Cruel Life

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Scout looks out at the fishing vessals she was assigned to watched. The fishing company that hired her had her working on the weekends starting on Friday working from 3pm to 11 pm. And then coming back at eight the next morning and working until four in the afternoon. On Sunday and Monday morning working from midnight till eight in the morning and the same on Monday morning as well.

The security shack wasn’t very big, but it was better than sitting out in a car all night. She watches as fog rolls in from the ocean. The job wasn’t bad, it was just boring. Her job was to patrol and check on the ships as they sat docked at the pier.

She was instructed to make sure the ships didn’t sink or take on water. If there was anything else, she was to record it and call the captains of each ship. Most of the time there wasn’t much to do. She just watches people with boats travel up and down the creek, the fishing fleet was located at.

Her cellphone beeps letting her know a text message arrived. She looks at it. It was from her friend David. He wanted to know if she will be free on Tuesday to help him in his yard.

She sends her reply and watches as the fog rolls in. In cut visibility down to nothing. Which meant she was going to have to be careful on the causeway that leads from the shore to the pier. She grabs the cellphone that she uses to check-in at the different spots she had to clock in at.

Walking down the pier was like going through an obstacle course. The lines holding the ships to the piers went across the walkway. She had to step over some or duck under the lines. There was a time RF tag at the end of the pier that she had to scan. She looks over towards the break wall and notices the bird that was normally at the end of the wall, wasn’t there. It had a wooden box that is used for a nest.

As she is making her way back towards the fish house, the heron that likes to hide under the pier. She jumps as it flies out from under the pier. She hated that bird. Because it always came out when she got close to the spots she needed to scan.

She heads back towards the guard shake. She hopes the area supervisor doesn’t stop by to check on her. He was a prick and always gave her a hard time. Hell, most the sailors from the ships and the management of the site were nicer to her then he was.

She knew the only reason he was a roving supervisor, was because he got the owner's daughter pregnant. The fact of the matter was, she uses to work at the site she was at now. She had taken the position after Doris learned she was pregnant. Her father didn’t want his pregnant daughter to work an unarmed site.

Rumor from some of the other guards that worked with her. They said Doris and roving supervisor made out at the site. How much of the rumor is true, she didn’t know? She makes it back to the guard shack and record the written log and make an electronic log on the site cellphone.

The rest of the night is quiet and foggy. She continues her patrols and watches a movie or two on her Samsung tablet. She had to get something to keep her awake. Sometimes, she watches movies online or listens to music from Pandora or her favorite radio stations.

She had the Kindle app on her tablet, so she could read stories and such while at work or home. She starts packing up her stuff. One of her roommates was going to come by and pick her up. She was still saving to buy herself a used car.

Scout’s relief shows and she gives him a short pass down. Tyler was a dependable person and was nice to her when she first showed up for work. She waits outside for her ride to show up.

A few minutes later, she spots her roommate’s car coming up the road towards the parking lot. She waves at him, as he comes towards her. Once he stops near her, she gets into his car.

“So, how were things last night, Scout?” Frankie looks at his roommate.

The security uniform she was wearing did nothing for her appearance. He knew she hated doing security, but it was the only thing Scout could
get. She had gone to school to learn electronic engineering. She had done well in school, but the school she went too lost their accreditation and didn’t give her any certifications that said she knew her stuff.

The thing was, she was good at repairing electronics and such. She knew how to troubleshoot circuit boards that control most of the devices that had electronics. She saved them on service calls when their stove and dryer went on the blitz.

“Boring, cold and foggy.” Scout fastens her seatbelt.

“I was thinking about stopping at Hardee’s and grabbing some breakfast. Are you hungry?” Frankie glances at Scout.

“Sure, I could use some breakfast.” Scout leans back into the passenger seat and enjoys how soft it was.

Frankie stops at the Hardee’s near their place. He orders his normal of a steak biscuit, large hash browns, and a large coke. She gets her normal, which was sausage egg biscuit and a large sweet iced tea. She sips on her iced tea as they head home.

