A Fragment of Something

A Fragment of Something
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

I had this idea of a scene. This was a definite gargoyle, something that had to be written.

Only I don’t know what came before or after. As an experiment, I’m posting it that way. You tell me what happened. I may even write out the best notion.

And list the person(s) whose idea(s) I use as co-author(s).

A Fragment of Something
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

* * * * *

I was just outside of the range when the – call it a bomb, I don’t know what it really was – went off. I was lucky.

Theo wasn’t. The blast hit him close up. He staggered back. His clothes were shredded rags hanging on him. He’d thrown his arm up to shield his face, his eyes. His sweatshirt was a few strips, blackened by the effect. His pants were just as bad.

He leaned against a wall, stunned by the thing.

Then he began to change. He got smaller. I saw his head move against the bricks until it was maybe six inches lower to the ground. He was thinner, too. I could see it on the arm in front of his face. And on his chest. Theo was a jock. He ran; he lifted weights. He was all muscle.

Was all muscle.

That was gone. He was skinny, now skinnier than me. The same with his legs. They were like matchsticks compared to what they had been. His pants – what was left of them – were so big on him now that they slipped down some, and he had to grab them, hold them with one hand, so they wouldn’t fall off. Even his face got thinner. It was like something was sucking the muscle out of him.

Then he saw me. “Jeff,” he yelled. “Stay back. I don’t know what happened, but I…” He shook his head. “Something’s going on in- inside me.” His voice cracked, like he was a kid.

I wanted to go to him – to help him; honest I did, but I was scared, scared that whatever was happening to him might happen to me, too. So I stayed back like he said and watched.

He moaned in that higher voice of his. “Hurts… it hurts. It – I said stay away, Jeff.” He sounded like a kid now. His voice was scratchy. And it was getting higher still.

The muscle started to come back. He had some meat on those bones of his again. But different meat. He seemed to be getting curves, a girl’s curves, in his legs. ZZ-Top sort of legs.

He didn’t have to hold up his pants anymore. His hips got so wide, they couldn’t fall down. He let go and started grabbing at his crotch, real frantic like, for a minute or so. When he stopped, he looked over at me with the most scared expression I ever saw on his face. Joe boxed. He skied. He wasn’t afraid of nothing.

Till now. Like I said, he was looking straight at me. He was scared. Then he looked like he wanted to cry. “It’s… gone,” he said in a soft voice; just loud enough for me to hear.

I didn’t know; not for sure. Hell, I didn’t want to know what was gone. I had a pretty good idea, though, but I hoped I was wrong.

I don’t think I was, because now his arms were more supple. His fingers looked longer, thinner. I could see pushing out front of the ruined scraps of his sweatshirt. Tits; they couldn’t be anything else. His nipples got bigger; they poked out, too, and I could see the mounds growing on his chest.

He must’ve felt them. He stared down at them. His hands shot to where they were. It seemed like he was trying to push them back in. But then his movements changed. G-dammit, he was rubbing them! He moaned again. His voice was definitely a girl’s now.

And his face was changing. His nose shrank some, and his lips got fuller. The way his was standing, with his mouth like that, it was almost like he wanted me to kiss him. His hair was growing as I watched, over his ears and down around his shoulders. It got lighter as it got longer. By the time it stopped, his dark brown hair was a golden blonde.

He moaned again. Should I call him a he? She certainly didn’t look like one. Anyway, she moaned. She got a funny sort of smile on her face, and she sort of slid down till she was lying on the ground on her back. I got a look at her ass; nice and round. She was packing.

She moaned some more and spread her legs wide apart. “No,” she shouted. “Please… please, no.” Her arms were flailing around. Her head rocked back and forth. She tried to talk some more, but all she could do was gasp. “Oh… Oh… N-No...”

It sure looked like somebody or something was fucking her. Her legs jerked some, and her hips began to move. Her moans changed. “No… no-n-n-yes… Yes... Yes… Oh, G-d, Yes!” Her back was arched, and her hips were bucking. “YEESSSSS!” she screamed.

She collapsed on the ground. Panting like she’d just run ten miles; gasping. I watched her breasts moving as she caught her breath, and, dammit, I got a hard-on.

“Jeff?” She rolled over on her side and looked towards me again. She was smiling now, a… a hungry sort of smile. “You can over now. I’m… done.”

“What do you mean ‘done’, Theo?”

She giggled. It was low and sexy, and I got even harder. “I’m a girl now; inside and out. Body and mind, too, I guess.” Her head shifted. She wasn’t looking at my face any more. She was staring at that tent in my pants. “Mmmm, especially in my body.”

“Help me up, please.” She offered a delicate hand. Then she giggled again. “Unless you want to do me right here.”

I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She pressed close to me. Very close. I could feel her tits pushing against my chest; feel her groin rubbing – rubbing hard against my crotch. What the hell. “No,” I told her, “let’s go back to my place. Only plans have changed. I don’t think we’ll be watching those porn videos I downloaded.”

“We won’t.”

“Nope; we’ll be making our own.”

“Goody!” She threw her arms up around my shoulders and kissed me. Her tongue slithered into my mouth and started dueling with my own. And she was doing that “rubbing her new pussy against my hard-on” thing that was really getting to me.

It was fun, but after a minute or three I made her stop. My bed beat the hell out of the street as a spot for trying out that new pussy of hers. I had other plans for her tongue, too, once we got someplace where I could take my own pants off.

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