Going to see a 1940 dance band

I came home from work to see the dress hanging on the back of a door.
'Wow that looks the business, real vintage I take it?'
Pam said nothing, I fingered the edge of the dress, 'it feels like real silk, you will look great in it.' I said confidently.
'Do you know nothing, look at the size of that waist, it is impossible.'
'Are you sure?'
'Dead sure, they even sent me an authentic corset to go with it!!'
'Still it will look great.'
'Which part of this are you missing buster, I am not being trussed up and paraded for no one.'
I tried some flattery and nice words but I was getting no where, she was not going to wear it.
'But dear we have spent so much on the outfits and there is only a week to go. You seemed so keen on the idea when Kay suggested we go to this party in vintage gear.'
'Well I am not now, certainly not in THAT.'
'Come on just try it on, see how it looks.'
'I have a better idea, you try it on, see how you like it, god knows how those women put up with corsets.'
Well that got my back, she had challenged me to do something I thought reasonable for her, and being equal in everything I rather had to accept it, besides I do rather like the feel of silk, but you know how it is, men don't do silk.

First I had to strip to my briefs, then step into the dress, that felt nice and sensual with the silk riding over my legs. Pam took delight in telling me that the zip would not close and guessed I needed to loose at least 2" from my waist. Soon I was being wrapped in the corset and Pam was working the laces steadily tighter. Maybe male arrogance or not wanting her to see she might be right in her opinions about corsets but I said nothing as she brought my 30+ waist down to 28" and then 27".
'Now we have a hope of the dress fitting.' She declared.
It did, just, I stood proudly wearing the vintage dress 'so if it looks good on me and fits then it will only look fantastic on you.'
'You really don't get it do you, that corset is horrible.'
'A little uncomfortable maybe.'
'I bet you can hardly breath?'
'No it's fine' I lied.
'Right well in that case, keep it on for the evening, I was making lasagne for tea, slip the dress off so it doesn't get spoilt put something else on and we shall see how you like it after an evening.'
'Fine' I had to lie or expose the previous untruth.

The corset had stiff bra cups which made my tee shirt stand out and my jeans most definitely needed a belt to hold them up, but worst of all was the way I was limited in movement, I could not bend naturally and had to find new ways of sitting, picking things up and reaching my feet, but I dare not say anything.

The lasagne smelt great and as I sat straight backed on my chair I soon realised that I was feeling full well before I was half way through my meal, the wine helped wash it down but I had to give up in the end.
Pam with a look of pride 'not so keen on the corset now I see.'
'You gave me a rather large helping actually and you were only saying the other day that I am getting flabby.'
She smiled 'If you say so dear.'

So as not to loose face I never once let on how uncomfortable I was, I just sat at the computer very upright and when I came to relax and watch the late news the corset would not allow me to slouch back into the cushions, I sat back but still straight backed as I ate my supper.

Eventually Pam asked if I would like some help getting it off before sleeping, I hope I did not come across as too eager but it was a relief to allow my stomach to spread once more. But before I could think my weird evening was over Pam whispered, (why there was only us in the house), that she found me dressed in the corset arousing and quickly had me aroused as well, lying on my back licking her delicate bits while she tickled mine to make sure I was still interested. This was a new position for me and virtually pinned under her so when she came I could do nothing but get her juices all over my face as she sat on it. I have never been in a situation where she has come and not me, but as she dismounted and cleaned herself up the body language was not good. So I cuddled up to her but was pushed off with a 'sorry dear I am tired, you were fantastic though, love you.'