By the time they arrive at the house, Scout had finished half of her iced tea. She grabs her work tote and lunch box and head inside the house. She wanted to take her boots off and rub some Ben Gay into her calves and thighs. Her leg muscles and feet were hurting her from all the walking she does at work.

She heads into her bedroom and starts taking off her uniform. She tosses it into her dirty clothes basket. She’ll wear her other clean uniform tonight. Scout walks over to her bed and grabs her neon purple nightshirt and slip it on. She closes her bedroom curtains to block the sunlight coming in through the window.

Afterward, she sits down on her bed and starts eating her breakfast. It had gotten a little cold, but it was still warm. A black furry cat jumps up onto her bed.

“Midnight, what trouble have you gotten yourself into?” Scout starts stroking Midnight's fur. She had found Midnight abandoned and adopted
her. Scout couldn’t understand why anyone would abandon, such a sweet kitten.

She feeds him some of her biscuits. She loved spoiling Midnight. She used to love dogs until she was attacked by three of them. She still has the scars on her left leg and her arms from the attack. She was on her way home from visiting a friend of hers when she was attacked. The dogs belonged to a racist skinhead that lived a few blocks from her parents’ house.

Most of the residents in the neighborhood she lived in knew she was transgender. The guy who owned the dogs, purposely let them off their chain. She tried running, but all it did was encouraged the dogs.

The bad part of it was one of the dogs had rabies and she had gotten infected. The doctor gave her one big shot and over two weeks, she had to get four more shots. She didn’t know what arrangements her stepfather and the owner of the dogs had, but she knows there was a transfer of money. Her parents had talked about suing the dog’s owner.

She finishes her biscuit and scoop up Midnight and lay down with her puddy cat. Scout falls asleep right away, with Midnight purring next to her. She snuggles down under her black comforter.

David was in Scout’s neighborhood and decides to drop in on her. He drives up the long driveway and parks next to Frankie’s car. He loved coming out to Scout’s place. If you looked up the driveway, the only thing you would see was the garage and the cars.The House was hidden, so you couldn’t see the house from the road. There were woods blocking the house from the road and woods on each side of the property. You could come outside in your birthday suit and no one would know.

David walks up to the front porch and knocks on the door. While he is waiting for someone to answer, he inhales the fresh country air. He wonders why Scout moved from her parents’ house in Virginia Beach to out in Gloucester. He knew she killed her first stepfather, but not the reason why she did it.

The front door opens, and Frankie saw Scout’s friend David standing on the porch. He wonders what David wanted “Hey David, what brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“I thought I would come by and see Scout. Is she around?” David knew she worked on the weekend.

“Yeah, she’s asleep in bed. Come on in.” Frankie opens the storm door for David.

David stands back while Frankie opens the storm door. Once the door was opened, David heads inside the house. He spots Scout’s bedroom door open slightly. He looks at Frankie “do you mind if I wake her?”

“Sure but watch out for Midnight. He’s in there sleeping with her.” Frankie knew Midnight didn’t like most people and he was protective of

When David walks into Scout’s bedroom, he was taken back by all the plushy animals she had and baby dolls she collects. Her computer desk was handmade. Her dresser drawer was huge and very old. He knew it was heavy because he helped her move it when she bought it at a church auction.

He spots Midnight curled up by Scouts' head. Her headboard had shelves and lights that hung down. Midnight was on the bottom shelf sleeping on his pillow. David saw one of Scout's legs sticking out from under her comforter.

He still couldn’t believe that Scout had been born a male. Her feet were too small to be the feet of a male. She wore a size four shoe in males and a size six in women's shoes. He notices the scars on her right ankle, where she broke her ankle, slipping on some ice and had to have surgery to fix it.

He walks over to her and tickles her feet. He steps back when she kicks at him. He steps forward again and tickles the bottom of her foot. He moves so she couldn’t kick him.

Scout opens her eyes “this better be important.” As she turns to see who was tickling her foot.

“Hey, sleepyhead.” David looks into Scout’s hazel eyes.

She had short light brown hair and a tanned face. She also had small almond shape eyes, small button nose, and a heart-shaped face.

“What are you doing in my bedroom?” Scout stares up at David.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before, Scout. Remember last New Year's Eve, when you begged me to make love to you?” David had an evil smirk on his face.

