Warriors way chapter 10...bad Penny part 2

Warriors way chapter 10...bad Penny part 2

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Meagan's Tail

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and “Déjà vu”





When Sunday finally came Sophia gave her new daughter Penny the family credit card so that the teen could buy more clothes to better match her new body with a shopping trip to the mall, then pair would meet up later at Creaser's Place to have lunch at their mall. When she was handed the credit card Penny happily nodded to her mom, "Cool and I'll take Erin with me to help out!"

Sophia smiled in agreement silently because she was still in the middle of a remote video meeting with the museum curator and her assistant discussing if the blade Penny foresaw among their small collection might be matching to the existing armor set and in the mean time while the teens shopped she would try and negotiate for the blade to add to Penny's armor if it was tested to be a match.

Penny chose shopping in the largest mall in Las Vegas that was not only huge, but was sitting right on the infamous strip too and Penny was trying her hand at window shopping for now until Erin showed up with her expertise and would help the new teen in picking out fashionable clothes to fit her new body as well as sex!

Penny paused strolling through the vast mall at one very interesting window display and started checking out the new selection of denim pants shown on the fashionable assembly of manikins pondering the fact that she personally still liked the idea of wearing pants over a skirt or dress right now. She was mentally marking one pair in the window for her list and the matching leather jacket slung on the manikins shoulder when her eyes noticed Daren or "Mongo" her old male self's bully or nemesis across the way in the window from her and 'he' was very much checking the new 'her' out!

Even the idea of that coming true let alone close made Penny mentally vomit! But an evil thought came over her mind and she winked over at him..."Lure him in, see how close I can get and if I can get Mongo alone...POW!" she mused evilly pondering the damage she could do to the bully now with this new body.

A slight hint of a friendly wanting smile from Penny and Daren was easily lured into walking her way. Penny quickly glanced around for anyplace around here that could make a perfect spot for a trap and spotted a door leading off from the public mall areas and into the back access halls for store's use. But Daren was being cut off right now and pulled by his pack of buddies from heading her way, then being lead down to the escalators that journeyed deep down to the parking levels below.

Penny grinned at the new chance! Mongo was heading into the parking structure where the city's so called 'bad boys' hung out and practiced their skateboarding out of sight of the REAL crowd of skateboarders of LV at the mixed sport park! Ones that might pick on the tough crowd of boy and rightly so because most of the 'bad boys' in town truly sucked at boarding!

Mongo was already on the escalator going deep down into the parking structure below the mall when Penny hopped on close behind the pack of noisy unruly boys, she pulled her hoodie up to hide her face a bit, but not too much from Mongo so she could smile to him once more to freshen the bait a bit to lure him in closer.

Darren/Mongo took the bait as he stopped for a brief second with his buddies on the next landing and she smoothly walked right past him only glancing his way briefly once as a further enticement! "Hey guys I'll catch up later on!" he shouted to them quickly hopping on the moving stairs continuing downward after the unknown girl.

Penny was just out of Mongo's sight as she began leaping downward four escalator steps at a time and kept doing so till she hit the bottommost level where nearly no cars parked and most of the area had been given over to storage for the mall high above and the high end apartments that sat on the top most floors of the tall building over the mall's several shopping floors.

Once at the bottom she wheeled away on her skateboard from the glass enclosed escalator area and went a few dozen yards into the deeper parking lots. Mongo finally caught up and just barely spotted her boarding away from him. A running start and a few kicks and he was quickly on his way to catch up on her or at least trying to keep up, "Hey hold up babe gotta talk to you beautiful!" he sang.

Penny gave Mongo one quick alluring glance before she started kicking up greater speed on her board away from his sight and into the storage areas away from the few cars parked this far down into the ground. She rounded a corner quickly and pulled off her hoodie to turn it inside out to its very black lining that 'Pole Dancer" had given her for just this sort of occasion...laying a trap or ambushing someone!

