Stevie's Tale - Chapter 9

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0009.jpgStevie’s Tale – Chapter 9

By Kelly Blake

Epilogue: ‘What comes around…’

Katie’s body was cremated. Her ashes were scattered in the ocean across from our apartment building. And every time I ventured out to the beach or simply out on the terrace, I said my own little prayer for her. She was finally at rest…and at peace.

Jessie helped sort through her things. I was too shaken and stunned to do so myself. I felt way too numb and empty save for the pain in my heart…and in my soul. She kindly moved in for a while and we shared the same bed; in the guestroom of course. It wasn’t the empty bed during the night as much as waking up without Katie next to me.

The things that Katie and I shared proved the hardest for me. I knew I had to rid myself of them lest I spend too much time thinking about her; about us and what we had. Jessie stayed with me for most of the following weeks until the entire process was done. I even rid myself of the pieces of the furniture we shared; especially the bed we slept in. This was the only way…for me.

Bernie handled and paid for everything including the memorial service at a church in town. With him on one side of me and Jessie on the other, I managed to get through the day. I didn’t expect a lot of people to show up but about one hundred or so did come. They were mostly from the industry; people who had worked with her. Some of the others attending we both knew from around town.

Bernie hosted a sort of after service meal at a local restaurant not far from the church. He took over the entire place for lunch. Bernie was most graciously handled the duties and arrangements relieving me of that horrid chore. Jessie never left my side and kept my wine glass full and tissues handy. I was completely devastated as the new reality of my life set in like an avalanche of stones.

I didn’t work for several weeks. And, to be honest, I had absolutely no desire to work. Even with Jessie kept me company at night; I had no desire to ‘play’. She would cuddle and try to comfort me as best she could. But I felt as though my life had been sucked right out of me.

Taking the time off gave me pause to reflect. Katie never lied to me. All the pills were ‘happy pills’…even the ‘mones. I never asked. And they did make me forget my life if but for a few precious hours. And she never deceived me with anything we’d done together.

Katie was just what she said; a whore. And now I am just like her…living her life. I’m now a first class, top shelf, whore. And I wouldn’t ever think of going back to what I was before; a nobody. I would never find anybody like Katie. I would miss her for the rest of my life.

It was at least three weeks before I could call Bernie to find out about going back to work. I had to do something other than sit around getting wasted. In the interim, and with the help of Jessie, I colored my hair to nearly the same shade as Katie’s. Everyone loved the new look; especially Bernie.

“You look gorgeous.” Bernie grinned as he kissed me softly on the lips and ushered me into his apartment. “You should have done that long ago. I can get you some excellent photo shoots with that coloration.”

“Oh Bernie… What am I going to do?” I whined as he sat down with me at his feet. “I have no energy. But I need to work.”

“Listen sweet heart…” Bernie groaned as I began to play with his cock. “You need to maybe think about finding someone you can team up with.” He sighed with pleasure. “You worked so well with Katie and the two of you were easy to get dates for.”

“Well…” I spoke after licking around the corona of his cock head. “Where do I look?”

“Go to school for Christ’s sake. Find someone young. You know the deal. You know how to deal.” He groaned and gently pushed my head down to engulf as much of his cock as I could. “The younger the better… There’s always a market for fresh young things as you know. If you had another partner…well…the work will pour in. And working would keep your mind off of…” His voice trailed off. “…off of your troubles.”

I knew exactly what Bernie wanted. I’d grown up rather quickly over the past two years. Both Katie and Jessie had taught me well. Bernie had simply eased me in. I just needed to find someone like I was; totally lost and confused and looking for love…and attention. It took me only a week and a half to find the right one. Her long sleeve blouse plus her total inability to meet anyone’s gaze, and her hunched over posture gave her away.

She was really kind of cute and would clean up most excellently. And from her androgynous mode of dress I guessed that her sexuality was up in the air; if she could even express any at all. She sat at the very same table I’d met Katie and was totally ignored by everybody else. It didn’t take me long to realize I was looking at myself only two years earlier.

So, one day, I popped a happy pill, turned on the vibrator in the butt plug I was wearing, and I sat down across from her.

“Hi…” I said and flashed my friendliest and warmest smile. “I’m Stevie…the school whore.”


“Deep within every angry person is a very sad and very lonely crying child.” – Me

Author’s Note: This tale is dedicated to Mary Alison; the least angry woman I know. This tale also couldn't have been finished and posted without the help of Andrea Lena...Drea. Her encouragement and advice, and her semi-deaf ear to my whining, kept me going to completion and posting. Love you gram and mom...!!!

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