Thunder Creek Ranch

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Erin moans as her husband’s doggy shape penis pushes against the other side of her uterus. Her milk filled breasts were hanging down from her body, as she supported herself on her arms and knees. She felt her husband’s chest fur rub against her naked back as he covered her body with his.

“You know sweetie, if someone saw us, they would think I’m committing bestiality with you.” Erin couldn’t believe her husband had caught her.

They had decided to play chase outside. It was unusual for the two of them to have some free time to spend with one another. She enjoyed having sex with her husband whenever they could, but with their newborn son, she barely had free time to do anything.

The past few months, her husband has been busy flying to council meetings and such. The council was thinking about revealing the existence of Werewolves and Werecats to the general public. The reason they were planning on doing that, was because it was getting harder and
harder to keep everything under wrapped.

Several government agencies and religious organizations were making it difficult for them to remain invisible. The government agencies wanted to use them as assassins and special soldiers.

“All anyone would see, are two dogs mating out in a field.” Job was using his special ability to conceal him and his wife as he filled her uterus with his semen.

He knew Erin wasn’t on her heat cycle, because she was still producing milk for their newborn son. Still, they enjoyed a healthy sex life and his wolf wanted to reclaim his wife again. As for their son, he looked just like him. Except for his hair, he had his mother’s natural hair coloring. He didn’t inherit his mother’s neon blue hair.

After thirty minutes, his knot was small enough to be removed from Erin’s vagina. When he pulls out of her vagina, there was a popping sound. Some semen squirted out of Erin’s vagina before she tightened her vaginal muscles.

Erin collapse to the ground feeling the semen her husband deposited into her uterus. She had felt some squirt out of her, vagina before she tightened her muscles to keep it in her body. She looks over and saw her husband sitting and waiting on her.

“Give me a few minutes to gather myself together.” Erin looks around for the dress she wore outside. She didn’t bother wearing panties much, because she never knew when Job wanted to have sex or where he wanted to do it.

They have been caught a few times by various pack members. At first, it had bothered her to be watched by pack members, but after a while, she got used to it. She even had sex with a few female members that have recently joined their ranks.

She breasts feed Rebecca, even though she had been cured by Karen. Rebecca didn’t need to be breastfed anymore, but it was a habit for her. After hundreds of years of being breastfed by her mother, Letno. Rebecca looked forward to it. It was time she enjoyed bonding with her mother.

“Alright, I’m ready to go home.” Erin looks towards her husband.

Job walks over and stands next to Erin. He feels her climb onto his back and locks her thighs like she was instructed to do. He starts walking at first and picks up speed as he heads back to the main house.

Erin leans down towards her husband’s head as he picks up speed. She could feel the pressure building up in her breasts “we better hurry honey, or I’m going to need a new dress.”

Erin made the mistake of not milking her breasts one time and the milk in her breasts started squirting from her nipple. A lot of milk had come out and soaked the t-shirt she had on that day. The same feeling, she felt then, she was feeling now and knew if Job didn’t get her home and let her milk her breast. She was going to be wearing a wet dress.

Job could feel the pressure in his wife’s breast and knew he had to hurry. He increases his speed and jumps up to the balcony that was attached to their bedroom. He felt Erin jump off his back and watched as she rushed inside their bedroom.

Erin was glad that her husband managed to get back to the house before she started leaking. She attaches the powered breast pump just in time. A low moan escapes from her as the pump eases the pressure on her breast. He heard the pleasurable moan from his wife as the specialized cups from the pump drained her milk.

He had tasted the milk from her breast and found it enjoyable. He thought it would be kind of watery and flat tasting. However, her breast produces a creamy type of milk and it had a vanilla taste to it. He sometimes added it to his coffee. He knew their son and Rebecca enjoyed it.

Erin was in heaven as the breast pump relieved the pressure from her breasts. She loved the ones she was currently using. She could put them in her nursing bra and walk around the house with them.

She was making close to one gallon of milk. Which was four times that of a normal woman? The average normal woman makes 1.4 liters in a day, where she was producing 1 gallon a day.

“You sound like your enjoying yourself.” Job was standing near his wife watching her.

“I am. Do you know what it is like to carry two milk laden breasts on your chest during the day?” Erin looks into her husband’s eyes.

Erin was the only one who could look at her husband directly in his eyes. Anyone else and it would be a challenge to his authority. For her, it meant she was his equal and it also showed how much his wolf loved her.

“There you two are.” Rebecca has been looking all over for her alpha and his mate.

Job turns around and spots Rebecca. She was the only person on the ranch and in his pack, that could sneak upon him. A smile appears on his face, as he notices how she was dressed. Lately, Rebecca has been experimenting with different, exotic styles. She was looking for something unique that was just hers.

The style she had on today, was a mixture between burlesque and BDSM leather wear. Her mother didn’t mind how she dressed. Job knew Letno was allowing her daughter to find what she likes.

“Why were you looking for us, Rebecca?” Erin was watching Rebecca.

“Daddy said that a message from the council has arrived for you, Alpha.” Rebecca brushes some of her hair out of her eyes.

“Rebecca, how many times have I said not to call me, Alpha?” Job gives Rebecca a stern look.

“Several, sir. But I can’t help myself.” A playful smile appears on Rebecca’s face.

Job just shakes his head. He could never be upset with Rebecca. Before he and Erin had their baby, he would treat her as his daughter.

“Where is your father, Rebecca?” Job could easily find him through the pack bonds.

“He’s in the backyard taking care of the Barbecue were having tonight for dinner.” Rebecca loved her father’s Barbecue.

“Oh man, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the Barbecue.” Erin loved Andrew’s cooking.

“You better warn your mother, Rebecca. Tell her to have plenty of napkins for Erin.” Job had a smirk on his face.

“Hey, I know others that are worst then me.” Erin felt the breast pump on her right breast, stop sucking.

Erin removes the pump from her breast. She looks over towards Rebecca and notices she was looking at Erin’s breast.

“Come on over and drink some, Rebecca.” Erin knew her breast wasn’t completely empty.

“Thank you, alpha.” Rebecca walks over and sits on Erin’s lap.

She places her lips on Erin’s enlarged nipple and starts massaging Erin’s breast to get the milk going again. Within a few seconds, she tastes it in her mouth as a low moan comes from her mouth.

“That’s a good girl.” Erin strokes Rebecca’s hair.

Job just shakes his head as he walks out of the bedroom. He heads downstairs and towards the kitchen. He could already smell the spices Andrew uses on his barbecue.

“How’s the food coming, Andrew?” Job walks outside and over to the ground pit, Andrew built.

“It will be ready in another hour or two.” Andrew reaches into the cooler and grabs a beer for Job.

He closes the cooler “here.” As Andrew tosses the bottle towards Job.

“Thanks.” Job catches the beer with his hand.

Job opens the beer bottle and takes a sip from it. He didn’t recognize the brand. He looks at the bottle “who made this?”

“Steven did. He’s into a microbrewery.”

“I have to say, it’s a good beer.” Job liked the taste of it.

“I’ll tell him when I see him on Thursday.” Andrew mops on some more sauce on the side of beef and pig he was cooking over the pit.

'Your daughter said you had a message for me." Job takes a swig of his beer.

"Yes, I do. I put it in your office." Andrew mops on some more sauce.

"I'll look at it after dinner." Job just watches Andrew tend to the food and enjoy his beer

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