He had given Scout exactly what she wanted. He made love to her until she begged him to stop. He had used her mouth and her anal opening until she was begging for him to stop.

“I was drunk, and you knew it.” Scout still regretted that night.

“I tried talking you out of it, but you wouldn’t take no for answer. You said that you haven’t experienced what it was like to have someone make love to you, because of how you were born. You wanted to experience what sex was like.” David remembered that night as if it was yesterday.
He gave Scout what she wanted and enjoyed doing it.

Scout blushes when David reminds her of that night. He was the one person she trusted the most. She didn’t have many friends and the ones she did have she could count on one hand. She wasn’t a popular person in high school and after the incident with her first stepfather. No one wanted to associate themselves with her at the time.

She met David at an LGBT meeting and Circle R Ranch. She had taken a summer job there. She tended to the horses and helped the instructors with the horses. She learned how to ride and care for horses that summer.

She had learned that David was gay. She caught him kissing another teenage boy that had come for the summer program Circle R Ranch offered during the summer. That wasn’t the only time she caught him. She caught him again having sex with that same boy several times. She had stayed and watched because she had never seen two males have sex before.

She had seen her mother have sex with a group of men before she got married to her first stepfather. She knew the men because her mother was a member of their motorcycle club. There’s was a Latino woman there that night as well. That woman and her mother made out with each other, as the men fucked them.

The men were nice to her and didn’t call her a sissy when she preferred to wear girl clothes. One of the men in the motorcycle club always took her for rides on his motorcycle. He had also been the one to protect her from her first stepfather when he would abuse her.

“Okay, you win. So, what brings you to my neck of the woods?” Scout sits up in bed.

“Why don’t you get a dress and have some lunch with me. I’m meeting Jerry at a new restaurant he found.” David has been trying to hook up
with Jerry for a while now.

“Alright, let me get a dress first.” Scout gets out of bed and takes her nightshirt off.

She had a scar on her back from a pot of boiling water that her stepfather had thrown at her. Her first stepfather was abusive towards her. She didn’t know why he dislikes her, but anytime he got mad, he took his anger out on her. He attacked her mother a few times, but most of the time he took his anger out on her.

David knew Scout had a lot of scars on her body. Some were caused by her first stepfather, while others had been from accidents or fights Scout got into. She grew up in a rough neighborhood and was an easy target for the bullies in her neighborhood. One time she had been hit by three stray bullets from a drive-by shooting that had gone bad.

She was coming home from the grocery store and was almost home. When a group of guys came by and started shooting at another group of guys that Scout knew were members of a rival gang. They didn’t care about aiming and fired randomly. She got hit by three bullets. One went through her left lung, the second one hit her left shoulder and the last one shattered her right shoulder bone.

She ruptured her scrotum when she got kicked in her groin area while playing soccer with the kids in her church group. One of the older kids missed judged his kicked and kicked her right in the groin area. Not only had he ruptured her scrotum but kicked her several feet backward.

He spotted the tattoo she covered up at the small of her back that someone gave her. Someone had tattoo PLEASE FUCK ME in big bold letters at the small of her back. She couldn’t remember when it happened or who did it.

“You finally had that tattoo covered up.” He liked the new design and how the artist had fixed it.

“Yeah, it cost me two hundred dollars to have it covered up.” Scout pulls her panties down and walks over to her dresser and pull out a clean pair.

They were white lace. She pulls out a matching bra that went with the panties she had on.

“Cute panties and bra.” David knew Scout liked lacey underwear and bras.

“Thanks.” She pulls out a pair of black leggings and an off the shoulder shirt.

Scout puts her favorite earrings on. They were little kittens chasing after butterflies. She brushes her hair and spritz on some sandalwood perfume. She turns around to face David “how do I look?”

“Cute as always. What shoes are you going to wear?” Danny knew Scout liked looking as girly as she could.

“I was thinking about wearing my ankle boots.” Scout grabs her favorite ankle boots out and slips them on.

“So, what size is your breast up too, now?” Danny knew Scout has been taking estrogen to increase her breast.