Now out of sight, Penny slipped into a dark place between the storage containers on this level and stayed utterly silent. Daren started to roll down the slight incline her way as he search about for this mysterious cute girl that had caught his eye, "Hey where ya at girl, lets talk babe?" he sang once more to the echo of the parking structure and the growing darkness all around him.

Sadly for Daren he was looking the wrong way when Penny leapt from the black shadow hiding her and out came her new larger right arm that 'clotheslined' the poor Mongo and sent his body flying back with skateboard still flying forward with its rider. His body hit the concrete with a hard bounce that dazed him instantly and the arm blow knocked the wind from his chest. Penny's next evil move was three swift kicks to his sides and one to his legs.

Daren rolled over and up to his feet (Penny let him, wanting the fight to last a bit longer and be a more savor full revenge!) Once on his feet, Daren swung out with a right cross that Penny caught with ease in her left hand and yanked him forward twisting the arm till it popped at the shoulder!

As Daren screamed from his shoulder being wrenched nearly from its socket, Penny quickly pumped five fists into his ribs that left a few of them busted and then she swept his legs out from under him with a foot letting his body fall away to the hard concrete once again.

Daren rolled in pain form the fall, then tried to look up to his attacker and see who it was. It was the beautiful girl that he was following and she was kicking his ass with ease...extreme ease!

Penny leaned down to lift Daren off the cold concrete by his shirt, finally bringing his face close to her's...but a face still hidden by the shadows of darkness! She fired off three controlled blows to his face so as not to kill the teen boy with her new found strength, each blow she dished out to his face felt immensely wonderful, almost freeing to her and she relished each one to the point of having to hold back the fourth one with a great effort of will on her part!

The feeling flowing through Penny right now was liberating and she wanted more!

"Why?" Daren cried to the teen girl looming over him and he tried to see her face better in the darkness.

"Because Daren, revenge is best served cold and your butt getting kicked by a girl is too funny...Karma my little bitch for beating up the other kids at your school!" she shouted down at him.

"I don't know you?" Daren wondered if he even did?

"No you don't know me, but I certainly know you and if I ever hear about you bullying other kids in your school again," Penny growled through her teeth down at him now, "I'll find out, then find you and tear off that arm and beat you into a cripple with it!" Penny warned, then she dropped him.

To show that she really meant business, Penny picked up Daren's skateboard from where it had rolled to stop minus him and busted the tough layered wood over her knee in one savage blow and tossed both busted ends into the darkness. Then as a 'cherry' on top for insult, she used a foot to roll him over exposing his back, then grabbed on to his rear jeans pocket that she ripped open to revel his wallet and quickly emptied it of all cash...only twenty bucks? Penny was disappointed in the amount, but it was something at least for all the cash Darren or the bully Penny nicknamed Mongo had taken from the old Marcus!

Penny finally grabbed her board and stood over the ex-bully once again before leaving, "Don't even look at me, don't search for me or tell cops or your mom...bad idea!" Daren nodded instantly, he knew in the long run the cops only did so much and usually failed to act fast enough in matters like this and that left the person who reported very hurt or worse...dead at the hands of a person like this girl.


Back up in the mall,

Penny took time to turn her hoodie back from inside out to show its normal nice bright blue outer color and artistic mess of skateboarding company logos. She loved this hoodie now, it came in very handy to hide her identity and help wrap her in the darkness of the parking lot below! 'I am going to need to buy several more jeans exactly like this hoodie or something very much like it! Maybe some dress pants of some sort too?' she mentally pondered away while strolling slowly away through the vast mall.

Soon enough Penny spotted a pair of jeans in a window that she loved, ones that were mostly deep black denim and had leather covering what would be your belt line on down to the knees on the fronts. The capper to the look was the decorative silver stitching covering parts of jeans fronts, this what grabbed her eye to begin with!

It took sometime for Penny to find the rack matching the display, but now came the hard part finding out what her new size really was? As Penny checked out on set of jeans after another that is when Erin came slithering silently up behind her and surprised the heck out of the teen.

