Girls Just Want to Have Fun Chp. 18 (Final Chapter)

Cassidy looks down at the little girl snuggled next to her. Arthur had brought her, her older sister and her older brother home a few weeks ago. Their parents had been drug users and died from an overdose, while the kids were at school.

A friend of Arthur had asked if he and Cassidy could take the kids in until arrangements could be made for them. That was two weeks ago after she and Arthur had their wedding on the farm.

The wedding was small, and she wore her aunt’s wedding dress after she had some modifications done to it.

It was just her and Arthur a few members of their family and a few friends. A total of twenty people had shown up for the wedding. They had moonshine, roasted beef, and fully roasted pork as well. The pig had been cooked on a spit, like the side of the cow had been. All the sides and such had been brought by their guest and neighbors.

They didn’t go anywhere for their honeymoon but spent all day and night in her bedroom. Arthur showed her some things she never knew about and broke her new vagina in properly.

She thought the sex they had before she had the surgery was wonderful. Now that she has her vagina, the sex has become even better and she feels like a natural woman. They had sex in the house when her roommates weren’t home and a few places in the antique store as well.

It was a few days after her wedding, that Arthur came home with the kids. They had nowhere to go and Arthur’s friend at Child Protective Services asked if he and Cassidy would take them in until arrangements could be made.

It’s been two weeks and the kids were growing on Cassidy and Arthur. Arthur had come to the antique store around lunchtime and talked about adopting them. They were wonderful kids and after the stories, the two of them heard how they had been treated by their parents. Neither Arthur nor she wanted to let them go.

A smile appears on Cassidy’s face when she feels Arthur’s hardon pressed against her butt. She stopped wearing panties under her nightgown. Sometimes during the night, she would feel Arthur pressed against her butt. They had cut down on doing anal sex and just did normal sex. She reaches behind her and guides him into her vagina. She loved feeling his penis inside her body. She feels his hand cover her mouth, as he tries to keep her from waking Carol.

After a while, she has an orgasm and he erupts inside her. She had kept still, while he did all the work. She didn’t want to wake Carol.
It had taken Carol a while to fall asleep, after the nightmare she had. Cassidy couldn’t believe she was the foster mother of three children. Carol was six years old; her sister Tammy was eight years old and their brother Tony is eleven years old.

She loved watching Arthur and Tony play baseball and basketball. The kids enjoyed going horseback riding with her roommates. She enjoyed telling bedtime stories to the girls and showing them how to cook.

She gets up early the next morning and gets the kids ready for school. Arthur normally drops them off, since all three go to the same school. She heads to work. Along the way Cassidy stops and buys some breakfast for herself.

She wishes that science would find a way for women like her to have children of their own. She would love to carry Arthur and her child. Throughout the day she works in the antique shop and the afternoon, she picks the kids up.

She has them do their homework at the store. She knows Tony needs a computer for some of his homework. She lets him use her portable laptop for that. When Arthur gets off from work. He comes by the store to see her and the kids.

Arthur pulls Cassidy aside “I was contacted by Jordan and was informed that he could take the children off our hands. However, they would be split up.”

Cassidy looks at Arthur “that’s not acceptable. I won’t have them split up. They are a family and should remain together.”

A smile appears on Arthur’s face “I thought you might feel that way. So, I told Jordan that we would raise them and if they don’t mind being adopted by us, we’ll adopt them as well.”

Cassidy puts her arms around Arthur “you don’t mind being a father at your old age?”

“I don’t mind if you don’t mind being a mother at a young age.” He leans in and kisses her.

Cassidy just melts against him “I don’t mind.”

Four Months Later:
The kids, Cassidy and Arthur appear before a judge and are granted guardianship of the kids. Her roommates, her friends, and the sheriff department throw them a party afterward. Cassidy just looks at her family and makes a vow that she will be the best mother she can be and the best wife she can be as well.

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