Learning to Be A Sailor

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“Watch you doing up there, Amy?” Steve looks up at Amy way up at the top of her mainmast in a bosun's chair.

Amy looks down towards Steve as he stood near her sailboat. She had just finished installing a new light bulb and a radio antenna on her mainmast.

“Replacing a light bulb and installing a new radio antenna.” Amy was glad she got started early on the repairs.

“You’re a better person then I am.” Steve had a fear of heights.

“I love my boat.” Amy starts lowering herself back down to the deck.

The cable for the radio was already installed. The old radio antenna broke off during a bad storm and it was just recently she could afford a new one. She will be happy to get underway and away from Florida. She had nothing but bad memories of her life here.

Once she touches down on the deck. She disengages herself from the safety harness and the bosun’s chair. She reconnects the line back onto the mainsail. She gathers up the bosun chair and repair bucket and heads down into the sailboat. She adjusts her bikini top, so it supported her big breasts better.

Amy was still getting uses to having them. She never wanted anything so big on her chest, but the old man that paid to have her made over to look like his young wife did. The old pervert did all sorts of sick and demented things to her. The thing was, he got a sick pleasure from it.

She grabs bottled water from the refrigerator and takes a couple of sips from it. She heads back up on deck and looks around. No one knew her real uncle had left his sailboat to her. She disconnects the shore power and water line from the pier. The next thing she does is untie the
boat and once everything was disconnected, she uses the onboard motor and backs out of the slip the boat had been docked in.

Amy guides the boat out to open sea. She heads towards the Gulf of Mexico. She had at least three weeks of supplies. She knew how to fish, thanks to her uncle teaching her when she was younger.

She couldn’t believe that she was finally free and the bastard that found her and made her over was dead. What is so funny, the old bastard died from a heart attack, while fucking her. She had been bent over and tied to a table, while he was fucking her in the ass. When all of sudden he stiffened and collapsed on top of her, just after he came.

Normally, that wouldn’t have bothered her, but when he didn’t move to slap her on the ass like he normally does afterward. She started to worry. She managed to free herself and slide his body off her back. She touched his pressure points to see if he was still alive and found no pulse.

She knew this was her chance to escape. His bodyguards wouldn’t check on them for a few more hours. She didn’t have any clothes she could put on in his bedroom and he kept her clothes locked up in her bedroom. She went over to his dresser drawers and pulled out a t-shirt, a pair of socks, underwear and a pair of pants. She got a dress in his clothes. The pants she put on was a little tight on her. She had a hard time fastening them, but she managed.

She knew he had a wall safe in his bedroom. She finds it behind a picture. It had a finger scanner on it. She carried the old man’s body over to where the safe was and try each finger. After several tries, she manages to open the safe. She couldn’t believe how much money and other things he had inside it.

She grabbed a pillowcase from the messy bed and dump everything he had inside the safe into the pillowcase. Amy knew she was going to need the money to start a new life. She searches for the old man’s wallet. She finds it and put it in the back pocket of the pants she was wearing.

She finds a pair of shoes that she could wear. She puts them on and looks around the bedroom, where the bastard did all sorts of sick and disgusting things to her. Some of the stuff was so disgusting, that she will never be able to feel clean again.

Amy snaps herself out of her memories as she pilots the sailboat. She was glad no one knew about the sailboat. She was also glad that her uncle had set up a fund to pay for the slip. She inhales the fresh sea air as she follows the course on the navigation.

Amy glances back and looks towards shore as she sails further and further away from it. She hopes she never comes back to Coral Gables, Florida. She sails until night and drops anchor. She looks up at the stars overhead and is impressed with how many she could see.

The only time she was let out of the mansion she was forced to live in, was when the old man treated her like a dog. He would dress her up to
look like a dog and force her to eat dog food. Afterward, he would let some of his men have fun with her.

There was one man, that worked for him who enjoyed inflicting pain on her. The thing was, the old man enjoyed the pain that man inflicted on her. He encouraged him to be rougher and more creative in how he hurt her.

She goes below deck and heats a can of soup. At least she can eat better now. The scraps the old man used to feed her after his men had their way with her weren’t enough to eat. After she heats the soup, she fixes herself a nice sub to go with it.

Once she was done with eating. She heads to the master bedroom and falls asleep. A few times during the night, Amy would sit up screaming. Some of the things the old man and the other men did to her gave her nightmares.

