Castle The Series - 0089 Llyllabette, Yoomarrianna, Beth, Morris

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18th of Chent Day 21

They’d left the Keep at eight in the forenoon three days before with Silverherb and her waggon and team. Llyllabette and Yoomarrianna were well known to their now much more handleable flock of a dozen nannies and fourteen ewes having milked and hand fed them daily since the flock had been given to them by Alfalfa. It had been an easy trip for Silverherb. They started at eight in the forenoons so as to enable the flock to be milked first, which was done again in the early afternoon enabling her team to graze. They maekt camp at eight in the early eve for the flock to be milked again. The milk was stored in wide necked glass vessels with glass stoppers ground to a seal fit borrowed from the dairy crafters. They were packed in straw stuffed crates and Llyllabette had conveyed to Silverherb she’d make cheese with the milk. The stops for the two nannies and a ewe to give birth, had not taken long. All had had twins and all to Llyllabette’s delight were nannies and ewes. She then had a flock of thirty-two. Alfalfa had maekt it clear she’d wanted the couple to take what they considered to be the best animals, but had been a little worried that Llyllabette had chosen several that were near to birthing. Llyabette had convinced her all would be well, so she’d accepted her choices. Two of the ewes wouldn’t leave the chosen flock and Alfalfa had shrugged her shoulders and maekt it clear Llyllabette was to take them too.

Silverherb’s waggon was not full, because she was contracted to take a full load from Southern Holding to be distributed further down the trail at several places. After the first birth, she cut some of the standing dried grass of last year’s growth to spread around in the waggon bed, lifted the newborn animals on to the waggon and indicated to Yoomarrianna to lift their mother up too. It was a satisfactory arrangement and cost them little time. The couple were interested in their surroundings which seemed to be taking them farther away from the coast and towards a range of low hills in the distance. The terrain was essentially lightly wooded grassland with standing hay a stride high and fresh green grass a span high below it. There were innumerable sources of water, most of which whilst flowing sluggishly weren’t really big enough to be called a stream or even a rill. The flock foraged as they moved and seemed content to follow and keep up with the slowly moving waggon.

When they’d stopped for the first eve to camp Llyllabette had given the flock some of the beet tops Alfalfa had provided. She gave the team some too. She did the same on the second eve. The food they ate on the trail was trail food, nourishing but not of the tastiest. In the mid afternoon of the second day Silverherb stopped the waggon and taking a stick with her hit the ground. The couple had wondered what she was doing for they had seen nothing, but their eve meal of barbecued snake was a considerable improvement on the previous eve’s meal. After the early afternoon halt on the third day Yoomarrianna indicated the ground was rising and Silverherb conveyed that it would continue to rise all the way to Southern Holding which they would reach early in the eve, mayhap at eight. It was half to nine when they arrived, and Silverherb considered they had maekt good time. The flock had moved faster than she had thought they would, for originally she had thought to arrive at noon on the fourth day.

Cloudberry had opened the door on hearing her dogs barking at the arrivals, and within the minute there were dozens of folk of all ages helping. Sledge telt some boys to get the big barn doors open for the waggon and team and indicated the flock was to go there too. It didn’t take long and the team were led out of their tack into loose boxes for grooming and feeding. The children were captivated by the newborn who were now prancing about as though on springs. Llyllabette and Yoomarrianna immediately started milking and were joined by Cygnet and Skylark with some of the children watching with a view to learning. The holding women were amazed at the amount of milk the animals gave, but Llyllabette had no way to tell them so had she been. The animals were producing in excess of half a gallon a day over their three milkings which was much more than any nanny she’d ever come across before. She’d never had much to do with ewes but was aware from her neighbours who farmed lower down the mountains that their ewes didn’t produce anywhere near that.

Once the animals had been seen to and turned out to graze, the fresh milk and the milk that Llyllabette intended to make cheese with were taken into the kitchen, Smokt telt the children to take Silverherb’s bag to her chamber, and to take Llyllabette and Yoomarrianna and their bags to their chamber and shew them where the facility and the bathrooms were whilst she finished dinner. “We had all ready for your arrival thiseve and also for nextday, Silverherb. Aconite and Burgloss will help you see to your team and clean your waggon later, but sit yourself nearer the stove for some warmth. Hubert and Sledge will assist in the loading of your waggon nextday, you’ll need them to restrain the boys who’ll will to help. If there’re any things you will done before bed tell Sledge and he’ll assist.”

Llyllabette and Yomarrianna had learnt a reasonable amount of Folk in the two tenners they had been on Castle and had learnt a considerable amount more from the children at Southern in half an hour. They had been maekt well come and were looking forward to settling down to a permanent home. Dinner was soon on the table. It was an enjoyable meal if a little chaotic due to the children’s curiosity concerning their new auntie and uncle. Dinner was not a prolonged meal, and the couple understood that was so all that needed to be done could be finished before the light was lost. They were tired when they went to bed, but happier than they’d been since Yoomarrianna had killed the criminal who’d tried to rape Llyllabetet. They were soon asleep with little conversation.

The following forenoon, whilst the flock was milked, Silverherb’s waggon was loaded with the ready prepared boxes and crates. The milking was done by the time Silverherb was ready to depart and the couple both hugged her tightly as they bad each other fare well.

“You go with the men, Yoo, and I’ll make a start on the cheese and see what I can learn from the women.”

Yoomarrianna nodded and said, “I think they said they were doing something with vegetables, Llyll.”

Orchid of the Keep cheese makers had provided Llyllabette with what she needed to make cheese and maekt sure she knew how to clabber the next batch from the last, because she was unsure how much Llyllabette knew concerning cheese making. Once she realised Llyllabette was an experienced cheese maker she provided her with a bottle of liquid to produce the curds and a large pot of strange looking herbs. She explained the liquid was an extract from the flowers of the herbs. Llyllabette understood, she used wild thistles of a certain type to produce her own vegetable rennet and these plants were the folk equivalent. She was also familiar with several other plants other cheese makers uest.

When Llyllabette tried to explain to the women she needed to plant the herbs there was considerable laughter, and Skylark took her to the vegetable plot to shew her hundreds of the plants, which she telt her were hardy, good to eat and called cardoons or cheese plants.(1) There were she explained a number of other wild plants available to clabber milk, but never having had enough milk to make cheese they’d never grown them, but she’d ask the children to find some to cultivate. There was a good one called cheesemaker(2) that grew in abundance not far away. Their conversation was neither quick, nor fully understood by either, but Llyllabette understood enough. Yoomarrianna waved from some distance away where he was hoeing weeds with the men and older children.




