Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Appendix

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When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess and opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.



Author's Note: This is information on the various species, classes, and background information on Apocalypse Dawn. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for supporting my stories. ~Amethyst.


The Game:

Hundreds of years ago the Gods grew weary of Man. They had forgotten their creators, abused their gifts, and showed only fear and hate toward those who were not like them. The Goddess Danu stripped the world of magic, sealing it and all magical creatures within the Veil, including the Gods themselves, until a time when Mankind could be redeemed. Now that Veil has been breached and creatures of myth and legend have begun to reappear. Some of these creatures are good while others are creatures of instinct, driven by their baser needs, but there are evils as well; Man's past sins and nightmares given form. Now Mankind will face a great cataclysm if they, and those who would become their allies, do not work together to forge a new future.

After choosing their race and character class (which includes their class skill), characters have 9 points that they may use to choose equipment and skills, though at least one point must be used for a class-related skill. They also receive a starter weapon of their choice for their class. Players are encouraged to cooperate rather than compete, but each server does have a mystery “Apocalypse Dawn Prize Package” for the party that gathers the most experience during the testing of the game. There are four servers: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This story takes place on Autumn server. Players will spend two weeks in game, but their perception of time will be altered to make it seem like three and a half months. While many skills will be learned at a vastly accelerated rate while in-game, languages, class skills, and other skills that the character starts out with are learned quickly while in the in-game tutorials. Real life skills can also carry over into the game.


Magic for the Fae and other magically inclined beings is used by drawing on the magical energy, or mana that exists in all things. Drawing on that energy takes concentration, is taxing on the body’s energy reserves, and burns a lot of physical energy (calories). Natural magic users tend to eat a lot and yet still be thin because of this. Hand gestures and often words or phrases are used to gather the magic, specify its purpose and direct it as the magus’ mind focuses on the desired effect and target, though Magus hand-signs and incantations can depend on the race of the caster and how they specifically were taught. The more advanced the spell, the more energy it requires and the more complex the hand motions and chant.

Humans generally have to become Druids to use magic using rituals, potions, and herbs, and/or by making a pact with an elemental. The exception to this being Witches, who are born with such abilities, and Priest/esses or Bards who have been given an item imbued with power by a God/dess.