Amy finds a bottle of Scotch whiskey her uncle had hidden and takes a sip of it. She has never had alcohol before. She takes a few more drinks before she starts feeling herself becoming lightheaded. She closes the bottle and put it back away. Afterward, she falls backward on the bed and into a deep sleep.

When she wakes later, she could feel the boat moving up and down. She felt a little sick from drinking last night and rushes to the bathroom to throw up. Amy couldn’t believe she threw-up her dinner from last night. Her head hurt her afterward. She slowly gets up and pops some aspirin in her mouth.

She glad that she could finally administer her own medicine, instead of the crap they had been giving her. She knows it was cocaine or something because once they injected her with it. She would be feeling good and willing to do whatever they asked of her. Later, on when she wasn’t drugged and was recovering from the high. They would show her what a bunch of men did to her or what she did to them.

Sometimes, she would wake-up barely able to breathe, because of how sore her throat was. Someone had either shoved something deep into her throat or squeezed her throat. She would find bruising around her throat.

One day she found a DVD laying out that had her name on it. When she played it, she saw that she had been made to have sex with animals.
She thought it had been a dream, but as she watched the DVD, bits, and pieces of what she saw herself doing had surface. She had been so
high, that everything was in a drug hazed.

The old man that turned her into a girl, said she was the best whore he has ever had. She was better than the woman he had made her over to look like. That had been a blow to her ego.

She wished at the time that she never accepted the money from the loan sharks. The problem was, she needed the money. She was on the verge of losing her apartment and the employment checks she had been receiving ran out. That was what she thought, but the truth had been
revealed to her a few weeks after she had agreed to a job, they offered her.

The job had been to do some modeling of women's clothes for them. At first, she wondered why they wanted a male like her to model women's clothes for them. But after they told her how much she was going to be paid for doing the job, she jumped on it. It was going to be enough money to pay the loan off she had gotten from the loan shark. Plus, there would be enough left over to survive for a while.

When she showed up at the studio, they had told her to go to. Nothing alerted her to anything suspicious about the place. She had gone in was told to shower and remove all body hair. The thing was, she didn’t have much body hair on her body. She was luckier than her male cousins to have no body hair or facial hair.

Once she had done what they wanted her to do. The crew that was there to do her make-up and put the proper clothes on her. They dressed her and did her face up.The cameraman told her how to pose and what outfits she was supposed to wear.

Amy later learned that it had been a setup from the beginning. The old man had brought his wife’s clothes in and was seeing how they looked on her. Even the jewelry his wife had owned, which she took when she left.

By the time she had finished with the pictures and everything, she had passed out. It wasn’t till weeks later she learned what had been done to her. She woke up in a room still bandage and hooked up to machines. At first, she panicked and was confused about what happened to her.

A doctor and a few nurses came in to check on her and she couldn’t understand them. They had been speaking some foreign language. The
last thing she remembered before they put her out, was the old man looking at her with a smile on his face.

“Stop thinking about the past, Amy. There’s nothing you can do about it now or make up for the years the bastard stole from you.” Amy walks up to the deck to see what her GPS coordinates were. She had no idea where she was or where she was heading.

The last place she wanted to go back to, was Florida. She also didn’t want to go to New Orleans either. The three times she had gone there with the bastard had left a bad taste in her mouth. Also, the old man had friends there that would recognize her. She had enough supplies to sail to Puerto Rico. Amy calculates the distance and the best route to take in her sailboat.

She loved the fact that her uncle taught her how to sail. Tears form in her eyes and slide down her cheek. She misses her Uncle Freddie. He was always so nice to her and use to take her fishing, camping, hunting, boating and horseback riding. Her uncle loved the outdoors.

She wipes the tears away and heads back down into the boat. She needs to figure out the best path to take, to get to Puerto Rico. Afterward, she digs through the pillowcase to see if there is a passport in it. She figures, since she was made to look like a woman the old man had been married too, he might have kept her passport.

After going through everything in the pillowcase. She finally finds the passport. She opens it and notices that it has been used a lot. She looks at the picture inside and notices she looks exactly like the woman she was made to resemble.

Anger boils up inside her as she looks at the damn face “it’s your fucking fault I had my identity taken away.”

She wanted to throw the passport so much but managed to get her anger under control. She wonders if the woman she was made to look like, had it as bad as she did? Also, why the old bastard did what he did?