19th of Chent Day 22

Beatrix was bemused and not quite sure what to make of her circumstances. Years ago she’d been telt by the specialists that her ovaries didn’t ripen her ova to the point where they could be fertilised, but she’d hoped the treatment she’d been offered and taken would remedy the situation, but it was not to be. Since menarche at the age of ten her periods had been heavy. They’d also been painful enough till the age of fifteen to have required powerful analgesics to keep the pain at bay. What maekt it worse was she’d always been as regular as clockwork, every twenty-four days, and she’d envied women with twenty-eight day or longer cycles. She still suffered some discomfort and one month in three she took to her bed with a hot water bottle for a couple of days. She was now two days late which had never happened before. Despite her nausea, she wasn’t ready to believe she was pregnant because she’d always assumed that her immature ova couldn’t be fertilised by any man’s sperm. She decided to be grateful her period was late and if she were pregnant she’d only tell Jackdaw when she’d missed another period. She knew Jackdaw would be as pleased as herself, but she was not going to get his hopes up if it didn’t come to pass. She decided to take food to bed, so as to have it on hand the moment she awoke just in case the nausea was due to pregnancy. Her granny and her mum had sworn that eating something before arising was a certain way to avoid the worst of forsickth.(3)

It was Beth’s day off, and after braekfast, when her brothers had all gone to the kennels, she nervously telt her mum, “I’ve thought a lot regarding what Wayland sayt and what you telt me, and I’d like to be referred to as she all the time, Mum, and I should like some help with girls’ clothes please, because that is how I want to dress all the time now. I don’t really understand why I clung on to that little bit of what I never was, but I was near enough ready to live as a girl full time before I came here, and now I wish to put anything to do with boys, well not every thing because I like boys, just every thing boyish about me behind me.”

Beatrix, glad her daughter had finally come to terms with herself, which as Jackdaw had said, would take a lot of stress out of her life, thought a few seconds, smiled and said, “That was definitely my daughter talking just then. You like any boy in particular, Beth, Love?”

Beth hugged her mum and replied, “No. Not yet, Mum, but I’m going to be looking for a heartfriend, most girls even younger than I have one, so I need some clothes to give them some thing to look at. Preferably some that I can use these with.” Beth turned around and opened a small box. She withdrew a pair of breast forms. “I had several different sizes. These are the ones I was wearing when I arrived here. They’re a B cup and fit the bra I was wearing. I’ve got the matching knickers too. They go with both of the blouses I’ve got but I’d like a dress for dancing in to wear them with.”

“In that case we need to talk to Amethyst who will be able to dress you to best advantage from the seamstresses’ stores or if there’s not enough that’s suitable we’ll order something for you. You’d better bring your bra and knickers and those too.” They went to see Amethyst and Beatrix explained Beth’s plight.

Amethyst was, to Beatrix, even for one of the Folk surprisingly unperturbed by the situation and appeared to merely see the situation as a challenge for her skills to surmount. Amethyst was amazed by the life like quality of Beth’s breast forms and impressed by how they looked when Beth put her bra on with them in it. She sent for her assistant, Mint, who would assist in the process of dressing Beth. Amethyst was of the belief one day Mint, who had been her apprentice, would have learnt her skills and taken over from her, and she wished her to experience the challenge dressing Beth offered. Mint already had the vast memory her mentor possessed of how the seamstresses’ stores were organised and what they contained.

Blunt as ever, Amethyst telt Beth, “You have lovely slender hips which many a woman would give all she has for, so we need to take advantage of that. With your hair and eyes we’ll need to be careful to select colours that enhance your looks rather than clash with them, but we’ll manage. Let’s see you in a variety of styles of dress, and you can tell me which you see as most like your image of yourself, and then I shall consider how best to dress you.” After an hour of trying on various styles of female apparel, and listening to Beth’s opinions, all four of them had been emphatic an apron of any description did not suit her. As Amethyst put it, “Your lack of bosom, Beth, is not the problem, as if need be we could pad the bib even with your silicorn breasts. However, you do need hips to wear an apron well, and you look like a stick in a sack in one.” As she maekt the remark Amethyst patted her massive hips which rippled with the impetus and she humorously continued, “It’s why I usually wear one because it’s the only thing I look good in these days.”

They all laught with her, and Beth said, “It’s silicone not silicorn, Amethyst.”

Amethyst changed the subject to say, “I believe I understand how you see yourself, Beth.” She then telt Mint what she wished her to bring for Beth to try. Amethyst continued, “Beth, Mint will bring a box which will contain a wide selection of girl’s undergarments all of which will fit you, some you will be able to use your breast forms with, but not all. You may take them all as you will need time to consider what you feel good in. Men dress very functionally and only consider what is seen, but women, as I’m sure you already know, dress to support their own view of themselves, which means from the skin out whether it is seen or no. Of more immediate importance, you have lovely hair, but it looks like a rat’s nest. When was it last trimt and dresst?” Without waiting for a reply she continued, “I suggest you have spaech with Timothy betimes. She is a seamstress knitter but cross crafts dressing women’s hair. She will be able to maintain the style you had, I refuse to say have, or create another may hap more feminine one. Have spaech with her of it. If you ask her, she will advise you on the care to your nails too.”

Beth liekt all of the outfits Amethyst had her try, but the clothes Amethyst finally selected brought tears to her eyes when she saw herself looking back from the full longth mirrors because it was herself as she had always wished to be and had never seen before. Amethyst’s skills went far beyond her own and those of Pol and their mums. The last box of clothes Mint had returned with contained leggings joined at the waistbands with knee longth skirts which were split at both sides to the waist, and all were of either suede or soft leather. “Riding trews,” Amethyst remarked, “practical and feminine for any who spends time on a horse. Let’s see if we can find a couple of pairs that fit.” They found a pair and another Amethyst said she would alter to fit. After finding two pairs of shoes, Amethyst added, “I suggest you go to Josh the shoe and boot maker for some shoon.(4) He will be able to shew you all the different styles available for girls and women and make shoon and boots to fit you appropriate for your crafting as well as for less demanding use, and don’t forget to order at least one pair of slippers for dancing.”

“I already have two pairs of work boots he maekt for me, Amethyst, but I never thought to ask for anything else.”

