Katie Ann - Chapter 32: Why Is He Here?

Katie Ann

Nineteen-year-old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Becky Reus


Chapter Thirty-Two: Why Is He Here?

Thursday just before lunch, Katie, still dressed in the pink overalls with white hearts on the bib, Tiff had dressed her in this morning at Daddie’s, stopped in her dorm room to lose some books. As she moved the hair ribbon that was tickling her ear, she thought something looked out of place. Actually, a lot of stuff was out of place, she continued in thought to herself.

She could see her bunk bed now had a bed rail with ‘Katie Ann’ on it, and behind it, her bedding had been changed from one fitting for a teenager to pink Disney Princess bedding aimed for a young girl she had become. As she was leaving with her princess backpack considerably lightened, she noticed a collage of pictures where Ally had a poster before. Pausing to stand on her tippy toes to examine the pictures, she noticed they were of her. Checking the time, she decided she had time to examine them in detail.

She pulled her step stool over and stood on it to examine the collage in detail. There were quite a few pictures of her and Stacy, in various Halloween costumes and locations. Half of the pictures included the two best friends. At least two of the pictures could be considered blackmail material, the one of her sleeping in the car seat, and one of the two girls pigtails connected together. She was happy to see that a picture of her and Daddie from the photo session at the resort was on it. Laura, her actual family, her best friends from home, and Auntie also made an appearance in the collage, which made her extremely happy. In most of these pictures, she was clueless that someone was even taking her picture.

Looking at the time, she left her room and ran towards Reynolds Hall. As she set her backpack on her clusters normal table, Tiff asked jokingly, “What took you so long to lose some books, little Sis?”

“I got distracted by some pictures I discovered on my wall,” Katie replied with a blush as she went to get food.

When she got to the foodservice area, Mrs. Schneider asked, “I like your bibs Princess, what can I get you?”

“Half a Monte Cristo please,” the regressed girl ordered since they looked a bit large.

When she got back to the table with her half sandwich, apple slices, and an ice tea, Clare told her, “You are extremely cute in your pictures Sweetheart.”

“I think so too,” Holly replied, which caused Katie to wonder if all of her cluster mates had seen her pictures. The submissive girl was glad that she hadn’t noticed a picture of her like a cat, or in the corner in that collage.


That evening when Katie entered her dorm room to get ready for bed, she found Ally and Tiff waiting for her in the room. They requested that she take a seat on her bed, which made a crinkling noise when she sat down on it. Taking a chance to look around at her bed, she saw that at the foot of it, there were a few Princess themed throw pillows, and she gained another pillow at the head, for a total of two. Laying on the bed near her was changing pad with a diaper bag on top of it. Her personalized bed rail had disappeared somewhere since the last time she was in the room too.

“Katie, we need to have a talk, we will start with how old you are currently?” Ally told her.

Looking around, Katie replied, “I guess I am currently seven.”

“Let me remind you that the contract doesn’t apply to you when you are not at Adam’s. You can decide if you are seven or nineteen here,” Tiff pointed out.

The regressed girl asked, “What age do you want me to be?”

“That is for you to choose, Sweetie,” Ally said.

“I guess I will stay with seven, I only feel like nineteen when I am in class or doing classwork.”

Tiff nodded in agreement, as she mentioned, “You said that a few times to us and Laura’s mother too.”

“We will treat you like a seven-year-old, but you are not locked to being a grade-schooler, if you want to grow up you can by simply just telling one of us,” Tiff said, before continuing, “let's talk about the changes in your part of the room.”

“My bed crinkles now, and there was a bedrail when I was in here earlier,” Katie mentioned.

Ally said, “Ok since you started in that vein we will start there, we have waterproofed your bed, the bed rail is currently put away under your mattress after I tuck you in, I can raise it up. Let’s not forget about the obvious thing, your bedding has been changed too.”

“Do I have to use the bed rail?”

“No, you are not required, I may change my mind later if you start rolling out of bed, Sweetie,” Ally answered which received a nod from Katie.

“Adam and us two went through your clothes and pruned anything that wasn’t a child-size, since technically children’s size is the only stuff that fits you,” Tiff continued.

Ally told the little girl, “We replaced a few items, but Adam gave us at least a thousand dollars for the three of us to go shopping tomorrow night.”

“Your old bedding and old clothes are boxed up in your closet, in case you cherish one of them,” Tiff continued.

“I do not cherish any of them, my prom and graduation dresses, which I do, are still at my parents' house.”

“Continuing on to the pink elephant in the room, we need to deal with items sitting next to you, and the reason your bed has been waterproofed,” Tiff started.

Ally continued, “You are in quite the catch twenty-two, with your wet pull-ups at night. If we ignore them, you are going to eventually wet the bed.”

