It’s Hard Being A Wife

Dakota looks at her reflections in the mirror as she adjusted her new nursing bra. The medication her sister-in-law prescribed for her to produce her own breasts milk have made them bigger. It was causing her breasts to produce milk for the twins her and Terry adopted from a former costumer of theirs. The twins were causing her to produce more in order to feed them.

“How a natural woman goes through their whole entire natural life wearing a bra, I’ll never know.” Dakota knows she’ll never be able to pass as a man again, without binding her chest.

She makes one more adjustment to the bra, before slipping on the company t-shirt she had made up for Terry’s family garage. Once she was dressed, she goes and check on the girls. A smile appears on her face as she looks at the twin girls laying in their cribs. Terry still had a hard time telling them apart. She on the other hand already knew which girl was which.

“How are my angels doing this morning?” Dakota lifts both babies out of the crib and hold them in her arms.

They had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Terry had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She had long black hair and light blue eyes. She got her eyes from her great, great grandmother on her father side. Thanks to the plastic surgery Caroline did to her. She now looked more Native American then she did before.

Dakota takes the girls downstairs with her as she heads towards the office. Terry was out doing a service call and she was running the office. They hired a part time assistant to help her out in the office. She manages to open the office door and walk into the office.

Dakota puts the babies in the bassinet she and Terry setup in the office. This way she could take care of them, while she was working. When the girls get older, she’ll put a play pen in there.

“Alright, mommy has to work, so be good little girls.” Dakota starts working on the paperwork that had piled up on her desk.

She goes through the bills and see which ones needed their attention right away and which ones they had time on. The garage has been doing okay since they have been back from England and some of the interruptions that have popped up. She still couldn’t get over the fact that someone had declared war on Jack Bounty’s family.

She knew his reputation and that it was a death sentence. Bart had told her stories of what Jack and Cheshire had done to their enemies. He had been trained by both of them and neither one of them left their enemies alive.

Ralph comes walking into the office and notices, Dakota was in there all by herself. He knew if she was there, the girls would be there as well.

“Morning, Dakota.” Ralph walks over towards Dakota’s desk.

“Morning Ralph, how did your date go last night, with Samuel?” Dakota knew Ralph loved dressing as a young girl and go out with his boyfriend Samuel.

“Oh, I had so much fun, last night. We went to Lo Scoglio for dinner and the food was outstanding. The chef was from Sicily and he was amazing. Afterwards, we went to Club 79 and partied till two in the morning. We ran into some people we knew and went to an after-hours bar, called Scorpio.” Ralph loved the sex they had afterwards.

“Man, it sounds like you had an amazing night.” Dakota misses going to the clubs and such in Texas.

“I did. What did you and Terry do last night?” Ralph knew Terry and Dakota had gotten married after Terry’s operation.

“Cooking and laundry. Terry and I don’t go out much, now that we have the girls. We’re suppose to go over to his brother’s Eddie’s house on
Friday, after work. His wife wants to meet the girls and she has some items she wants to give me for them.” Dakota liked Carly, she wasn’t as nosy as Lorne.

“In-laws, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them, if you want to keep your spouse’s family happy. So, how does it feel to be a mother, now?” Ralph was curious because one day him and Samuel might want to adopt a child to raise.

“Different. I never saw myself as being the motherly type, but when Mrs. Jerkins asked me and Terry to raise her girls. I couldn’t say no.”

“Why didn’t she asked a relative of hers or let their father raise them?” Ralph was curious why Mrs. Jerkins would ask a complete stranger to raise them.

“Because, her husband is serving time for robbing a liquor store and her family disowned her. They didn’t like the man she got pregnant by.” Dakota asked Mrs. Jerkins the same question, before she died in the hospital room from cancer.

“Damn, talk about a sorry ass family. I thought my family was bad, with spending my money and trying to stop me from modeling.” Ralph had to walk away from his family and dropped out of school because of them.

Terry helped him get his GED and was teaching him all about cars. Ralph wonders where Terry went.

“Hey, where’s the boss at?”

“You mean me, right?” Dakota had an evil smile on her face.

“No, I mean Terry?”