“If you go to his workshop you’ll see his entire range on display. However, I suggest you leave here wearing the print patternt, green frock with these,” Amethyst selected an entire outfit from the boxes of clothes. “You will be able to wear them to advantage with your underwear and breast forms. Are you uest to wearing shoon with a high heel?” Beth nodded and Amethyst added a pair of shoes with an eight wiedth(5) heel to the pair with four wiedth heels. “I shall send the rest over to your chambers. Would you like to leave the clothes you were wearing with us, or keep them?”

Beth didn’t hesitate, “I shall never wear them again. I have maekt my decision as to how I want to live.”

“In that case, I shall have them washt and shelft in the stores, and I suggest when you unpack your new clothes you use the boxes to pack any of your old ones you no longer wish to wear to be sent here. If you ask, the chamberers will take them to the launderers and have them sent here when dry. I wish you joy with your new self, and we shall be pleast to see you return for more clothes, advice and aught else we can help you with. Go and dress, Beth.” Amethyst kissed Beth’s cheek and pointed to the frock and a dressing room. Whilst Beth changt, Amethyst telt Beatrix, “Bring her back every few lunes, and Mint and I shall make sure her clothes continue to give a feminine look to her changing shape as she grows. There’s time aplenty before we need to be thinking of padding, let her become uest to things first, but take her to see Timothy as soon as possible. She needs to learn how to have a care to her nails. Beth’s life must have been truly dreadful to have driven her to that, and they must really hurt. Tendril of the herbals makes and supplies cosmetics and Gold of the commodity makers makes perfumes. You may both wish to meet with them.

Uncharacteristically, Amethyst hesitated before saying, “Take Beth to the healers, Beatrix. There are preparations the herbals produce which can reduce masculine development to naught and others to enhance her femininity, but they need to be taken before puberty has goen too far, they can not readily undo much development that has already taken place.” Amethyst’s eyes were moist as she admitted in explanation, “My daughter Jehanne who dien of the fevers many years over was birtht my son, Beacon.”

Beatrix, who now understood Amethyst’s lack of surprise at and immediate, total acceptance of Beth, nodded in understanding of Amethyst’s remarks, “Thank you, Amethyst, her life is going to be difficult, but I suspect much happier than it has been, and I appreciate you making it that bit easier, and your advice.”

Amethyst, now in control of her emotions, smiled and said, “We are all precious, and we have to have a care to all of us. I do know how much difference it will make to Beth, but really it is a small thing to do. One other matter. Jehanne uest to wear special knickers that tuckt her male parts out of sight when she was wearing anything where a bump would have shewn. We make them for a number of women like Beth but have none her size at the moment. I’ll have some maekt for her and then she can decide what styles she would like.” Beatrix thought that Amethyst was describing something she thought was referred to as a gaff on Earth and it seemed as if they could be maekt in any style from what she considered to be ‘M&S granny knickers’ (6) to thongs. As they were leaving Beth tried to express her gratitude, but Amethyst as usual was robustly dismissive of gratitude.

After they had gone Mint and Amethyst spake for half an hour of dressing Beth over the next few years and Mint admitted, “I uest to be really bothert by my lack of womanhood, but, despite Beth’s breast forms, my problems were trivial compaert with what Beth will have, weren’t they?” She shuddered and continued, “And those nails—”

“Mint, like you, Beth is lovt by her family and that is what will make her life a good one most of the time and at least bearable when things become difficult. Now she can live in sympathy with her image of herself. That was one problem Jehanne never had because none ever expectet her to be other than herself. I have no idea who it will be or how it will come to be but there will be someone for Beth to have a care to, who will have a care to her and eventually they will reach agreement, but also like for you it may require patience.”

Mint flusht, “You are probably right, Amethyst, but there is not too much fun to be had whilst waiting.”

“Yes. I know, and I have always been glad Jehanne had had a heartfriend, even though both were loes to the fevers.” Amethyst smiled at Mint, and continued, “Life can be difficult. Over the years I have lovt and loes a lot of folk, but still there are many who need my love. Now, before I start crying again, let’s have a mug of leaf.”

Dresst in a frock, Beth was an attractive, albeit initially, self-conscious, looking girl and she was whistled at by her brothers before the eve meal when they saw her dresst that way for the first time. “Now you are becoming yourself, Beth,” Wayland telt her with approval as he kissed her cheek.

The others nodded in agreement with him and one by one they kissed her cheek. Beatrix was surprised at not just their ready acceptance of Beth, but their obvious approval. It was only later she realised yet again Wayland had been several steps in front of her and knew for his brothers caring for a sister was another step for them on their way to respectability and respect. She also realized as typical adolescent males, their approval was that much greater because their sister was pretty.

“Wasn’t it hard, Beth? Changing the way you dress I mean, and then going out where everyone could see you,” Bittern asked, impressed by the courage he thought it would have taken and puzzled by the prominence her frock gave to her breasts which he’d never noticed before.

Far less self-conscious than a few minutes before as a result of her brothers’ approval, and love too she realised, Beth’s flush faded as she considered Bittern’s question. “Not really. I have dresst like this before, but usually with friends or my mum. I went shopping or to places like the cinema and on school trips dresst as a girl and was going to wear a skirt and girls’ games kit at school next year. I was near enough totally out because every one I knew knew about me and it’s not the sort of thing you discuss with strangers. My friend Pol and I were to be bride’s maids at Mum’s wedding and we were going to go shopping for pretty dresses. I always looked and behaved like a girl because that’s the real me, so I never had any nasty comments to cope with because of the way I dresst, but it was nerve racking to start with because I always anticipated the worst. I was lucky because a lot of my friends at school, both boys and girls, were protective and stood up for me when it counted, but it wasn’t often necessary.

“The only people who were nasty to me were a supply teacher once and my dad and my two brothers, but when my parents separated and divorced over two years ago Mum moved three hundred and twenty miles north to near the border with Scotland which was where she was born and I went with her which was where I started living as a girl. My brothers stayed with my dad in London. I never saw my dad again, and I only saw my brothers once after that and I dresst so they never suspected anything.” Beth looked embarrassed, “I’m not very brave. My brothers called me a sissy when I lived in London which would have been true if I’d been a boy like they thought I was. I like being a girl and no one ever calls girls sissies, or I don’t think they do. I thought here it might have been difficult, but it wasn’t. When Mum and I left the seamstresses earlier I went with her to the provisioners’ preparation kitchens because I was a bit nervous about coming home on my own, because I was frightened of what you and the others may have said.”