The next day I called in on Steve on my way home. Kay met me at the door, 'Oh hi Mark, I hear you are about set for the party.'
'Oh am I ?' wondering what Pam might have said.
'Oh yes she tells me you have a nice figure.' Now I was worried what they had talked about. 'go in Stevie is just making the meal.'
I walked into the kitchen to see my mate standing on high heels and though I could not see it I was sure he was wearing a corset. 'Steve!'
'Hi Mark, sorry bit busy right now, beer in the fridge if you want one?'
'Steve the shoes?'
'Well I did question them but if I am going to have to wear them, then I am going to need a bit of practice.'
'But why?'
'Oh come on I heard about your fun last night, I was not going to do it but Kay told me you were so I had no choice.'
'I don't remember agreeing to anything.'
Kay was behind me 'Pam seems to think you did, you never once complained about the corset or dress, she even suggested you were a bit sexy and satisfied her lusts.'
Stumped 'well er yes that is nearly right.'
'Stevie, I will watch the food you go and show Mark your dress.'
We made eye contact and Steve teetered towards the door 'these things might look good but they take some handling.'
We walked to their bedroom and draped over the bed was a selection of dresses

'Oh Steve what have we got ourselves into?'
'I thought you knew, remember our holiday two months back' I nodded 'was great golf' another nod 'well Pam and Kay were not to chuffed with our choice or resort.' I nodded they had made that clear at the time 'well this apparently is pay back, they did something we wanted and did not enjoy, this time we are going to a Glen Miller big band night which is not quite rock and roll but so we don't enjoy it they have come up with the twist of putting us in dresses.'
'I get it, and last nights performance was just to get me into the dress, well you say they think we will not enjoy ourselves?' Steve's turn to nod 'well how about we make out that we are maybe not keen but interested, curious, willing to try new things, but not fighting and complaining like they did. How does that sound to you mate?'
'I had thought the same sort of thing, I mean have you felt the lining of this dress, absolutely gorgeous.'
'Ok Steve no need to go over the top.'
'No I mean it, just feel this.' He offered me the dress and I had to agree it was best described as luxurious.
Trying to regain some manliness 'right so we just make out like it is fine with us and take whatever they throw at us without objecting.'
'Sounds like a plan to me.' It just did not seem quite right when Steve said it in his heels, a long green dress in his hands and holding himself rather erect.

I was not sure what the welcome at home would be so went for the cheery 'hello dear, you had a good day, approach. To be greeted with a 'oh absolutely exhausting, would you be a sweet and get the meal started.' She was sitting in the lounge, feet up, glass of pino girgio in hand. Then came the bullet, I gave her a kiss and she told me that making dinner would help me feel my inner woman, 'oh and by the way, I got you some shoes for the party, just check they fit will you.' I remembered the plan and quietly went to start dinner in my new shoes. Maybe I am a natural but walking on my toes came easily and by the time I was carrying two plates to the table I felt reasonably in control.
'You seem to have taken to the shoes.' Pam was recovered and able to flatter my attempts at walking.
'No problem really, just need to be aware of the balance.'
'I was hoping you would take to them, Saturday is going to be fun.'
'For who?' I asked not sure I should have asked.
'For me definitely, I am not sure you will share my fun.'
'Depends how the day goes.' I replied thinking of my plan to not let her get the better of me. It was now Wednesday and followed it up with 'I supposed there are only two day left before Saturday now, anything else I should be trying out before the big day?'
'Well you should be in those heels every chance you get, and it would be good if you shaved before Saturday so the skin can recover, and maybe wear a skirt so you get used to handling one. Is that enough to be going on with?'
'If you think so dear.'

I rang Steve on Thursday evening as I cooked dinner while wearing the heels, corset and a full knee length skirt. 'How's it going with you?' he asked, so I told him of my current situation, I was shocked when he told me that he was fully dressed, make up the lot after asking a similar question to mine but Kay took it further than Pam. He even expressed his pleasure at wearing stockings, telling me I will never forget the first time I put them on. At the back of my mind I was getting nervous about my plan to take this on without objecting, I had never thought of the possibility that it might be nice.

