A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 3

“Now, I think you’ll like this property. It’s a fixer-upper, but most of it is in excellent condition.” Jill Miller unlocks the front door of the old Spanish home.

Victoria and Kelly look at the courtyard of the home they were looking at. It was going to take a lot of work to clear it up and replant it. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard was going to need to be repaired as well.

Victoria and Kelly follow behind Jill as she takes them inside the house. The place looked like no one has been inside the place for years.

“Jill, who use to own this property?” Kelly was interested in who the owner use to be.

“Steven Nolan. He was a famous movie producer back in the fifties and sixties.” Jill takes them into the dining room and shows them the kitchen.

Kelly and Victoria saw a few items they would love to save and others they wanted to get rid of. The rooms were everything they had been wanting. The appliances in the place were out of date and would need to be replaced.

Jill shows them the four bedrooms. The biggest of them was the Master bedroom and it had his and her sink in the bathroom itself.

“How long has this building been vacated?” Victoria was curious.

“The past thirty years. It’s been tied up in a lawsuit between family members.” Jill has only had a few clients that have been interested in this house.

When they get to the back of the house they spot the in ground swimming pool. It was going to need cleaning and repairs to make it operational again.

“So, now they put it up for sale?” Kelly could see herself, Victoria and Charlie living here.

“Yes. Its been for sale for a while.” Jill was hoping they might like it.

“How much is it selling for?” Victoria was curious at the price.


“I don’t know. It’s going to take a lot to repair this place. How about $450,000?”

“That’s to low for this place. The owners would be willing to sell it for $500,000.” Jill knew she couldn’t go any lower.

“Let me speak with my partner for a bit.” Victoria pulls Kelly aside.

“No problem. Take your time.” Jill watches as the two women step aside to talk.

“So, what do you think of the place?” Victoria liked it but wanted Kelly’s input.

“I think we can do a lot with it. Between the three of us, I think we can keep the repair cost down.” Kelly liked the house and compound.

She knew Charlie would like it because it had a three-car garage that was big enough to put his work truck in. Victoria could put her car in it and still have room left over.

“You do know it's going to be a lot of money, don’t you?” Victoria hopes Kelly understands what she was getting herself into.

“I know and it’s the least I can do for what you and Charlie have done for me. You took me in when my own family threw me out and when a trucker tried to kill me. You didn’t have to do that, but you and Charlie helped me.” Kelly felt honor-bound to repay Victoria and Charlie for
taking her in.

“Kelly, we talked about this. You don’t owe us anything.” Victoria walks over to her and hugs her.

“I know.” Kelly just rests her head on Victoria’s shoulder.

Jill just watches as the older woman held the younger one in her arms. She wonders what their relationship was. She also wonders if she was
going to close the deal on the house as well.

After a few minutes, Kelly and Victoria release each other and walk back over towards Jill. The decision has already been made.

“We’ll take the house. Let’s go back to your office and seal the deal.” Victoria and Kelly had the deposit to put on the house.

“Sounds good to me.” A big smile appeared on Jill’s face from the sale.

Two Weeks Later:
Kelly looks at all the clothes she had been given by the clothing company she modeled for. All of them had been sized for her and the company gave them to her.

“Man, I near realized how much clothes I have now.” When Kelly came to live with Victoria and Charlie, she didn’t have anything.

Now, she had a lot of clothes. Some from the photoshoot, others from some of the movies and shows she made an appearance in. They let
her keep the clothes if she liked them.

“You still don’t have as much as I do.” Victoria tapes up a wardrobe box.

Kelly noticed Victoria had seven wardrobe boxes packed that contained all her drag outfits. Her wigs, bola’s, breasts plates and makeup were in the other boxes.

“I bet Charlie and the guys from his construction company are regretting all the boxes we have to move.” Kelly had very few boxes.

Her bedroom was all packed up. She came into Victoria’s workroom to box up all her drag stuff. Charlie boxed his home office up already. He also likes the house they were moving to. The main house had to be rewired and brought up to date. It was sort of livable as it was.

Kelly had finished painting and decorating her new bedroom. She had her own bathroom now. She had decorated it the way she wanted it.
She still didn’t know what she was going to do to her father and two brothers. She knew they needed to pay for what they did to her, but how should she get even?

Kelly picks up one of her boxes and carries it out to the moving truck they rented. As she turns around, Victoria was walking up behind her. She was carrying one of her smaller boxes.

“Is that from your bedroom or your workroom?” Kelly steps aside for Victoria to place her box.

“Bedroom.” Victoria decided to move some of her bedroom boxes first.

“I’m almost done with my bedroom. I’ll give you a hand.” Kelly walks with Victoria into the apartment.

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