Alicia's New Life -4-

Alicia’s New Life

By Christine

Chapter Four: Alicia’s dark past is relived

Authors note, I wanted to put a little of Alicia's past in this story. I didnt know it would take so many pages but I felt it had to be included> I hope that the intense subject matter or length doesn't put anyone off. Please remember, this story focuses on the affects of abuse on a child, years after the events. Not the abuse itself.

I am Alicia Peterson. I wrote a bio about what happened to me at 12 a while back. I sarcastically titled it my summer vacation because I traveled to LA with my siblings. My father purchased a brand new house for his family and we moved there first. My mother and him were supposed to follow but,..they never made it. Their plane crashed and there were no survivors.

I am telling this because it was the set up that removed all controls from my brother and sister on what they could do to me. I was the smallest and weakest sibling and for that reason, they hated me. To be truthful, my brothers prospective was probably more indifference. My sister had a hatred of me that I never understood. I never hurt her but, such is irrelevant. What she did is relevant. She tortured me and destroyed my life. My Summer Vacation only included 4 months; from our big fight to the point I was to enter school as a girl named Alicia. I wrote it all in a diary that I kept hidden in case I didn’t survive one of their beatings. A lot has happened sense then that will be described by Christine. I let her narrate what happened and how I was saved.

It is ironic that I was saved by a beating. But that was luck too because it brought my suffering to the attention of authorities and they took the proper actions to rescue me. I will never forgive my sister for what she had done to me.


“Detective Luther, I hate my sister so much. I really hope the States Attorney can put them away. Can you tell me about her?”

Mark thought for a while and spoke up,” She is a cold woman, Alicia. She is a brilliant Attorney but she can come off as rude, uncaring and some times, offensive when she’s talking to victims. “

Alicia spit out, “Just like a woman. They have no compassion at all. All they like to do is hurt people.”

“Alicia, I have been a officer in the Special Victims Unit for years and I can tell you that a vast majority of arrests are men that have hurt women. The women I know have a lot of compassion. “

“I know you think that Detective Luther,” Alicia said. “I am not saying men can’t be violent but its different. Men are more forward. Their violence thought out most of the time. It is just do to the nature. When women do it, it’s calculating and cruel. They think it out and they make sure it hurts a lot. In that way, women are the most cruel of all. I think they get orgasmic pleasure from causing suffering.”

Mark was surprised at the venomous words that came out of the child’s mouth. He pleaded, “Try to be more reasonable Alicia. Such hateful talk isn’t productive. Don’t be so misogynistic.

“Don’t tell me what to be, officer,” Alicia said in anger. “You haven’t suffered as I have suffered. All that I have been though was inflicted by females. I am entitled to my anger, and my point of view.”

Mark had to give him that. He knew it was useless to press the point any farther. He decided to let the matter drop.

“So Alicia, what you have described would be battery on a minor, maybe sexual assault so can you tell me more of what happened to you after your sister and her boyfriend made you pose for pictures wearing her dress?”

Mark saw Alicia take a deep breath and let it out slowly. “They had worked together taping my arms behind me. I saw them both return carrying armloads of clothes. They were girls’ clothes.

“Mistress Katherine unwrapped my wrists and then shouted loudly at me that if I wasn’t wearing nothing in sixty seconds, I would be gagging on Craig’s cock.”

“I worked franticly ripping off my clothes in front of her and finished in forty five seconds. I was covering myself with my hands in front of Mistress Katherine and she laughed and told me not to be so modest. Then she commanded me to raise my arms up over my head”

“I did as she asked while looking very upset. I didn’t like being naked in front of her. Then she told me to put one of my hands on my hips and use my other hand to flip my hair, and to make a pouty face for her.”

“I did what she asked, feeling so gay. She was taking pictures of me in those poses using an old Polaroid camera where a picture would slide out as soon as she took a picture. “

Mistress Katherine’s comments were relentless and cruel. She wanted to know why I looked so unhappy but she knew. She was simply being cruel. She said I must be sad because I didn’t like being naked. She was leading me up to agreeing to be dressed as she liked. I was twelve and feel for it, not that at twelve, there was anything I could do. My brother had agreed to let her control my life and there was nothing I could do against her relentless cruelty. By that time, I was fighting hard to keep myself from crying and Craig kept snickering. “

“Kathy told me she had something for me to put on, and she held up a small sexy training bra. I was shocked and told her I didn’t mean that. I fell for it, fell for her fake sincerity while all the time, it was her doing it to me. But I was twelve and desperate for any affection. She was deceitful and I was naive. I wanted to think she cared about my well-being. I had lost my parents and needed someone to care for me. When I protested, she acted like I didn’t want to put on a bra because I didn’t know how to put one on, but I know now she knew that wasn’t the reason. She wanted to degrade and humiliate me for Craig. And wanted to make me look sexy for her obviously bi boyfriend Craig was also a pedophile predator. “

“I was wearing the thing in no time I had my hands on my silk covered nipples fondling them as if they were my breasts, while she was taking pictures of me. “

“Craig started showing how much of a predator he was toward younger boys. He asked Mistress Katherine to dress me up in the rest of -my- clothes. He wanted to see me in Mistresses little red dress!”

