Aftermath 7

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Aftermath pt 7

“I'll start,” I said. “ I'm Marcus West, actually I think I'm now Brie Anna West, pilot, Major US Air Force.”

“Ssgt Anthony Hart, or now I maybe Dr. Whitney Hart, Capt US Air Force”

“Ssgt Steven Green, also maybe Cassie Green, Capt US Air Force. Did you have weird dreams” She asked.
“I did” I said. “Dreams about my life. But as a girl.”

“Me, too.” Whitney added.

Cassie nodded.

Looking around, “What happened here?” Cassie said. “Looks like a war, natural disaster or something else happened.”

“What ever happened, we are secure in here. Both doors are locked tight.” I said.

“Why are we girls?” Whitney asked.

“I wish I knew.” Cassie said.

“yeah,” I said too.

Looking over at the undamaged computer. “Is that computer working?” Cassie said.

“Don't know I was about to see, but your cryo unit opened.” I answered pointing to Whitney.

Cassie Green went to the computer. She dusted off the chair and sat down. She began typing on the keyboard.

“The encryption is basic. Should be able to access it.” She said as she continued typing.
She typed for about 5 minutes, swearing a couple times.

“Ah, here's something. Lab notes from a Dr. Paul Garver.” The other two girls gathered around Cassie to read the screen.

14 September 2002

Notes on Operation Silver spire:

All three test subjects have been placed in Cryo suspension for 10 years as of today. It seems that they are experiencing some type of REM sleep. Could they be dreaming. I will have to make a note to ask them when they are revived in 10 years. Body function is about down to bare minimum. Heart rate is at 4 beats a minute. Brain activity is still there. How ever spikes when in REM.

20 June 2005
The three test subjects have began to change. For some reason they are changing from male to female. Just about everything is changing, they are getting shorter, developing breasts, feminine curves are forming. On the routine monthly check they have all developed vaginas. I am going to request we do a ultrasound on the subjects to see if their internal organs have changed also. The required monthly blood work shows nothing out of the ordinary. Depending on what the ultrasound is revels. I am going to check their DNA. I will have their initial sample given at the start compared to a current one. Something has to have caused the change in gender.

Dr. Paul Garver, Colonel, USAF
82nd Aerospace Weapons Command

26 August 2010
Well it seems that my predecessor was killed in an hunting accident. I think that he got to close to the truth on what is happening around here. Thus was eliminated. Rumors that the three test subject started off in 1992 as men are unfounded. Not one indication that these beautiful woman where ever male.

Major Brie Anna West
Captain Cassie Hart
Captain Whitney Green
Capt. Riley Hanson
2 Lt. Zoey Anderson
2 Lt. Susan Aromate
Are under the best of care.

Dr. Lee Thompson. Colonel USAF
214th Aerospace research command.

“What in the hell” I said. “didn't this moron read the notes the other Dr left.”

“Apparently not.” Cassie said.

“I thought is was only going to be for 30 days. Not ten years” I said.

“Me too” The others said.

They kept reading.

31 October 2011
Well the move of the subjects from site 193 to Site 28 was successful. No problems with the cryo units. The ladies are still in cryo suspension. Scheduled to be revived in less than a year. All monthly health test have been normal for woman their age. I did recover some notes from my predecessor. It appears that they where males and where turned into females during stasis. Something funny is going on around here. That is why I took the initiative to move the research team. I told General Todd that I was concerned about the Korean war part 2 is going to get to site 193. It has been a major target since the beginning of the cold war in the 50s. Site 28 is deep in the caverns I doubt that they know of it.
My hand picked team is loyal to me, so we are going to check into the change these ladies have gone through. And hopefully find out the hows and whys.

Dr. Paul Garver, Colonel USAF
82nd Aerospace weapons Command

12 Jan 2012.
Our ladies are still in cryogenic stasis. Doing quite well considering they where males turned into females. It seems that they where given a highly secret experimental drug that made these changes. Cu-does to Ssgt Martin, who dug deep enough to find the secret file on the old server at site 193. Our remote link was unstable since being bounced all over the world to keep Majcom from finding out what we where up to. Although most of the data was corrupted, He was able to find at least some information about the experimental drug. Any information on a counter drug is lost.

“Oh, Lovely” Whitney said. “we are stuck this way.”

“WHOLEY SHIT,” I all most screamed. “Look at the date?” I pointed to the corner of the screen. It read 4/27/2022.

“Is that the correct date?” Whitney asked. “Have we been asleep for 35 years.”

