What Goes Unseen

(Hello! I am a first time poster so I'm a little nervous and excited! This first short story of mine is actually somewhat true. I hope you enjoy!)

- What Goes Unseen - Part 1 -

"You look a little nervous back there, are you alright Chris?" My mother asked while driving me to high school.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied while avoiding eye contact.

Truth be told, I'm not fine. For as long as I can remember I've been a closet crossdresser. I'm incredibly careful and masterfully cover my tracks. I've had a few close calls but have never been caught. Last night I wore my favorite pair of lacy panties to sleep. I expected to get up early enough to change and get ready for school. What I didn't expect was for my mom to burst into my room at 8am and throw a pair of pants and shirt at me. I had to change under the covers for her not to notice my underwear. Then before I could even get my belt I was being pushed into the car.

So there I sat in the passenger seat, anxiously awaiting the day ahead of me. We made it to school and I stepped out of the car making sure to keep my pants up.

"Chris!" My mom called.

My mind went into red alert "did she see?" I thought.

"I love you honey, see you tonight."

Relief. "Okay, love you too." I responded heading off to school.

Thankfully I don't have gym today I thought to myself. However it soon proved that my anxiety was unfounded as I quickly became occupied with my classes and the day went on as usual.

Then came third period with Ms. Leah. Ms. Leah was every boy's and even a few girls' teacher crush. She was very young and always dressed in cute outfits. She began her lesson as normal when suddenly I found that I was unable to focus at all.

"I wonder what kind of underwear she's wearing? What if it's the same as mine?" My mind trailed as I began to blush.

I found myself riding this train of thought until-

"Chris! I asked you a question." Ms. Leah called out to me.

"What?!" I blurted out turning bright red.

The class roared with laughter and suddenly my anxiety had returned. I could feel all the eyes on me. It was unbearable, then - RIINNGG!

"Saved by the bell." I thought to myself.

I stuffed my bag and headed for the door when Ms. Leah called me. The class cleared out and I headed to her desk where she was seated.

"Chris are you okay? You never get distracted like that." She asked me softly.

"I'm fine Ms. Leah, it won't happen again I promise." I reassured her while adjusting my backpack.

"Okay then, you may go now" Ms. Leah motioned her hand towards the door but in doing so she knocked a jar of pencils off the desk. Then like pure instinct I was squatting to pick Them up. When I came up to put them on her desk she had a small smirk on her face. I left without realizing the little show I had just given her.

The day resumed without any other hiccups and before I knew it I was on my way home. Though my mom dropped me off on her way to work she stays late so I usually walk back home. Glad that the day was finally over I continued my walk home when suddenly I heard a voice call out my name. I turned to see Jenny running over to me.

"Hey Chris wait up!"

Jenny was really smart but reserved. She was also quite pretty behind her plain wardrobe. Though I never noticed as I was always too busy crushing on other girls.

"What is it Jenny?" I replied.

"We're twinning today!" She smiled

"What?" I gave her a confused look.

Then it hit me.

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