she hadn't left a print somewhere. On the jug, and the shotgun for sure, and she had certainly left her DNA all over the place. She was ashamed that she ejaculated three times during her ordeal.

There was only one surefire way to hide the fact that she and Kimberly had been in the shack.

She picked up Lyle's menthol cigarettes and his Zippo lighter and put them in her jacket pocket and then took off her jacket and hung it over the porch rail. Adele went back to the truck and lugged a Jerry-can of gasoline out of the back of the pickup over to cabin. She poured gasoline over the bodies of Dale and Lyle, saturating them, and then she splashed the remainder around the cabin, tossing the empty Jerry-can into the corner.

"Ok honey, move back behind the truck for me ok?" Adele called out and Kimberly complied.

Adele put on her jacket and put a cigarette in her mouth and flicked Lyle’s Zippo and lit her cigarette. She drew the smoke deep into her lungs and exhaled. She took one more drag and then tossed the cigarette into a pool of gasoline on the porch. She turned and ran towards the pickup, wishing she'd thought to take off her heels before she'd tossed the smoke.

The cabin went up with a 'whoosh' just as she made it to the truck. She hauled herself around the other side and hugged Kimberly to her, holding her face against her chest, shielding her from the sight of the cabin in flames.

They waited for the cabin to become fully ablaze and climbed into the truck. Adele was surprised but delighted to find a TomTom GPS navigator mounted on the dash. She fired up the engine and it came to life. She fiddled with the Tom Tom and found the last route and reversed it. Hopefully it would take her back to her abandoned BMW, provided no one had stolen it of course.

As they got onto the dirt road there was a loud explosion and Adele saw the cabin blow shy-high in the rear vision mirror. The flames grew higher, a cloud of smoke billowing into the sky.

“Shit! They really did have a still out back of that cabin; either that or they were storing explosives. Either way there isn’t going to much left for anyone to find,” Adele said.

They drove for two hours staying at the double-nickel speed limit but saw very little traffic as most of their journey was on rough backroads. They picked up the blacktop and fifteen minutes later the TomTom announced that they were at their destination.

Adele saw the skid marks where she had swerved her car off the road. Adele and Kimberly had spent about fifteen minutes in the back of the pickup blindfolded and handcuffed before the two men had driven them away. The captors had used that time to hide Adele’s car.

She found it driven into a small clearing off a dirt trail about half a mile from the main road. Lyle and Dale had planned their kidnapping well. There was a small mountain freshet running through the clearing. Adele opened her car and was grateful to find her court suit still hanging from the hook on the nearside rear passenger door and her small travel bag on the back seat.

"Let's get cleaned up," she said hefting the bag onto the hood of her car.

She gave Kimberly some wipes and took out a small toiletries bag out of the bag. She took off her soiled clothes and washed herself as best she could in the small stream. She changed into her more demure court suit, tossing her semen stained and soiled clothing into the plastic wrapping that the drycleaner had put over her court suit. She tossed the bag full of loathsome clothing into the trunk along with Lyle’s phone and lighter.

Adele took a few minutes to put on her makeup.

"Can you do me?" Kimberly asked.

"Sure honey, but just a touch ok?" Adele conceded.

Kimberly had just experienced the worst day of her life since her father died so Adele was not about to argue.

Kimberly had a pretty face with high cheekbones, full lips and blue eyes, just like Adele's. She was going to be a stunning young woman, given the chance.

Adele put a little finishing powder on her face, a smidgen of mascara on her eyelashes and some pale pink lipstick on Kimberly's lips. She took a few minutes to brush out her hair. She figured that making Kimberly look pretty might take her mind off the ordeal she had just suffered.

"Let me see," Kimberly impatiently reached for the compact mirror.

"Wow! I look beautiful," she admired her reflection in the small mirror.

"You look beautiful without the makeup," Adele assured her.

Kimberly screwed up her face and stuck out her tongue. As much as she wanted to be a woman, there was still a lot of little girl left in her.

They wiped down the twin-cab truck as best they would with Adele’s wipes, hoping to remove their prints.

"Ok partner. Let's get the fuck out of Dodge," Adele tried to make light of the situation as best she could.

Adele carefully made a three-point turn and drove cautiously up the track back to the main road. Now was not the time to break an axle.

Adele pointed her car towards Missionville and hit the gas.

They drove on in silence for a while before Kimberly spoke.

"It's not true what that man said you know," Kimberly said petulantly.

"What's not true honey?" Adele ruffled Kimberly's strawberry blonde hair.

Kimberly shook off Adele's hand. A girl about to enter her teens did not like to be treated like a kid.

"What he said about my cousin or my uncle popping my cherry," Kimberly said.

"One of my uncle's used to like me to sit in his lap while he tickled me but I eventually realised why and I socked him in the balls and he never did it again," she said matter of factly.

Adele believed her too. Kimberly might look fragile but she was made of stern stuff.

"What those men did to you… you know what they made you do…" Kimberly was having trouble broaching the subject.

Adele remained silent hoping that Kimberly would leave it alone.

"You did it to save me didn't you?" Kimberly whispered.

Adele just stared at the road ahead and remained silent.

"You sacrificed yourself for me otherwise they would have done those things to me," Kimberly choked back tears.

Adele could tell that Kimberly was trying not to cry. She remained stoic and kept looking straight ahead; Kimberly was too young to know the truth.

Kimberly undid her seatbelt and scooted over as close to Adele as she could get and snuggled up to her.

"I love you Aunty Adele. When I grow up I want to be just like you; smart, beautiful and brave," she rubbed against Adele's side and Adele put an arm around her.

"You can't be just like me though. I'm a little different to other women, but that's a conversation for another day," Adele tried not to sound too condescending.

"I know. You're different but you’re special. That's another reason I love you," Kimberly said around a yawn.

She was soon fast asleep snuggled up to Adele.

"Aunty Adele indeed," Adele smiled to herself.

Adele shook Kimberly awake on the outskirts of Missionville.

"Put your seatbelt on honey. We do not need a traffic stop now," Adele said.

"What do we tell Celia?"

"We tell her nothing. I'll tell her what she needs to know," Adele said reassuringly.

To be continued

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Totally Wild!

I read most of the first chapter, but decided to wait until the series was posted so that I could read it all in one go. I know that the girls will come out fine, but you are very hard on your protagonists between the beginning and the end. Anyway, I happened to open this chapter up today, read a bit, and then read the whole chapter. What a ride. Great action.

Thanks for sharing. I'm still going to wait until the series is completely posted to read any more.

"Deliverance" With A Twist

joannebarbarella's picture

Wot? No duelling banjos? Those boys wuz too busy to pluck any strings.

New chapter, new bowl

LookingGlass's picture

Meanwhile I'm over here like...

eating popcorn.jpg

Hard to read but not boring.

Never having been one who ever condones violence, I found this chapter hard to read. I got some small emotional requittal upon reading of the demise of the rapists because it created in me that primordial and somewhat infantile capacity to savour revenge. That capacity is inate within us all but it is never easy to have it exposed, even to oneself. or experienced - even by oneself. I sincerely hope that such scenes will not proliferate too frequently in future chapters.

Revenge is a desert best served cold but sometimes it corroleats with survival of the fittest.