"How ya doing and that one is way too short girl!" Erin shouted out making Penny jump at Erin's sudden shout of greetings!

Penny dropped the jeans on the spot and spun to meet what she thought was a threat, "Don't do that..." Penny said stopping herself from hitting Erin when she realized who was surprising her, "I was thinking to kick your ass into next week!"

"Humm what has you that jumpy in a mall?" Erin asked picking up the jeans that Penny had dropped in her fright and placing them back on the rack, then picking out what pair she thought was the right size for Penny.

Penny took the pair of jeans from Erin with an evil smirk, "I just got even with Daren and he should be crawling his way out of the parking lot below us in search of some ice and a good doctor!"

Erin gasped, "You hurt him bad?" she had to ask knowing Penny could lift a truck's front end off the pavement!

"Ohhh nothing permanent...a few busted ribs, dislocated shoulder and lots of body wide bruising is all!" she nearly giggled. Penny very much wanted to do a villain laugh right now to celebrate...'MUhahhhahah!' But held it back.

Erin winked to her friend, "Good, he needed it and since you did nothing crippling or permanent to him, then no foul in my opinion!"

Penny was placing the Jeans against her front for size when she smiled once more, "And I busted his skateboard like a twig just to put a cherry on top!"

"Nice!" Erin grinned.

For the next hour or so Erin stacked up quite a selection of clothes for Penny to try on in a small cart, then pulled at Penny to go with her to try them all on and Erin joined her inside a larger fitting room made for mutants or the handicapped.

As they both whittled down the stack for size, then fashionable looks and Erin noticed something, "Penny you are still leaning towards guys clothes or fashions I see?"

"I guess?" Penny muttered meekly back, then firmly stood her ground, "Because so far, the only skirt I am going to wear is along with my armor and that is only because it is Greek or Roman styled and I don't have a choice for protection!" she insisted.

"Fine by me! It's not like with a body shaped like a snake I can really wear anything else?" Erin giggled as she handed Penny a top to try on.

Without to much effort Erin helped Penny fill out better than a weeks worth of wardrobe, most of the selection was jeans and sporty styled tops that more than matched what Penny had when she was 'Marcus' for the most part. The only major changes was to Penny's choices in underwear, with sport bras and simply styled underwear below. Penny had instantly balked at the idea of anything 'frilly' for now and might get back to that idea later on in life?

"Do you know if this school in LA has uniforms?" Erin asked as they stood by a cashier ringing out the last of Penny's buys and bagging them.

"I don't know? But you know most private schools have some sort of uniform standards or make you wear theirs most of the week!" Penny said back thinking of how much of an average school week they might demand she wear one?

Penny picked up her last bag off the sales counter as she noted the time off her watch, "Gotta get moving if we want to meet my mom for lunch at Caesar's palace!"

Moving out of the mall and hitting the next monorail that cruised down 'the strip' was easy. But once they exited the car at Caesar's palace, the place was crowed with tourists or what both were certain of the other crowd maker in town...Dreaded conventioneers!

Conventioneers was something the city needed and advertised for all over the world. BUT in some cases the city was visited by morons that took the city advertisement of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" too literally and got into loads of trouble during their short or maybe long (after they broke the law) visits!.

On most days of the past Penny never had an issue with the horde of short term visitors, but this time a pack of them hailing from a what surly was a mid-west small town spotted both of them and the especially the strange to some snake-girl that Erin was!

Erin was slithering by the slack jawed mixed group of guys and a few gals when one man leaned down to touch Erin's tail as she slid past, "She's real!" he boasted to the small group.

"Hey BUB no touching!" Erin growled because touching her there, was like feeling up her butt in the past!

Since Penny was leading the way for the snake girl to help clear a small path for Erin to slither by in, she paused a second to turn back and see Erin was being quickly surrounded by the small group!