Her brothers were taken aback by that, and Bittern spake for them all when he said, “That puts us in our place doesn’t it? But there was no need, Beth. I never met any one like you before, but Wayland says you are a proper girl in your head and our sister. I don’t get it, but I ain’t going to argue with Wayland about anything. He says we have to love you and take care of you, cos you’re the only sister we’re going to get, and we like having a sister don’t we?”

His question was directed at his brothers who all agreed except Wayland who said, “Beth is our only family sister, but we shall have others like Fiona who is a kin sister.” He indicated Beth was to continue.

“Mum introduced me as her daughter, and it was…oh I don’t know…natural?…it just felt right, that’s all. I wasn’t embarrassed once. It was very pleasant, and I felt comfortable explaining to Mum’s friends about me as I helped them make sausages. They were kind and said I was welcome to help when ever I wished.” Beth looked uncomfortable for a few seconds before continuing, “Being a girl is far easier for me than trying to be a boy because I instinctively know how to be a girl, but I never managed to get being a boy right no matter how hard I tryt.” Bittern nodded as he smiled, but, despite Beth’s claim to not being very brave, he still thought it would have taken more courage than he had, and small as she was Beth had been prepared to defend herself from him which he considered brave beyond explanation and sense. That for Beth it was trying to be a boy that taekt courage was beyond his ability to envisage.

Not long after they’d met, Fergal explained to Fiona concerning Beth, and Fiona had telt him, “I am really happy for Beth she is here and not back on Earth. Her life will be so much happier.” Fiona hadn’t had good relationships with her sisters and never had anything but abuse from other girls. She and Beth had liekt each other from the beginning, both enjoyed having a sister they liekt, and they were already close. The day after Beth had been to see Amethyst with her mum for clothes, Fiona went to eat the eve meal with Fergal’s family. Not seeing Beth with her brothers, Fiona went to her bedchamber because she wished to see and spaek of Beth’s new clothes which Fergal had telt her of. Beth was brushing her hair when Fiona knocked and said “It’s Fiona, Beth, are you there?” On being telt to come in she was taken aback by Beth’s shimmering red skirt and dark yellow and sunset(7) blouse and said, “Your blouse is very pretty, Beth, and the skirt really suits you, but the combination with your hair makes you look like you’re on fire. It’s astonishingly clever. I’m so happy for you now you are becoming yourself.”

With tears in her eyes Beth had said, “I never thought my life could be this good. It’s…, it was so hard trying to be a boy and feeling like a failure all the time. Now I’ve turned my back on all of that, and it was so easy I should have done it permanently a long time ago, but when I considered wearing a skirt at school I was too frightened for a long time though I was going to do it next year. On Castle there is nothing to be frightened of, and I have a wonderful family here.” Beth looked at Fiona, and the two sisters hugged each other, both a little tearful. Fiona, trying to envisage what it would have been like for herself had she been forced to live life as a boy, now had some insight into how appalling life must have been for Beth and how happy she must now be. Whilst shewing Fiona her new wardrobe, Beth explained the process by which Amethyst had arrived at her new clothes, and how clever she was at finding what suited her.

Fiona, impressed by how beautifully Beth’s clothes suited her, had telt her, “I think I shall go to see Amethyst, it’s really hard finding nice things when you’re big. If I could have one the right size and with longer skirts, I’d like another apron, the one I have is big enough for my hips and bust, but the skirts are too short for my height really.” Beth agreed an apron with longer skirts would really suit Fiona, and the two girls arranged they would go to see Amethyst together in the forenoon nextdaynigh. “You know, Beth, those riding trews are practical, but I don’t agree with Amethyst that they are particularly feminine. I suppose being soft leather you would feel comfortable on a horse in them, but if you wanted a pair of trousers for work to look really pretty gauchos would be much better. You must be able to have a pair made in leather or suede.”

Beth, who was very knowledgable on fashion matters said, “I was never too sure what gauchos were supposed to be because there were so many different types, a bit like palazzos, really. Everyone I knew thought it meant something different. Even magazines like Vogue never meant the same thing twice.”

“Yes, I know what you mean, but I mean the complete opposite of those riding trews which are bit like leggings, cut narrow at the bottom and almost hugging your ankles. To me, gauchos are a very full cut becoming fuller as they go down, so they look like you are wearing a long skirt, sort of like full length culottes. They can look elegantly sophisticated and very sexy. I think you would look really good in them, and it would make you look a little taller.” She looked serious and said, “I don’t think I’ll bother as I’m already tall enough.”

Beth thought for a while, and said, “Let’s talk to Amethyst about it. I always wanted to wear a full length skirt. I’m glad you’re here because I’m going to see Timothy to have my hair done nextday after lunch. She does nails too, would you like to come with me?” Beth shewed Fiona her fingers which still were raw and scabbed in places and bitten down to the quick and said, “I’ve always bitten them. I think it’s nerves because of the way I am, but I want to stop. I think I can now. I’d like pretty nails.”

Fiona shewed Beth her nails and said, “I don’t bite them, but I don’t look after them properly, and I’d like pretty nails too. Talons would be really good for when Fergal is irritating!”

The two girls giggled, and Beth asked, “Mum and I are going to see Tendril about make up and Gold about scent some time. I’m not sure when. You want to come too?”


“I’ll let you know when.”

“Thanks. You ever had your hair in plaits, Beth?”

“No. Why?”

“I thought with hair as long as yours it would be convenient when out with the dogs. Can I try it?”

“Yes, please.” To start with, Fiona tried Beth’s hair in two plaits, but both agreed it did look far too little girlish. Though a single plait looked good Fiona hadn’t finished and she re-plaited Beth’s hair in French plaits from her forehead down the sides of her head joining together at the nape of her neck into a single plait. Beth thought it looked really elegant and said, “But not I think for work, it’s a bit fussy, and more suitable for dancing in the eve. Leave it as it is, please, Fiona. You must shew me how to do it myself sometime. But the single plait would be good for work, and I know I can do that.” As they went for dinner both were wondering what Timothy could do for her.

The boys were impressed with Beth’s hair and Guy asked her, “How do you do that, Beth?”

“I don’t know yet. You’ll have to ask Fiona. She’s going to shew me how to do it for myself.”