Friday and on getting home from work Pam is terribly excited, 'Kay and Stevie have invited us over for a meal, good job you shaved in the shower last night, now I have sorted out some clothes for you to wear, I shall be up in a minute, you get changed and I shall finish you off.' I got a big kiss of someone who was buzzing. I just fed of that and went upstairs.
Lay on the bed was one of Pam's blouses, not just any old thing, but one of my favourites, most of it sheer and with huge sleeves. Clearly this is what she meant for me to wear as there was nothing else out besides a skirt and other female items to make up my change of clothing. Fifteen minutes later I had squeezed into the corset, discovered the pleasure Steve had talked about when I rolled the stockings up my shaved legs. I was just fastening the tiny buttons on the blouse when Pam appeared 'oh before you do that I have some thing special for you, undo the top buttons please.' A few minutes later the cups on the corset were filled with silicone breast look-a-likes and my chest looked and felt way too large for my regular male ego. But more was to come, she sat me down and carefully applied cosmetics to my face, followed by a wig she had. It was now that she opened the door which has a full length mirror on the inside. 'You look quite the lady I reckon, what do you think Marcela.'
'Who, oh I get it, sorry I just rather expected to look like a bloke in a dress, but....' my words tailed off as I touched the long hair, saw the billowing sleeve hang below my arm, ran a tongue over my creamy lips, put a hand to my now full chest. Pam came up behind me, pulled the hair off my neck (like I do to her) and kissed just below my ear.
'Well you can stand here being all narcissistic, but I want to see if Kay has outdone us with Stevie.'
Then the reality struck me, I would have to leave the bedroom looking like this, I had only been downstairs in heels and skirt before, now she wants me to go outside. Her words brought me back to the world of reality 'here you can borrow this coat and I have emptied your pockets and put the bits in a handbag. And don't worry you look fantastic, I bet your mother would not recognise you.'
'She is dead'
'Sorry, you know what I mean. Come on I shall drive, I know we normally walk but I think you might feel better in the car.'
I shrugged the coat on and took the handbag, all the while telling myself 'I can do this, I can do this, don't let her see how worried you are.' She took my hand and lead me out of the house and to the car. 'Easier if you sit first, then get the skirt and swing your feet in.' That manoeuvre done 'the seat belt can be tricky now you have tits. Right, off we go.' She slipped her hand off the gear lever onto my stocking covered knee and stroked the inside of my thigh 'I think I quite like being a lesbian!' Said with more enthusiasm than volume but I knew she did from the sexual encounters we had had all week, only one of which had included me penetrating her.

Kay opened the door to us wearing a pretty pink dress, kissed us both and took our coats, Steve was in the kitchen wearing an apron over his long summer dress, his vintage dress was long so I suppose it would help him get used to the style.
'Hiya.' I greeted.
'Oh hi, was hoping you would be done up as well, might have been awkward just me in a dress.' He finished what he was doing and took a proper look at me. 'fuck me Mark you look fantastic, has anyone said you make a cracking girl.'
'Well not until now and just for the record no you cant fuck me.'
Unfortunately just then Kay and Pam walked in on us 'Why cant he screw you, a good looking bit of skirt, I bet before Kay was about you would have been fair game.' Pam had a big smirk on her face while I squirmed at her comments 'and Kay you are so right Stevie does suit long hair, hope none of it is in the food, eh Stevie dear.' Steve deftly flicked the hair over his shoulder and went back to his pans. Kay left us, retuning with champagne cocktails fizzing in flutes. This was going to be all about being feminine I had realised way back but standing by a pretty Steve, drink in my hand and feeling the suspender riding over my arse cheek I had to ask 'so how is our plan going?'
'You in stockings or tights?'
'What, stockings.'
'Tights for me today, I prefer stockings, easier to get on and a nicer feel.'
'You are getting into this aren't you?' He would not look me in the eye, 'you are, you like this don't you.'
'Well it does have some nice bits, and take a look at yourself, checking yourself out in the mirror over there and posing in those heels, just how high are they?'
'They have a raised sole which makes them look higher.' I defended.
'Still 5" at a guess, and the stockings? did they feel like I said?'
'Ok ok you win, there are some nice parts to this. Now go easy on my servings I am in the corset tonight which is not one of the good bits.'
We were starting to relax now 'well it does stop you eating too much but what a figure and you have that great erect posture.'
'Stop looking for the positives and let me help you.'

Later on after the food was eaten, the champagne finished as well as a bottle of white we were getting ready to leave.
'Oh I am so sorry dear, you wont mind walking home, I don't think either of us is fit to drive.'
Merry and with inhibitions down 'anyone would think you planned this evening.'
'Well we had to have a rehearsal for the party, and I wanted to see Stevie here and Kay wanted to meet Marcela, and it would seem our new girls have enjoyed themselves, so planned or not I think it went well.'
I laughed 'well thanks for the confession but I only meant you planned to drink and walk home.'

