Stuck in a Rut - Part 52

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd

Casey Church is dealing with the usual things that any Fourteen year old girl has to deal with. That is... if they are a girl in a world where girls aren’t born, they are transformed. Leaving her male life behind is difficult, and new threats are on the horizon.


Chapter 52

I woke up feeling strange, I moaned and rolled over. My eyes popped wide open as I felt the wet spot in the sheets. I didn’t… I couldn’t have. I shot up and noticed the panties I wore to bed were soaked. I took them off and stripped the bed quickly. I examined the bedding and my underwear and realized it wasn’t urine, I had soaked them with my juices. I threw on some sweats and tossed the bedding into the washing machine. There would be enough time for them to run through the washer, and fro me to toss them in the dryer before I had to go to school. If I timed everything right, I could get away with it and not get caught. Or so I thought. I rushed down the stairs, and Mom was in the living room. Busted.

Mom looked at me and then at the bedding. “Have an accident?”, she asked.

I looked at her, then looked at the bedding, and began to tear up. She came over and very carefully hugged me.

“My poor baby.” She said as she held me tight. “It’s all right this is perfectly normal. I thought you would have known this was coming, with all the books you’ve been reading. When a girl hits the point where her vagina is fully developed, She will have incidents where she might orgasm during the night. I remember how embarrassed I was when it happened to me. But you are okay. You are perfectly fine. After school, we’ll go see the gynecologist, if that will make you feel better.”

I nodded feebly, and mom took the bedding and spot-treated it, sending me up to take a shower. With that embarrassing situation taken care of, I thought about what she said. I examined myself closely, gently probing and touching my girlness. It was true, my vagina was completely changed. I was a girl in every way on the outside! After drying off, I ran back to my room, almost dropping my towel in excitement.

I squealed and went to the closet and got out a nice skirt and some lacy panties. I put on a lacy long sleeved top over my training bra. I glanced at DeShaun during breakfast, blushing and looking away whenever he would look over. We hopped in the car and I held his hand in the back seat as Mom drove us all. School went by slowly, as I sat in my classes fidgeting, and staring at the clock.

I told Janie and our little kitten at lunch and there was squealing and giggling as they officially welcomed me fully into the sisterhood. Hugs were plenty and I got more than my share. Whispers of what I could expect in the future were shared, and I blushed and shook a little thinking about my period. I probably had another month and then some to wait for that, but it was now a tangible thing to me.

I ducked the looks from DeShaun during Home Economics, too embarrassed in the naughty thoughts that I was thinking. The Doctor told me last time that even after the external changes, I’d still have to wait a little before I became sexually active. Mom had followed that up with the “I know you are on the pill, but remember that abstaining is still the best form of birth control” speech.

Still, I had plans. It might be that I was in an elevated state of horniness, but mmm... I still wanted to claim DeShaun as my own. Add to that my little Kitty and my beautiful Janie, and I was soo gonna be fucked like crazy.

Georgie was in Art, and I sat with her and rubbed her shoulders as she worked on her pottery. She smiled and returned the favor while I worked on my bowl. She was taking her changes a lot better now, and she was starting to be more noticeably female. Her breasts were already bigger than my own, darn it. She was easily a B cup. Her cheeks had gotten rounder and rosy. She was going to be really cute, and I think she realized it. When class ended, we hugged.

I waited by the curb for Mom. On the way to see the doctor, I sighed and looked at Mom. She was glowing and radiated a beauty that only a pregnant woman could.

“Mom, I’m scared.”, I said.

“What’s wrong Sweetie?”, Mom said in that motherly way that makes everything right.

“All these hormones going crazy, I look at DeShaun and I want to tear his clothes off and kiss him all over. I’m afraid of what happens if I can’t control myself.”, I said meekly.

“Oh sweetie. It’ll pass. You just need to hang in there. If DeShaun loves you, he’ll understand. Now, I don’t want to be a grandma yet, but if that happens your father and I still will love you.”

I blushed and hid my face, as I mumbled. “Thanks Mom, I love you too.”

We arrived at the clinic, and I waited out in the waiting room while Mom talked to the receptionist about her own appointments.
Pretending to read an old magazine, I looked around the waiting room at the girls my age that sat there, the pregnant women there for check-ups, and the women there for other reasons. When my name was called, I nervously entered the exam room.
The nurse came in and took measurements and took my temperature and blood pressure. After recording my information, he left. After several minutes wait, Dr. Shayes walked in and looked at my blood pressure and height and weight on her charts.