Fae: There are many different types of Fae, but the chief four among the allied races are the Sprites, Yseil'dhraí (High Elves), Nyiir'dhraí (Wood Elves), and Tokh'dhraí (Shadow Elves). The Fae all share a weakness to Cold Iron, it’s a poison to them and burns them when they touch it, but they can be around it so long as they're not making physical contact. Yseil'dhraí means The Chosen People in Elvish, while Nyiir'dhraí means Wood People, and Tokh'dhraí means Night People.
Yseil'dhraí (High Elves): Yseil'dhraí see equally well in day or night and take to learning magic easier than other Fae or other races. They are not very common and were almost completely wiped out by Man before being sent to the Veil. Queen Amoiraishe was the last Yseil'dhraí of the Autumn Court. They are seen as royalty to all Fae, so they are 'encouraged' to stay where it’s safe and bear children to preserve their race. Yseil'dhraí are not High Elves by lineage, but rather their features mark them as such; these features are different depending on what Court(Server) the Yseil'dhraí represents. They are taught to lead their people from birth and their station is determined by a magical tattoo-like birthmark on their face called the Danann’syr (Mark of Danann). High Elves are born rarely, normally to High Elf parents, but they can also be born to Wood or Shadow Elf parents if there is some noble blood in the family line. Danann’syr only appear on female Yseil'dhraí and only they can hold ranks.
Bonuses to agility and balance, but have a minus to strength. Features change based on their Court(Server)
Required skills/abilities: Governance, Fae Culture, Faerie Dance, Kurinshal (elvish martial arts)
Racial Ability: Scholar; Learn faster and have better memory than other races.
Nyiir'dhraí(Wood Elves): These are the most common Elves. They see equally well in day or night, know survival in the outdoors better than any other races, and are extremely good with animals. Various eye and hair colors.
Bonuses to agility and balance.
Racial Ability: Wood Warden; Hiding and camouflage bonus in the forest.
Tokh'dhraí (Shadow Elves): Better night vision than even other elves, but they are mostly nocturnal and sensitive to bright light. More prone to be chaotic or evil than any other ally races. Good shadow elves are often fiercely loyal to High elves and become royal guards, while evil ones become Shadow Walkers. Black, grey or purple hair, dark blue skin, and red or orange eyes.
Bonuses to agility and balance.
Racial Ability: Thirst for Life; Can heal themselves by drinking blood, stealing their victims’ life force.
Sprites: Small and fragile at no more than six inches tall, but they are very good at magic and healing arts. Loyal to their cousins the Elves. They are natural fliers, this and their size makes them good scouts. Features vary widely.
Bonuses to agility, stealth, and speed, but minuses to strength.
Racial Ability: Small target; Less likely to be targeted and have a higher evasion chance.
Humans: The most versatile of the races and most at home in the cities.
Racial Ability: Home Turf; Other humans are more likely to trust them and be willing to work or trade with them.
Dwarves: Excellent fighters and smiths. Very good at building/fixing things, strong fighters, but their magic is limited to forging magic weapons and armor.
Bonuses to strength and stamina.
Racial Ability: Iron Monger; Bonuses to both success rates and item quality with all smith-related skills.
Kitsune: Fox-spirits that can shapeshift to humanoid forms, look completely human with features of their choice, and copy the appearances of other people once they’ve turned 100 years old. In their fox form they can have anywhere from 1-9 tails, gaining a new tail every 100 years. They are generally gifted priests or priestesses and can create balls of light and foxfire. Like the Fae, they were created for a purpose. Where the Fae manage the balance of the natural world and the flow of mana, Kitsune are messengers of Inari, and those that Inari favors most also manage the balance between the physical and spirit worlds. When a Kitsune has white ears and tails it shows that Inari has appointed them as a spirit-shepherd.
Bonuses to agility and speed.
Racial Ability: Servant of Inari; Increased success rate and potency for Priest/Priestess skills.
Atlanteans: An ancient society of humans who built a great city using a fusion of advanced technology and magic. When the sinking of their city was foretold, they chose to alter both it and themselves to life underwater rather than leave it. Their skin color ranges between light blue and green and their hair and eye colors vary, they have webbed hands and feet and vastly increased lung capacity, making Atlanteans well-suited to surviving on both land and in water.
Bonuses for using both magic and technology.
Racial Ability: Tech Savant; Intuitive knowledge of how machines work and have an increased rate of success when repairing or constructing machinery.
Witches: Humans born with the rare ability to use magick like the Fae and other magical creatures. As the Veil collapsed and magic returned, many dormant Witch bloodlines awoke. They look completely human and can blend in with normal humans so long as they don't use magick.
Racial Ability: Familiar Presence; Can form a powerful bond with an animal.
Nymphs: A variety of Fae closely related to the variants of elves. There are only female Nymphs, when males are born they usually take after their fathers in Race and appearance. Except for their clamshell-shaped ears and the green vine-like markings at their hairlines Nymphs can pass for Humans, though they share the Fae weakness to Cold Iron. Their discomfort with wearing clothing and sexual urges are far higher than that of other Fae though and it makes it hard for them to stay in Human society for long. Nymphs are mostly gentle beings averse to violence unless necessary. Bonuses to speed and agility.
Racial Ability: Go All Night; Increased endurance and stamina.
Liyun'shael (Moss Maidens or Wood Wives): Fae that are closely related to Nymphs. The literal translation of the name from Elvish is Moss Maiden, but Humans used to call them Wood Wives. They appear as young women with moss-like skin and leafy vines for hair. They are watchers and tenders of the forest, with earth and plant based magick and the ability to blend into the forest around them. While they are able to keep their sexual urges at bay far better than their cousin the Nymph, they usually do so by having very little contact with anyone but the forest denizens. If they run across a person they may tempt them with the promise of a good time. If the person treats the forest with respect then they will happily keep that promise. If they do not show respect for nature then the Moss Maiden will lead the offender to the other Fae for the Wild Hunt. One can tell where a Moss Maiden has bedded someone by a perfect circle of moss on the forest floor. They can’t have children in the traditional sense but they can create daughters by inducting other women into their ranks using one of their seeds and a specific process. Each Moss Maiden bears only three seeds from the time of their creation until their death, so induction a daughter is seen as a great gift and they treasure their new children. Like their Nymph cousins they are gentle creatures who dislike violence and they share the Fae weakness to Cold Iron. Bonuses to speed and agility.
Racial Ability: Down to Earth; Bonus damage and increased aptitude to earth and plant-based magic.
Dryads: (Non-Playable) Powerful female forest spirits that inhabit great trees. If that tree is destroyed or cut down a Dryad loses most of their power and the knowledge and retreats into a small spirit seed. Wood wives take the seeds and place them in new saplings. The spirit seed will then sprout into a new dryad who will grow in power as the tree grows in size and strength. Unable to physically leave their tree, they are often hungry for new knowledge and experiences and will talk often with the Wood Wives or other Fae that they are familiar with, even over great distances, with a form of telepathy. Abilities and bonuses unknown, except for a form of telepathy.
Beastkin: A race exclusive to Autumn Server. Humans with animal features, and the ability to change into an animal form and animal/human hybrid form with the benefits of the animal they transform into. They are born human, but at some point during or after puberty they feel compelled to go into the forest or other places of nature to find themselves. This time is referred to as ‘the Call’ and it’s when they ‘go beast’. Silver affects them much as cold iron effects elves.
Bonuses depending on their beast form.
Racial Ability: Wildthing; Increased strength, and damage from hand to hand combat, when in hybrid form.
Púca: A race exclusive to Winter Server. Considered to be bringers both of good and bad fortune, Púcaí can have either black or white fur/hair and have golden eyes. They are shape-changers, who can take on the appearance of horses, goats, cats, dogs, and hares. They may also take on a human form, but they aren’t very adept at it, which often leaves them with various animal features, such as the ears or tail of the animal from they were in last. Though they are considered distant cousins of the Fae, and share their weakness to Cold Iron, their only magick is their limited form of shapeshifting.
Bonus to speed.
Racial Ability: Sharp Instinct; Increased chance of detecting traps or ambushes.
Merfolk: A race exclusive to Summer Server. Merfolk are legendary water-dwelling beings known to many cultures before they were sent to the Veil. When in water they have the upper body of an attractive human with a fish’s tail instead of legs. Female merfolk are often referred to as mermaids and males are called mermen. They can breathe under water, are swift swimmers, and when on land they can take a fully human form. They also have beautiful voices and are often gifted musicians. Features vary from one to another but they all tend to be attractive.
Bonus to Charisma.
Racial Ability: Musical Talent; Increases success rate for music and Bard related skills.
Namahage: A race exclusive to Spring Server. These frightening yōkai look like oni, with bright red or blue skin, wild black hair, crimson eyes, mouths full of razor-sharp teeth, and the males have pairs of horns sprouting from their forehead. Despite their terrifying appearance and behavior, they are actually well-meaning yōkai who warn people of coming danger and only harm the wicked.
Bonus to strength and endurance.
Racial Ability: Resistant as Hell; Resistant to fire damage and some toxic gasses.
Sül’shael (Star Maidens): An offshoot of the Liyun'shael, or vice versa. Named by Danu for the heat and brightness of the flames they produce and how they look when flying high above in the night sky. They care for the Nythrin tree and prune it so that it doesn't collapse under it's weight. They are intrinsically connected to the tree and can produce flames hot enough to melt it and are able to deftly manipulate the molten metal. They emit flames from the tops of their heads and their backs, in the shape of butterfly wings. They can’t have children in the traditional sense but like their Moss Maiden cousins produce three seeds that they can use in their life. By bonding souls to one of those seeds they can activate them and carry the resulting child to term like most other Fae.Like their Nymph cousins they are gentle creatures who dislike violence and they share the Fae weakness to Cold Iron. Bonuses to strength.
Racial Ability: Superheated; Bonus damage and increased aptitude to fire-based-based magic.