“Diapering you at night will just increase the problem. Katie, how many nights were you wet when you last woke up wet?” Tiffany asked her sister.

The regressed girl replied, “Four to five nights after I left Daddie, Sis.”

“We, your caretakers, have decided that we are going to take the lesser of two evils, and will diaper you at bedtime. You can still wear pull-ups or panties during the day. Adam did point out that you haven’t had panties in your dirty laundry since the first time he did your laundry, so I doubt that last one is going to happen, but the option is available to you during the day,” Tiff said.

Ally instructed, “Just like at Adam’s you are not allowed to diaper yourself, find one of us two to change your bottom.”

“Continuing on the rules front, as long as you are seven, you are not allowed to leave campus without one or more of your three guardians, Adam, Allison, I, or an approved adult, with you. You are also required to inform us if want to go anywhere that is outside of your normal routine on or off-campus,” Tiff continued on the subject.

They continued by asking the regressed girl if she had any questions, which was answered with a timid no. Tiff proceeded to pull one-piece footed pajamas out of Katie’s pajama drawer and hand it to Ally. After kissing the little girl on the forehead goodnight, the big sister walked out of the room to get ready for bed herself.

After Ally removes the bows and braids from the regressed girl’s hair, she promptly sent her charge to take a shower, since they didn’t have the preferred bathtub. When the little girl came out of the bathroom, Allison led her to the changing mat and had her lay down on it, after making sure she was properly dried by the towel. Soon the regressed girl found herself in the Minnie Mouse onesie complete with the required diaper under it.

After Katie sat down on a desk chair, Ally started to blow dry the girl’s hair, which caused the small one to purr with delight. After tucking the little one in bed, Ally asked, “Bedrail up or down, Princess?”

Katie after thinking for awhile meekly said, “up, please,” which was answered with her bed rail being placed up.

Ally, before she walked out of the room into the cluster, told her roommate, “If someone had told me at the beginning of the year, that I was going to volunteer to be a caregiver to my roommate, Including putting diapers on her, I would have told them they were crazy.” Pausing to catch her thoughts, she continued, “But then again, you didn’t ask to be taken care of by anyone but Adam, the rest of us willingly volunteer for that position.”

Katie nodded at the previous statement, as Allison pointed out, “You don’t mind someone caring for you, either, brat,” as she stuck her tongue out at the regressed girl.

Katie could only blush at what her roommate said, as said roommate walked into the cluster turning off the lights in the process.


The next morning found Katie walking into her American National Government class and took her normal seat in the front of the classroom. After digging her class notebook and a pen out, she set her princess backpack on the floor out of the way leaning against her desk.

When it was almost time for class to start, the professor came up to the front with two guests,... Mr. Bullard?!?!?!? and Stacy?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Stacy was smiling directly at her and was holding a stack of papers. She should be in school in Riverville, and why would Mr. Bullard be here in her ANG class.

At eleven o’clock exactly, the professor addressed the class, “Class we have a guest today, State Congressman Samuel Bullard, with his daughter, with no further introduction I give you the Honorable Bullard.”

Congressman Bullard said, “Thank you, Professor, my daughter, Stacy is handing out a handout to each of you. She has an in-service today at her school, and when offered between going to grandma’s or coming here, she jumped at the chance of coming here.” He continued while looking directly at Katie, “I am not exactly sure why.”

Katie just scrunched down in her desk, trying to hide, which didn’t go unnoticed by Stacy and some of her classmates, while under Mr. Bullard’s glance.

“While she is still handing those handouts out, I will get started on my little discussion, when that is done, I will open the floor to questions for me,” the Congressman continued.

Stacy sat next to Katie, and handed her best friend enough handouts for the front row, saying “Here you go, Katie.”

“Thank you, Stacy,” Katie said while handing the rest down the row, after taking one.


“If there are no more questions, I have been given permission to dismiss you, thank you for your attention, you have been an excellent class. Goodbye,” Sam Bullard told the class.

Katie was doing what she usually did after class, wait until the crowds died down, so she turned to Stacy, “Stacy Bullard!”

“Yes, Katie Telgenhof!”

“Why didn’t you tell me, your mother has my phone number,” Katie continued.

“And miss that shocked look on your face, what is the fun in that,” Stacy said while sticking her tongue out.

Katie stuck her tongue out and said, “No fair.”

“You two, I saw that,” Mr. Bullard said which got blushes out of both of the girls. “Sweetie, what are your plans for this afternoon?” he asked Katie after he finished talking to the prof, and a few students.