“I’m up to a B cup now. I want to be a C cup, but I might have to get implants to get there.” Scout wanted a little bigger chest.

David shakes his head. He stands up off Scout’s bed.

“Let’s go.” As he starts heading towards the front door.

Scout grabs her purse and sunglasses. She rubs in between Midnight's ears “you be a good kitty while I’m gone.”

Scout follows David out to his car and gets in on the passenger side. As she is fastening her seat belt.

“You know, this place is nice.” David backs his car out of the parking spot.

“Thanks. Frankie owns it. We’ve been talking about putting a swimming pool this summer.” Scout sits back and watches as David drives.

“Well, if you do. You’ll be able to go swimming naked.” David has done it a few times with his lovers.

Scout just watches as David drives. He takes them across to Kilmarnock.

“Is this where the restaurant is?” Scout hasn’t been to Kilmarnock before.

“Yep, Jerry is waiting there for us.” David looks for the restaurant and spots it.

He parks in front of it and turns the engine off. He looks towards Scout “were here.”

The two of them get out of David’s car and start heading towards the door. Scout notices the place sold wine made in Kilmarnock.

“What do you know. They sell locally made wine.” Scout didn’t know there were wineries nearby.

She follows David into the restaurant and over to a nearby table. She spots a man with dirty blonde hair, and an average looking body sitting at the table. It looked like he had a glass of wine.

David walks up to the table “I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long, Jerry.”

“Not at all. So, this your friend Scout Bunny?” Jerry stands up.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jerry.” Scout extends her hand out to shake Jerry’s.

Jerry shakes Scout’s extended hand. Once they were finished shaking hands. Jerry sits down and watches as Scout sits down near David.

Their waitress comes over and takes their drink order. Since Jerry was driving, he ordered a non-alcoholic drink. Scout orders a sweet iced tea to drink.

“So, Scout. How long have you and David been friends?” Jerry was curious.

“About four years now. We meet when I worked at Circle R Ranch.”

“What did you do at Circle R Ranch?” Jerry was curious about what a short, petite girl like Scout could do around horses.

“I was a stable hand. I did whatever job they needed me to do.” Scout didn’t mind the job too much.

She did get embarrass one time when one of the dogs on the ranch used her leg to pee on. He came right up to the back of her leg and peed on her. She was lucky it was near the end of the day. Her second stepfather had a smirk, because he thought it was funny.

“What did Jerry do?” David looks towards Jerry.

“He was there for summer camp. Once he learned how to ride a horse, he did pretty well.” Scout remembered David when he learned how to ride a horse.

Jerry looks at David “do you still ride?”

“Yes, I still ride. Scout and I go horseback riding whenever the weather is nice.” David liked horseback riding and he knew Scout did too.

“I know I shouldn’t ask this but are you and Scout a couple?” Jerry wanted to know before he became serious with David.

“No, David like guys and I’m a girl. We’re just very good friends.” Scout knew that David liked the big husky types of guys. The ones who enjoyed working outside and with their hands.

“Just asking.” Jerry wanted to make sure he didn’t screw up like he did last time.

The next hour-n-half the three of them enjoy their meal. Jerry learns a few more things about David from Scout. He also learns Scout is an unarmed security officer for NTS security and works at a seafood & cold storage place.

After lunch, Jerry takes Scout and David to Baylor park. He found out Scout just moved to Gloucester a year ago and haven’t visited any of the nearby parks.

“So, Scout what do you normally do when you’re not working as a security officer?” Jerry wanted to know more about Scout.

“Not much. I watch movies or go for bike rides. Sometimes, me, Frankie, and his girlfriend Sherry go up to the thrift stores off Highway 17.”
Scout didn’t do much when she wasn’t working. The nearest LGBT center to her was an hour and a half away.

They walk for about an hour before Scout starts yawning. She had to go to work later tonight.

“Guys, I hate to be the party pooper, but I need to get home and get some more sleep. I have to be at work at midnight, tonight.” Scout was
glad, tonight was her last midnight shift and she’ll be off for the next few days.

“No problem, Scout.”