Non-sentient Magical Creatures:

Cú sídhe: Also called Fae Dogs. Savage-looking hounds as big as a horse with shaggy green fur and a sense of smell that any bloodhound would be jealous of. They are often kept as pets by the Fae, used for tracking, and ridden by the Huntsmen during the Wild Hunt.
Vsilja: Non-Fae in the game tend to call them NightMares. Ghostly white horse-like creatures with six legs, eyes as golden as those of a Yseil'dhraí, and bright crimson manes and tails. They are powerful mounts; fast, agile, and an absolute terror in battle since they're ferocious and won't stay calm for or listen to anyone but a Yseil'dhraí.
Wisps: Creatures similar in size and appearance to sugar gliders. They have a strong tie to mana and are sometimes drawn to those who manipulate it. They have several innate magical abilities as well. Not only do they glide like their less mana-inclined cousin the sugar glider, but they can stay airborne by drawing on the mana from the air around them. They also give off a natural, bright magical glow when it's dark. Although they resemble sugar gliders in size shape and form, their coloring and and any patterns on their fur can vary from wisp to wisp, as does the color of the magical glow they produce. They are intelligent, but not easy to train unless one is a magic-user.


Banshees: Female spirits who were Fae when they were alive. Usually, they died a tragic or gruesome death and they attempt to warn the living of imminent death or danger with their high-pitched wailing or shrieking. They are very similar to ghosts in that they can make themselves seen and heard, but can’t really affect the physical world.
Blighted: Creatures that players were calling zombies are actually something that the Fae refer to as ni’shahnkiir, or the blighted. The blighted were created through an attempt by Human mages and alchemists in ancient times, to make themselves as long-lived as the Fae by magically altering their bodies using a viral curse. Things didn’t go as planned though and the spell killed them all while making those changes and then brought them back to life with the changes in place. The once humans could live a long time if they weren’t killed or starved to death and they felt no pain, but when the spell had resurrected them it had only returned life to the bodies, their souls had already passed on. What was left were soulless creatures incapable of morality or higher thought and fueled by their baser instincts, primarily the need to feed. Their curse is spread whenever they bite or scratch someone and the infected quickly become ill and die within a few hours of being infected as the changes begin. The illness, followed quickly by death and then magic changing the body and resurrecting it, leaves the newly risen creatures very hungry. So, with nobody in the driver's seat anymore, the mindless bodies go into survival mode and began to search for food, then spreading the infection even further.
Dragons: Large, winged reptiles with teeth and claws as big as some people. They breathe fire, fly, and suffer from the worst case of "Oooh-shiny" Syndrome that you can imagine. They collect treasure, usually gold, but pretty much anything that sparkles or shines. They are savage beasts and protect their hoards with great ferocity.
Goblins: Vicious grey skinned humanoids, with large pointed ears and sharp and ugly features They attack anyone that crosses their path and attack travelers. They have a primitive tribal culture and use the blood and body parts of their victims for dark rituals, what they don't eat anyway.
Griffins: Legendary creatures with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet. They don' t much like enclosed spaces and can be deadly if spooked or provoked. In many legends they were set as guardians for valuable treasures and artifacts. Although classified as a monster they are only truly dangerous if provoked, angered, or scared. They can be very gentle and friendly under most circumstances.
Kehüvakt (Kraken): Giant squids that can grow anywhere between fifty and a hundred feet in length. Known to attack ships on the high seas and are often controlled by Suvas’taäl and used as a sort of living siege weapon on their raids.
Lindwyrms: Humongous flying snake-like monsters with wings, distantly related to dragons. They exude an aura of fear and they track their prey through sound and motion. They are big, powerful, fast, breathe fire, and have a lethally poisonous bite… that is if they leave enough of you left to be poisoned after the first bite.
Ogres: Massive creatures that can get up to forty feet tall. They look like large Humans, or rather a parody of a Human, with grey skin, patches of matted black hair all over their bodies, and a head like a Neanderthal. Despite their human-ish appearance they are very stupid and cannot be reasoned with. They smell absolutely foul, are extremely violent and eat anything or anyone they can get their large hands on. They particularly love the taste of Humans and children.
Redcaps: They resemble short and somewhat stocky humans covered in muscle with long prominent teeth, blood-red eyes, long skinny fingers armed with razor sharp claws, and long unkempt hair with a dark red hat atop it. They usually wear armor and carry bladed weapons and they drain all the blood from their victims to dye their hats. Their strength far surpasses that of mortal men as they gain strength from the life force of those they have killed through their blood. The darker the hat is, the stronger the Redcap.
Shadow Walkers: Shadow Walkers aren't really monsters, they are Tokh'dhraí who have turned from the ways of the Fae. They are kind of like the epitome of chaotic evil and have turned to using necromancy and their other skills and abilites to pursue their own selfish ambitions.
Shíle’rhük: Also known as a Red Hag or a Blood Queen. They create Redcaps and other Shíle’rhük by forcing bloodthirsty Humans with dark hearts to swallow their blood. They usually only stay with a clan of Redcaps long enough to build up their numbers before moving on to create a new clan. When they figure they have enough clans serving them they travel between them to collect blood tributes.
