The Switcher: The Song of the Street - Chapter 9

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©2020 - Foxxe Wilder

A typical day for a street musician takes a sharp turn into the atypical.



Chapter Nine

She just stood there, mouth agape stating back at the mirror with a strange mixture of wonder and shame on her face.

The person Tracey saw in her reflection had never existed to her before. Tracey had gotten into a regimen of hair styling and makeup every day for the past two weeks.

Shadoe spurred her on to try new things and develop her obvious talents in cosmetology. But today, with the shampooing, Rhonda also removed Tracey's make up. “It's all according to the plan,” she was told repeatedly.

“As you see, between a very minimal makeup style and employing a hairstyle in your actual natural hair colour, you see a totally new person and the best thing is that this is basically you, without all the bullshit. Take away the fake hair colour, make up and all those overly tight clothes. Yeah girl. I seen ya around the building enough!” Rhonda smiled, “And this, my pretty little one, is my finest hour! Ain't none of those assholes gonna recognize you now.”

“And upkeep is far easier than what you used to deal with before!” Shadoe exclaimed, “Very little makeup and no hair dye and shit. I could learn to love that life!”

Tracey smiled and the blonde angel in the mirror beamed back at her, “Yeah, I did try to teach you but you can't be taught! But yeah simpler is definitely better!”

“If you stay away from what you used to wear all the time and adopt a new style to your wardrobe you should be able to totally re-invent yourself.” Rhonda smiled.

“And I can totally help there too,” Shadoe smiled, “Hell I can easily give away half my wardrobe at home and barely put a dent in it!”

“And there you go girl!” Rhonda put her hands on Tracey's shoulders proudly, “And a star is born!”

Tracey's reflection was blushing very deeply and knowing she was blushing just made the blushing deeper.

“I really can't believe this!” Tracey replied, “I'm blonde! Even up close I don't recognize myself. I'd have never thought of this!”

“Now you need to learn to stop acting like the old Trace, the street girl, and embrace the new Tracey,” Shadoe nodded.

“Well that shouldn't be too hard then I suppose,” Tracey replied, “I definitely don't look like I used to in any way shape or form.”

Inwardly Tracey sighed. “If you two only knew...” she thought.

“I'm afraid that I don't know too much about hair extensions though,” Tracey admitted, “I mean I've been wearing them recently but only because Shadoe puts them in for me. If it were just me, I'd never know how to do it.”

“Well, you got no excuse now. You know where I'm at I'll be glad to show you all the ins and outs.” Rhonda told Tracey as she handed her a business card, “you got my phone number, you come on down tomorrow and I'll help you out with what you need to know.”

“I'd have offered to do it but you have pointed out my technique is an odd one and perhaps I shouldn't be teaching others my mistakes, right?” Shadoe said.

“Wow, you make it sound so altruistic!” Rhonda laughed.

“Yeah I know,” Shadoe giggled and curtsied, “I do have my talents don't I?”


Shadoe stood once more, in front of her 'closet' door, “Okay now remember there will be no such thing as the word no here. We need to get you away from your old styles and onto something totally different.”

Tracey looked on nervously, “I can't imagine where I could possibly go with my clothing tastes.”

“Oh trust me, we have a whole world of possibilities once you open up your mind and learn about what can be done and how,” Shadoe replied as she opened the door and turned on the lights, “to start with, we need to get you into something a bit more feminine and away from this boyish punk thing you had going there.”

“Aww you mean you don't like that?” Tracey smiled, “Geez I thought that was fun too!”

Well kid I know you are going to fight this because I've not seen you wearing anything overtly feminine since you've been here and trust me, you have lots to choose from, so we're here today to adjust that problem. You have got a gorgeous figure there. I simply do not see a need for you to disguise it with boyish clothes all the time!”

“Hey, I do wear tights a lot,” Tracey said in a weak defence.

“Oh come on,” Shadoe laughed openly, “they're merely a cheap attempt to hide your obvious tomboyishness. Trust me, the way you apply tights to your personal style, they are little more than a slightly girlish pair of tight pants! We need to get you into nice tops, skirts and dresses!”

