Police Academy Chapter 20

Katlain tightens a bolt on the alternator bracket of the rubicon she was working on. It was the same rubicon she stole and used against the white nationalist that tried to steal nuclear material. Since it got damaged on the last job she did. She sent it to USA Armor to have it armored.
She used some of the drug money she stole to pay for it.

USA Armor had delivered it two days ago, to the garage she was currently at. She put the word out on the street, that the garage would be opened for a few days. She knew several people would come by to have their cars worked on by her.

“Where did you get that Rubicon?” Angelo couldn’t believe the Rubicon Katlain was working on.

“I got it for a steal and used my inheritance to upgrade it.” Katlain didn’t want to tell Angelo she stole it from a tow company.

Angelo knew he saw a report somewhere of a stolen vehicle matching the description of the Rubicon. He wonders if Katlain had anything to do with it.

“Do you guys think this plan is kind of stupid?” Jose was watching Katlain from a nearby rooftop.

“It’s a perfect setup and the assassin knows I’ll be here at my garage for the next few days.” Katlain made sure certain people she knew on the streets would spread the word of where she would be.

“How do you think I feel? I’m being the bait to draw the assassin out.” Katlain shuts the hood down on the rubicon.

The new alternator she installed, should give the rubicon more power for all the lights and such. Plus, the laptop she stole from the police cruiser and the specialized radio gear she installed to intercept cellular, police and government transmission.

Katlain looks around to see if anyone was nearby but doesn’t notice anyone. Throughout the day, she does several oil changes, tune-ups, and repairs. Just as she was closing the shop. A late-model black Cadillac pulls up.

A good-looking young man gets out of the car. He was dressed stylishly and had a nice haircut.

“Can I help you?” Katlain wonders if this was the guy that had been hired to kill her.

“Yes, I was wondering if you could look at my car. I’ve been smelling a sweet smell coming from it.”

“Sure, no problem. How long have you been smelling this sweet smell?” Katlain pops the hood on the Cadillac.

She could tell the engine was still hot as she investigates the engine department. There was a slight smell of anti-freeze coming off the engine. Katlain was keeping an eye on the young man as she examined his car.

“Do you think you can take care of it for me?” The young man looks at Katlain.

“Sure, no problem.” Katlain turns around to look at the engine again.

“Katlain, behind you!”

Katlain moves just in time as the young man had lunged towards her. She looks at the young man and noticed he had a knife in his hand.

“Big mistake, Mister.” Katlain hits the remote for the garage doors to close.

The young man notices the garage door closing. He looks towards Katlain “it’s not going to do you any good. You’ll be trapped in here with me.”

“You’re right, but I know this garage better then you do. So, I have the upper hand.” Katlain grabs her gun.

She runs by the main power switch and cut the power to the lights in the garage. Since she didn’t have any windows, the place was in complete darkness. She notices where the young man was, and she wanted him over in front of her rubicon.

Katlain moves swiftly towards the rubicon. She hears a bullet strike way off to her left.

“Damn, you’re a lousy shot. How can you call yourself an assassin?”

“Stick your head out and let’s find out.” Juan was looking for Katlain.

“Katlain, what are you doing in there? You were supposed to lure him in and let us ambush him.” Angelo was wondering what Katlain was doing.

“That was the original idea, but who would know he had other ideas.” Katlain could hear Juan moving towards the rubicon.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“First blind him, then shoot him.” Katlain makes her way to the rubicon and gets ready to turn the lights on.

Juan moves towards the car he came in. He thought he heard movement and as he moves towards the area. He is blinded by the explosion of several lights going off at once.

The next thing he feels is several hard objects hitting his chest. The force behind the bullets knocks him to the floor. The lights in the garage come back on and he sees the woman he was sent after.

“You’re lucky I wasn’t using real rounds, otherwise you would be dead right now. Now, roll over onto your stomach and put your hands behind your back.” Katlain had a smile on her face.

The garage door behind her starts to open. Several people come walking into her garage.

“He’s ready to go to jail.” Katlain still had her gun pointed at the young man.

She switched out her normal magazine with the non-lethal rubber bullets. She did that because she wants this bastard to experience jail. He needed to pay for what he has done.

Angelo and the rest of the team come walking in and notice Katlain pointing her gun at the young man. She was ready to arrest the bastard.

“Good job, partner.” Angelo walks over and slaps the handcuffs.

“Thanks. Now we have all the players.” Detective Benavidez watches as Angelo arrest, Juan.

“Say goodbye to your life.” Katlain had a smile on her face.

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