Suvas’taäl: Known by humans as the Finfolk. The are ugly fish-like humanoids who are a home both in the sea and on land and who command powerful magicks. Female Finfolk are seldom born so they have children by raiding the settlements of other races, killing any men, and capturing the most beautiful of the women to become their Finwives. Raids of settlements are a competition and Finfolk can increase their rank and prestige within their community by having the most beautiful land-dweller for their bride. The women they capture are trophies as much as mates, seen as a mark of the Finman’s virility and battle prowess. They have also been known to use glamours to make them look like handsome men to try tricking beautiful women into marrying them. Atlantean women are especially prized because they can survive on land and in water without having to cast spells on them, and Fae women because they are beautiful, notoriously difficult to capture, and live for a very long time.
Vampires: Like the blighted, these were another magical experiment by alchemists and mages of ancient times to "improve" Humans, an experiment that went horribly wrong. They used tissue and hair samples from Tokh'dhraí to give themselves long life and the ability to heal by drinking blood. They were far less resistant to the ever-present need for blood and dark desires that all Tokh'dhraí face on a daily basis though and quickly gave into their urges, becoming more monster than man, feeding on those close to them and sometimes even spreading their curse by sharing their own blood with someone that they have fed on. Don't pay any attention to the legends or Bram Stoker, they are living creatures and can be killed by normal means so long as they can be prevented from sucking anoyone's blood to regenerate and heal themselves.
Vhasjin’dhur: The Vhasjin’dhur are chaos beasts, descending from a time before even the Fae walked the Earth. The Goddess Danu had created the Four and the Fae that followed after, to bring a form of order to the natural world and maintain the balance of the elements and the flow of mana. The chaos beasts though were rumored to have been created by the Fomorians, chaos gods that had preceded the Tuatha Dé Danann. They thrive in chaos, spread it, and appear in times of great turmoil or natural upheaval. After many long wars between the Fomorians and the Tuatha Dé Danann, before the last of the Fomorians had met their end, it had imbued the Vhasjin’dhur with an instinct to destroy the Tuatha Dé Danann or anything related to them. To put it mildly, those things eat Fae for breakfast.
Werewolves: Yet another magical experiment by alchemists and mages of ancient times to "improve" Humans, gone horribly wrong. They tried to create their own version of the Beastkin using samples from wolves. They wanted to retain a completely human appearance while having the Beastkin's ability to change to beast and hybrid forms. The test subjects couldn't control the changes though, changing when the moon was full or when they became angry. While they still retained their personalities and morals in their human forms, whenever they changed they became creatures of pure animal instinct, even more feral and vicious than the wolves they were changed from. Their curse is at it's strongest on the full moon and if one bites someone then, and the person doesn't die, then they will inherit the curse. They can be killed just like any other mortal creature and do not have a weakness to silver as the legends say, this myth was probably due to people mixing them up with Beastkin.

Character Classes:

Magus: Those born with the power to use magick and who have trained hard in its usage. Limited to the various Fae, Witches, Atlanteans, and Kitsune
Priest/Priestess: Those who have given themselves to the service of a specific God or Goddess and bound to that deity through a ceremony that allows them to commune through an article of power blessed by their God/dess and borrow their power through prayers. Any Race
Assassin: Those trained in the general methods of assassination and stealth. Any Race except Sprite
Thief: Those who excel at stealing from others. Any Race
Warrior: Those trained in the use of ancient melee weapons and fighting arts. Any Race except Sprite
Gunner: Those trained in the use of a wide variety of firearms. Any Race except Sprite
Scout/Ranger: Those who excel at not being seen and surviving in various types of terrain. Any Race
Artificer: Those who build electronics and mechanical devices and sometimes combine magic and technology to create new wondrous devices. Fae, Witches, Kitsune or Atlanteans only
Smith: Those who create and repair armor, weapons, and various other useful items. Any Race
Druid: Those born without innate magick who have learned to use it through the use of rituals, potions, and herbs, and/or by making a pact with an elemental. Humans or Beastkin only
Support: Those combining the skills of Magi, Clerics, Medics or Scouts to support their fellow adventurers. Fae, Kitsune, or Witches only
Soldier: Those who have gone through basic military training to become soldiers in one of the Humans’ armies. Humans only
Special Ops: Those who have gone through Navy SEAL or equivalent advanced modern combat training. Humans only
Brigand: Modern day pirates who are adept at lying, stealing, looting, and killing to get what they want. Any Race
Medic: Those who have medical training as paramedics and acts as combat field medics. Humans only
Shadow Walker: Those who mix the skills of an assassin with necromancy and other dark magicks. Shadow Elves only
Entertainer: Those who entertain the masses and inspire those in need of hope. Actor, Rock Star, Pop Star etc. Any Race
Bard: Entertainers who, like Priests and Priestesses, have been empowered by one of the Gods to imbue their music with magic to support their allies and bolster the spirit of the people. Any Race
Guardian: The only dedicated tank class in the game, and a recent addition. Trained warriors who excel in defensive combat. Any Race except Sprite.