In my normal shoes the half mile is not far but the heels were making it an effort, but I could not let Pam see I was struggling, besides which the cool air on my legs and the tap-tap of the heels on the pavement where a new pleasure previously unknown to me. Another new pleasure when we got home was making love while dressed as a woman, lipstick to lipstick and then once fully aroused I even allowed her to press her vibrator into my hole while pleasuring hers with my tongue and fingers. I had to admit it was a new experience and one I might repeat, but Pam was more positive and made it clear she would definitely be wanting more.

After cleaning up before going to bed to sleep she gave me a long satin nightie 'to keep me in the mood' she said. It was a good job I was tired, the satin is a very sensuous material when worn against bare skin especially. With the party coming that evening Pam felt it would help if I kept in character and lent me a skirt and blouse for the day, then gave me a quick lesson in applying make up and fixing the wig before writing out a housework list for me to do while she had a few bits to shop for and an appointment at the hairdressers later. On taking a good look in the mirror once I was alone I could only think 'housewife' as I took in the plain cream blouse and modest brown skirt, I even had kitten heels on to save my calves she said. Well I was not about to go and ask Steve if he fancied a round of golf or a pint in the pub at lunchtime so I set about the housework list, very aware that I was doing Pam's usual jobs while looking like a wife. I did not call Steve but he called me, asking how I was doing, turned out Kay had done the same to him and he was playing housewife as well, but he had finished and bravely suggested that housewives meet up for a coffee and he would pop over if I put the kettle on. I did think he was mad, daylight, on his own, on a weekend when lots of neighbours are about. But fifteen minutes later his car pulls up outside and my pretty mate walks confidently to the front door.
'God that was a buzz!' where his first words as I let him through the door.
'Anyone see you?'
'I think not, but who would know?'
'Well it is your car, anyway you are here, tea or coffee?'
We were soon sat at the table drinking and eating biscuits, once again reviewing our situation. Steve was telling me all about how Kay had glued breasts to his chest and taped his male bits so they face backwards, I nearly asked how he peed but it was obvious, he had to sit like a woman. And when I thought about sex and his cock being unusable I remembered my own lovemaking from the night before and wondered if Steve had been inside Kay since this started.

We were startled by Kay and Pam arriving together while we were thinking the coffee break was over and we should be getting back.
'So this is where you are.' Kay asked Steve.
'Yes this is me here and not at home.'
'wow that is fantastic, you drove here all on your own.'
'How else?'
'Just making sure.'
I tried to change the subject, 'Your hair looks great, it will be just right for tonight, I guess you have been getting a dress as well.' I pointed to the bags they were carrying.
'Well we couldn't be outdone by you two, could we?'
'Cant believe you went with the peroxide blond though' said Kay.
'Why not, make a statement.' Pam laughed and put a hand to her lacquered and stiff hair.
'The lacquer does feel odd doesn't it, not a hair out of place and stiff as a board.'
It was Steve who asked but I would have done if he had not beaten me to it 'So come on what do the dresses look like?'
'Should we show them or make them wait?'
'Wait I think, how about one of those cocktails, a bite to eat and then we get ready.'
'Sounds good to me, Stevie be a love and slip home to get your outfit and make up, it will be fun having one big getting ready session.'
Steve left, I was making some butties, Pam and Kay were fixing the drinks. I was able to hear the girls talking in the other room and I soon realised they were talking about me and Steve. Our plan to make it look like this cross dressing did not bother us might be back firing as both women seemed to think they had found some latent fetish that we were now exploring and enjoying, while they were loving the developing relationship as we became more feminine. I missed the last part as Steve returned but I got the feeling they were discussing how far they might get us to go with this new found interest.

