Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.28 (Final Chapter)

Wyatt, Gloria, Grace, and Anthony meet in one of the conference rooms on the floor Raven was on. Wyatt looks at everyone gathered at the conference table “we need to stop this assassin. They are going to attack again and the next time they might succeed.”

“So, what do you have in mind?” Anthony looks at Wyatt. He was wondering what they could do to stop the assassin.

“A simple switch and bait trap.” Wyatt figures they need to pull a page from their mother’s playbook.

“Switch and bait? What’s involved in that?”

“We take Grace and disguise her to look like Raven. When the assassin enters the room to kill Raven, we bust them.”

“So, you want to use me as bait?” Grace looks at Wyatt.

“Yep, you’re about the same build as Raven, and with some make-up and a wig. The assassin won’t be able to tell the difference.”

“You’re forgetting one thing. I don’t have a big bust like Raven.” Grace had a more modest chest, compared to Raven’s.

“That can be fixed.” A smile appears on Wyatt’s face.

Gloria just shakes her head at her brother’s comment and goofy look. Some times he could be so silly.

“Hopefully, this plan of yours will work.”

“Oh, it will work. It never fails.” Gloria knew her younger sister and mother have used this same tactic before.

“Are we going to move Raven from where she is?”

“Yes and no. It’s going to appeared that we moved her. As I said, you’re going to take her place.”

“I’ll go and get the make-up kit from the car and stop by the prosthetic department and see what breasts form they have in stock.” Gloria figures they should be able to put the plan in motion.

“While you're doing that, I’ll go and check on Raven and her girlfriend.” Grace was wearing her nurse uniform.

“Okay.” Wyatt and Anthony wait for Gloria to come back with the make-up kit they carry. She also goes by the prosthetic department to find the right size breasts forms for Grace.

Anthony looks at Wyatt “so, how long have you been working for your cousin?”

“Since he started the business. Our family is very tight.”

“What is it that you do when you’re not helping your cousin out on cases?” Anthony was curious about what Wyatt and his sister did.

“I’m in the military.” Wyatt couldn’t tell him any more about what type of work he did.

All the pieces finally fell into place. That explained the way Wyatt looked and carried himself. He does wonder what Wyatt’s twin sister does for a living.

Raven’s Hospital Room:
Grace knocks before she walks into Raven’s hospital room. She spots Clair sitting next to Raven’s hospital bed.

“How are we feeling this morning?” Grace walks over towards Raven.

“She’s doing better then she was. Her color is slowly coming back.” Clair had been informed by the doctor who did the operation. That Raven had an artery that was weakened, and it burst when they clamped it off. That was why Raven had lost so much blood.

“That’s good.” Grace walks over and takes Raven’s vitals.

“Are we safe here?” Clair was worried about Raven’s safety.

“For now. We’re going to move Raven to a different room and I’m going to take her place.” Grace figures Clair should know what was going to happen.

Clair looks over towards Raven to see what she thought about this She could tell her poor baby was still out of it.

“What do you think sweetie?”

Raven looks up at Clair “I just want this to end.”

Raven was scared and frighten that someone tried to kill her in the past few days. Nothing like this happened when she was in prison.

“Don’t worry, this will be solved before you leave this hospital.” Grace heads out of the hospital room and to the nurse’s station.

Gloria heads back inside the hospital with the make-up cases. It was a good thing their mother taught them how to disguise themselves. A few times they would pull pranks on their mother, by disguising them as each other. The thing was, their mother and father were never fooled.

Grace walks into the conference room where everyone else was. She notices her partner sitting and reading a book he keeps on him. It was an old Alfred Hitchcock book he picked up at a used bookstore.

Gloria walks in behind Grace with make-up cases.

“Alright, I have the make-up cases.” Gloria sets the cases down on the table.

Wyatt walks over to where his sister is standing and open the cases..

Grace notices all the cases and looks at Wyatt and Gloria “are you sure this is going to work?”

“It has always worked in the past. So, yeah we’re sure this will work.”

Gloria and Wyatt go about making Grace over to look like Raven. Gloria was glad she paid extra attention to what her mother taught them. After twenty minutes, Grace was transformed to look like Raven.

“Damn! You guys did an excellent job of transforming Grace into Raven.” Anthony couldn’t believe how his partner look.

“Let’s hope the assassin falls for her.” Wyatt hopes his plan works.

“Now, let's go and make the switch.” Anthony goes and grabs a wheelchair.

After a little rearranging of patients and rooms. They wait to see if the assassin will take the bait. Anthony, Wyatt, and Gloria wait for the next three days. Gloria pretends to be Grace, that way it still looks like Grace is on duty.

“Guys, its been three days. Do you think that the assassin is going to come back?” Grace didn’t like the long wait.

“They will come, just have a little patience, Grace.” Anthony was watching the floor they were on.

They had the whole floor to themselves, that way no one would get hurt. While Anthony and Wyatt were waiting, one of the alarms goes off. They pretend to run off, after alerting Gloria to what was up.

Gloria was hiding in the same room as Grace. She was concealed in the closet, watching through a two-way mirror they installed on the closet.
She watches as the door opens and a figure dressed in black makes their way into the room.

The figure makes their way over to Grace and pulls their gun out. She notices the gun had a silencer on it. She grabs her gun, which was loaded with rubber bullets. They wanted to take this person alive.

Grace spotted the person sneaks into the room. She remained still and pretended she was asleep. When the assassin pulled their gun out and pointed it at her. She pointed her gun at them.

“I wouldn’t pull that trigger unless you want to die.” Grace had her gun pointed at the belly of the assassin.

“I would do what she says.” Gloria had her gun pointed at the assassin’s head.

The assassin puts their gun down.

“Go ahead and handcuff him.” Grace was sitting up on the bed and still had her gun pointed to the assassin’s stomach.

Gloria searches the assassin and finds several hidden weapons. This person would make her mother proud. The person had a lot of small knives and such hidden on their body.

Wyatt and Anthony come running into the room. They spot the assassin in custody and handcuff with zip ties. They also spot a lot of small weapons laying on the hospital bed.

“What did they do this time?” Grace gets up off the hospital bed.

“Smoke bomb.” Wyatt was surprised.

“Come on creep. You have some talking to do.” Gloria and Wyatt escort the assassin down to the sub-levels of the hospital.

“Well, it looks like Raven is safe now.” Grace starts removing all the make she had on.

“We’ll see if that is true.” Anthony wants to know what Gloria and Wyatt find out.

Several Days Later:
Anthony and Grace escort Raven back home. They were informed that once they were finished with Raven, they are to report to the Chapel Hill office.

Clair helps Raven inside the house. Raven was still adjusting after her surgery. She sits down in the only recliner in the house.

Clair looks at Anthony and Grace “thank you for everything you did for us. If there is anything, we can do for you, just lets us know.”

“It was our pleasure. Remember, if you spot anything unusual or people you don’t know hanging around. Call us and the sheriff’s department.”

“We will.” Clair gives both hugs.

Grace returns the hug. Afterward, she and Anthony walk out to their SUV.

Clair looks at Raven and felt sorry that she must experience what she is going through. She walks over and makes Raven comfortable.

“I’m going to go and make us some dinner. If you need anything, let me know sweetie.” Clair leans down and places a kiss on Raven’s cheek.

Raven watches as Clair walks towards the kitchen. She hopes everything is over with and will be glad when she is fully healed.

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