The New Recruits Part 18

“Hello, Uncle Frank.” Brittney looks directly at her uncle.

Frank looks directly at Brittney “you’re supposed to be dead along with that freak that took you from your family.”

“I would be careful calling my mother, a freak. She doesn’t take kindly to words like that.” Brittney was controlling her anger. She didn’t like it when people call her mother weird, or names.

“Why should I worry about her? According to what I have been hearing, she’ll be dead soon.” An evil smile appears on his face.

“Stories of my death, are greatly exaggerated.” Kat had heard what Frank said, as she walked into the house.

The boys were being watched over by Dave and Crystal in the SUV. Stanley and Zak come out of the room that the boy dressed as a little girl was in. They stand nearby, as Kat walks closer towards Frank.

Kat moves closer to Frank “now, you’re going to tell me who you are dealing with and how do you get in touch with them. On top of that, you’re going to tell me who those little boys are that you had chained up.”

Frank looks at Kat “I’m not telling you shit, bitch.” As he spits in her face.

Stanley, Brittney, and Zak didn’t even see Kat move. The next thing they all see is Frank flying backward off his feet from Kat backhanding him.

“Damn! I didn’t even see her move.” Zak was surprised when Frank went flying backward from Kat hitting him.

Brittney walks over towards her uncle and looks down at him “if I was you, Uncle Frank, I would tell us everything. That includes what you were doing to those young boys we found chained up and if there are other boys as well.”

“I’m not going to tell you anything. Your father was right about you. You’re just a sissy that enjoys being fucked by anything that has a cock between its legs. He should have given me you to straighten out or become my…”

Frank didn’t even get to finish his speech to Brittney before she slugged him with a right cross. Her fist connected hard with his right jaw. She leans down towards Frank “you and my father are both evil people and if I had my choice, you would be dead right now. However, what my mother is going to do to you is going to make you wish I had killed you.”

Kat cracks her knuckles “boys, string him up in the master bathroom in his shower.”

Zak looks at Stanley for conformation. He knew one day they might have to torture someone, but he didn’t think it would be today.

“Come on Zak, let's get him strung up.” Stanley walks over towards Frank.

“You can’t let that bitch of a freak touch me. I have rights.”

“No sir, you don’t have any rights. Not after what you did to those boys. Also, we're not law enforcement and Mrs. Romano isn’t law enforcement either. She’s a bounty hunter and a private investigator. Which means she can do whatever she needs to, to bring a fugitive in.” Stanley helps frank up off the floor.

“Who are you?” Frank looks at the young man holding him.

“Me? I’m her bodyguard. My job is to protect her and her family. Pass that, I don’t give a damn to what happens to a pedophile.” Stanley starts escorting Frank towards the Master bedroom.

Outside in the Suv:
Crystal looks at the two young boys she and Dave were protecting. The younger of the two, the one dressed as a schoolgirl was smelling to high heaven from the perfume he was wearing. She looks at both boys and felt sorry for them.

“Do you boys have names?” Crystal was watching both boys.

“Yes ma’am, my name is Teddy and that is Jeff.” Teddy points to the boy dressed as a sexy French maid.

“Teddy, how did you end up with Mr. Henreid?” Greg was curious about how the two boys ended up there.

“Our so call foster parents gave us to him for money. They said no one would take in retards like me and Jeff.” Tears started leaking from his eyes.

“Why did they say that about you, Teddy?” Crystal didn’t see anything wrong with Teddy.

“Because I have trouble reading. The words look funny to me. As for Jeff, because he was just given Mr. Henreid. His parents didn’t want him anymore.”

Jeff didn’t even know why his parents didn’t love him at all. He has been beaten, abused, locked in a closet and barely had anything to eat. He never had a birthday party or been given gifts.

Jeff just sits quietly and tries not to cry. Every time he cried, Mr. Henreid punished him or made him do some disgusting thing.

“Was there ever any other boys Mr. Henreid would bring over and make you do things with?” Crystal was curious.

“Yes There was a boy from Mr. Henreid’s school that came over and we were made to either do things to him or let him do nasty things to us.” Teddy wipes the tears that were leaking from his eyes.

Crystal scoops the little boy up into her arms and holds him close to her.

Inside the House:
Brittney, Zak, and Stanley stand around and watch as Kat dug her claws into the flesh of Frank’s body. She around raked her claws down the side of Frank’s body, leaving behind five bloody welts’.

“Now, I’m not going to ask again, uncle. How are you communicating with my father and how many assassins has he sent against me and my mother and how is he paying for all of this?” Brittney looks at her bloody uncle.

Frank looks at his former nephew. He doesn’t look like a boy anymore. He figures his nephew had extensive plastic surgery to make him look like he does.

“Brittney asked you a question.” Kat reaches forward and digs her claws into his scrotum.

Frank starts screaming when he feels Kat’s claws dig into his scrotum. They start poking into his testicle. He screams out when he feels her other hand cut into the flesh of his left thigh.

“Start squealing, or I’m going to start removing the flesh.” Kat lets Frank see her cat eyes and how excited she was at the thought of skinning him.

“Go ahead bitch! I’m not going to tell you anything.” There was anger in his eyes when he says those.

“Okay, you asked for it.” Kat squeezes his scrotum more and digs her claws in.

She uses her left hand to start removing flesh from the inner part of his thigh. She squeezes his testicle harder and cut the main vein that supplies blood to his testicle.

“Oop’s you won’t be needing these anymore.” Kat’s claws go all the way through and bite into her palm.

“Fine, I’ll tell. Just take your claws out.” Frank was in a lot of pain.

“Not until you talk.” Kat squeezes his scrotum lightly.

“There’s a satellite phone in my office I use to communicate with your father, Brittney. He is paying for their services in diamonds he gets from
Africa. He knows a warlord down there. As for the assassins. They won’t stop coming after you and your freak mother until you two are dead or until your father pulls the contract, he put out on you. Even if you managed to find and kill your father, the contract will still be active until you two are dead.”

“Thank you, Frank.” Kat severs the vein that supplys blood to his other testicle.

“Before you blackout, due to blood loss, are there any more boys you have molested?” Kat wanted to protect these boys.

“Yes, there are four more. Their numbers are on my cellphone. You are a fucking bitch.” Frank looks at Kat.

“Why thank you, Frank.” Kat watches as his eyes close.

“Call the paramedics and have him taken to the hospital. I’ll call Tony to book him.” Kat starts walking towards Frank’s office.

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