One man quickly stood next to Erin and wrapped an arm around her waist, "Take a pic of me and her Sammy!" he laughed to his friends.

What must have been 'Sammy' held up his cheap computer frame and took a picture with the built in camera and that is when the man hugged Erin even closer as he spoke into her ear, "My you are warm unlike a real snake and soft too!" he added with a slur of being certainly drunk off his ass!

The group rapidly started taking pictures or juggling their enormous alcoholic drinks to do so, as Erin dropped her bags shoved the man away from her body and slapped him across the face hard!

"Get off me you creep!" the teen girl shouted at the much older man.

The guy must have been fueled by booze bravery when he reeled back to hit Erin, because she was MUCH bigger than him in several ways! Erin flinched at what was an incoming blow she did not have time to block, with a bag on her arm holding her only free arm!

But Penny caught the man's arm mid swing in a death grip before it struck, "You keep this up buddy and you go home in a box!" she growled to him.

One of the gals tossed her huge booze filled tourist glass right at Penny's head, but Penny saw it coming, blocked it with a quick swipe and after that attack Penny reacted by swinging the man she already had in-hand at the woman, plus the small group standing all around her.

"Here take this bozo back bitch!" she screamed over the now growing crowd of random tourists showing up to watch the fight.

Before the nearly flying man hit the unruly drunk pack, most of them tossed whatever was at or in hand at the pair of teens. But after the man's body hit the woman, she fell taking two others of the group taking most of them down with her.

Erin reacted to being rained on by assorted glasses and booze on the spot, by dropping the rest of her shopping bags to the pavement and out from her fingertips came viscous claws! The oldest man of the small group must have been spooked at the sight of seeing Erin's sharp claws out! Because he pulled a small revolver from behind his back, "I knew it, Mutants always trouble!" he growled out.

That is when Erin lashed out with her long tail, sweeping the legs out from under the whole group and then some! "They all fall down!" she shouted in glee that the desperate move had even worked this well!

As the man fell to the walkway, his gun fired off into the air and the bullet sailed off into the open sky striking nothing. But now the cops were coming and with the sound of a gunshot even more were on their way to the small fight.

"Marvin you idiot!" one of the groups woman shouted, "You pulled a gun on teens?"

"Mutants...Mutants Stacy, they are Mutants!" he roared back just as the first cops came up and the crowd pointed the man out on the spot..."that's the one!" most shouted to the four cops.

One cop drew his weapon, "Freeze or I shoot!" he warned as the other three cops moved in on the lone man and finally one cop took the gun from the older man's hand after he surrendered and the other two rolled the old man over to cuff both hands behind his back.

"Now you...snake girl calm down or be put down!" another cop warns Erin while he covered the teen with both a tazer in one hand and a pistol at the low ready in the other.

"Hey you got me Pikachu, NO need to shock me!" Erin grinned as she raised both arms a little to show she was surrendering peacefully to the cops.

"Okay want started all of this?" one cop asked that seemed to be in charge by the three stripes on his sleeves.

"Officers that letch grabbed that teens backside then unwantedly hugged her and then fondled her breasts!" a grandmotherly age woman barked from the large crowd.

The officer walked over to the older lady as the crowd gave way to letting her sit on one of the benches lining the monorails walkway that lead into the casino and mall shops. One cop snapped open a computer frame and leaned down to let the woman see what he was doing, "Lets see what the city cams and the casino cams picked up of this mess and I take your statement too ma'am?" he asked.

It was very easy for the cop to pull up over fifty camera views of the fight from different angles and there was even sound on most of them too! So this case had all the evidence at hand and was an easy close for any DA that eventually took it!

In the meantime the rest of the officers could easily see where this mess was heading to and cuffed up the rest of the small group. One cop broke off from that group walking over to both teens, "Hands down now girls and hand me your ID's...all of them please?" he asked and was implying that he meant all ID's...as in Mutant ID's too if they had them!