“He’s answering a service call. Mr. Allen's car broke down and needed some help this morning. So, Terry took the flat bed to go and see what was going on with his car.” She helped him this morning, before he left.

“I really dislike Mr. Allen. He tried to tell me how to fix his car last time.” Ralph didn’t like a customer telling him how to do his job.

“I think Terry is going to handle this one himself. So, are you done with Mr. Bush’s truck?”

“Yep, all done. I still need the part for Mr. Houser’s car. He said he was bringing the part here this morning.” Ralph knew Mr. Houser liked
using parts he bought himself.

Which was fine with Terry and Dakota. They only guaranteed the labor, not the part. If they supplied the part, they would guarantee that.

“Well, while your waiting on Mr. Houser to get here with the part. Go ahead and start on Mrs. Jones car. She’ll be in this afternoon to pick it up.” Dakota hands the work order to Ralph.

Ralph accepts the work order and looks over what needs to be done. It would take him a few hours to get everything done.
“Alright, see you in a few hours.” Ralph heads back to the garage to get to work.

Dakota checks the girls, before going back to work. She logs onto the computer and start paying bills. She makes sure to take screen shots and print out all receipts, saying they paid.

Dakota spots Terry pulling up to the garage with Mr. Allen’s truck on the flat bed. She watches as Terry stops down near bay 5 and lower the truck down. That way they can push the truck into the bay.

Once the truck is unloaded, Terry takes the flat bed and put it behind the garage, near the entrance to his private work shop. There were three vehicles covered up with tarps. The first one was the air car Terry had built. The second one was Wraith and the last one was Nobel.
The Black Knight was inside, sitting next to the other cab Terry had built to use for missions.

Terry gets out and head towards the office. He notices that Ralph was working on a car and so was Edward. He was the newest mechanic they hired.

When he walks into the office Dakota was waiting for him. He also spotted the girls in the bassinet he and Dakota set-up. He still couldn’t believe how big Dakota was getting from breasts feeding the twins. He does wonder how big his own breasts would had gotten, if they hadn’t been cut and burned when he was a prisoner to the Taliban.

“How is everything?” He watches Dakota.

“Oh, its fine. The girls are quiet and the guys are working on our customer cars.” Dakota was happy that Terry was back.

“Good. So, what is on the list for today?” Terry walks over to the coffee pot and pours himself a cup of coffee.

“You have a meeting with Jerry over at his office at one this afternoon. Afterwards, you need to pick up an engine and transmission from Jake’s performance shop.”

“Why are we getting an engine and transmission from Jake’s?” Terry was curious.

“Mr. Lawson wants you to put it in his old Chevy Nova. He has decided to start drag racing again and is paying us to install the motor and transmission.”

Terry just shakes his head. He has known Jimmy Lawson since they went to school together. Jimmy has always wanted to race, but never had the money to build his own car. That was until recently when he inherited some money from a rich aunt, he never heard of.

“It looks like Jimmy is going to finally get his dream.”

“What? To spend a lot of money?” Dakota was curious about what Terry was talking about.

“It’s a long story. Is there anything else?” Terry takes another sip of his coffee.

“Yes, can you watch the girls while I go grocery shopping, later this afternoon?” Dakota had a list of groceries she needed to pick up for the apartment and shop.

“I don’t mind watching the girls and I’ll try to be back as soon as possible.” Terry walks over and plants a kiss on Dakota’s cheek.

The rest of the day Dakota’s keeps busy running the garage and breast feeding the girls when her breasts fill with milk. The girls were peaceful and watched their adopted mother as she worked. Dakota does stop occasionally, to look at the babies. She never thought when she became a woman, that she would one day become a mother. That hadn’t been in her plans when Bart and his wife saved her.

The plan was for her to follow in Bart’s footsteps and work for Mr. Bounty and his partner Cheshire Patel. There were never any plans for her to get married and have children. She was never the motherly type. She enjoyed chasing crooks down and protecting people. That was the reason she became a police officer. That wasn’t the only reason she became a cop. The other reason was to chase down drug dealers and gang members. Her best friend had been killed from bullets from a drive by shooting.

The gang responsible didn’t care if they killed innocent people, if they got the member of the rival gang. That was what drove Dakota to become a police officer in Los Angeles.