“It’s been nice to meet you, Jerry.” Scout had a smile on her face.

“You too Scout.” Jerry looks at David

“I’ll call you later.” Jerry kisses David before they leave.

David drives Scout back home and hugs her. When he releases her “you be, careful?”

“I will and thanks for lunch.” Scout hugs David.

Scout heads into the house and changes out of the clothes she has on and lays back down for a while. She makes sure her alarm clock is set for ten o’clock. It takes Frankie an hour to drive her to work. Which meant she needs to be ready to leave the house by eleven o’clock.

Scout watches as security officer West drives off. She turns around and login on the cellphone and makes her first entry for the shift. She pulls her tablet out of her backpack and sets it up to log in to the company website.

She grabs the onsite flashlight and starts making her rounds. She stops on the ramp that is just behind the fish house to look at the ducks that normally, hung around at night. She pulls a bag of popcorn out of her pocket and tosses it to them.

“Eat up duckies.” She tosses all the popcorn she grabbed while packing her lunch.

She watches as they scoop up the floating popcorn. She loved watching the ducks at night. Sometimes they would have their heads tuck under a wing and drift around during low tide.

Scout resumes her patrol and check-in at the two stations she needs to. As she is heading towards the causeway, the Heron that has a nest nearby comes darting out from under the pier.

“Charlie, you need to stop doing that.” Scout had jumped from the scare she had gotten.

She walks across the causeway towards the other shipping company. There was an RF tag on the side of the building she was required to scan. As she is walking down the parking lot, checking the fence line for any breaks, she spots a little gray bunny with a small whitetail.

Scout walks over slowly to it. She hates that her last name is Bunny, but she still liked wild bunnies. The bunny lets her get close but hops away before she got too close to it.

“Run little bunny.” Scout just smiles as she watches the bunny hop away.

She heads over to the women’s bathroom and fixes four bowls of cat food for the cats that hung around the place. She places those bowls outside and watches as the cats come to eat. Once that is done, she heads back towards the guard shack. Just as she exits from the compound.

She spots a set of headlights coming towards her location. When the vehicle passes under the streetlights, she recognizes the car. It was her
roving supervisor coming to check up on her. She stops at the foot of the pier the guard shack is located on.

Larson spots security officer Bunny waiting at the entrance to the pier the guard shake was on. A smirk appears on his face when he thought about her last name. He couldn’t believe that he had a security officer with the last name of Bunny.

He pulls up alongside in front of Scout, so he could talk to her without leaving his company car. He looks at her “how are things hopping around here, S/O Bunny?”

Scout shakes her head because she hated her last name. She never took her first stepfather’s last name, because he did like her.

“Everything is fine. Nothing unusual is going on around here.” Scout just watches her supervisor.

Larson looks at s/o Bunny. She was cute, but his wife would kill him if he fooled around.

“Good, that means you can straighten your uniform up. Also, you might consider getting a hair cut as well.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll look into that.” Scout was going to ignore him.

“Alright, carry on, Mrs. Bunny.” Larson rolls his window up and drives off.

“Prick!” Scout disliked Larson.

She watches as he drives off. Once he has was up the street from the property, she heads inside the guard shack and writes her report up.
She takes a soda out of her lunch box and drinks it.

Around four in the morning, while she is making her rounds. She spots someone moving around on one of the ships. She shines the flashlight up in the pilothouse and notices a figure up. He was dressed in all black and had a ski mask on. The only thing she could see was his eyes and mouth.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to be in there.” She pulls her cellphone out and takes a quick picture of him.

After she takes the picture, she feels her left ankle grabbed and pulled backward. She tries to maintain her balance and grab one of the pilings near her for support. She misses the piling and falls backward off the pier and into the dark cold water.

She splashes around because she can’t swim. She spots the second person who had grabbed her leg and pulled her backward. They had rowed up in a raft.

“I can’t swim!” Scout was trying to keep from going under.

Scout never learned how to swim. She tries to keep from going under.

“You should have learned how to swim, rent a cop.” The other guy tosses her a lifesaver from the ship they had been on.