She counts the money she took and set it aside. She was going to need that to buy clothes, supplies and make any repairs she might have to, to her sailboat. The jewelry she took look like they cost a fortune. She’ll have to figure out what she can do to them. Maybe she could pawn them or sell them at some stores. She put them in the small safe box her uncle installed in the boat.

“Well, let’s get going.” Amy goes topside and raises the anchor.

She sets the course on the navigation computer and gets behind the wheel as the boat starts moving. She adjusts her bikini top again. She wishes the damn bastard hadn’t given her such a big chest. The problem was, the woman she was made after, had a big chest. The other thing was she doesn’t know if she got the right size bikini top.

She was still getting used to dressing herself. While she was locked in the house, she wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes. It didn’t matter how hot or cold it got. The only time she was permitted to wear clothes as if the old bastard gave them to her to wear.

Amy puts her uncle’s baseball cap on. She found it down below when she first came on board the boat. As soon as she gets to somewhere safe, she planned on cutting her hair short. She hated having long hair. Taking care of it was a pain in the ass.

The only reason she had long hair in the first place, was the old man liked to use her hair to pull her head backward. Even some of the guys he allowed to use her body, loved pulling her head back so much, that it hurt her. Throughout the day she enjoys the peacefulness the ocean
brings her. She listens to some music she found onboard the boat.

The first few days are rough for her. She sails throughout the day until she can’t see anymore and drop anchor. Sometimes at night, she sleeps up on deck, instead of down below. It takes Amy three days to sail to the Bahamas. The gulf stream gave her some problems. It takes her a few tries to cross the gulf stream, but she finally manages.

On the third day, she pulls into Albany Marina late in the afternoon and rent a berth. She rents a hotel room that overlooks the marina and takes a nice relaxing shower. It was a good thing she found the passport. She had to show it when she docked.

The first day she is in port, she sleeps most of the day and night. She was so tired from sailing the past few days. On top of that, she had been on edge since she escapes. Now, she was finally relaxing and letting her guard down some.

The next day when she wakes up, it was early in the morning. She glances at the clock on the prepaid cellphone she bought at the local store. It was four in the morning. She gets up out of bed and steps out onto the balcony that overlooked the marina. She had gone to bed in a t-shirt
she picked up and a pair of white panties. She still needed to go by a clothing store to pick up a better fitting bra.

Amy walks back into her hotel room and heads into the shower. She stands under the falling water and scrubs her body. She hated what was done to her. She misses her old life and wishes she never took the money or volunteer to do the modeling gig for the loan sharks. When she finishes taking her shower, she walks over towards the mirror and looks at herself in it.

Her hazel eyes stared back at her. She stares at what the old bastard did to her face. She had a small cute button nose, small lips, narrow chin, and a babyface. Whoever did the plastic surgery on her, did a good job. They didn’t touch her eyes but made her ears smaller.

She doesn’t know how they made her hips fuller and her waist smaller, but they did. She had a nice hourglass figure and whatever her breast size was. She bought a 36DD bikini top hoping she guessed right, but it didn’t seem to sit right on her chest or support them properly.

Amy gets a dress and grabs the wallet she took from the old man. She goes shopping after grabbing some breakfast. The place she stops for breakfast had her favorite and she ordered it. It has been years since she has had it. The last time had been before she was kidnapped and changed.

After breakfast, she goes shopping. She finds a nice women’s dress store and the staff was nice enough to help measure her body. When the salesperson told her, her breast size was 40DDD. It explained why the bikini top she bought didn’t fit her right.

By the time she left the clothing store, she had on a brand-new outfit. She also had a bunch of shopping bags. She used one of the credit cards from the old man’s wallet. She discovered that the name he had given her, had his last name. She takes her cellphone out and looks up the old bastard.

She stops in the middle of the sidewalk from the information she reads about him. His name was Johnathan Shaw and was considered one of the top 26 billionaires in the world. There was a mention of his death. She checks who he is married too and finds the name he had given her. It said his wife was coming back from Paris.

“Son of a bitch!” Amy couldn’t believe the picture she was seeing. The woman looked to be a little younger than Mr. Shaw.

Amy heads back to her hotel room. Once she is in the hotel room, she grabs the passport and looks at the age listed. She brings up the picture of Mrs. Shaw and compares the two pictures. Her passport said she was in her early twenties. The information she finds about Mrs. Shaw, says she is in her late sixties.