Beth had finally decided whom she wished to be and to be seen as. All the persons who mattered to her were happy she could now begin to find herself and more importantly to live as herself. Her parents loved her, but without taking it for granted she did feel that was right and proper. Her brothers loved and approven of her which she thought was wonderful. Wayland was a great help to her in coming to terms with herself, even Sharky, who was not over bright and called her Sis or Bethsis, thought nothing of kissing her cheek. The others thought Sharky called her Bethsis to remind himself that though the rest of his siblings were brothers he had a sister too though Beth was not entirely sure he understood what had happened, as her brothers had telt her he’d asked a few times when was Marcy coming back.

The boys all now knew Beth uest breast forms and padding and when she’d suggested shewing Sharky her breast forms to make clear what had happened her brothers all agreed with Wayland when he said, “Better not, Beth. It’ll probably confuse him even more. Best thing is to let him forget Marcy. He knows his sister Beth is a girl and is happy with that. We’ll remind him as necessary.”

Best of all Beth had a sister in Fiona, who was gradually filling the aching void left by Pol, and they did girly things together. Her life had never been as vital and real to her. Her only fear, despite her mum’s advice of one step at a time, was the prospect of puberty. If only she could stay as she was for the rest of her life.



JOAN (26) AND BRÆTH (28)

20th of Chent Day 23

It was two tenners since Joan’s first meeting with Bræth, and Erik, under instruction from Nell, had them crafting together at every opportunity. Nell who had known Tryst, Bræth’s mother, for years, had explained the situation to her and the two mothers had agreed, agreement should be reached as soon as possible in the interests of all parties. Tryst had telt Nell she had known awhile Bræth had something on his mind, but she’d had no idea it was a woman. Neither Joan nor Bræth realised it, but they had no chance at all of not reaching agreement. Neither of them would have had any problems with that, but they were both too young emotionally to regard the matter dispassionately, and the suffering the young oft went through in such circumstances was inevitable.

When Nell had decided enough was enough, and it was time for wiser thoughts to prevail, she waited till Bræth was eating lunch with them, and at the end of lunch when there were just the three of them there had said to the couple, “I have no objection to feeding the pair of you, and nor does your mother, Bræth, but we do believe you would be far better off eating in your own chambers. It is obvious to all you wish to reach agreement, and only your shyth is holding you back. I, like Tryst, love you both as daughter and son, but you must come to agreement, or you will hurt each other. Neither of us wish to see that happen, so I suggest you both spend the afternoon spaeking of your future. Yes, I have embarrasst you, and the afternoon will no doubt be even more embarrassing, but you shall look back on it in years to come with fond memories. I shall look after Truth and Breve for you this afternoon, Joan, and I wish you to safeguard the future of my grandchildren by providing them with Bræth as a father. I know he’s willing and you are too. So I suggest you spend the afternoon having spaech of the details. We all know you have a care to each other, but you now need to make it happen.”

Both Joan and Bræth were scarlet with embarrassment at Nell’s remarks, but they were grateful she had maekt them with none else present. Joan with a woman’s sense of the rightth of family matters said to Bræth, “Mum is right, Bræth, and I do believe we have to talk. I find this difficult, but I do have to consider what is best for the children, and I am prepared to go through any amount of embarrassment if it is in their interests I do so. I don’t wish to say any more till we are alone without any one, even Mum, present. I don’t like being embarrassed, and I don’t want to embarrass you, but Mum is right.”

Bræth almost inarticulate simply said, “Yes.”

“It’s a pleasant day, so why don’t we take a walk on the dock tower, Bræth,” Joan suggested, “where if we are embarrassed at least there is none else there to see it? Mum, please leave us alone so we can arrange our future together, but alone.”

Nell said naught and left the couple alone. Joan and Bræth walked to the outer wall dock tower and watched a ship being unloaded. She was carrying a mixt cargo of sawn timber, seaburn(8) and also ocean leafs(9) with a variety of fish and other sea-foods. In silence they watched the derrick cranes unloading the ship awhile before Joan asked, “Do you love me, Bræth?”

Bræth who had recovered a little of his composure realised his answer would determine his future happith. He went back to being bright red again but finally managed to stutter, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

Joan put her hand on his arm and asked, “What of my children? Do you want to be their father?”

Bræth replied indignantly, “Of course I do. If I love you that means I love yours too, it is part of the Way.”

Joan relieved, but not really understanding what Bræth was referring to said, “Then neither of us have any reason to worry do we? You love me, and want to be father to Breve and Truth, and I love you, and want you to be the father of my future children as well as Breve and Truth. So all we have to sort out is the practicalities of where we live and what we need to live there.”

Bræth had calmed down a little and said, “We need chambers from the Master at arms office, and furniture and effects from the stores. Our relatives will help us move in.”

He had gradually become quieter as he spake, and Joan, sensing there were matters still to be resolved, taekt his hand, and asked him, “What is bothering you, Bræth? Please tell me. I promise I won’t laugh. I love you and it matters to me you appear to be upset.”

There was a long silence, and Bræth finally admitted, “I have only attemptet to know a woman once. I was young, and it was not an experience that I—” he stopped and then after a while restarted, “She laught at me and I have never forgett(10) my humiliation.”

Bræth did not know how to continue, and Joan telt him, “I might have had a babe, but I haven’t really had much more experience than you, and I didn’t have much time to enjoy a loving relationship before coming to Castle. So we shall be learning of each other together, and I am glad you have little experience. Neither of us has any reason to expect anything from the other. It will be enjoyable to learn of each other as we grow older, and I do want more children, and I want you to be their father.” She paused and asked, “Are we married, Bræth?”

“Yes, we’ve agreement.”

“Dad told me a while ago that when I reached agreement,” Joan telt him, “if we were both agreeable, he would willingly sort out our chambers and major effects for us, and then all we should have to take care of would be the little things that pleased us. I am willing to let him do this because I know so little of Castle. If you wish to take care of the matter I am happy for you to do so, but if you are willing for Dad to do it I ask you to let him do this for us because it will please him to be able to help us, and I love him.”

“Your dad is a wonderful craft Master, and a man whom I respect enormously. If he would like to do that for us I can only be grateful to him for doing so. My mum will wish to do all sorts of things for us too, and like you I love my mum. She’s a good seamstress in many ways, and will no doubt make us enough babe clothes for four babes, but I shouldn’t wish to upset her, and ask you to have a care to her.”

Joan kissed him gently and said, “It would appear we both have acquired some very caring kinsfolk, and we can now try to provide them with more grandchildren can’t we?”

Bræth bright red replied, “Yes. I should like that.”