The case that nearly got her killed, was the one she had been working undercover to build a case against a motorcycle gang named Road Demons and their leader. She had spent months undercover joining and climbing the ranks of the gang. She had learned that they were involved in a lot of illegal activities that ranged from hired muscle to smuggling. They were even into prostitution and drug manufacturing.
They were working with another gang called Black Devils motorcycle club. That club manufactured a highly additive drug that was more potent then fennel and cocaine

The problem started with the wife of the motorcycle gang she had been investigateing. The wife of the biker gang leader had taken an interest in her. She used that interest to get closer to the wife to learn more about the leader of the motorcycle gang. When the leader found out, he took her and several other members with him out to the middle of nowhere.

That’s when she learned her cover had been blown. It also was because of a crooked cop from her division. He was their hidden asset inside the police force. He had gotten jealous, because the wife of the motorcycle leader like her more.

The leader and several of the other’s that had come along. They gave her such a beat down, that when the leader started cutting off her testicles and penis, she was wishing to die. She would have if Bart and his wife hadn’t found her. She had been left on the side of the road to die.

Terry manages to come back to the garage with the new engine and transmission. Dakota waits until they are unload form the company truck, before heading to the grocery store. She looks down at the girls, when Terry comes into the office “you two be good for daddy, while mommy is gone.”

Dakota walks over to Terry “I won’t be long.” As she places a kiss on his cheek.

Terry returns the kiss, “alright, be safe.”

“I will.” Dakota grabs her purse and the keys to the black Ford Explorer they bought at an auto auction. They mainly got it because of the girls.

She misses driving her Porsche 911, but now that she was a mother. She had to give her sports car up. It wouldn’t hold the baby’s car seats.

She heads towards the grocery store she normally shop at. She knows, she should change it up, so if any enemies her and Terry get. They don’t figure out their routine.

Dakota pulls the Explorer into the nearest parking space and park. She grabs her purse and get out of the car and head towards the store. She couldn’t believe how busy it was. She grabs a shopping cart and pull her list out as she walks up and down the aisles of the store. She was looking for the items on her list.

Dakota spends an hour shopping and stands in line to check out. She notices the person running the cash register, was a customer of theirs and her favorite sales person. She knew Brenda was studying to become a nurse and worked part time at Hardee’s Groceries.

Brenda smiles when she spots Dakota standing in line at her checkout line. Her car was doing better since Dakota’s husband Terry had looked at it.

“Hey Dakota, what brings you up here?”

“Groceries and office supplies. How has your day been so far?” Dakota starts to unload the shopping cart.

“Busy, which is a good thing. I have two more hours to go and I’ll be off.” Brenda rings the items up as Dakota puts them on the conveyor belt.

“Cool, how are your studies going for your nursing license?” Dakota keeps unloading the shopping cart.

“Its going good. I have class tonight, after I get off and a test tomorrow before I come in. I can’t wait till, I am done. My uncle Charlie managed to get me an interim ship at St. Nicholas where he works at.”

“That’s good to hear. If things don’t work out there, let me know. My sister-in-law knows a few doctors and hospitals up here that she can pull a few strings and get you in.” Dakota knew Caroline would do it for anyone she recommended.

“Thanks, how are the girls doing?” Brenda saw Dakota’s and Terry’s children when she went to the garage to pick her car up.

“They are doing fine. They are with their father right now.”

“Well, I wish when I have children, they are as beautiful as your girls.” Brenda fell in love with Dakota’s girls.

“Take your time, before you have any children. You’re still young and being a nurse is going to keep you busy until, you establish yourself.”

“I will, Dakota. Now, will you be paying cash or credit today?” Brenda looks at Dakota.

“Cash.” Dakota reaches into her purse and pull the cash out she pulled out yesterday.

She hands the amount due to Brenda “here you go, Brenda.”

Brenda accepts it and counts it. She inputs the amount in the register and changes slides down.

“Have a nice evening, Dakota.”

“You too, Brenda.” Dakota scoops up the change and drop it into her purse.