“I usually meet Tiffany at the dorm and go to lunch at Reynolds every other Friday, then after lunch, I do homework before hanging around the dorm,” the college student said as they walked towards Whitlatter Hall.

Stacy asked, “What about the other Fridays?”

“Daddie takes me to the town a strange girl by the name of Stacy lives in.”

Katie got rewarded with her best friend sticking her tongue out at her, so she responded back with her own tongue. Soon the two girls were jumping in surprise when they got a light tap under their chin from Stacy’s father. “You are welcome to join Tiff and me at the food court, Stacy and Mr. Bullard. It is definitely not the Ritz though,” Katie told her friends.

“Can we Daddie?”

He told the two girls, “First, Katie, call me Uncle Sam, because you call my wife Aunt. Second, yes Stacy we will eat with your best friend “ He continued with, “Katie any chance you can watch Stacy this afternoon while I have another meeting?”

“Umm, that would be like a seven-year-old watching a seven-year-old,” Katie said meekly while twirling one of her hair ribbons that Allison had put in her pigtails this morning.

Stacy asked as they entered the dorm, “I expected you to be your nineteen old self at college, Katie.”

“I only feel like my older self when I am at a class, Stacy, I am seven until I tell Ally or Tiff otherwise, and under the guardianship of them.”

Stacy felt like she was treading on the sacred ground walking into Katie’s dorm room. She picked out her best friends bunk right away with the princess sheets, with a changing mat sitting on top. “Katie, you need padding here now? Uncle Adam tell you to?”

“No, Ally and Tiff decided I needed them because I can’t keep my pullups dry,” Katie said with a blush. “I don’t need to wear diapers during the day thou. Oh, Stacy before I forget, stand on that stool and look at those pictures,” the regressed girl said the last bit to distract her best friend.

“Half of these pictures include me, aww look at that one of you sleeping. Who is Alice in this picture of you?”

“Laura, my supposedly local friend, but the only time I saw her was there at that Halloween party, but her Mommie wants me to do stuff with her sometime,” Katie answered as the little party walked out of the room.

Stacy questioned, “Why haven’t you?”

“Because I have been busy with school and with another seven-year-old brat,” the regressed girl said as she knocked on her big sister's door.

As Tiff opened the door, Stacy exclaimed “HEY!” as her father chuckled.

Seeing the little party, Tiff said “Hi little Sis, Stacy, and …. Congressman Bullard?!?!? Kathleen Annabelle Telgenhof, why as Stacy at our college, and more importantly why is a Congressman standing in my room.”

“Sis, what is Stacy’s last name?”

“If I knew it, I forgot.”

Katie introduced as she leads the party towards lunch, “Tiffany Collins, I would like you to meet Stacy’s Father, Congressman Bullard, who spoke to my Government class today. As for why my best friend isn’t in school, I am told her school had in service today.”

“Nice to finally meet you, Tiffany, I heard so much about you,” Uncle Sam said as he shook Tiff’s hand.

Soon they were checking into the dining room, with the two guests paying for their own meals. While Stacy followed Katie towards the food, Mr. Bullard asked Tiff, “Tiffany can you watch Stacy this afternoon, I have a meeting and Katie said she was unable to do it since she is currently seven.”

“I can do part of it, and Ally could continue but there is a forty-five minutes gap when the two of us are in class. That being said, I think I have a cluster-mate or two available in the gap. The whole cluster watches Katie since she has been regressed more and more lately, so one more shouldn’t be a hassle.”

The two of them had no sooner finished the conversation when the two young girls came back. It appeared that the two girls had split a sandwich, and they both had fruit and pudding. Stacy also had a pie on her tray. Uncle noticed that Stacy had a pout on her face, so he questioned her about it.

“Katie wouldn’t let me have pop, told me to have ice tea, juice or water,” Stacy answered

Uncle scratched his chin as if thinking while saying, “Hmm, how to deal with this, Stacy are you normally allowed to have pop? And Katie how old are you?”

“No,” and “Seven,” came softly from the two girls.

“How did you prevent your best friend from having pop?”

Katie meekly answered, “By threatening to tattle on her.”

Uncle chucked, before going to get his own food, “I don’t normally encourage tattling but it apparently worked.”


Later at Katie’s dorm, after the regressed girl did her literature homework, the two girls were doing a puzzle on a table in the cluster, being watched by Clare in absence of Tiff and Ally. They were so engrossed in the puzzle that the girls jumped when Allison put a hand on each of the girls' shoulders.

“Ally you scared me,” Katie said while holding her chest. Stacy was also holding her chest from the fright she received from Ally.

Giggling, Ally told the girls, “Sorry, girls I didn’t mean to scare you two. Where did you two girls find the puzzle?”

“Underneath the TV with the games, Miss Ally,” Stacy answered.