22nd of Chent Day 25

The kitchens were a disorganised mess of petty jealousies with numerous incompetent, uninterested and oft lazy crafters a few of who were perpetual sources of acrimony, calumny and spite. Regrettably Milligan couldn’t get rid of them because the kitchens were permanently and seriously short staffed. Milligan, his managers and his inner circle of significant crafters all knew it, as did the Council and most of the Folk. Milligan was sixty-three, tired and had wished he could retire for a few years now, but his sense of responsibility wouldn’t allow him to leave the situation as it was. He’d been Head cook since the age of forty-five, but the kitchens had started going downbank(11) long before he’d apprenticed at thirteen. Before his tenure, the Head cooks had only had a deputy. His appointment of four talented, organised, energetic, and committed cooks as managers, all in their late twenties when appointed, had slowed the descent into chaos but not managed to stop it.

Though he had been seeking more folk of their quality to appoint as managers so as to spread their workload, the only folk available were elderly and had telt him they did not feel they could rise to the challenge. For years, it had been difficult to recruit even the impaired, and most of the able simply looked elsewhere for a craft. The kitchens had had far more than their share of ill chance, and as soon as the managers had felt something was improving events had overtaken them again. They had lost a lot of significant colleagues to the fevers and a number had eventually had to retire in their seventies with ill health. They had given the kitchens an extra ten or more years but could do no more. After Thresher’s retirement the population of vermin in the kitchen stores had soared, taking and spoiling ever increasing amounts of food, mostly grain and flour, but at least Gage and his squad were now rapidly improving that situation, and better still using the vermin and the spoilt food to feed their animals, rather than using food that could feed the Folk.

The managers knew there was far too much food being wasted and a widespread lack of organisation, imagination and concern maekt the situation worse, but all five of them were working at least sixteen hours a day, every day, and there was only so much they could do. The kitchens had some good folk in key positions, but there weren’t enough of them, and Gibb had had to appoint some cooks who they knew were inadequate to positions of seniority. As a result the managers and their inner circle referred to those who mattered and promoted the weäl of the kitchens as significant, rather than senior, crafters.

The butchery section of the kitchens had been an unskilled and ill disciplined disaster for years, and Milligan and Abigail, who both had some ability as butchers, had had to help from time to time. Things had started to look a little better when Ivana had moved from the provisioners to the butchers. When Morris, who’d been a regimental sergeant major, taekt over the butchers that had solved all the managers’ problems there. Unlike most of his various underlings, who had vied for authority, but without being prepared to take any responsibility, Morris knew that with command came responsibility. Much to the consternation of the older members of his staff he immediately appointed twenty-four year old Ivana as his deputy and rammed it down their throats by assuring them the first time they did not do as she telt them they would be seeking another placement. Gibb had had numerous complaints concerning Morris’ authoritarian stance, but glad Morris was dealing with his staff in a long overdue manner that beseemt(12) the situation, Gibb had asked the complainants, “So for whom would you rather craft?” The complaints ceased. The incursion had provided the kitchens with nigh on a dozen and a half new crafters of various levels of ability, for which Milligan and his managers were grateful, but despite all they still faced considerable problems.

In the forenoon Milligan greeted a nervous Iola and telt her she was well come. He taekt her to his office and shewed her the instrument of apprenticeship which they signed in the presence of Gibb, his deputy, and Ashdell, an apprentice confectioner. Gibb and Ashdell signed the record too, and Milligan said, “That is it, Iola my dear, you are now an apprentice cook. All that remains is to introduce you to Alice. She will be your Mistress cook and is the Mistress pastry cook.” Knowing she wished to cook, rather than place her in a food preparation or preservation kitchen, he had placed her with Alice. Alice was formidable, but kind, and she tolerated naught that wasn’t proper. There was no horseplay, nor were there any practical jokes played, in her kitchens. She ran her disciplined office in a highly organised way, and her crafters enjoyed crafting for her. She was one of the managers’ inner circle of competence: a significant crafter. Iola was comfortable crafting for her and lunes later considered she had learnt a lot regarding running an office from Alice.




26th of Chent Day 29

Molly who’d had six children, the youngest of who was just over a year old and shared her mum’s milk with four lune old Quince whom Molly had adopted, started birthing before lunch. Briar on being informed was philosophical and he telt Margæt, “If I run I may arrive in time for the birth.”

Molly, who had never had any trouble birthing, wasn’t quite that fast, but Rill was birtht in the mid-afternoon, and Molly, who was now feeding three of her own children, telt the midwifes, “Now all the incomer babes are adoptet the three of them should at least give me some relief.”

Briar said to her when they were alone, “That’s eight of them now, Love, and Barret makes nine. I assume you’ve decidet not to say enough?”

Molly kissed her husband and retorted, “When you’ve had enough of bedding, man of mine, I’ll have had enough with babes, and it was your idea to adopt Barret. I know you wisht an apprentice, but don’t try to pretend that’s why you doet it. You like youngsters as much as I.”

Nineteen year old Barret had needed a family, and Molly had been as willing as her husband to offer him one. Briar playfully asked, “Bethink you we’re half way yet?”

Molly replied with a flirtatious smile, “May hap, may hap not. It all depends on how long you can keep going, my love.”