She heads out to the Explorer and unlocks the back and start loading the groceries inside. Once everything was loaded up. She puts the shopping cart with the rest of the carts and head back to the Explorer. She wonders what she should fix for dinner tonight as she climbs into the explorer.

As she is heading home, she hears sirens behind her and notices two police cars chasing a silver car. They were heading towards her location. She waits as the silver car gets closer to her, she pulls the explorer out in front of the car. The silver car tries to go around Dakota, but she keeps the car from going around her.

The silver car tries again to get past her. Dakota slows some and lets it get a little past her, before she taps the corner of the car and sends it into a spin. She whips the explorer around and stop it from trying to get away. She watches as the two police cars catches up and position themselves to prevent the silver car from going anywhere.

“Get out of your vehicle with your hands up.” Both police officers were standing behind their car doors, using them as protections.

Dakota could see that the occupants were moving around. She spots one of the occupants holding a sub-machine gun in his hand. She reaches into the secret pocket on her purse and pull her gun out. She also pulls the special investigators badge that she was given to her by Anika. According to Anika, they were considered special law enforcement agents and answer only to Jack Bounty.

“Get out of your vehicle with your hands up.”

Dakota heard the other police officer give the same order. She watches as four people exit from the car and fire a grenade launcher at the cops. She couldn’t believe the balls on these people.

One police car explodes as the grenade explodes. She slips out of the explorer and start firing at one of the occupants. She notices they were wearing bullet proof vest. Their heads were covered and were dressed in tactical clothing.

“Shit!” Dakota moves towards the back of the explorer as one of the guys fire the submachine gun she saw in the car.

She hears bullets hit the front of the explorer. She was glad that Terry lightly armored the explorer. She opens the back of the explorer and grab the shotgun from its concealed space. She loads the special armor piercing slugs that were in the back.

Her vest and heavy armor was at home. Even her body suit was there. She moves careful towards the front of the explorer using it for protection. She takes aim and fire at the person who was still firing at her. He drops like a rag doll from the slug hitting him. She takes aim a second time and fire at the guy with the grenade launcher.

“Put your weapons down now, or so help me you will end up like your friends.” Dakota had the shotgun pointed at the other two.

The other two guys put their weapons down and kneel on the ground. Two police officers’ rushes to each offender and one comes over towards her.

“Ma’am, put your weapon down.” They had their weapons trained on her.

“Alright, I’m putting my weapon down. I’m a special Investigator.” Dakota holds up her badge.

One of the police officers look at the badge and the ID card that was with it. He looks at the picture on the ID card and then back at Dakota.

“Which organization are you with?” Officer Hodges was curious, because her ID didn’t say.

“The special one. That is why I am a special agent.” Dakota couldn’t believe Officer Hodges asked her such a stupid question.

“That doesn’t tell me anything.” Officer Hodges was getting a little short on patience’s.

“I can’t tell you. If you persist, then I’ll have to arrest you. Now, you have the perps and I need to get home. Here’s my business card and if
you have any questions for me, feel free to call me.” Dakota hands her business card to Officer Hodges.

She gets into the explorer and heads home. She wonders should she tell Terry about this little incident or not. She knew Anika would want to know, but she was up at Cambridge, visiting her boyfriend.

Dakota pulls up in front of the garage in the reserve parking space for her. She hops out and takes a few bags of groceries inside the shop. Instead of taking them upstairs, Dakota loads them up on the lift that leads up to the apartment. Once all the groceries are loaded on the lift.
She heads up to the apartment, where she spots Terry with the girls. He looks up when Dakota comes into the apartment.

“Did you managed to get everything?”

“Yes, I managed to get everything. Would you give me a hand, with the bags?” Dakota walks over to the lift and brings it up.

“Sure.” He gets up and gives her a hand with everything.

Once the bags were on the counter in the kitchen. Terry looks at Dakota “so, did anything interesting happened on the way home?”

“Just a car chase.” Dakota figures Terry most of heard what happened on the police scanner in their apartment.

Terry just smiles as he finishes helping Dakota put away everything. He had to give Dakota for being the woman of the house and convincing him to go ahead and get the surgery to become a man. He walks over and wrap his arms around Dakota's waist.

“What have I done to deserve a woman like you?” As he leans down and places a kiss on her cheek.

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