“When She Stops Saying She Loves You” Chapter 6 “Careless Memories” (starter)

Careless Memories
As the court dare approached I tried to block everything else out but my family. I went on those stupid supervised visits but we also tried out my sister’s idea buy hacking my parents take the kids out to Chuck E. Cheese’s or to their favorite hibachi restaurant and I would just “show up” to join them. Rini and Marisa were usually given a lot of tokens or a lot of sushi to keep them occupied from any conversation the rest of us had about how everyone was doing.
Lexi had issues with school—fights with people who used to be her friends and sleeping in class due to staying up late worrying about her life. Nick tried to put a front but he was angry at everything and there wasn’t much I do about it short of kidnapping.
Kidnapping the children, that is.
I usually ordered a small sushi roll or some chicken wings depending on where we were at the time. At that night, I had a tornado roll: tempura fried shrimp with eel sauce. I tried to enjoy the flavor but, due to depression everything always had an off-kilter taste. I was becoming what my wife wanted the court to see me like.
I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter or a way to bring myself up from the doldrums.
“Can we stay with you?” Nick asked.
“I wish you could. I really do.”
“Just let us,” Lexi replied,
“If I did, then your mother would bring the police and not only would they take you back to her they would arrest me.”
“She’s trying to do that?” Nick asked.
“I’m not going to say it like that, but…yes.”
“Bitch,” Lexi muttered and everyone at the table stopped eating to look at her. “Everyone’s thinking it, so, there, cat’s out of the bag.”
“I can think of a whole lot more stronger words.”
“I believe it.”
“Are you going to let her get away it, dad?”
“Get away with what, Nick?”
“This. It’s like a plot from Special Victims Unit. We only need the ‘chung chung’ sound effect.”
“It’s not like that yet. You mother would need to be pregnant.”
Lexi and Nicky looked at each other and then sheepishly looked at the table.
“What’s going on?”
“Well, Mom and…him were talking about it.”
“Wait, seriously?”
Lexi swallowed hard.
“Yeah,” Nicky replied. “So you know, alpha male kills the kids of the previous for his own off-spring.”
“As much as I think its great you’re watching nature shows, this isn’t exactly the same.”
“Yeah, it’s worse, “ Lexi replied as my parents walked back to the table with the twins.
“Can we buy one of the Cooie fish?” Rini squealed.
“Koi,” I replied.

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