Those bags did not just contain their outfits, they also had some new 'delights' for us. After our snack Pam and Kay took over our immediate needs as they prepared us and themselves for this 1940s party. Pam was doing make up, Kay was doing nails, theirs were already done at a salon but we were not going to miss out and glue on nails were painted pink on Steve, red on me, matching our lipsticks. Something I would have liked to object about was the plucking of eye brow hairs, I had lost a few during the week but this was wholesale slaughter of my brows, or so it felt. But I was sticking to my plan of not showing I was bothered and just let her get on with her painful plucking. Kay took on the role of hair stylist and moulded our wigs into similar styles to theirs fixing the shape with pins and strong hold spray.

Over an hour after starting if anyone had peeped in on us they would have seen four women in their underwear, sipping champagne cocktails and apparently enjoying themselves. I was rather glad that sometime earlier Pam had suggested that we copy Steve and tuck my male bits out of sight, because now the tape was stopping any embarrassing erection as I in the company of two women dressed only in bra, knickers and stockings, even Steve looked sexy in his corset and stockings and full make up.

It was now time for the final flourish as we stepped into our dresses

Pam had the tightest fitting dress I could imagine making her curves look even better than usual.
Kay's dress left no room for imagination when you looked at the stiff fronted dress, from the look on Steve's face I could tell he was approving of what he saw. The only thing that detracted from the beauty was the length of the skirt, but it complimented Steve's full length dress.

He looked fabulous and it was not hard to tell he was relishing the feelings of his outfit.

I was trying to appear ambivalent to the wonderful dress I was now fully prepared and able to look the part of a 1940s woman.

While trying to appear unconcerned by my appearance I probably gave myself away by checking the seam was straight in the stocking when I slipped into my heels and fluffed out the layers of underskirts to make the dress lie right. Nothing was said but there was plenty of giggling as we waited for the taxi to turn up and take us to the hotel where the party was being staged.

We behaved in the taxi as we squeezed the acres of fabric into the car, had a nice moment when I shrugged my jacket off and a man on the cloakroom smiled at all four of us and told us we looked fabulous and would be sure to have a good night. That was the first stranger to comment on my appearance, and being so positive boosted my confidence wonderfully.

We found a table and Kay bought another bottle of fizzy wine while the band were getting warmed up, but Pam fancied something stronger and bought four shots which were drunk in the usual act of bravado and swallowed in unison. The band soon started followed by the dancing, at first it was just Pam and Kay together, but soon they had dragged us onto the floor. It took a while before the first invitation to dance arrived which Kay accepted. Soon Pam was dancing with a man also. Me and Steve had a quick conference about what to do if we are asked to dance, Steve said stick with the plan of not appearing to be bothered, I was more nervous as we would need to dance the female role and neither of us had any experience of that. Steve just calmly said that if it was a waltz then he could let the man lead and hopefully not stand on his toes. Before I could reply Kay was back and offering her 'man' as partner for Stevie, who rose to the occasion and took the man's hand and was lead onto the floor before being taken in a dance hold, Steve responding by placing his hands in the correct places and following this man round the floor. I was shocked at how easy it looked and how graceful his long dress made him look. All the time dreading that I would have to follow him some time soon. Sure enough the same man returned Stevie to our table and then asked me to join him, I protested saying I had two left feet, he said he could dance with two right feet so it would balance out, Stevie was the one who virtually pulled me from my seat and pushed into the arms of a man. To be fair he was a good dancer and made me feel comfortable as I tried to not crush his feet, almost enjoying the sensation of being held at the waist and gently lead round the floor.

After that nervous start, we all drank more and danced quite a bit more with each other and with various men. It was quite strange to be in the role of a woman and have men asking me for a dance and chatting me up, Pam and Kay both reminding me to flirt with the men if only to get a drink out of them. I became nervous towards the end of the evening as four men had attached themselves to our table and though they freely bought us drinks I was worried where this might lead if one of them stumbles across the true gender of me or Steve.