“Call me just Ally, Stacy. I didn’t know there were games and puzzles under the television, Girls.” Ally said as she let the girls get back to the puzzle.

The girls hadn’t been finished with the kitten puzzle long when Stacy’s Daddie walked into the cluster. Coming over to Ally, he asked: “Did Stacy behave herself?”

“They have been quiet and busy with that puzzle.”

Nodding he said towards Stacy, “Sweetie, help Katie clean up.”

“Awww, Daddie, can’t I stay?”

“No, I have to get home, and how would you get home, I can’t expect Allison or Tiffany to take you home,” he said which caused Stacy to pout.

Ally said, “Sorry, Sweetheart but today I have to take Katie clothes shopping,” which caused Katie to pout because they didn’t forget about it.

“Thanks anyway, Miss Ally,” Stacy thanked, but getting the look from Ally, continuing with, “sorry, Ally.”

After the two girls hugged goodbye, Stacy left to head home with her Daddie. Katie turned towards her babysitter, and asked, “Do I have to go shopping?”

“Don’t you like shopping, little girl?”

“Nothing usually fits me.”

“I would expect shopping in the children’s department, that more stuff will fit you.”

“That is true, are we shopping for seven or nineteen years old me?”

“Both, we hope to buy at least a few outfits for both.”


Later that afternoon Katie found herself sitting in her booster seat in the backseat of Tiff’s car headed to a mall an hour away in Pittsburgh. Looking back from the passenger seat, Ally noticed that Katie was reading the magazine that came in the mail today. After parking the little group headed to the J.C.Penneys Children’s Department to start their search.

“Katie we will start here, look around and see if anything catches your eye,” Allison told her.

By the time they were handing a debit card to the cashier, they had amassed three pairs of jeans that could work for both ages, an obvious children’s dress, a couple of skirts, and a few other items. After they paid, they headed into the mall to continue shopping.


Walking into the Disney store, the first thing the regressed girl ran to was a Minnie Mouse costume. Ally told her charge, “Sweetie, we are here to shop for clothes like t-shirts, not costumes.”

“Can I get a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal instead?” Katie asked.

The little girl was asked by Ally, “Do I need to find a corner?”

Shaking her head, she walked towards the girls' t-shirts, hoping that would keep her from getting punished in the middle of the mall surrounded by strangers.

After they were done, Katie was lead out of the store by Ally. They were soon joined by Tiffany who handed the young girl about an eighteen inch Minnie Mouse, who hugged the stuffed animal like it was her first toy.


Returning back to the car the two college students could see that Katie was barely awake, but she still had a death grip on the Minnie Mouse. As Ally helped her regressed roommate into the car, Tiff loaded the six or so outfits they had bought into the car,

Katie found a bag being thrown on her lap, looking into it, she found it contained the Minnie Mouse costume. “You can match your new friend, Little Sis,” Tiff mentioned.

“Thank you, Sis.”

“Thank your Daddy, he approved both of them,” Tiffany pointed out as she drove out of the parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later, Ally looked back and saw that Katie was sound asleep clutching the Minnie Mouse stuffed animal under one arm, and her new costume laying on her as if she was wearing it.


Back at Whitlatter Hall, Allison struggled to wake up Katie Ann, but the young girl was sound asleep. She suggested, “I will carry her upstairs, Tiff, she can’t weigh more than sixty or seventy pounds, and then come back to help you with these packages.”

“Fine with me, but you sure you can carry her up two stories?”

“What else can I do other than getting your backseat wet by throwing water on her,” Ally replied while trying to take Minnie Mouse and costume away from her regressed roommate.

Slowly the two roommates made their way up the stairs to the third floor. Walking into the cluster Julie said, “Ally you look like your got your hands full, let me take her off you.”

“Thank you, I couldn’t get her awake, I need to get her ready for bed, and then help Tiff bring the shopping up.” Ally said handing her regressed roommate to Juliette.

Julie suggested as Ally opened her door, “Would you like me to get Katie ready for bed?”

“You might want me to do that because she needs to be diapered,” Ally whispered while Julie set the regressed girl on the bed.

Julie asked, “Where are supplies? I will do it. Is there a specific reason she needs diapers?”

Handing Julie the diaper bag, and a princess nightie, Allison replied, “She has a slight issue with wetting the bed.” With that said Allison with Holly headed downstairs to help Tiff with the packages.

By the time the three girls returned, Julie was back in the cluster, and the regressed girl was changed and tucked under the covers. Ally closed her door behind her, before placing the Minnie Mouse under her roommate's arm. Pausing to put the bedrail up, she set to work putting her charge’s purchases away before getting ready for bed herself.


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