“I was putting on her nylons and a garter belt a second later and Mistress helped me into a little red tafetta dress. My legs were silky smooth and the dress ruffled every time I moved. Craig, the predator he is, was very pleased. “

Mistress commanded me to pose in the dress adjusting my stockings. I kept having to smile for the camera. The ordeal went on and I humiliated myself for my Mistress. I must have posed for another twenty pictures. Craig kept making comments that reveled his level of attraction to me. That made me more scared than anything but it also showed he was a predator. Over the next several days My mistress would be given a choice, her brother or Craig. She chose Craig over her own family. ‘

“Mistress made a comment about how she couldn’t wait to show Ron, my brother the new pictures of me. She also couldn’t wait to show Sandra. Remember, the one that wore the rubber outfits, She was a domme. I can’t figure out the difference in a woman and a domme anymore. They all love power and degrading guys, especially young boys. No woman can be trusted to care for children. Sandra loved dressing me as a little sissy.“

“I ended up having to masturbate in front of my Mistress and Craig to show that I wasn’t a sissy. I was tricked into thinking that was my way out but she made me lick up my semen for her. After that, I just started crying. It was so gross and degrading. Mistress, as any other woman was very delighted. “

“Mistress ordered me to put on a white pretty dress and go up to my room. She left the threat that if I didn’t want her showing everyone my new pictures, I would obey her. I ran crying into my room. “

“I met a new girl arcadia and as I was talking to her, Craig showed up. I had heard Mistress Arguing on the phone with Craig and I found out Arcadia was her friend and Craig and Mistress Katherine broke up. I didn’t know it was over me but it gave me hope. Craig showed up and started flirting with Arcadia. I was deluded into thinking that arcadia would be interested in me but Arcadia picked a fight with him and left me to fight Craig. He was three years older and a high school wrestler so he easily beat me up and the fight ended with me getting knocked out. What a stud he is, huh”

“I woke up with my whole body aching and a banging headache. I went back into the house to see Mistress trying to convince my brother that I needed to be turned into a girl. She wanted to make me dress up as a girl from then on. Ron initially refused on the grounds that he would have to buy me a new wardrobe. “ Alicia laughed, “Over the years between the costs of hiring a professional domme to watch over me, the illegal medicine and a new wardrobe anyway, Ron was lying. It wasn’t the cost, they were slowly easing me into girlhood. But at the time I had hope. They agreed that I would wear girls undergarments only until later. I tried to protest but Ron wouldn’t listen. That was the end of that discussion. “

“Then Ron said Mistress Sandra would be here and they tired me up to wait for her appearance. She was a hot blonde domme sadist with big breasts that she easily got my brother to agree to anything she wanted. For some reason she hated me so I was totally scared. I was taped up on the floor when she arrived. They started looking at the Polaroid’s that Mistress Katherine took of me. As any woman she loved child porn of boys being exploited sexually. Then she untaped me and forced me into a pair of stockings, panties and a new white constricting corset. The corset was hard to breath in but she taught me and then, she told me she wanted to spank me. She had a paddle and told me to submissively let her.”

“I was having none of that and tried to escape from her grasp. I begged ron uselessly to aid me but he didn’t care. Mistress Sandra had him under her spell and she got to me. Then snarled at me. She told me I would pay for trying to run from her. As if she expected me to let her hurt me. I wont ever understand a woman’s thinking. It’s as if they all want to torture weaker people and expect them to be thankful for that, blessing.

“She spanked me ruthlessly and kept making sarcastic comments about how my ass looked. I was in blinding pain. I was begging them to stop and Mistress Katherine didn’t like me screaming and begging while I was being tortured. Her solution was to tape my mouth instead of stopping the torture. Mistress Sandra had a better idea and put a penis gag in my mouth. She was teaching my sister how to discipline me. She needed to learn how to cause me pain without breaking anything. She was used to kicking me and slapping me. She learned and she got a chance to beat me too. Brother just watched. After the torture, Mistress Sandra took the time to teach Mistress Katherine how to use various bondage equipment on me like spreader bars, wrist cuffs, Gags. Mistress Sandra left with Ron after she instructed Mistress Katherine how to handle me. They left me hogtied with Mistress Katherine and she reveled in teasing me ruthlessly. “

“Then she left for a while after she let me eat grapes. It was about a half a day till she came back. She threw some clothes at me and informed me that Mistress Sandra gave her the name of a beauty salon and I was going to get my hair done. I tried arguing but it was no use. She didn’t care what I wanted and I was going. “

“So I went to the salon with my Mistress. “

Mark interrupted, why do you keep calling her mistress?”