Index of significant characters so far listed by Chapter

1 Introduction
2 Jacques de Saint d’Espéranche
3 The Folk and the Keep
4 Hwijje, Travisher, Will
5 Yew, Allan, Rowan,Siskin, Will, Thomas, Merle, Molly, Aaron, Gareth, Oak, Abigail, Milligan, Basil, Vinnek, Iris, Margæt, Gilla, Alsike, Alfalfa, Gibb, Happith, Kroïn, Mako, Pilot, Briar, Gosellyn, Gren, Hazel
6 Chaunter, Waxwing, Flame, João, Clansaver, Irune, Ceël, Barroo, Campion, Limpet, Vlæna, Xera, Rook, Falcon, Cwm, Sanderling, Aldeia, Catarina, Coast, Elixabete
7 Mercedes, Spoonbill
8 Lyllabette, Yoomarrianna
9 Helen, Duncan, Gosellyn, Eudes, Abigail
10 George/Gage, Iris, Waverley, Belinda
11 Marc/Marcy, Pol
12 George/Gage, Marcy, Freddy/Bittern, Weyland, Iris, Bling
13 Thomas, Will, Mercedes, Llyllabette, Yoomarrianna
14 Kyle, Thomas, Will, Angélique
15 Mercedes, Morgelle, Gorse, Thrift, George/Gage, Chris, Iris, Thrift, Campion
16 Bling
17 Waverley, Mr. E
18 George/Gage, Larch, Mari, Ford, Gorse, Morgelle, Luke, Erin
19 Will, Pilot, Yew, Geoge/Gage, Mari, Ford, Gosellyn, Cwm, Cerise, Filbert, Gareth, Duncan, Helen, Thomas, Iris, Plume, Campion, Pim, Rook, Falcon, João, Hare
20 Yew, Rowan, Will, Thomas, Siskin, Weir, Grayling, Willow
21 Brook, Harrier, Cherry, Abby, Selena, Borage, Sætwæn, Fiona, Fergal
22 Yew, Thomas, Hazel, Rowan, Gosellyn, Siskin, Will, Lianna, Duncan
23 Tench, Knawel, Claire, Oliver, Loosestrife, Bramling, George, Lyre, Janice, Kæn, Joan, Eric
24 Luke, Sanderling, Ursula, Gervaise, Mike, Spruce, Moss
25 Janet, Vincent, Douglas, Alec, Alice
26 Pearl, Merlin, Willow, Ella, Suki, Tull, Irena
27 Gina, Hardy, Lilac, Jessica, Teal, Anna
28 Bryony, Judith, Bronwen, Farsight
29 Muriel, Raquel, Grace
30 Catherine, Crane, Snipe, Winifred, Dominique, Ferdinand
31 Alma, Allan, Morris, Miranda
32 Dabchick, Nigel
33 Raquel, Thistle, Agrimony, Benjamin, Ian, Phœbe
34 Eleanor, Woad, Catherine, Crane
35 Muriel, Hail, Joan, Breve, Eric, Nell, Mayblossom, Judith, Storm
36 Selena,Sætwæn, Borage, Grace, Gatekeeper, Raquel, Thistle
37 Siân, Mackerel, Winifred, Obsidian
38 Carla, Petrel, Alkanet, Ferdinand
39 Dominique, Oxlip, Alma, Allan, Tress, Bryony
40 Agrimony, Benjamin, Ian, Ella, Kestrel, Judith, Storm
41 Ella, Kestrel, Tress, Bryony, Tunn, Whin, Plane
42 Weights & Measures and Sunrise & Sunset Times included in Ch 41
43 Ella, Kestrel, Serenity, Smile, Gwendoline, Rook, Tress, Bryony, Tunn, Whin, Plane, Sapphire, Mere
44 Pearl, Merlin, Rainbow, Perch, Joan, Breve, truth, Rachael, Hedger, Ruby, Deepwater
45 Janet, Blackdyke, Janice, Kæn, Ursula, Oyster
46 Janet, Gina, Alastaire, Joan, Breve, Truth, Bræth, Mayblossom, Judith, Storm
47 The Squad, Mercedes, Fen, Judith, Storm, Iola, Alwydd, Heidi, Rock, Stephanie, Matthew
48 Bronwen, Forest, Opal, Spice, Vincent, Kathleen, Niall, Bluebell, Sophie
49 Janice, Kæn, Ursula, Oyster, Imogen, Wryneck, Phœbe, Knapps
50 Erin, Nightjar, Eleanor, Woad
51 Gina, Jonas, Janet, Gerald, Patrick, Tansy, Craig, Barret, Ryan
52 Constance, Rye, Bling, Bullace, Berry, Jimmy, Leveret, Rory, Shelagh, Silas
53 Rachael, Hedger, Eve, Gilla, Mallard, Fiona, Fergal, Tinder, Nightingale, Fran, Dyker
54 Pamela, Mullein, Patricia, Chestnut, Lavinia, Ophæn, Catherine, Crane
55 Susan, Kingfisher, Janet, Gina, Jonas, Ruth, Kilroy, Judith, Storm, Iola, Alwydd, Heidi, Rock, Stephanie, Matthew
56 Gina, Jonas, Patricia, Chestnut, The Squad, Hazel, Janet, Blackdyke, Swift, Clover, Vetch, Mangel, Clary, Brendan
57 Erin, Nightjar, Xera, Josephine, Wels, Michelle, Musk, Swansdown, Tenor
58 Timothy, Axel, Nectar, Waverley,Yvette, Whitebear, Firefly, Farsight, Janet, Blackdyke, Swift, Clover, Vetch
59 Lilac, Firefly, Farsight, Lucinda, Gimlet, Leech, Janet, Blackdyke
60 Douglas, Lunelight, Yvette, Whitebear, Thrift, Haw, Harebell, Goosander, Judith, Storm, Iola, Alwydd, Heidi, Rock, Stephanie, Matthew, Matilda, Evan, Heron
61 Brendan, Clary, Chloë, Apricot, Llyllabette, Yoomarrianna, Otis, Harry, Gimlet, Leech, Jodie
62 Gimlet, Leech, Lark, Seth, Charles, Bruana, Noah, Kirsty, Shirley, Mint, Kevin, Faith, Oak, Lilly, Jason, Gem, Ellen
63 Honesty, Peter, Bella, Abel, Kell, Deal, Siobhan, Scout, Jodie
64 Heather, Jon, Anise, Holly, Gift, Dirk, Lilac, Jasmine, Ash, Beech, Ivy, David
65 Sérent, Dace, Opal, Spice, Vincent, Clarissa, Gorse, Eagle, Frond, Diana, Gander, Gyre, Tania, Alice, Alec
66 Suki, Tull, Buzzard, Mint, Kevin, Harmony, Fran, Dyker, Joining the Clans, Pamela, Mullein, Mist, Francis, Kristiana, Cliff, Patricia, Chestnut, Timothy, Axel, Nectar, Waverly, Tarragon, Edrydd, Louise, Turnstone, Jane, Mase, Cynthia, Merle, Warbler, Spearmint, Stonecrop
67 Warbler, Jed, Fiona, Fergal, Marcy, Wayland, Otday, Xoë, Luval, Spearmint, Stonecrop, Merle, Cynthia, Eorle, Betony, Smile
68 Pansy, Pim,Phlox, Stuart, Marilyn, Goth, Lunelight, Douglas, Crystal, Godwit, Estelle, Slimlyspoon, Lyre, George, Damson, Lilac
69 Honesty, Peter, Abel, Bella, Judith, storm, Matilda, Evean, Iola, Heron, Mint, Kevin, Lilac, Happith, Gloria, Peregrine
70 Lillian, Tussock, Modesty, Thyme, Vivienne, Minyet, Ivy, David, Jasmine, Lilac, Ash, Beech
71 Quartet & Rebecca, Gimlet & Leech, The Squad, Lyre & George, Deadth, Gift
72 Gareth, Willow, Ivy, David, Kæna,Chive, Hyssop, Birch, Lucinda, Camomile, Meredith, Cormorant, Whisker, Florence, Murre, Iola, Milligan, Yarrow, Flagstaff, Swansdown, Tenor, Morgan, Yinjærik, Silvia, Harmaish, Billie, Jo, Stacey, Juniper
73 The Growers, The Reluctants, Miriam, Roger, Lauren, Dermot, Lindsay, Scott, Will, Chris, Plume, Stacey, Juniper
74 Warbler, Jed, Veronica, Campion, Mast, Lucinda, Cormorant, Camomile, Yellowstone
75 Katheen, Raymnd, Niall, Bluebe, Sophie, Hazel, Ivy, Shadow, Allison, Amber, Judith, Storm Alwydd, Matthew, Beatrix, Jackdaw, The Squad, Elders, Jennt, Bronze, Maeve, Wain, Monique, Piddock, Melissa, Roebuck, Aaron, Carley Jade, Zoë, Vikki, Bekka, Mint, Torrent
76 Gimlet, Leech,Gwendoline, Georgina, Quail. Birchbark, Hemlock, Peter, Honesty, Bella, Hannah, Aaron, Torrent, Zoë, Bekka, Vikki, Jade, Carley, Chough, Anvil, Clematis, Stonechat, Peace, Xanders, Gosellyn, Yew, Thomas, Campion, Will, Iris, Gareth
77 Zoë, Torrent, Chough, Stonechat, Veronica, Mast, Sledge, Cloudberry, Aconite, Cygnet, Smokt
78 Jed, Warbler, Luval, Glaze, Seriousth, Blackdyke, Happith, Camilla
79 Torrent, Zoë, Stonechat, Clematis, Aaron, Maeve, Gina, Bracken, Gosellyn, Paene, Veronica, Mast, Fracha, Squid, Silverherb
80 George/Gage, Niall, Alwydd, Marcy/Beth, Freddy/Bittern, Wayland, Chris, Manic/Glen, Guy, Liam, Jed, Fergal, Sharky
81 The Squad, Manic/Glen, Jackdaw, Beatrix, Freddy/Bittern, Fiona, Fergal, Wayland, Jade, Stonechat, Beauty, Mast, Veronica, Raven, Tyelt, Fid
82 Gimlet, Leech, Scentleaf, Ramson, Grouse, Aspen, Stonechat, Bekka, Carley, Vikki, Morgelle, Bistort, Fritillary, Jed, Warbler, Spearmint, Alwydd, Billie, Diver, Seal, Whitethorn
83 Alastair, Carrom, Céline, Quickthorn, Corral, Morgelle, Fritillary, Bistort, Walnut, Tarragon, Edrydd, Octopus, Sweetbean, Shrike, Zoë, Torrent, Aaron, Vinnek, Zephyr, Eleanor, Woad, George/Gage, The Squad, Ingot, Yellowstone, Phthalen, Will
84 Morgelle, Bistort, Fritillary, Alsike, Campion, Siskin, Gosellyn, Yew, Rowan, Thomas, Will, Aaron, Dabchick, Nigel, Tuyere
85 Jo, Knott, Sallow, Margæt, Irena, Tabby, Jade, Phthalen, Yumalle, Stonechat, Spearmint, Alwydd, Seriousth, Warbler, Jed, Brett, Russel, Barleycorn, Crossbill, Lizo, Hendrix, Monkshood, Eyrie, Whelk, Gove, Gilla, Faarl, Eyebright, Alma, axx, Allan, daisy, Suki, Tull
86 Cherville, Nightshade, Rowan, Milligan, Wayland, Beth, Liam, Chris, Gage
87 Reedmace, Ganger, Jodie, Blade, Frœp, Mica, Eddique, Njacek, Whiteout, Sandpiper, Serin, Cherville, Nightshade, peregrine, Eleanor, Woad, Buzzard, Silas, Oak, Wolf, Kathleen, Reef, Raymond, Sophie, Niall, Bluebell
88 Cloud, Sven, Claudia, Stoat, Thomas, Aaron, Nigel, Yew, Milligan, Gareth, Campion, Will, Basil, Gosellyn, Vinnek, Plume

