Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.19

Raven and Clair couldn’t believe the hotel suite they were staying in. Wolfhart, Harris, and Jackal had picked them up and transported them to Augusta, Georgia for the trial. The law firm also assigned four bodyguards to protect her. One guy among her bodyguards looks like he could be the spitting image of the actor who plays Luke Cage from the Netflix series. His partner looked like she should be in high school or college. She stood about five-foot-tall and had a messy pixie cut hairdo.

Her name was Grace and could easily be mistaken for a teenager. She just had that type of presence about her. The other two guards look like models from a GQ magazine. Both men had dark hair and handsome looking face. They weren’t as built as the one guy who looked like Luke Cage, but they had a nice build to them. All four guards were wearing matching three-piece suits, sunglasses and shoes.

As for the other witnesses, they had bodyguards of their own as well. Their bodyguards looked like people you didn’t want to meet in a dark alley. There was one female in each team. Raven stood at the window and looked out at the city. She was watching the sun as it slowly set.

Clair spots Raven looking out the window in their suite. She was wearing a dress that came down about mid-calf and a pair of black ankle-strap pumps. It took a little coaching from her to convince Raven to wear a dress, but in the end, it was worth it.

She loved how the dress showed off Raven’s cleavage and curves. She also loved how Raven’s long black hair framed and enhanced Raven’s Hispanic looks. She walks up behind Raven and wraps her arms around her waist. She stood a few inches taller than Raven, even with Raven wearing heels.

“What are you thinking about, sweetie?”

“Nothing. I was just enjoying the sunset.” Raven leans back against Clair and place her hands-on Clair’s.

Clair looks out the window at the sunset. She had to admit that it was lovely. Downtown Augusta was a beautiful sight. Clair places a kiss on the side of Raven’s cheek.

A smile forms on Raven’s face, after she feels Clair kiss her. She never thought she would ever find love or a person who would understand her, after all the things that had been done to her. Raven knew she didn’t want to be in a normal man, woman relationship.

That sent shivers down her spine. After the treatment, she received while in prison and from her first employer. She couldn’t see herself being in a normal relationship. Plus, she enjoyed being in the relationship she was currently in.

Raven turns around in Clair’s arms and looks up into her eyes “make love to me, please.”

A smile appears on Clair’s face “if you insist.”

She starts kissing Raven, as they move over towards the bed.

Main Living Suite:
Grace looks over towards Anthony “I can’t believe that we are needed to protect the young woman and her lover.”

Grace and two other women from the company she worked for, were picked to protect three witnesses. She was assigned to Raven Mondragon, While Teresa and Beverly were assigned to another woman and a young man that was testifying against the authorities from Rockingham Correctional Center.

She and the other members of their protection detail had been briefed by Andy Blake himself. They had been given brief details of each person they had been assigned to. Beverly was assigned to Dr. Heath's son/daughter and Teresa had been assigned to protect Senator Bigg’s new son. He had been changed from a girl to a boy by Dr. Heath and by the request of Senator Bigg himself.

“Hey, its good money.” Anthony didn’t care what the assignment was.

“Why should it matter to you, Grace? You’re dating that hot Latina model.” Richard couldn’t believe who Grace’s girlfriend was.

“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my childhood friend.” Grace couldn’t believe the knuckleheads she worked with.

Catalina was her childhood friend and the two of them had gone out to celebrate Catalina’s birthday. Catalina had gotten so wasted that, she had kissed Grace on the lips and tabloid photographers had caught it on film. Now all her co-workers and some friends of her think she was dating her friend, Catalina, thanks to the picture that had been published.

“That’s what they all say.” Richard had a smirk on his face.

Grace raises her fist at him “keep teasing me and I’ll drop-kick your ass.”

Anthony just shakes his head at his feisty companion. He knew she could back-up her words. She had study Martial Arts since she was a child and held several black belts in at least ten different Martial Arts. She also studied under Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal and learned Chun Kuk Do from Chuck Norris himself.

Dark Angel Protection Agency recruited her while she was still in college. She has been the personal bodyguard for some top-class clients. Anthony and she have worked together to protect several clients.

“I’m going to go and check with the other teams.” Nathan had been watching Richard and Grace bicker between each other.

“Alright, remind them to only send one person to fetch food.” Anthony knew sometimes the different teams would send two people to fetch food for everyone.

“What, we can’t order room service?” Richard looks over towards Anthony.

“No! Remember what happened to Kevin’s team last time they did?”

“No, what happened to them?” Richard hadn’t heard what happened to Kevin’s team.

“All of them were poisoned. So, for now on. We aren’t allowed to order room service and we aren’t allowed to use the same restaurant or take
out place twice.” Anthony had been given strict orders by Andy Blake.

“Alright. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Nathan leaves the room and goes to talk with the others.

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