The Switcher: The Song of the Street - Chapter 5

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©2020 - Foxxe Wilder

A typical day for a street musician takes a sharp turn into the atypical.



Chapter Five

“Holy shit, I totally don't recognize her at all!” Tracey exclaimed.

“Excuse me?” Shadoe asked.

“Trust me when I say, that image in the mirror,” Tracey responded, “I have never seen her nor anyone remotely like her ever!

Tracey could just stare in disbelief at the mirror's image.

“How the hell could that possibly be me?” she asked aloud, “she's fucking gorgeous!”

“Hell, dressed like this you could definitely some pretty stiff opposition for me!” Shadoe exclaimed with obvious pride.

Tracey gave Shadoe a sidelong glance, “Opposition? Me? Just what the heck do you do on the side anyways?”

“I told you, I have a few sugar daddies. They phone me, ask me out on dates, buy me stuff, pay for my rent etcetera,” Shadoe explained.

“Shit, you're a hooker?” Tracey turned to her in shock.

“Oh no, it's nothing like that at all,” Shadoe defended, “I don't do anything sexual in the least. Every once in a while the occasion will call for a kiss or a hug but nothing more personal than that. It's called escorting. All you do is be a companion. But it's not always men. Every so often the client can be female. But like I said, I'm just a companion for the lonely and affluent.”

“I'm not sure I could do that,” Tracey replied suddenly remembering that this morning she started out as a male street musician.

“You have the looks,” Shadoe smiled, “With just a little bit of guidance I could set you up and in a few months you could be living like this!”

Shadoe motioned at the apartment around her.

Tracey was shocked on a few levels. As Damien, she had known Shadoe for four years but had never been to her home. Sure every so often Damien would walk Shadoe home late at night but had never accepted any invitations inside.

Damien had a few initial interests in Shadoe back when he first met her but over the years Shadoe became as a sister to him. He never suspected that Shadoe was doing anything more than selling grams of marijuana on the streets.

This new revelation did explain how Shadoe could afford the leather habit she had. Damien had seen her in all sorts of black leather outfits since meeting her.

She had jackets, vests, numerous different leather pants, shorts and skirts as well as some custom leather wristbands and a few collars – all in black leather.

Trace looked down at herself, then back up at the mirror. The image she saw there depicted a very pretty young lady with a look of astonishment on her face.

She watched her image as she spoke, “I really appreciate the compliment. I mean, I have never, and I mean ever thought of myself as pretty enough to be any kind of escort. I'm going to need some time to soak this in.”

“Not a problem. You can stay here as long as you need. Just clean up after yourself and if I have a client, then I'll need the place to myself,” Shadoe offered, “as you are now, no one will recognize you, well as long as you stay away from your usual habits. The best way to disappear is to be absolutely nothing at all like your normal self.”

Trace smiled wistfully. She had never known any version of Tracey save for pixie-punk persona she brought to the street. The image in the mirror was definitely not the same girl and Tracey began to feel guilty that the only version of Trace there was now was nothing like the original Trace ever was.

Trace was pretty, but Tracey was gorgeous. She also felt guilty for that. It took Damien's spirit and Shadoe's instincts to make this new look. She was sure that Trace would never even try to change just to hide.

Hiding was not part of who Trace was. She stuck out in the crowd and was proud of it. She was known on the street as a party hardy girl.

As Tracey looked in the mirror though there was no since of any party hardy girl. Here was a girl that could have any man anywhere, even Damien himself would have fallen prey to her charms.

“How the hell can I be that girl?” Tracey said aloud as she moved with Shadoe toward the door, “She is so very different than who I was.”

Shadoe smiled as she closed the closet bedroom door, “So no more rowdy chick? I can't believe that clothes alone could possibly effect that much of a change.”

“Oh trust me, I haven't felt like myself all night. At least now I can begin to relax,” Tracey replied.