Main Characters:

Real world Identity: Caleb Sanders, 27 year old male Computer Technician/Programmer. 5 feet 11 inches with brown hair and blue eyes. Engaged to Jessica Phillips.
In Game Details: High Elf Magus, 19 year old female Autumn Court Yseil'dhraí, 5 feet 11 inches tall with waist length red hair and amber eyes, marked as a princess and leader of her party. Eldest daughter of Amoiraishe
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Magus Arts, Governance, Fae Culture, Faerie Dance, Ambidextrous, small firearms, Kurinshal (elvish martial arts) , Elvish language, gymnastics, animal training, animal handling, monster lore, and magic crafting.
Equipment: Spell focus (choker), two colt 45s, ammo pouch, kevlar vest, leather armor.
Special abilities: Nature’s Call
Factions: Fae, allied with Humans and other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Jessica Phillips, 26 year old genderfluid female employed as a baker. 5 feet 7 inches tall and slender with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. Engaged to Caleb Sanders.
In Game Details: Kitsune Priest/ess, 121 year old female Kitsune with variable gender and physical attributes. Taelya's intended.
Patron Deity: Inari
Game Skills: Cleric Arts, first aid, firearms, Japanese Language, potion making, magic crafting, herbalism, hand-to-hand combat, pilot, ride motorcycle, Elvish Language.
Equipment: Hoshi no Tama (imbued with power from Inari), USAS-12 shotgun with drum magazine and 2 box magazines, ammo pouch, Scarf of Inari.
Special abilities: Hands-on Healing, Foxfire, Ghostlights
Factions: Fae(Intended of Taelya), Kitsune, allied with Humans and other Races as well.