Word Usage Key
Some commonly used words are below. Replace th on end of words with ness and t with d or ed and most of the rest are obvious if sounded out aloud. Some words with n or en on the end can be easily understood if the n is replaced by a d. Only difficult words and words that do not exist in English are now referred to specifically.

Agreän(s), those person(s) one has marital agreement with, spouse(s).
Bethinkt, thought.
Braekt, broke.
Doet, did. Pronounced dote.
Doetn’t, didn’t. Pronounced dough + ent.
Findt, found,
Goen, gone
Goent, went.
Heartfriend, a relationship of much more significance than being a girl- or boy-friend is on Earth. Oft such relationships are formed from as young as four and they are taken seriously by both children and adults. A child’s heartfriend is automatically one of their heartfriend’s parents’ children too, and a sibling to their heartfriend’s siblings. Such relationships rarely fail and are seen as precursors to becoming intendet and having agreement.
Intendet, fiancée or fiancé.
Knoewn, knew.
Lastdaysince, the day before yesterday.
Loes, lost.
Maekt, made.
Nextdaynigh, the day after tomorrow.
Sayt, said.
Taekt, took.
Telt, told.
Uest, used.

1 Cheese plants, Cardoons, Cynara cardunculus.
2 Cheesemaker, Lady’s bedstraw, Galium verum.
3 Forsickth, morning sickness.
4 Shoon, shoes.
5 Wiedth, a nominal finger’s width.
6 Granny knickers, usually white, plain and large knickers considered to be unattractive by the young and only suitable for elderly women: grannies. M&S, a U.K. high street retail giant known especially for selling women’s and girl’s clothes including granny knickers of which they have a huge turnover.
7 Sunset, Folk word for the colour orange,
8 Seaburn, sea coal.
9 Ocean leafs, generic term for edible seaweeds.
10 Forgett, forgotten.
11 Going downbank, going downhill, deteriorating.
12 Beseemt, in this context was appropriate to the situation.

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