Scout manages to make it to the lifesaver, as she watches the two men run across the causeway. She loses them as they disappear into the
darkness. She uses her legs to kick her way over to one of the ladders attached to the pier. Her teeth were chattering as she made her way back to the guard shack. She was soaked to the bone.

She turns the heat up in the shack and put her jacket on. She dials the police first, then Jeff Anderson, the fish companies second in charge. Then she calls Capt. Williams. Finally, she calls Larson and informs him.

Jeff Anderson shows up first at the site. A few minutes behind him the Sheriff’s department shows. She spots Jeff walking up to the guard shack.

“Hi Jeff, someone broke into the Pelican and was on the flyover bridge.” Scout tries to keep her teeth from chattering.

“Okay, did you see who it was?” Jeff could see Scout was soaked.

“I got a picture, but it won’t do us any good.” She pulls her cellphone out of her pocket and hands it to Jeff.

Jeff looks at the picture she took and realize she was right. The person had his head and face covered. He turns around when he hears the sirens from the Sheriff’s department.

“You stay here. I’ll go and speak with the sheriff’s and get you some dry clothes to put on.” Jeff heads out of the guard shack and talks with the sheriffs.

Scout pulls her jacket closer to her body to warm up. She was slowly getting her teeth chattering under control. Capt. Williams of the Pelican shows up. He heads towards the Pelican with the sheriffs.

Jeff comes to the guard shack and hands Scout a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a hoodie attached to it.

“Sorry, I don’t have any socks or shoes for you to wear.” Jeff watched their small petite security officer.

“Thanks.” Scout unbuttons her security shirt and takes it off. Her undershirt and sports bra were still wet and cold.

Jeff stands outside of the shack and blocks the window on the door with his body. He hears a tapping sound on the glass. He turns around and notices Scout dressed in the sweatshirt.

Larson finally shows and spots one of the management staff from the seafood company talking with Scout. He noticed she was wearing a
sweatshirt with the seafood company name on it. He walks up to Scout to find out what happened.

She explains to Larson what happened. He makes her fill out an incident report and writes her up for being out of uniform.

“Are freaking nuts?” As she looks at the write-up.

“You’re out of uniform. You should bring a spare with you.” Larson hands her the paperwork.

“Screw you. I almost drown and you’re playing stupid games?” Scout tears the paperwork up and tosses it at him.

She turns around and walks back into the guard shack and shuts the door in his face. She locks the door, so Larson couldn’t come in. She watches as he finally turns around and leaves.

Jeff Anderson comes walking up to the guard shack and knocks on the door. He notices little pieces of paper laying on the pier.

“Enter.” Scout had her feet tucked under her.

“What did your supervisor say?” Jeff liked Scouts' work ethics at the company.

“I told him what happened, and he filled out an incident report. Then he wrote me up for being out of uniform. That’s what all that paper is. I tore it up.”

“What a dick. Don’t worry about him. If he tries to transfer you away from this site. We’ll cancel the contract.” Jeff was pleased that they had
the right people looking after their boats.

“Thanks. What did they get?” Scout was curious.

“Nothing. They got nothing.” Jeff had a smirk on his face.

“Nothing? You mean I fell into the water for nothing?” Scout couldn’t believe it.

“Well, you did manage to interrupt them. Why don’t you call your ride and head home?” Jeff felt concerned for Scout.

“Thank you.” Scout goes to reach for her phone and realizes she gave it to Jeff.

“Jeff, can I get my phone back please?” She looks at him with pleading eyes.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” Jeff pulls her phone out of his back pocket.

“Thanks.” Scout calls Frankie to come and get her.

An hour later, Frankie shows up. She walks down to his car, holding her wet work boots. She tosses her wet clothes on the back floor, on the passenger side of the car. She saw that Frankie brought her house slippers to wear.

“Thanks for bringing my slippers.” Scout slips them onto her cold wet feet.

“You’re welcome. So, what happened this morning?” Frankie was curious.

“Some thieves were on one of the boats and his partner caused me to fall off the pier and into the water.” Scout just wanted something hot to drink.

“Did they get anything?” Frankie continues down the highway.

“Nope and can you pull into a seven/eleven or Wawa so I can get something hot to drink, please?” Scout shivers.