Real world Identity: April Dawson,38 year old female. 5 feet 2 inches tall and full figured with brown hair and eyes. Accounting Manager for Pegasus Entertainment, Danielle's mother and friend to both Moira and Karin.
In Game Details: Sprite Support, 20 year old female Sprite. 5 inches tall with brown hair and green eyes. Secondary leader of Taelya's party with both Magus and Scout class training.
Patron Deity: Áine.
Game Skills: Ranger Arts, Magus Arts, Elvish language, animal training, stealth, bartering, magic crafting, herbalism, scavenging, first aid, and Monster Lore.
Equipment: Spell focus (pendant)
Special abilities: Farsight, Foresight (fifteen to thirty seconds precognition)
Factions: Fae (Autumn Court), allied with Humans and other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Danielle(Daniel) Dawson,15 year old MtF transgendered. 5 feet 4 inches tall and slender with brown hair and eyes. April's daughter and friend to Karin.
In Game Details: Beastkin Guardian, 15 year old female Beastkin(jaguar). 5 feet ten inches tall with with hip length black hair, green eyes, tawny cat ears and a medium length tail with black bands and rosettes. The only Guardian in the game and in service to Taelya.
Patron Deity: Brighid
Game Skills: Guardian Arts, heavy shield, basic firearms, blunt weapons, swords, awareness, ambidextrous, hand to hand combat, Elvish Language.
Equipment: Guardian’s Armor, Guardian's Shield, war hammer, bastard sword, USAS-12 shotgun with drum magazine and two box magazines, ammo pouch.
Special abilities: Equipment Summon, Regeneration
Factions: Fae(In service to Taelya), Beastkin, allied with Humans and other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Karin Sanders,24 year old female. 5 feet 6 inches tall and slender with brown hair and blue eyes. Caleb's sister and friend to Jessica, Danielle, April, and Moira. Graphic designer/advertising manager for Pegasus Entertainment.
In Game Details: Tokh'dhraí Assassin, 18 year old female Tokh'dhraí. 5 feet 6 inches tall with braided black hair, red eyes and dark blue skin. Second daughter of Queen Amoiraishe
Patron Deity: Mórrígan
Game Skills: Shadow Arts, anatomy knowledge, sniper, gymnastics, Kurinshal (Elvish martial arts), kendo, stealth, pick locks, thrown weapons, Elvish language, Fae Culture.
Equipment: Barrett XM500 long range sniper rifle, ammo pouch, katana, throwing stars, leather armor, and two thermoses filled with Lindwyrm venom.
Special abilities: Shadow Call, Shadow Shift (teleportation through shadows. Max range 10m)
Factions: Fae(In service to Taelya and daughter of Amoiraishe), allied with Humans and other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Anthony Jacobs, Pete's best friend and 26 years old. Not much else is known about his real world life.
In Game Details: Atlantean Artificer, 20 year old male Atlantean. 5 feet 11 inches tall with light blue skin, silver eyes and dark purple hair. Business partner of Ashura and member of Taelya's party.
Patron Deity: Lugh
Game Skills: Artificing, blacksmith, hand to hand combat, firearms, blunt weapons, metal processing, ammunition crafting, electronics, magic crafting, computer tech, and Elvish Language.
Equipment: Blacksmith hammer, baseball bat, 9mm Glock, ammo pouch, toolkit, and chainmail armor.
Special abilities: Quick Analysis
Factions: Atlanteans, Fae, allied with Humans and other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Peter Hayes, Anthony's best friend and 24 years old. Not much else is known about his real world life.
In Game Details: Human Soldier, 18 year old male Human. 6 feet 2 inches tall and muscular with long blond hair and green eyes. A member of Taelya's party.
Patron Deity: Nemain
Game Skills: Basic Training, Explosives, firearms, heavy firearms, traps, heavy swords, martial arts, stealth, swimming, and Elvish Language.
Equipment: AK-47, Glock, Claymore, ammo pouch, flack jacket, and chainmail armor.
Special abilities: Adrenaline Rush (increased strength and stamina in combat)
Factions: Humans, Fae, allied with other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Dennis Filipovic, an male orphan with no family and one of the former members of H3lls-Pwn. (Taelya suspects he was Razor) Not much else is known about his real world life. Lost his memory due to an accident while going through memory extraction.
In Game Details: Nymph Attendant, 18 year old Nymph. 5 feet 2 inches tall with long strawberry blonde hair and turquoise eyes and has turquoise markings arounf her neck and along both arms.
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Attendant Arts, cooking, massage, beautician, hairstylist(Fae), fashion stylist, sewing, Fae Culture, Kurinshal, Faerie Dance, Elvish Language, basic firearms.
Equipment: Hair Dagger
Special abilities: Nasyr Taka marks: Teleport to Taelya, Summon items from or to her box, heat spell, minor healing spell, light spell, and a spell that allows her to hear when Taelya calls her name.
Factions: Fae (Autumn Court) In service to Taelya and allied with other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Robyn Reyes. 17 years old. Five feet six inches tall with curly black hair that she dyes electric blue IRL and brown eyes. She was an accomplished pop star before entering the game, a great singer, but she's widely known to have two left feet. She was getting a lot of respect for her involvement in environmental and equality issues, standing up to abuse, and has been emancipated from her parents since she turned sixteen.
In Game Details: Human Bard, 17 years old. 5 feet 7 inches tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes (glamour).
Patron Deity: Cerridwen
Skills: Pre-game: Musical Arts, singing, driving, musical theory, gymnastics, composition, play instrument(violin), play instrument(piano/keyboard), play instrument(guitar)read/write music. Skills learned in-game: acrobatics, dancing(hiphop), dancing(ballet), dancing(Contemporary), dance fighting, martial arts, Elvish language, firearms, magic music.
Equipment: Wireless Mic (imbued with power by Cerridwen)
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Autumn Court), Humans, allied with other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Moira Llewellyn, five foot ten with red hair and green eyes. Owner of Pegasus Entertainment, creator of Apocalypse Dawn, and friend to April and Karin.
In Game Details: High Elf Magus, age unknown. 5 feet 10 inches tall with long red-gold hair and golden eyes. Mother to Taelya and Nishalle, and Queen of the Autumn Court.
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Unknown
Equipment: Unknown
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Autumn Court), allied with other Races as well.

Becky Shaw:
Real world Identity: Becky Shaw. 25 years old and a system admin with Pegasus Entertainment.
In Game Details: GM, Witch Magus, and Sheriff of Haven. She is 25 years old with long black hair tied back in a braid and dark brown eyes with a slight Asian tilt to them.
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Most of her skills are suited for being the sheriff.
Equipment: Familiar (A falcon), other equipment unknown.
Special abilities: GM server privileges.
Factions: Witches, Humans, Fae (Autumn Court), allied with other Races as well.

Real world Identity: Unknown
In Game Details: Male High Elf Warrior, age unknown. 6 feet 2 inches tall with short-cropped white hair and pale blue eyes. He’s a bit of an arrogant jerk and wants to maneuver himself into a position of power. Despite being a Yseil'dhraí he prefers using physical abilities to magick.
Patron Deity: Nemain
Game Skills: Unknown
Equipment: Plate armor and a pair of swords.
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Winter Court)

Real world Identity: Unknown except that he is Kinara's real-life father.
In Game Details: Male Nyiir'dhraí Ranger of the Summer Court, age unknown. 6 feet 3 inches tall with long chestnut-colored hair and bright green eyes. A representative of the Summer Court and father to Kinara. Though cautious and protective of his daughter he is polite and friendly.
Patron Deity: Áine
Game Skills: Unknown
Equipment: Unknown
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Summer Court)

Real world Identity: Unknown except that she is Maekin's real-life daughter.
In Game Details: Female (Yseil'dhraí, Countess of the Summer Court) Magus in training. 14 years old and 5 feet 5 inches with cotton candy colored hair and brown eyes.
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Unknown
Equipment: Unknown
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Summer Court)