Erin handed the cop three cards, one being her normal state ID, another one is a mutant Federal DEHA ID and the last was a California only Mutant MCA ID card as that state had its own regulatory agency that kept the federal one at bay and mostly OUT of the state's business!

Penny handed him only one real card, her state issued ID that anyone had and one sheet of paper with official seals on it from the DEHA, Penny could only get a temporary ID until she was tested farther at a much larger facility that Vegas did not have and possibly a M&M one for covering any magic Penny might have!

"This is all I have, just changed a few weeks back...sir?" Penny offered.

The cop took the ID and papers, "Humm let me check this out." he said snapping a frame out to scan the ID and document.

A minute or so passed by as he got a reply back from the federal data base, "Humm only a few boxes checked for increased strength, speed and durability...your basic 'brick' or 'tank' and lots of checked boxes in the 'maybe' section," he started to lest them off, "Possible magic, curse, magic item, Fae magic, human magic, GOO magic and a listing for unknown on top of that mess? You better get this all checked out before you make a mistake and blast the whole city on a bender kid," he warned handing the ID's back toi both girls.

After Penny pocketed her ID's the sergeant came over to the pair and his partner cop, "Let the kids go, we have the male on video groping her and she is under sixteen and that's a felony times three. the shooter gets his beef for the gunfire. Then add the rest get an assault beef on the kids times two each and add all while drunk in public!" he laughed.

"Okay both of ya stay out of trouble and have your parents call the desk sergeant or the lead detective on shift about this mess. Also just so you both know with the video evidence we are pressing charges no matter if you personally do so or not, so its your choice or your parents choice to file or not to file along with the DA's." the cop told the pair and handed them a personal car with case numbers on the back.


Later on inside Caesar's palace large casino building and adjoining shopping complex,

Sophia was walking as quickly as she could without breaking into a full out run so she cold make a lunch date with Penny her new daughter at the best restaurant in Caesar's Place! She was just dying to tell the teen that a deal was made for the sword if it matched her armor set, right now it was being sent to the condo by courier and would be there by midnight for sure and from there they could evaluate it before finalizing the full deal already made.

The deal itself was simple and a steal in Sophia's opinion, she had found a set of coins many years ago. Three of the set were silver in various sizes and mintage dates and four were gold in the same size and all had the same date. It was a long lost set that was only minted for one brief month and the curator of the Greek section of the museum was simply dying to get his hands on a full set!

So Sophia made the offer of them in trade for the blade, to her the coins were an extra surprise find during her very early post college graduate days. So personally the set really mattered little to her over trading for the blade and IF it truly matched the existing armor set it was a true bargain.

She started searching the area around the large restaurant and spotting Penny was easy, as she was with Erin, as if a fifteen foot long snake tailed girl could blend in with regular human tourists! "Hey you two over here, I hope you are hungry?" she yelled a greeting their way and was spotted in return by the pair.

Penny looked a little troubled to her mom as the pair walked up and a mother easily picked up on that, "What's wrong baby?" she quickly asked the teen.

"This," Penny started simply handing mom a card, "A man molested Erin, she slapped the crap out of him. He was about to punch her in the face, I blocked his blow by grabbing his arm and then his woman tossed a drink at us both and another guy pulled a gun...it fired after Erin tail swept the lot of them all and then the cops came." Penny rattled off quickly without even pausing for a breath.

"Ohhh and Mrs. Hapgood, the cops gave us information cards if we want to press charges on the group or men. But they have enough evidence to hold them all, even without us personally filing charges. But in my case personally, outside of whatever you and Penny do. The agents who handle selling my venom to pharmaceutical companies...they will press charges in my name and then they will sue...they always do for protecting my brand and their product." she sighed out.

"Hummm?" the mother worried on thinking what to do, "I think since the cops already have it and your guys are going ahead on this, We'll leave Penny out of it for now and leave that till someone drops the ball and then we will act from there dear. So lets go eat, I have lots to tell Penny!" Sophia beamed pocketing the card for later and changing the topic for the better.



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