There had been a surreal moment earlier in the evening when I told Pam I was bursting for the toilet and she rather matter of factly told me I could not use the gents, which I had worked out for myself, and she would accompany me to the ladies where I discovered they are much nicer than the urinals I am used to, nice smells and all cubicles. After sorting myself out after doing my business I found Pam touching up her lipstick and checking herself in the mirror. Being in the ladies was odd enough, but then Pam casually said 'those blokes think we are four singles, and I have a bet on with Kay that you will kiss one before Stevie does.' I guess the shock showed on my face 'don't worry, a kiss does not mean you have to sleep with him.'
'but he is a man.'
'and he thinks Marcela is a hot girl.'
'did you mean this to happen?'
'not quite like this, but it is fun watching you squirm.'
'just one kiss?'
'as many as you like, but Kay has to see you.'
'ok, it cant be that hard.'

As a man I used to look for oppurtunities to kiss girls, but this was different. Jake seemed to be the one attracted to me, and as the dances got slower I found myself in a close embrace with him, our cheeks touched and I thought 'now?' moved my head slightly and his lips met mine, I shut my eyes trying to tell myself this was not weird and kissed Jake as he squeezed my body towards him. In that moment I felt strangely under his power, like I would let him do anything. I felt his tongue on my lips but thankfully the dance ended and that adventure into weirdness ended with it. I looked up to see the other three all embraced by partners, Pam smiling in my direction, and Steve still kissing his man. I just hoped I had done enough for Pam's bet with Kay because Steve had won on time spent on the job.

The party would finish soon after that, but the men seemed to have got the sense of something to come and they became more keen to be close to us, when a chair went missing I ended up sitting on Jake's knee which was awkward, but seeing Steve with a man's arm draped across his shoulder and Steve leaning in towards him made me wonder if he was enjoying it too much. Jake managed a couple more kisses out of me, but I was the most reserved, once outside while waiting for a taxi, I was giving Jake a false phone number but Kay and Steve were enjoying a last snog with their respective men before saying goodnight.

The taxi home seemed to be even more full of dress fabric than going, and the libido was certainly up as my friends on the back seat sat very close together and did not restrain their affections towards one another. I felt rather out of it sat in the front with a bald scruffy driver beside me. Soon Kay and Steve were dropped off and minutes later Pam was paying the driver while I struggled to get the key in the door.
'A coffee I think.'
'Why not.'
I made our drinks then sat down.
'You seemed to be enjoying yourself tonight.'
'Is that a statement or a question?'
'A statement I suppose, just look how you are sat, the way you swept the skirt under as you settled down, you even got saucers out instead of mugs.'
I went on the defensive, 'well the corset makes me sit this way, the skirt needs attention or it will crease and the cups are because I do not want a big mug full before bed.'
'Alright have it your way, but I did notice how many times you checked yourself in the mirrors, the ease with which you let Jake be around you, and the way you were always making sure you looked right with constant checking and preening.'
'And I thought Pete was taking up your attention, anyway what about Steve?' trying to divert the attention from me.
'Oh I think Stevie is going to become a regular, don't you? Rather likes the feminine look a bit more than I expected, the question is will Kay like having a girlfriend or will they go looking for boyfriends?'
'What! Ok he got into the dressing up better than I did but boyfriends?'
'I think there is one last thing you should experience before we say that you are packing away skirts for good.'
She took my manicured hand and lead me to the bedroom, where we helped each other out of our dresses and caressed each other in uninhibited foreplay. We were lying on the bed kissing and petting, but with my cock out of play when I kissed her clit I did wonder what she might do to reciprocate. I soon found out as a finger went up my anus and I felt her tickle something inside which made me gasp. Soon she had lubricated and inserted her dildo inside me and left the motor running while she kissed and stroked me until an orgasm erupted in me like nothing I had had when doing our regular missionary sex. As I came down she took it out, cleaned it and inserted it into her wet hole, cumming nearly as soon as it entered.
'Now then, do you think Marcela will be wanting to come out and play again, because Stevie has already agreed to joining us next weekend.'

So by next weekend will I have
A - decided I want to have nothing more to do with dresses.
B - Agreed to be Marcela just one more time.
C - Discovered Pam and Kay are having an affair, and just wanted to humiliate us.
D - Accept a more feminine lifestyle, dressing and behaving more like a Marcela than a Mark, even preferring being penetrated to any other scenario.
E - Find myself bonding with Stevie even more than before and expressing our friendship in intimate ways that men are not allowed to by society but do not seem to mind women doing.

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