Amy tosses the passport “that lying sack of shit!

She wanted to hit something. The bastard told her nothing but lies to justify what he did to her. She falls onto the bed and cry. The thing that
made matters worse, is she can’t even get her revenge on the bastard. He upped and had a heart attack while fucking her. She cries herself asleep.

The next morning, she goes and has her hair cut short and colored. She has it dye a deep chocolate brown color. Normally, her hair is a light brown color.

Amy spends one more day in port and leaves on the fourth day. She went ahead and bought herself a satellite phone. She used the credit card from Mr. Shaw to pay for it. She figures it would come in handy on her voyage.

Two Weeks Later:
Amy arrives in Puerto Rico. She couldn’t believe she managed to sail to Puerto Rico. She was proud of herself. While she is in Puerto Rico, she spends a few days relaxing and gathering supplies. She sits down and looks at the map she bought. She could sail to Africa or go through the Panama Canal and head towards Mexico and then Brisbane, Australia. If she goes to Africa, she could sail up the coast to Spain, Germany or England.

She sits there and thinks about it. The trip to Australia is going to take her the longest. She’ll need extra fuel for the motor and generator. If there’s no wind, she’ll have to use the motor. She sits back and thinks about it. She knew Mr. Shaw took her to some hospital in South Korea to do all the illegal cosmetic surgery to her.

She managed to place where she heard the words she heard. She makes up her mind and decides to head to Australia. It would be the last place anyone would look for her and she could blend in there. Amy grabs some cash and tucks it into the blue jeans she managed to buy.

She heads out of the hotel and towards the nearest electronics store to buy herself a tablet, laptop and whatever she needs for internet connection. The salesclerk at the store she stops at explains to her how to install the satellite connection she needs for her boat.

They also explain and show her how to connect her tablet and laptop to the unit she buys for the boat. She pays cash for everything and gets a prepaid credit card she could use. She does wonder how long she should hold onto the credit cards. Right now, the only money she had was
the cash Mr. Shaw had in the safe, the jewelry and the credit cards from Mr. Shaw’s wallet.

While the techs install the internet device she bought. Amy goes about checking the boat over, making a list of what she may need. Once in awhile she would catch two of the techs giving her weird looks. Sometimes she would catch them staring at her ass or her chest, while she was bent over something.

Amy turns around and looks at them “alright, what gives? You guys have been undressing me with your eyes and staring intensely at my ass and tits.”

The oldest among them looks at Amy “sorry ma’am, but are you the porn star Dirty Amy?”

“No, why do you ask?” Amy was curious about why the man asked her that.

“Well, you look like you could be her twin.” Hector reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his cellphone and shows her the video.

Amy couldn’t believe it. It was her masturbating and then several guys coming in and gang banging her. Her anger started raising as she continued to watch the video. She stops it and scrolls down to see what other videos and such there was of her.

She couldn’t believe that over a hundred porn videos had been made of her. There were several barnyard porn videos of her letting animals take having their way with her. There was another one of her with snakes coming out of her vagina. There were a couple of sniff films, where she took the life of a few people or her chopping their penis off or branding them with red hot pokers.

She hands the cellphone back to the guy and head below deck. She screams at the top of her lungs as she pounds her hands on the table in front of her.

“Are you okay, Miss?” Hector and the other guy working with him had her yell and the sound of her hitting the table down below.

Amy tries to get her anger under control, as tears slide down her cheeks. Fragments of some of the things she did were coming back to her.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She sits down on the lounge on the other side of the table. She puts her head in her hands as drug hazy memories come flowing back of the things Shaw and his men made her do. How she had no choice, but to do what they said.

Once the guys were finished, she gives them a tip and locks herself below deck for a while. She cries and felt violated. She also feels sorry and shameful for cutting that one guy's penis off and continuing cutting him with a knife. Those memories come back the strongest. She had been giggling like a madwoman as she cut and stabbed him over and over.

She passes out from all the emotions she had buried in her mind. They come crashing down on her. All the memories she didn’t realize that she had buried overwhelm her.

The next four days she doesn’t get up or leave the boat. She doesn’t even bother to take a shower or change her clothes. She just lays curled up on the bed and occasionally, she would start crying again.

