The Switcher: The Song of the Street - Chapter 12



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A typical day for a street musician takes a sharp turn into the atypical.



Chapter Twelve

Tracey peeked through the curtains and looked out across the ballroom. In her former life, she had played many times just a half block down the street now it was her turn to stand upon the stage of the Commodore Ballroom. She couldn't help but to smile and shed a tear of happiness.

She had no doubt that her and the boys would take at least fourth prize. It took her some gruelling effort to get used to her bass again; these new, smaller hands were a bit of a challenge but she was positive she'd overcome it.

Even the guys in the band seemed to be thinking pretty positive.

Their gear was stowed just off stage mounted on a portable stage riser - each band used one of three risers. One was on stage being used, one was just off stage left and the other was just off stage right. As the bands came and went on stage the three risers were interchanged. One was centre stage, the other two were off stage, one on either side. Each side was both, for tear downs and set ups while the on stage band played.

She looked at their riser. Randy had spent the time and money to build a portable band logo backdrop especially for this gig.

Dwayne was double checking the placement of his drum kit while Randy and Jason were tuning up. Tracey had very little to do at this point but wait.

She had already tuned her bass just after they arrived and set up her bass amp and speakers. As a bass player, she really had the least issues with set up and that suited her just fine.

Tracey jumped slightly as she felt a hand upon her shoulder, “Just a little nervous are we, Trace?” Dwayne smiled.

Tracey turned around and smiled warmly, “Well I won't lie, I am a bit nervous. I've never been on a stage before.”

“Well not on a raised stage anyways,” Tracey thought, “and definitely never as a girl!”

“You'll get used to it after a while,” Dwayne smiled putting his arm around her shoulders, “you got used to me fast enough.”

Tracey chuckled, “True but I suspect biology might have played a bit part in that.”

“With the stage?” Dwayne asked with a grin.

“No, silly!” Tracey giggled, “with you!”

“Oh well okay then,” Dwayne replied, “Look the guys and I are going to spark one before hitting the stage. We are up after the next band. It should help with your meditation thing.”

“Yeah sure!” Tracey answered following Dwayne out the rear stage door.

Randy and Jason were already there waiting.

“So how you feeling there kid?” Randy asked Tracey.

“A bit tense but okay,” Tracey replied.

“Well I have a good treatment for stress,” Jason replied as he lit up.

“Yup, works every time!” Randy added.

“Guitar players,” Dwayne laughed.

“Hey, at least we're not the non-musician that hangs around musicians!”

Tracey laughed, elbowing Dwayne slightly, “Ooo a drummer joke!”

“Hey you guys behave or your musical asses will all be going home on the bus!” Dwayne replied with a sly grin.

“So Trace, we were thinking, you know all the words to Street Mode,” Randy said after recovering from his toke, “Jason said you do the melody better and it does sound better when you sing it.”

“It true,” Jason added, “that one time I came in late and I heard you fill in for me. You sounded fantastic! Sort of like a cross between Kim Carnes and Bonnie Tyler!”

“Who?” Tracey asked with not a small amount of surprise.

“1970's female singers,” Randy replied, “Kim Carnes did Bette Davis Eyes and Bonnie Tyler did It's a Heartache.”

Tracey nodded. She didn't compare what she sounded like when she sang. It was enough to get used to a girl's voice answering her everytime she talked or sang.

“Wow, I never thought of that,” Tracey smiled taking her turn.

She looked at Randy, then Jason then Dwayne, “But we're doing Street Mode as our closer. They're more likely going to remember us for that.”

“Exactly,” Jason smiled, “We need to be flexible in our sound and you certainly add that to our sound. Sure Damien was a great bass player and his harmonies were excellent but there is something extra about you that you bring to the table. You may have been tutored by him, and it shows mind you, but you definitely have your own style and sound. Besides I've been talking to the guys over the past week and I'm willing to step back into the background and let you take lead vocals if you think you can handle it and play bass at the same time.”

Tracey was flabbergasted but kept contained, “Wow guys, I never saw this coming at all! Well let's just get on with the show tonight and let tomorrow worry about itself shall we?”

“I believe they're coming up on their last tune now,” Dwayne noted, “we'd better get inside.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the last band has been over their fair share of hurdles recently, having lost their bass player and having to replace him in short order, and also had to alter the name of the band,” the hostess announced on the PA, “They were formerly an all male band called Doodz, they had to change the name because the chemistry changed with the addition of their new bass player – a woman. So let's hear it for Dude!!”

Tracey stepped out on the stage with a grin on her face. Her eyes quickly scanned across the hundreds of people in the ballroom. She adjusted her bass on her shoulders and took her place behind her microphone.

As the crowd's cheers began to die down Dwayne counted them in.


Dude! didn't win first prize at the contest but they did win second prize and were approached by an agency willing to work with them for promotion and a possible recording contract.

Trace, as she became known as, took on the position of lead singer for the band, changing the format of the band and in the process making them more main stream.

In order to round out the sound, Tracey actually talked Dwayne and Randy into adding some background vocals along with Jason. Dude! became known for their four part harmony in their alternative/70's rock sound.

Dwayne and Trace eventually became a couple and Damien became more of a memory for Tracey.
Oh and Shadoe? She eventually settled down with Jason and became the band's resident photographer and videographer.

The End?

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