“Speaking of relaxing,” Shadoe smiled as she pulled a pre-rolled joint from her cleavage as well as a bic lighter, “time to continue our journey to cloud nine point five.”

“Nine point five?” Tracey asked blankly.

“Yeah, nine point five,” Shadoe giggled, “Why stop at just cloud nine?”

“A very good point!” Tracey giggled as she pointed at Shadoe.

“Anyway,” Shadoe announced as she put out the second joint, “you can either bunk up with me or sleep here on the couch! The couch folds out to a double bed, or as I said before, you can join me on my bed, which is a mega-huge king size.”

Tracey smiled, “I'll bet you look so tiny in that huge thing!”

Shadoe smiled defiantly, “well that's it, you are so not sleeping on the couch! You are sleeping with me!”

Tracey's heart skipped a beat. It did not matter, of course what Tracey looked like, she was still a male street musician inside. The idea of sleeping with Shadoe got the interest from Tracey's only slightly submerged male mind.

The effect upon her made Tracey very grateful that she didn't have male parts at the moment. However there was still an unusual stirring of some sort within her.

They sat there and whittled away the rest of the night watching the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Later on just as the credits started to scroll down the screen Shadoe looked beside her and started giggling at Tracey.

“What?” Tracey asked defensively.

“You are such a pussy! Crying at at movie!” she laughed harder.

“Don't try to tell me that you didn't find that last part the most beautiful thing you've ever seen on film?” Tracey responded.

“Yeah yeah, I know, but this is you we are talking about! Man you really are nothing like who you are on the street! And I thought I was bad for that! Kudos! You are so relaxed and calmer; I never saw that coming. But hey if you can act like this out there,” Shadoe pointed out the window, “then you will be able to disappear for as long as you want! Just don't break character!”

“Oh trust me after today I am definitely not the same person as I was yesterday!” Tracey said with a forced smile, “I couldn't be that person again if I tried.”

Shadoe's attention was suddenly pulled away by a chirping sound from her cell phone. She got up and started moving toward her bedroom.

“well, hey remember how I told you I'd need the place for a while alone?” Shadoe asked as she looked at her phone, “Well I need tomorrow evening at seven pm to nine pm, so you will need to test out your new look. I highly suggest you totally avoid the downtown area completely. Try out Hamburger Mary's there is a good sized crowd to check out for you. It's not too lame and right up your normal alley.”

“That's tomorrow evening?” Tracey confirmed.

“Yup,” Shadoe replied, “anyway, I think I'll head off to bed now. You can come along now or watch TV for a while longer. Your choice,” Shadoe opened the bedroom door and pulled off her teeshirt and dropped her pants as she walked in, “Just a warning. I don't wear anything in bed.”

Shadoe disappeared into the bedroom. Tracey still looked on at the empty doorway when Shadoe added from out of sight, “And by that I mean I wear absolutely nothing, so be forewarned!”

Tracey felt that odd rush again. It wasn't a bad feeling but she wasn't sure if she liked it or not. There was something about it that carried a strange sense of dread and pleasure of some sort.

Tracey wasn't sure what to do. A lifetime of mental training to be a gentleman told her that she could not sleep with Shadoe. Male friends just never did things like that, not the honourable types anyways.

“But then again,” Tracey thought as she reconsidered the offer, “I am also a girl now, what could happen?”

She shrugged to herself and followed Shadoe in.

Shadoe had dropped her panties and tossed her bra aside and was just sitting on the side of the bed naked, wearing only a smile, “no entry with clothes though these are satin sheets girl!”

“Oh well, when in Rome,” Tracey replied as she proceeded to take off her clothes for bed.

(To be continued)

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a new look, a new life?

being an escort would give her an income, at least.


True but...

The spirit within the body still is male. He's open minded enough to begin to accept what's happened but I am not sure
Damien/Tracey would embrace that lifestyle.

Well. perhaps not yet anyways. But you never know... >;D