“Sure. So, they didn’t get anything from the boat? Why did they go aboard?” Frankie spots the nearest Seven/Eleven.

“Don’t know. I was trying to keep from drowning.” Scout shivers from the thought.

Frankie glance at Scout “you can’t swim?”

“No, I never learned after my first stepfather drowned me. He pushed me off a pier in Ocean View and told me to start swimming. Instead, of swimming, I started choking and drowning.” Scout starts to shiver from that memory.

Frankie spots a Seven/Eleven and stops at it. He parks the car in front of the store.

“You sit tight, while I go and get you an extra-large coffee.” Frankie gets out of his car and heads inside the store.

Scout just watches as Frankie goes inside the store. She just wants to go home, take a nice hot shower and go to bed. As it was, she fighting to keep her eyes open and was happy she didn’t have to work tonight. After ten minutes, Frankie comes walking back out of the store with two cups of coffee. He hands one to her.

“Thanks.” As Scout takes a sip from her coffee.

By the time they arrive home, Scout was done with her coffee and was fighting to stay awake. She could barely keep her eyes open.

“Come on sleepy.” Frankie helps Scout carry her wet clothes into the house.

Scout drags herself into the house. She drops her wet uniform and into the washer. She heads back to her bedroom and strips out of the
sweats Jeff gave her. She’ll drop them in with her security uniform. She grabs a towel and heads to the bathroom and takes a hot shower.

Afterward, she heads back to her bedroom and crawls into bed. She feels Midnight jump up on the bed.

“Come mere my beautiful kitty cat.” Scout pulls Midnight to her and snuggles with him.

She sleeps most the day away. Around three in the afternoon, she wakes up from her bladder urging her to get up and pee. She rushes to the bathroom, just in time.

Afterward, she washes her hand and heads back into her bedroom. As she sits down on the bed, she looks at a picture of her mother, her little sister, her little brother, and her second stepfather. Her little brother and little sister were twins. She saw how cute of a family they were. She knew she didn’t fit in with them. She never did really. Life dealt her a cruel hand.

“I wish you guys all the luck. Cherish the life you have and know if you ever need me, I’m a call away.” As tears slide down from her eyes.

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Damon Runyon

TheCropredyKid's picture

... was the only author who wrote stories in all present tense who did it successfully.

And even he never mixed present and past when he is writing.

I wasn't able to force myself to read this when i discover it is mixed tenses and that and that it started with an obscure situation and a protagonist who is not very interesting.



Lady Dragon

has a unique style of writing. It takes a while to get used to. Yes, it is not grammar perfect but then again, who is these days eh?

This is a very descriptive piece. Her way of describing things is different. Once you get past that you realise that she can tell a nice tale but just not in the same way as the rest of us.


Lady D is a one off.

Christina H's picture

She has a very unique way of writing and as has already been said once you get used to is she writes one
hell of a story.
You have missed what I think is going to be another good story from the Lady - but that's your loss.


Why people haitibg

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Idk WHY people writting negtive reviews! I liked this story & i say kind of requires more at least a chapter 2. Still several loose ends to tie up like her supervisor being such a prick to her. I bet if there were any OTHER female officers he was in charge of he would be a dick to them too which COULD lead to a sexual harassment suit. Another lose end is Scout never learning to swim. Is she trying to save up for her finsl surgery, has he alredy had it? What about a love intrest? Just things to think about.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

An odd tale,

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kinda depressing though.

For Some Reason

This story makes me think of the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby"

Eleanor Rigby
Died in the church and was buried along with her name
Nobody came
Father McKenzie
Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
No one was saved

This is the life Scout has. Even going through what to many would be a life-altering event, everything turned right back into the mind-numbing life she has been living. In the end, no one was saved. The phone call never came.

In a way, I'm in the same situation as Scout. No one notices I'm here, and no one will notice when I'm gone. I've left some notes for when I'm gone. There will be no funeral, no burial or memorial service. Slap my body in the cheapest box they have. Stick it in the ground and cover it up. Nobody came

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

An interesting story

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It kinda read like the first chapter of one of your serials.