Cassie punched a few keys, “Yeah, that is the correct date.”

“Well now we know how long we where in. Not much else. I still want to know what in the hell happened here?” I asked, looking around. “ Was this place, site 28. abandoned, evacuated, bombed. What?”

“Well if it was evacuated why weren't we taken too. To where ever everyone went.” Cassie said.

Could have been a combination? Bombed then evaced then abandoned. The notes say we are at site 28 and in some caverns? So we are under ground.” I said.

“Let me see if I can pull up some info on this place. Maybe a map or lay out of this joint. Check around their should be some fire escape route information. A floor layout or room number anything may help.”

While Cassie dug into the computer. Both me and Whitney searched the laboratory. It was quite large so it took some time. A couple of locked areas and a blocked back door. Whitney found a fire evac route map. Unfortunately only showed, this room and red arrows out the back exit, and two main doors that where securely locked. The evac map also showed a room number L732. Typical military crap, not showing much.

“Hey, girls I found something?” Cassie called.

We all came back to the computer Cassie was working on. She pointed to another note.

“I found this one. It is from this General Todd.

14 Sept 2018

Well it looks like it will finally happen. That Huge super Volcano in Yellowstone is going to erupt. Word is we will have about 2 hours until the ash reaches us here in New Mexico. That all depends on the winds. The outlook isn't good, especially for the people closer to Yellowstone. Hill, Malmstrom, F.E. Warren, and Ellsworth are being totally evacuated as I type this. Buckley, Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson are evacing non essential personnel.

I have seen a tentative map of the ash fall out. We would have been better staying at Site 193. Here at site 28 we are close to the Colorado boarder. So we will be in the path of the ash. Scientists are saying that ash could be up to almost 12 ft at FE. 6-12 at Buckley. Even 3-5 ft here.

Even with this sites air filtering system. The ash is so fine. The filters would clog in a matter of days vs. a year normally. It seems that Cheyenne Mountain has the better air filtering system. They are buttoning up and keeping going, mission essential personnel only,

I have ordered the complete evacuation of site 28. All personnel are to report to there assigned transport. Sorry to say we are not able to transport the Cryogenic test subjects. We don't have the time to get a vehicle available. Nor the time to revive them. Dr. Garver says that it is almost a full 24 hours to get them completely thawed. In an absolute emergency it can be done in about 18. However, severe problems can occur. I don't want any of these brave volunteers to suffer. I have ordered CE to make sure the cro units in both L732 and R619 to be kept on the emergency power system. The nuclear power should keep them going for 100 or more years.

As I finalize this log entry. As General I here by promote those brave woman in Cryo stasis.
Col. Brie Anna West
Lt. Col Whitney Hart
Lt. Col Cassie Green
Maj. Riley Hanson
Capt. Zoey Anderson
Capt. Susan Aromate
Let the record indicate these 6 ladies be given the highest honor for their sacrifice and bravery.

Theodore Todd , General
Commander, 82nd Aerospace weapons command

“So the rumor was true. There is a volcano underneath Yellowstone park.” Whitney said.

“A super one at that.” I added.

“Must have been huge as it's ash cloud reached down here. In northern New Mexico. Or farther. Cassie also added.

“Hey did you notice that there are CC cameras just about everywhere. I have seen at least 3 in this room alone.” Whitney said. As she looked out in the hall. “I can see two out there. Maybe be you can access them on that computer so we can see what the layout of this place is maybe something above ground to see.

“Let me do some more searching.” Cassie began typing away. “Seems like computers have made advancements but still basically the same.”

“Here we go, a map at least.” Me and Whitney looked over Cassie's shoulder as she pulled up a floor plan.

“Just as I figured the usual government maze of halls.” I said. “What are those arrows?” Pointing to a couple arrows on the screen. They seemed all over. In just about every room and hallway.

As Cassie moved the courser by one. It expanded to show the room.

“That is where the cameras are?” I said as I slapped my hand down on Cassie's shoulder.

“Ouch, Dude remember we are not broad shouldered guys anymore, and can take that. We are now ladies. Delicate and daintier.”

“Did they put some funny stuff in your air supply?” I teased a little.
The other two girls laughed.

All of my stories are purely fictional, the some places are real, some are not. The names and personnel used in all my stories, are also fictional. They may be based on people I knew but, Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or un-dead are purely coincidental.

I write my stories as a fantasy. While based on this world. Things in my story could stretch reality. However I write my stories from my mind. I reserve all rights to my work. Any form of duplication without my permission is forbidden. Please enjoy reading them as I have in writing them.

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