Real world Identity: Unknown
In Game Details: (Yseil'dhraí, Duchess of the Spring Court) High Elf Magus: 5 feet 10 inches tall with long green hair and silver eyes.
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Unknown
Equipment: Unknown
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Spring Court)

Real world Identity: Gary Lincoln. He was studying environmental sciences at McGill university on a football scholarship before losing everything in a car accident. Became a semi professional gamer, losing himself in less painful realities. He was invited to the game from a game called Starseed Online.
In Game Details: Female Liyun'shael: 5 feet tall with dappled moss-like skin, long green leafy hair and green eyes.
Patron Deity: Danu
Game Skills: Unknown
Equipment: Focus (ring on her right hand)
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Autumn Court)

Real world Identity: Roberto Cruz. 19 years old. IRL he is Lark’s boyfriend and self-proclaimed bodyguard.
In Game Details: Male Beastkin Gunner: Six feet tall with a latino complexion, black hair and amber eyes with black panther ears and tail.
Patron Deity: Druantia
Game Skills: Gunner Arts, acrobatics, martial arts, gymnastics, marksmanship, ambidextrous, knife fighting, stealth, ride motorcycle, speak Elvish.
Equipment: Two 9mm Glocks and an ammo pouch.
Special abilities: Unknown
Factions: Fae (Autumn Court) Humans, allied with other Races as well.


Danu: Patron Goddess and creator of the Fae. She created the Four as her own daughters and then created the rest of the Fae with her magick. She is a Mother Goddess with aspects of the moon, magick, the sea and water, earth, fertility, horses, seagulls, and dolphins. She created the Veil and is trying to manipulate the possible futures to save humanity and all the other races and guided Amoiraishe's actions to create the game and the F.I.Ts. She also guided Narek toward using Rhaennan's DNA in Caleb's F.I.T to make him take a female form and have Taelya become a genetic duplicate of Rhaennan with the same gift for magick. Then she remade Taelya into a Demigoddess and ruler of all the Fae by bestowing her with some of her own divine essence.

Inari: Not much is known about her yet but she is Rei's patron Goddess and she created the Kitsune race just as Danu did the Fae. Rei is one of her chosen children and so now has white tails and ears.

Tiamat: A Babylonian Goddess of the sea and chaos. She doesn't much care for Danu or her children and wants to kill Taelya. Where Danu's children hunt monsters and attempt to restore balance, Tiamat creates monsters to sow chaos. Killed by Taelya.

Zeus: Leader of the faction that wants to kill off humanity and wipe the slate clean so he can restart with worshippers who show the proper respect. He's also a huge douchebag.

Utu: Ancient Sumerian God of the Sun, justice, morality, and truth. He was Inanna's twin brother.

Inanna: Ancient Sumerian Goddess of sex, love, war, justice, lions, doves, and political power. She was known as the Queen of the Heavens. Utu was her twin brother and Ereshkigal her older sister. She was attacked from behind with a fatal blow by Zeus and survived long enough to ask Taelya to finish her off so she could pass on her aspects and divine essence to her.

Ereshkigal: Ancient Sumerian Goddess of of Death with the aspects of earth, darkness, and owls in addition to her death aspect. Known as the Queen of the Underworld, she was the older sister to Utu and Inanna. She asked Nishalle to kill her and become a demi-goddess after losing her brother and sister.

Minor or former in-game characters:

Rhaennan: A Yseil'dhraí who was the first daughter of Amoiraishe and Narek. She was burned at the stake after falling in love with a boy named Seamus and developing a relationship against her mother's wishes. She was a magick prodigy but showed no interest or effort in developing her gifts or becoming the leader that her people needed.

Naerysse: A Nymph in service to Queen Amoiraishe who temporarily served Taelya. While she appeared to be an NPC at first, it is seeming more and more like she's not.

Siggurd: A male Brownie who is the head of the royal servants of the Autumn Court.

Kalia: A female Brownie and Taelya's personal maid.

Khyrin: A blonde Nyiir'dhraí Priestess NPC.

Nakir: A severe-looking dark-haired Nyiir'dhraí who acts as the Autumn Court's Huntsmaster.

Ashura: A female Atlantean with short spiky green hair, and Grell's business partner.

Hadrick: A blond Dwarf male with a thick red beard who is starting a forge to make weapons and armor.

Yola: A female Dwarf with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes. She isn’t quite as stocky as other Dwarves and wears her long midnight black hair tied back in a tight French braid. She is a tanner and works with Hadrick.

Jira and Salus: Two Brownie NPCs that work with Hadrick and Yola.

Denise: A slender Beastkin woman with long brown hair and a doe tail and ears who is starting as a gunsmith in the game.

Laesa: A female Sprite with near-white hair and a blue tint to her wings. Opening a clothing store for Sprites and other Fae of the small variety.

Shaoli : A brunette Nyiir'dhraí woman who is working with Laesa and making clothes for the larger Fae and people of other Races.

Razor: Leader of H3lls-Pwn, a party/guild who tried to kill Taelya's party and planned to do horrible things to Taelya. (Taelya suspects he may be Daenyss now.)

Jericho: A member of H3lls-Pwn. Real name: David Greene. It was he who came up with the plan to do dastardly things to Taelya and bullied Razor into agreeing.

Napalm: A member of H3lls-Pwn. Real name: Casey Krieger

Risk: A member of H3lls-Pwn. Real name: Nick Olsen

Thunder: A member of H3lls-Pwn. Real name: Victor Finch

Brynna: A Liyun'shael (Moss Maiden) who turned Salem into one of her own kind to save her. Technically she's now Salem's mother.

