The Violinist Chapter 9

“Boy, you got a nice tan line now.” Larry was looking at June as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror.

“Yep, it’s a good thing I put suntan lotion on yesterday.” June was loving her tan lines.

“So, what are your plans for today?” Larry had a few errands he needs to make.

“Well, I would like to go and get that other violin. Plus, pick-up all those costumes I dropped off at the cleaners.” June walks over towards the dresser drawers in her husband’s bedroom and grabs a pair of matching bra and panties.

“What? Not going to wear a butt plug today?” Larry knew how much June was enjoying wearing them.

“Nope, I decided not to wear one today.” June walks over towards the closet and pulls a nice dress out to wear.

She slips the dress on and a pair of open-toe pumps. The pair she slipped on, was an old pair that she has been thinking about replacing. She brushes out her hair and put on some light make-up. By the time she was done, she looked pretty.

“Boy, you're all made up, just to go out and run errands.”

“Hey, I like looking pretty while I’m out with my man.” June places a kiss on Larry’s cheek.

Larry just smirks as he grabs his truck keys. June grabs her small purple purse and follows Larry out to his pick-up truck.

“Where to first?” As Larry starts the truck.

“The music store first and afterward the cleaners.” June already had several sales for the uniforms.

She needed to get them from the cleaners and mail them off. Some of the props they found were sold as well. She got a good price for them.
June wonders if she was going to hear back from the job application, she filled out for the Virginia Symphony job.

“Man, where do all these morons come from?” June was amazed that Larry reacted when he did as a car cut right in front of them, barely missing the nose of the pickup truck.

“You have to remember June, most of these drivers get their license from crackerjack boxes. Most of the drivers around here in the Hampton Roads area don’t know how to drive.” Larry couldn’t believe how the drivers were today.

Most of the time, he could deal with the morons, but today there were a lot more of them. It seemed like more and more drivers were forgetting how to drive properly. The State Troopers need to increase their presence and start revoking people’s driver licenses.

Larry makes it to the exit he needs, without hitting anyone’s car. As soon as they were down on Virginia Beach Blvd. Larry spots the shopping center they went to before. He pulls into it and parks in front of the store.

“I’ll only be a few minutes.” June hops out of the truck and heads inside the building.

June walks inside the store and notices that the old man she talked to before was there. There was a young woman instead of manning the counter. She walks up to the counter “hi, I’m here to pick up a violin for June Pusscat.”

“One second.” Alexa finishes up a delivery she was preparing.

Alexa goes into the back-work area and over to the shelves where all the finished musical instruments were. She looks for the tags her father puts on each instrument he gets in. After searching for a few minutes, she finds a brand-new violin case with the name on the tag she was looking for. She picks it up and takes it to the front counter.

“Here you go, ma’am.” Alexa sits it down on the counter and opens the case up.

June looks at the violin and was amazed at how it looked. Before, when she brought it in. It looked like it had been sitting for years. Now, it looked like a brand-new violin. She was afraid to touch it, thinking it might fall apart.

“Boy! It doesn’t look like the same violin.” June looks at Alexa.

“My father does good work. No matter how bad an instrument is, he can make them look brand-new.” Alexa was proud of her father’s

“So, how much do I owe you?” June pulls out her wallet from her purse.

“Four hundred dollars.” Alexa looks up the bill in the computer system.

“That’s less then what your father quoted me.” June pulls out four brand-new one-hundred-dollar bills.

“According to dad’s notes here. The violin wasn’t in bad shape. He had to strip and varnish the violin. He also had to reset the bridge and fill in a few chipped spots.” Alexa was glad her father had started using the computer to leave notes on what he did to the instruments.

“Well, he did a marvelous job on this old violin.” June hands the money over to Alexa.

Alexa accepts the money and enters the transaction into the computer system. She prints up a receipt for the young lady. Once the receipt is printed “here you go ma’am. If you have any problems, bring it back and my father will fix it.”

“Thanks, I will.” June accepts the receipt.

June picks the violin case up and heads back out to Larry’s truck. She gets in and lay the instrument case between them.

“So, how much did it cost?” Larry looks over towards June.

“Four hundred dollars. That was less then he quoted me when I dropped it off.” June puts her seat belt on.

“Well, was it worth it?” Larry starts the truck up and backs out of the parking lot.

“Look wise, yes. I can’t wait to hear how it sounds when I play it.” June caresses the case and wonders how it will sound.

They go by the cleaners to pick-up the items June dropped off. Afterward, they head to the post office at Janaf shipping center to pack and ship the items that were sold off.

“So, where do you want to go for lunch?” Larry figures since they were at Janaf, they might as well grab some lunch.

“How about some Indian food, for lunch?” June liked Indian foods.

“Okay, Nawab it is then.” Larry drives over towards Military Mall, where the restaurant was located.

They spend an hour-n-half at the restaurant enjoying lunch. They go and check on what they still had to sell in storage.

“You know, we could sell the rest of this hopefully by this weekend.” June was taking inventory.

“Maybe, come on. I need to go and get a few parts for the motorcycles.” Larry still had a few things he needed for the motorcycles they bought.

“Okay.” June locks the storage unit up and jumps into the truck.

Larry looks at her “you are so unladylike at times.”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s not like anyone is going to see my panties, except you.” June smiles as she pulls her dress up to expose her panties.

“Your mother would be horrified if she saw you acting like that.” Larry has met June’s parents.

“She would be horrified to learn I’m having sex with you and Mike. She wants me to have my surgery first.” June fixes her dress as Larry drives
towards Suffolk.

“Well, I have to say. We do enjoy making love to you.” Larry enjoyed fucking June and when she gave them blow jobs first thing in the morning.

“The question is, how will you feel once I have my surgery?” June looks towards Larry.

“Personally, I think you’re making a mistake having your penis turned inside out, but I’ll support your decision. I know Mike has been talking about keeping you in bed for a week, just screwing your brains out. Maybe even get a couple of our friends and gang bang you.” Larry knew Mike was just talking about just him and Larry doing June all day long.

“Man, I don’t know. It might be fun.” June shivers just thinking about it. She was game for any type of sexual activity.

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