Amy finally decides that there is nothing she can do about what was done to her. The bastard responsible was in hell right now paying her his crimes. She gets up and cleans herself up and takes all her dirty laundry to be cleaned, while she shops for supplies. It was going to be a long trip to Australia, and she wanted to be prepared.

She leaves Puerto Rico early on the seventh day and heads towards the Panama Canal. By the time she gets to the canal, she has to wait about half a day, before they let her through. Someone came out to make sure all her paperwork and request were in order.

Once she was through the canal, she spends the night in La Chorrera. She doesn’t leave her boat. She spends the night on it. The next day she heads to the Galipagos Islands and spends a few days there, before heading to Marquesas.

She spends a few days in Marquesas. The place she stops is Simplicité Marquises. After leaving Simplicité Marquises she heads towards New Zealand. She does encounter and avoids a group of men-of-war she accidentally sails through. She’s been sailing for what it seems like two months and most of her supplies were low. She finally pulls into Port of Yama.

She arrives late in the evening. She had called ahead and arranged a berth for her sailboat. After two months out at sea, she is just glad to berth her ship. She crashes onto her bed. Her body has darkened from all the sun she has been getting. She lost some weight from just nibbling on bites of food.

In the next few days, she doesn’t even get out of bed. She was so tired of getting very little sleep and very little food. There were a few close calls, where she almost lost her mainsail during a strong wind that had come out of nowhere. She managed to get her sail right and rode it for a very long distance. She stopped wearing her top, so the rest of her chest could get some sun. It wasn’t like anyone could see her. She did the same with her bottom as well. She sailed naked for a couple of days.

When she finally wakes-up after a couple of days of sleeping. She feels hungry and very sore. Amy hadn’t bothered to connect her boat to land power or water. So, she slips a t-shirt and a pair of swimsuit bottom on and heads upwards to connect them. It was early morning as she should on the deck and enjoyed the sunrise. She saw so many beautiful sunrises while she was sailing. She did manage to take a few pictures of them.

Once her boat is plugged in, she heads back down below deck. She pulls out some eggs, sausage and a few other things she had picked it up in New Zealand. She fixes herself an omelet and sits down at the table she banged her fist on. As she is eating, she listens to some music.

Now that she was in Australia, does she want to live aboard her boat or get a small apartment? Also, does she want to get a job as well? She’ll make that decision in a few days. She takes a nice relaxing shower and put on a nice baby blue sleeveless romper. She has gotten used to wearing the proper bra and they felt comfortable on her.

Now that she was awake, she wants to get off her boat for a while. She gets a hotel room and looks for something down to Earth. She manages to find a nice place for dinner. She orders a few glasses of wine and by the time she leaves the restaurant, she has a nice buzz going on. She felt so relax.

She manages to tell the taxis to go before she closes her eyes. She jerks awake because she didn’t want what happened with Shaw, happen in the taxis. It’s bad enough Shaw ruined her life by turning her into a woman, but why did he make over a hundred porn videos of her doing all sorts of indecent things with people and animals.

Once the taxis arrive at the marina where the boat is berth. She gives him a decent tip. She stumbles down towards her boat. Amy stops halfway to her boat “damn! I have a fucking hotel room.”

She turns around and stumbles back to her hotel room. She was glad that she managed to get a hotel close to the marina. She stumbles into
the room and falls face-first onto the bed.

Sometime during the night, she wakes up because she needs to pee. She walks into the bathroom and hurries to get her romper unfastened. She could feel herself leaking. She hurries and manages to drop her romper and panties, as she sits down and pees.

Several Weeks Later:
“Thanks for coming.” Amy shuts the cash register drawer.

“You did on that sale.” Greg walks over to Amy with a smile on his face.

“Thanks, I owe everything I know to you.” Amy returns the smile. She was also thankful to Greg for giving her a chance.

She had come in to find out if there was a place where she could learn how to scuba dive. When a customer that had a problem came in and needed help. She helped the customer out and even got the items for him to fix it.

She had to impress Greg with her knowledge and the fact that she had sailed by herself from America to Australia. So, after the customer left, and Amy managed to ask her questions. He offered her a job. He also taught the scuba class she was looking for.

For now, she was decided to live aboard her boat. She thought about getting a small apartment, but she loved her boat. Plus, the monthly fee for berthing her boat was less than the rent on an apartment.

“Well, I’m glad you came on that day.” Greg turns and heads back into the warehouse.

“So am I.” Amy grabs her duster and goes out on the floor and start dusting.

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