“Because,” She answered, “After four years of being trapped and addressing her as Mistress, Its what was drilled into me. I just call her mistress. “

“Okay. Continue your statement. It’s being recorded to evidence to use against her.”

Alicia took a deep breath and continued, “She took me to the salon and it was frightening. The stylist was a cruel woman named Jennifer. She was a tall blonde and a lot like Sandra. She has zero compassion, no mercy and reveled in humiliating guys. She did my hair in a extremely feminine style after my Mistress said I was a faggot and she didn’t want anyone mistaking the sissy for a boy. After that they got into a discussion over guys after Mistress Katherine asked about guys. At first I thought she was wanting to know for herself but then she mentioned a guy going out with me. I tried to protest but they weren’t at all listening to anything from me. “

“She mentioned almost all of the guys she knew were gay. Mistress Katherine said it didn’t help her but it would help me. Mistress Katherine thought it was a great idea”

“I begged please don’t make me do this and Mistress Katherine, as cruel as she is started describing sex acts the boys would do to me. She was probably getting herself into a orgasm and I bowed my head and started crying. She said she would keep trying until she found the right guy for me. I kept crying and she made a agreement with me that if I agreed to be her slave girl that I wouldn’t have to do anything sexual with guys. I learned how far to trust a woman’s promise then. “

“I spent the that night chained to my bed. My headboard was iron so I couldn’t escape the house. The thought hadn’t occurred to me till a week later but they wanted to keep me with them.”

“My body ached by the next morning when Mistress Katherine woke me up. Sleeping with my armed handcuffed over my head. She held a pink bikini that she expected me to put on. I worked feeling back into my shoulders and put the degrading garment on. She took me out and handcuffed me to the ladder of the diving board. When I spoke, she slapped me very hard and told me to shut up and lay there. She got in and swam for around an hour then came back to me to turn me around and rehandcuff me. I realized she was giving me a girls suntan. I was depressed then that I couldn’t show my chest to anyone. “

“Later that afternoon she told me arcadia was coming and she tied my hands behind me, naked. I was naked and she came over and teased me about my suntan. Then she started humiliating me till I started crying. She actually told me she wanted to see me, and go out. I didn’t want to but I wasn’t given any choices. I didn’t have a say so I went up to get dressed, after they put me in the corset, panties and bra. I had a choice to wear what I wanted over it so I put on jeans and a shirt to hide the feminine undergarments. They had taken all of my boys’ underwear. Arcadia expressed her displeasure and I told Mistress Katherine that I loved her, while heading out. She became very angry and whispered something to arcadia that I didn’t hear.”

“That is important because at the park, she picked a fight with a grown man and told him I would protect her. A little twelve year old boy. I didn’t know it then but that was planed and he beat me up over what Arcadia did. He stole my outer clothes. Arcadia gave me a dress to wear and I had to go home wearing that. I looked like a dam girl. “

“Then they took me to the mall and humiliated me in a photo booth. They stuck a ass plug in me and threatened to expose what I had on so I striped and allowed them to rape me. “

“I just wanted to go to bed when we got home, but I wasn’t allowed to. She said she had another date with Craig and that they broke up because she didn’t force me to give him a blowjob. She planed to solve that by making me give him a blowjob. Agreements mean nothing to a woman, Mark. She broke the agreement and forced me to suck him. She tied me up in my room, brought Craig there and forced me to suck his penis or he would introduce me to his friends. SO I did, I sucked him, licked it all over, sucked it and he squirted into my mouth and onto my face. That night, I was tied up in my room with cum allover my face. I cried all night. Oh and she recorded it on a digital video recorder. I didn’t want them to then but now, I’m glad. I’m sure it will come useful to prove what I am telling you is the truth. “

Alicia tried hard but the traumatic memory of the sexual assault made him cry just like the first time. He started balling.

Mark grabbed Alicia and just held him tight as the kid let loose gut wrenching sobs. Tears were rolling down his face. He reached beside him and turned off the recorder. He got enough to get a big indictment on Kathy, Ron and his wife Sandra. He knew somewhere there was a recording, A data stick or a CD of his sexual assault. He would find it and bury the perverts.

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