“To be honest with you, I've never worn that sort of stuff!” Tracey replied.

“Well those dark suit asswipes are still looking, then they will be looking for that dark pixie cut skinny chick in the leather jacket, girly teeshirts and tights!” Shadoe pointed out.

“But hey look at me now!” Tracey brushed her hand to her shoulder length blonde hair, “I look nothing like I used to!”

“Oh come on!” Shadoe snapped showing a bit of irritation, “given time they will see past the hair and recognize you because of the clothes. You need to remove all clues that could lead them to you and in this case it means putting a major femming on your pretty ass. I already removed all pants and tights from your room. We're going to get you used to wearing skirts and dresses, and if that means I have to physically dress you then trust me young lady, I will do it!”

Tracey knew she would do it too. No, she would have to put up with all the attention if she was going to come out of this situation.

She wasn't happy about the idea of skirts and dresses but Shadoe was right. Trace had a clothing style that was very tomboy oriented.

Trace's style wasn't butch in the least; sure, there were no jeans and flannel shirts but there was a general absence of skirts, dresses and lace.

Trace never felt comfortable in such clothing. She saw it as giving in to the system.

“Wait... how the hell can I be so sure of that?” she wondered.

Shadoe pulled open a rather wide wardrobe. The contents were rainbow of colourful dresses. She opened the wardrobe next to it and revealed a rainbow of skirts of varying styles and lengths.

“You are going to choose stuff from these two wardrobes and you are going to be wearing them at home and out,” Shadoe pointed out, “I guarantee that we can successfully hide you away if we can change what you normally wear all the time. Hey at this point what harm could yet another change to your life do?”

“Well you do have a point there,” Tracey sighed as she started to go through the various dresses, “My life has been thrown into a blender big time; I'm looking forward to stopping the spinning so I can start getting things rolling and gain some sense of normalcy.”


Tracey desperately tried to keep an open mind. Shadoe and Rhonda were right. If Tracey was going to keep her freedom, she was going to have to change her ways completely.

Sure, the change from being Damien Leone to Tracey Uxbridge was one thing, but Tracey was sure that they were looking for Trace.

Luckily, she didn't really feel an attachment to looking a specific way in Trace's body. She did feel a but of an aversion to skirts and dresses though. To her they were the epitome of femininity.

Still, she had to do it. She knew her life as Damien was gone and Tracey's body was definitely built for the task. it was merely Damien's fading male pride that was in jeopardy.

She looked at herself in the mirror. So much had changed over the past few days. She had just about gotten used to her reflection in the mirror as it was.

Her hair, with extensions was wavy blond and hung down to rest upon to her shoulders. That alone was startlingly different from the pixie cut that Trace was known for.

The outfit was a classic sleeveless formfitting black dress that went down to mid thigh. Black panty hose covered her legs and a pair of crimson leather ankle boots with a matching three inch wide belt around her waist highlighted her shape.

Shadoe had taught Tracey a few different methods of makeup application but the look chosen for Tracey, was a natural look. It wasn't heavy but just enough to highlight Tracey's features.

“Wow,” Shadoe remarked from behind, “You really don't look anything at all like the little street imp named Trace that I knew just a few short weeks ago!”

“Trust me,” Tracey smiled at the image in the mirror, “I don't feel anything like her either. I am definitely an entirely new person!”

Tracey snickered to herself.

“You look pretty enough to be a model you know,” Shadoe smiled.

Tracey sighed, “I can't deny it and I don't mean to sound conceited in the least, but that girl in the mirror there is a knock out! I can't believe it's me!”

“And you've never looked better, Damien!” Shadoe chuckled from behind.

Tracey's blood turned cold.

(To be continued)

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the secret is out?



Yeah I thought I'd toss in a bit of a curve ball! lol

Ok, this is going to be

Ok, this is going to be interesting to find out how she knew, did she see it happen or did Tracey's new interest in playing guitar give her away.
I take it she knows about switchers.


The character "Shadoe" is actually based upon a real person I knew years ago. She was a high class escort with many ties to the streets. As such she was an incredibly smart and very observant person.

Chapter 10 fills you in a bit. :)