“Now Casey, I understand you’ve had some vaginal leakage, and arousal?”, she asked plainly. I nodded and she continued speaking. “Those are often the signs of your external changes having completed, but all the same, I’d like it if you could change into a gown and put your feet up into the stirrups.”

I nodded nervously, and went behind the curtain to change. I finished getting undressed and climbed back up onto the exam table, my ass hanging out of the awkward paper gown. Getting my feet into the stirrups, I swallowed my nervousness, and meekly said “ready”.

After a very cold probing with the speculum, and some entirely too awkward arousal, the examination was done.

“Don’t worry about your body’s reactions, it’s entirely natural. Your body is a swirling mess of hormones, and your new developing sexual organs are hyper-sensitive right now.” She said. “However from what I can tell, things appear to be relatively normal. Your clitoris has stabilized at its current size, Your labia is fully formed. The hymen is intact and developed.”

I nodded and swallowed at the implications.

“I would advise that while your exterior genitals are fully developed, I would still remind you that your uterus and ovaries are still in the process of changing. That being said, I would say that you have at most a week or two before they complete their changes. Additionally, with the increased sexual stimulation you are feeling right now, I would say that you should wait at minimum a few days before rushing into sex. I will keep your birth control prescription active. I will remind you though that abstaining is the best way to prevent pregnancy and possible STDs.” She stepped back and gave me the privacy to step behind the curtain to get dressed.

I put on my clothes and she led me to the waiting room.

“I will want to see you in 5 weeks.”,She said. Mom took care of the scheduling, as she was also planning her own appointment.

Hopping in the car, we drove home. I was silent the entire way, I was nervous but also giddy. I was a girl! I was totally a girl. Now if only I could grow the boobs already.

DeShaun was still at practice. I called Poppy, and she ran up excitedly. She was very good, as she sat still while I put on her harness and lead. Grabbing the scooper and some plastic bags, we headed outside. The leaves were falling, and the trees looked bare. It was getting into mid October and the feeling of Autumn was in the air. Poppy hopped about, examining every falling leaf and every stick. Eventually she did her business, and I scooped it up and bagged it.

Arriving home, I dumped the baggie into the garbage can outside, and we entered through the garage. I let Poppy off her leash, and took the scoop into the laundry room. I rinsed it under the sprayer in the washtub before hanging it on the hook to dry.

DeShhaun had gotten home and was sitting on the couch sideways, his legs stretched out. I motioned for him to spread his legs, and I climbed in between them and reclined against him. He wrapped his arms around me.

“How’d it go?”, he asked me, as I nuzzled against his chest.

“Scary, thrilling, confusing.”, I stated as I closed my eyes.

“I couldn’t even imagine what this whole thing has been like for you, I couldn’t ever do it.”, he said… then he realized what exactly he said, and fumbled for an apology.

I laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

“What… what’s it like?”, he asked.

“It’s so confusing. Before I met you, I was afraid of the rut. I was happy being a heterosexual male, but at the same time I was scared. Scared of the inevitability of the rut. The uncertainty. You saw me back then naked. I was short and not very masculine, not very strong. I figured I would have to be very lucky and find someone even more of a probable girl in order to stay male. So while I was happy being male, and I enjoyed having a dick to beat off while thinking of hot girls with big tits, it’s different now.”, I said with a slight sigh.

“I’m… I’m sorry”, DeShaun said sadly.

“Don’t be. I’m not sad about it. I am who I am now… and while I might have lost somethings, I’ve gained so much more. I thought that if I was lucky, I would maybe end up with a girlfriend. But now, I have two best friends that I treasure dearly and help me through the confusion of going from a heterosexual male to being a bisexual girl. I never would have thought that possible. I never thought that I could still find a girl to love me as a girl. But I have two that are special to me.”, I said.

I could tell he was about to say something, but I cut him off. “Even more importantly, I found my boyfriend. I never thought I wold love a boy. I thought I would resent you for doing this, but I don’t. Yes, all the changes to my body hurt and confused me. The hormones made me an emotional wreck. I don’t care. I got the most wonderful person of all out of this. And I got new insight. I don’t have to hate what I’m becoming, or be afraid of it. I can embrace it. I love being able to express my softer side. I don’t have to fear what’s coming. I can rejoice that the anxiety and the worry are in the past.”

With that said. I turned and gave him the biggest, most loving kiss I had ever given him, and as our tongues probed each other’s, I felt pure bliss. After a few minutes, we stopped, and I returned to snuggling in against his big, strong chest.

“Of course, having said what I did… I might still feel like hunting you down and cutting off your balls when my period starts”.

End of Stuck in a Rut: Book One.

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