A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 4

“Okay, how did I get drafted to sand down all this mud?” Kelly was looking at the new wall Charlie’s construction team had put up.

All the wiring had to be redone. So, they had to tear out all the old sheetrock and install new sheetrock. Kelly was wearing a short bib coverall and had a mask over her face as she sanded the dry mud down. She noticed that the new electrical outlets were covered with plastic.

The cool air from the fan blowing on her wasn’t cooling her down as she would like. The temperature in the house was only slightly cooler than being outside. She couldn’t wait for the new A/C unit and ducting was installed.

“Well, you did say that you wanted to help Charlie and his crew out.” Victoria was dressed like Kelly; except she was wearing short shorts and a tank top.

“I know, I just wish we had cooler air blowing through here with all the windows and doors opened.” Kelly takes a bandana out of her back pocket and wipes the sweat from her forehead.

Victoria didn’t know if she should bring this subject up with Kelly, but she was curious. She stops sanding the wall she was standing in front of “have you decided how you are going to get revenge on your brothers and father?”

Kelly stops sanding the wall she had been working at and looks over towards Victoria. She has been thinking about how she wanted to get her revenge on her family for what they did to her. She was thankful, that her breasts had been reduced from the size her ignoramus father had made them.

“I was thinking about returning the favor they did to me. Invite them to a party and get some of the drag queens we know to dress them up, after getting them drunk. Maybe invite King and Jack and let them turn my brothers from straight to gay.” Kelly knew that would be a blow to her brother’s ego.

“That sounds like a good idea. How about your father? What ideas do you have for him?” Victoria knew he was the one responsible for pimping Kelly out like she was a common whore and for almost killing her as well.

“That, I’m still working on. The first part of the plan is to expose him for workman’s comp fraud and to expose the doctor he is working with as well. The second part I haven’t come up with yet. I want him to experience what it feels like to have your body changed and used as a piece of meat.” Kelly wanted her father to experience what she experienced. Including being strangled by a big muscular trucker, while he fucked her.

“One last question and I’ll go and make something cold for us to drink. Are you going to go ahead and have SRS surgery?” Victoria never asked Kelly before.

“I’ve gone this far and my career hinges on me staying a girl. So, yes I’m planning on having SRS surgery.” Kelly thought hard about this decision.

Her career was based on the fact she was a girl and the camera liked her. All the directors she has done pictures with said that the camera loved her. So, she doesn’t want to spoil the winning formula she has so far.

“I thought you might. You seem to be enjoying your new identity.” Victoria puts her sander down and heads towards their makeshift kitchen to fix them some cold drinks.

Their kitchen was being remodeled, so they had a temporary setup for cooking and cleaning their dirty dishes. The plumbers were redoing and replacing some damaged pipes. Luckily for them, Charlie knew a lot of reasonably priced plumbers.

Charlie had helped her plan out how much money she should set aside for upgrades and remodeling. Kelly finishes the wall she was working on until Victoria comes walking back into the living room with their drinks.

“Here you go, pumpkin.” Victoria hands Kelly a tall glass of sweet tea.

“Thanks.” Kelly accepts the drink.

Kelly takes a sip from it. She sits down on an upended five-gallon Home Depot bucket afterward. She looks over towards Victoria as she sits on a step ladder, she has been using.

Victoria takes a sip of her sweet tea. She was amazed that this batch came out better than the first batch she did earlier today.

“When do you want to start your revenge campaign?”

“I want to figure out what I should do to my father as the second part of his punishment first. However, one of my brother’s birthdays is coming up soon. I figure that might be the best time to start the first part of my revenge.” Kelly remembered that her older brother’s birthday was
coming up soon and that he loved to chug down beer like it was going out of style. She also knew he enjoyed barbecue sandwiches as well.

Victoria sits there and thinks about who she could get to help with Kelly’s revenge. She knows a few drag queens that could help Kelly with her brother.

“Foods here.” Charlie comes walking in with taking he had picked up.

“FFFooddd!” Victoria gets up to help her husband.

“Are we eating in here or the dining room?” Kelly puts her empty glass down on the floor, next to her bucket.

“In here.” Charlie clears off the plywood supported by two sawhorses.

“So, what did you bring us?” Kelly was standing next to Charlie as he laid out the food.

“I went by Rosetta’s and got you spaghetti with meatball dinner. I got shrimp scampi for myself and I got my beautiful partner.” Charlie places a kiss on Victoria’s lips.

“I got you, your favorite, lasagna.” Charlie knew his partner loved Lasagna. He got her a Garfield shirt once.

“Oh, I love you so much.” Victoria gives her husband a big ole’ kiss.

A smirk appears on Kelly’s face because she knew Charlie was going to get some tonight. She walks over and gets her bucket to sit on. All three sit down on buckets around the table.

“You two did a good job sanding this room. They're still a little more that needs to be done, but I think we can start painting it by tomorrow.” Charlie could see a few places that still needed work.

“Thanks. So, since you’re the job site foreman. How are we doing with the plumbers?”

“They are almost done with the pipes leading to the pool, the fountain, and the hot tub. The bathrooms as you know are already and the fire
sprinklers need to be tested.” Charlie got a report from all the plumbers his company hired.

“Sprinklers?” Victoria was confused as she looks at her husband.

“For the lawn, sweetie.” Charlie saw the confused look on Victoria’s face.

“Oh! I thought you were talking about the ones for the house.” Victoria knew Kelly had thought it might be nice to have them, just in case they have a fire.

“The kitchen ones have already been tested.” Charlie liked Kelly’s idea and had some installed in the kitchen.

After dinner, Charlie, Kelly, and Victoria get back to work sanding the mud off the areas they missed. That way the painters could come in and finish the room up. Kelly will be glad when the house is a house.

She heads into her bathroom and takes a cold shower. The water heater they were installing for her bathroom hasn’t come in yet. She was getting the one that heats the water when you need it, instead of the old style one.

Once she was done with her cold shower. She slips on a clean pair of panties and the first nightshirt Victoria gave her when she first moved in with them. As she lays down in bed, she thinks about how she wanted to get even with her father.

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