Gwenaralyn: A Dryad who is bound to a large oak tree.

Lupin: A Beastkin Brigand with the scruffy white hair and wolf tags.

Pharen: A Tokh'dhraí Magus.

Hartu: A Beastkin Druid with the dark auburn hair and fox tags. He was mistaken for a Kitsune at first.

Hawkin: A tall muscular Human with short brown hair. A bit of an insensitive Warrior who likes to think of himself as a tank.

Sonja: A Human woman with short black hair and a massive double-bladed ax.

Níala: One of Sonja's party-mates. A Nyiir'dhraí Scout with long chestnut-colored hair.

Tien: A Vietnamese player who started a sort of trading post in Haven, and has earned a lot of players' respect, so she was chosen to represent Haven and the Human players.

Phinik: Real name is Nick. He works as an artist for Pegasus Entertainment and has a crush on April Dawson and chose a Sprite character to try and become closer to her as Venika.

Lourke: A handsome Nyiir'dhraí with long ash-blond hair and bright green eyes who is very gifted with a bow.

Seshaire: Queen of the Winter Court and Narek's mother. Amoiraishe has referred to her as Sasha, indicating that that may be her real-world name.

Lincoln: A handsome buck, in every sense of the word. He's a tall and muscular man in his early twenties with chiseled features, cocoa-hued skin and eyes, and long and thick ebony dreadlocks. Like Denise, he's a Beastkin with deer tags, only instead of just the ears and tail he also has an impressive set of antlers.

Whisper: A female Assassin class player. She's a tiny little blonde Witch only an inch taller than Salem.

Manny: A Human Brigand who Tien says likes to play the role of a Latin lothario but he's a damn good shot and the type of guy that you can count on to have your back when the chips are down.

Silverheels: Venika's pet wisp, a situation that she isn't entirely thrilled about. He's dark blue with a white mask and a spattering of white spots and is far too affectionate (and dangerous) for Venika's liking.

Kimmie: Kinara's pet wisp. She's primarily aquamarine with wavy black stripes branching out from the long black stripe that goes from her nose to the tip of her tail.

Willow: Taelya's pet wisp. She is mostly bright pink with black markings; a little mask around her eyes, socks on all four of her legs, rosettes peppering her whole body, and her bushy tail has a black tip as well as three rings over its length.

Ghost: A Vsilja mare who decided that she was Taelya's.

Theíldhúr: A Vsilja stallion that Queen Amoiraishe uses as her mount.

Mòrag: A Shíle’rhük, and the creator of the clan of Redcaps that attack Haven.

Alysse: The F.I.T attendant who watched over Taelya and her F.I.T, among others. She is Nyiir'dhraí and was under a glamour when Taelya first met her as Caleb.

Tíana: Narek's three-year-old daughter and the new Queen of the Winter Court.

Anatha: Queen of the Spring Court and Sahnae's mother.

Qwenyth: Queen of the Summer Court.

Laneera: Sahnae's elder sister and Princess of the Spring Court.

Jhuras: An elderly Atlantean. He was the High Artificer for the Atlantean Council and the one who designed the F.I.Ts

Tsukiko Inouye (Suki): A newly awakened Witch who formerly played a Nyiir'dhraí Magus on Spring Server.

Yuki: A white Dire Wolf and Tsukiko's familiar.

Felicity Knight: Newly awakened Mermaid who played on Summer Server

Kayla Kuvalis: Newly awakened Mermaid who played on Winter Server

Xixie: A Sül’shael Priestess

Risha: A Sül’shael

Harley Kendra Hawkins: The Unicorn Beastkin formerly known as Hawkin.

Jennifer Gibson: A computer programmer and was one of the lead programmers for Apocalypse Dawn. She's Jhuras's daughter but used a F.I.T during the prototype stage to become Human so she could blend in better as one of Pegasus Entertainment's game programmers.

Shrill: A falcon and Becky Shaw's Familiar.

Shadow: A black ferret and Whisper's Familiar.

Sgt. Curtis: A Vancouver PD officer

Officer Hughes: A Vancouver PD officer

Darlene Nelson: Harley's mother and an otter Beastkin.

Paul Nelson: Darlene's husband and stepfather to Ken (Harley). He beat Darlene and turned her over to the government when she awakened as a Beastkin.

Agent Thomas (Jonesy) Jones: An agent with CSIS who is heading up the new Department of Changed Affairs (DCA) in Canada, an organization that doesn't have full government authority yet.

Dr. Vivian Murdock: An OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist who is dying of Cancer when Taelya saves the plane she is in from crashing. Taelya brings her to Varüus’kiel to attempt to save her with a F.I.T.

Lucy Murdock: Vivian's six year old daughter.

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Love this new universe. Please don't assume I can understand gamer talk. Stories tend to lose flavor with gaming over adventures in an unknown land.


Gamer talk

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I'll try to keep the gamer talk to a minimum and make it at least mostly understandable for everyone ;)

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Don't take me too seriously. I'm just kitten around. :3

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I could see the Social Security Administration make a deal with the company so that retirees could enjoy good health at less cost to the SS fund.

Anyhow, I'm keeping this tab open for reference.

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If only the game and these tanks were real.

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Don't take me too seriously. I'm just kitten around. :3